Monday, July 27, 2009

Exclusive! Pictures and never before seen video of TM

Movie night at the lake:

See our bagged dinners in the fridge? It was so helpful to divide up the food BEFORE getting to the lake since everybody doesn't like the same thing. Your mayo free sandwich is in your bag. The chips you picked are in your bag. No need to argue or fuss! I packed it all up in my bookbag and passed them out at the park.
Patapsco State Park:

How you gonna have a walking stick bigger than you?

The faces that Marcel makes in all his pictures are hilarious. He is never ready!

Running through the woods! I brought up the rear the entire trip because I can't get down with all that fastness while trying to maneuver branches and rocks.
Bass Pro Shop:

Video of the swing off, as narrated by TheCount:

Don't make fun of me y'all. I know I look and sound awkward. I HATE being filmed. And clearly TheCount doesn't know the rules about telling the world my name on the blog, lol.

Sorry for the picture and video quality, all we had was our cell phones. I lost my camera somewhere in our apartment...again.


kisz4tj said...

AWW...that was fun to watch!

SimplyB said...

It looks like you all had a great time!!!

Who won the swing match?

Gurl you better pat your head like Beyonce. LOL!!!!!

*Ms.B* said...

Look like you all had fun ... Dont think I would be able to do the woods though lol.

I the the worst thing about braids is when you get to the point, that you have to almost beat your head to get some type of relieve. lol

Jazz said...

get some anti-itch spray for your braids. What kind did you get?

Nerd Girl said...

Cute! I concur on the anti-itch spray.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Yay you know I love videos...too cute. You look adorable and the boys clearly had fun.
Don't think I didn't catch Mr. C.'s sound effects oh :-)

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