Monday, December 16, 2013

I go to work!

Since MrC works from home most days, Judah sees him in his office and has had to learn to be quiet when daddy is working. He loves to set up his office and work like daddy. On Sunday before church he told us he had to go to work and that he was going to work hard. After a few minutes he said he needed to work outside and packed up his things to go. He worked all the way to church and kept telling us we needed to cut the music off. I think he's ready to go make some money at a real job! Anybody looking to hire an adorable toddler ?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Look at the babies

This week I haven't had time to sit and write anything. I have a post in my drafts about toddler discipline and another about disciplining special needs kids but I need time to write them. Look at my cute kids in place of a real post!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Over a hat?

> I was telling my mom and her friend about my day when they picked me up from work yesterday. Their perception of my story and mine were totally different.
> I have 4 students in my class, 2 girls and 2 boys. The girls are generally compliant and they do their work. The boys don't do work and think they can do whatever they want at any time. They skip class often and go upstairs and run the halls and disturb the other classes. Both boys walked out of class yesterday. We locked the door behind them and told them to bring a pass from an administrator if they want to come back. After almost an hour, neither had returned so I went to look for them and alert security. One of them had been placed in In School Suspension andhe other was being brought back to class by a Corporal. When he saw me, he left my student with me and went to return another student to his class. My student told me he needed to go get his hat before coming back to class. I told him no at least 3 times, but he went anyway. I followed behind him as he went into the Corporal's office to get his hat. On our way out the Corporal saw him and told him at least 5 times, that he couldn't have his hat back, but the student wouldn't put it back. The Corporal told him if he couldn't listen to him here, then he needed to go home. My student decided to walk out. Security was called and they took my student back to the office. He was suspended and his parents had to come get him. My ma and her friend both said "over a hat?" I don't think he was suspended over his hat. He was suspended for not listening and being disobedient. If you can't listen to the authority at school, then maybe you'll listen to your parents at home. If every student here was allowed to do whatever they wanted, then this school would be even more crazy. It doesn't matter if it's as simple as handing an adult your hat or running out of class 3 times a day. A rule is a rule is a rule, and if you don't follow them then you can't stay.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Randoms

> I spent my entire break at my parent's house. It was absolutely wonderful. When I stay there I actually get rest because they'll entertain Judah from me while I sleep in. One day I slept until 11! It was pure bliss.
> Thanksgiving was great, but I have a problem with my aunts. My ma has 2 sisters here that came, and my dad has one that came over. That makes for 6 additional people that came to celebrate Thanksgiving at my parents house. Not one of them brought anything or even offered to bring anything. That doesn't sit well with me especially since they took plates home. If you come empty handed then you need to leave empty handed. My parent's host almost every family function, because their siblings are being way too lazy and selfish to plan it and they rarely even get a thank you.  I'm supposed to host Christmas, but 20 people aren't coming to my house empty handed. I like being with family, but everybody needs to contribute!
> This week at school we have a placement meeting for our difficult student. They're trying to put him out of our school into a much smaller special needs school. He actually has tons of potential, but his behavior is keeping him from succeeding. If you won't wear the uniform, or come on time, or stay in class, or stay awake in class, or listen to anything, then there's no need for you to be here.
> There was a murder two streets over from my school this morning. I can hear the helicopter right now. I hope nobody from here was involved. Many of the students here are heavy in the streets.
> Alaia laughed for the first time over the weekend. Of course, my sister was the recipient of the first laugh again. It was hilarious because she doesn't know how to laugh. It sounded like she was choking. Now I'm on a quest to get a laugh from her.
> Judah's going to school part time in 2014. I don't know how we're paying for it or where he's going, but I'm going to make it happen. He absolutely loves going to class on Sunday and I want him to be in a more disciplined setting more often. When he wakes up on Sunday he comes in our room and immediately says "Good morning Mommy. I ready to go to class and play nice with my friends." I love it! I'm going to research schools this week and start praying on it.
> MrC and I are going to do a family vision board this year. We have been really off track the past year, but we're ready to get back on it now. I'm excited to greet 2014.
> Since one of my students is trying to read this, I'm just going to post now. I hope I don't have too many typos.

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