Monday, June 8, 2009


I'll recap my weekend tomorrow. I had a great time in North Carolina. For today, I have put the world on pause and will do nothing I don't feel like doing including unpacking and cooking dinner. We are going to walk to this new pizza restaurant by our house and then go get stuff for our tank. Did I tell y'all TheCount brought a turtle home last week? This fool is walking around talking 'bout, "yeah, our rescue turtle is doing alright." Fool, this is not an animal reserve, you just happened to be working in this lady's apartment running your big mouth trying to help her care for this pet she had no business buying and she gave it to you. For the record, 8 month olds don't need pets, especially pets that carry salmonella. Anyway, catch y'all tomorrow. How was your weekend?


yummy411 said...

omg HILARIOUS! lawd, i guess me and the count were on the same page because i bought a baby turtle too... it was caught up over the cuteness.. yeh until i got home and researched their care when the sellers couldn't tell me a damn thing except feed them and change their water every two days........ 0_o

i thought it was good for my 5 y/o and apt living.. hmmmmm but i'm going to try since i can't give him a dog (again apt. living and allergies)

Mrs Count said...

Yeah, we live in an apartment too so the turtle is nice and calm and won't piss off the neighbors. The person he got the turtle from said the sellers couldn't tell her anything either! Did you get your turtle from some random dude near Good Luck road? The turtle black market is poppin!

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