Wednesday, May 27, 2009

While the cat's away...

TheCount will be out of town today through Saturday attending the men's conference at church. While I will certainly miss my hubby (well not the fact that lately he keeps waking me up by asking very loudly if I'm sleep. I threw a book and hit him in the face with it Monday night, so I hope that ritual is finally over) I am looking forward to partying hard in the apartment all by my lonesome. I am currently reading Prayer, by Miles Monroe which I will definitely enjoy reading in bed without some big head dude talking in my ear.
I also plan to make all sorts of fun foods for one, although I haven't decided what yet. Of course one day will be devoted to chicken and waffles from the carryout.  Anybody have any fun foods I should try? Speak now so I can make it before Mr. I'veNeverSeenItMadeThatWay comes back home. I'm already planning to try Kale Chips which the lovely Brittany of Clumps of Mascara suggested on Twitter the other day. I'm not going to lie, I kind of wouldn't mind eating shrimp all day every day. Shrimp tacos, shrimp and black bean quesadillas, shrimp pasta, regular ole shrimp in a skillet, shrimp nachos... I'd make fried shrimp, but TheCount is the designated fryer because I fail miserably at that task. I inherited a love for shrimp from my dad, I'm convinced it's in my genes. I also have 6 ears of corn waiting for my consumption. Anyway, any cool recipes or your favorite snack ideas that you guys wanna pass on, please do!
Since he's leaving mid day, I really don't plan on going to Bible Study that night (ohhh he's gonna fuss at me) but it's because I can't make the drive. Every Wednesday on the way to and from church I am knocked out in the car. I cannot drive between 6-7 pm, I will fall asleep, especially in traffic.
I have a project that's been on my desk since last week and I really need to make myself do it. I WILL have it done by noon today, because now I'm just being lazy. It'll probably only take me an hour. I'll start as soon as I finish looking at the grocery store sales papers...


kisz4tj said...

I'm not a recipe girl..I'm more of a taste it...and oooh can you make it for me girl!

yummy411 said...

rotflmao!! "not the fact that lately he keeps waking me up by asking very loudly if I'm sleep."

throwing a book at him? i thought that only happens on tv!!

avarsty kitchen ( has some good recipes if you are ever looking for some (wait are you on a health kick? i think she cooks and provides recipes for whatever..)

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