Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love it when we're cruising together

Sunday night TheCount and I went to my company Christmas party. It was so much fun! I don't normally have fun in a group of people. Or around loud music. Or a bunch of folks with an open bar (drunk foolishness has never been funny too me). Or at buffets. Or trapped on a boat where I can't escape when I get tired of people, music, open bar actions, and nasty buffet food. But this time I had a ball! First off, it was a cruise from 6-9 in DC. It was beautiful on and off the boat. The food was delicious, I even went back for seconds (okay, I only got a plate of mashed potatoes the second time, lol).TheCount and I even rebelled and had 2 strawberry smoothies, each! LOL! The lady was looking at us like that's all you want? A smoothie? YepYep, make it a double! The DJ was ok, he had quite a few missteps during the course of the night. Playing Single Ladies at an office Christmas party probably won't send folks running to the dance floor. There was on ship entertainment. Our waiters and waitresses were also singers and dancers which was fun, of course, they had a few missteps too. Errors in judgement if you will. Those green glitter tops on the guys, not so much a good idea. Her voice singing Santa Baby, horrible idea! We did get some great laughs though at them trying to teach this older Indian man the electric slide, cupid shuffle, and DC booty call. He was determined to dance his butt off and he could not follow the steps! He had a ball trying and we had a ball laughing so it was all good. Since I work for a contracting company we were seated by company. Guess who was there from where I work. Ummmm me! Thankfully they also invited one of the nurses that worked at a wellness fair with me before so there was a whole 4 people at my table when every other table had between 8-20 people.
The only part I was mad about is that the cruise occurred during the Steelers-Ravens game. First I was cool, had forgotten all about it. Then I heard somebody say the Steelers were losing. Whatttttt???? I whipped out my phone. I have a NFL application so I can get the scores and plays in real time. I was glued to my phone. Somebody walked past us and heard us saying something about football:
Man: Hey man, you got the score to the game?
TheCount: Nah, but my wife does
Man: Looking at me like, word?
Me: Who do you want to win?
Man: Steelers
Me: Oh ok, then don't worry, I'll keep you updated
At one point the performers were in the middle of a song and Big Ben threw an incomplete pass with less than a minute left. I started hollering, "Come on Ben, we trying to win!" Then I realized the singer was right by our table and I was being rude, I felt horrible. When we were on the 1 yard line and it was fourth down my phone stopped updating. I was going panicking tyring to figure out what was going on. TheCount was like don't worry, they'll kick a field goal, the game will be tied. Then my phone updated right at the end of a song and my ignant tail hollered out "Touchdown!" I guess they were reviewing a play which is why I didn't get an update. The other dude interested in the game turned around grinning and stuff. Of course my Steelers pulled through and won which turned a good night into an even better one.
How have your office Christmas parties been this year? (hint hint Pink, who had one this weekend yet has not told us about it. I wanna see the dress!)


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