Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wedding Wednesday- Wow! I'm getting married next month!

Ummm, I just don't really care anymore, lol. People make suggestions and I just agree. As long as my brain doesn't have to process it, go ahead and do it! We met with the decorator this weekend and she kept asking me stuff and I was like if I don't like it I'll say so, otherwise just keep talking I'll probably agree. The basic stuff that I wanted will be there and all the other stuff is just extras.

Guys, the count is a mean son of a gun! People keep asking/demanding to be invited to the reception and he is just like ummm no! People were calling his mom asking why they weren't invited and he was like man forget their feelings. If they get offended they didn't really love us anyway. His mom is much nicer and explained it's mostly family and that really we couldn't afford to have more than 250 ppl there. It's kind of funny because nobody is RSVPing no. Everybody says they are coming and bringing more people than we intended. I told my mom to set up some tables outside too. Anybody that brings kids must eat outside!

I finally started the hair trials. I think I'll do a separate post on that, but it's cute! I'm going to get my friend to come over this week and try it.

I have come to the conclusion that I will have to make my own socks to wear during the reception. I'm going to be sewing (as in piecing together socks, not from scratch) and embroidering them because the online selection sucks.

Furniture count for the apartment: Bed, Dining room table, leather love seat, and a desk. So far we've only spent $300 because the bed and love seat were given to us. And it all matches! Yayyyy us. We haven't gotten the official ok on the apartment yet but we should today or tomorrow.

We haven't decided on a song for the recessional (walking out of the church) or a song to walk into the reception to. I'm open to suggestions but keep in mind we are church folk and I'm a prude so I don't want any crazy suggestions!!!!!!


pink said...

I know i know!! Sir-Mix-a-Lot...Baby Got Back...what?! i like that song for you guys!

Alright alright...dang! Cant i just have a little freakin fun TM? Gosh! not good at wedding songs but I like Stevie Wonders Ribbon in the Sky...ooh! orrrrr....

you and the count could to the electric slide out to Al Greens Love and Happiness. what? whats wrong with that?!

Mrs Count said...

We'll walk into our honeymoon Suite to Baby Got Back, lol.

Their will be no electric sliding pink! But I did have Love and Happiness in my head all day yesterday. Thanks a lot!

antithesis said...

i dont know what you should do. if i ever get married the processional is gonna be that corny song that they do on tv. you know the one they do on like soap operas and i think they used it on friends. it's some classical song. im blanking right now. i love it so much. i dont care how cliche it is.

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