Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Boy in Blue

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2 months old

Yesterday Judah had his 2 month check up. Since I knew he would be getting a lot of shots and MrC was going to be out of town, I got my mom to come with me in case I turned into drama mama when my baby cried. Next time, I'm leaving drama grandmama at home! Judah's not a big crier unless he's hungry or tired. He was a little fussy yesterday morning so I ended up feeding him when I got to office. Initially, I wanted to wait until after his shots, so I compromised and let him eat off one side and was going to give him the other side after. I also had a bottle ready in case my sweet baby went crazy during his appointment. Judah is now 7.1 pounds and 20 inches long. The doctor was checking him out and said he looks great. He's alert, he holds his head up really well and he loves to study faces. The doctor turned Judah toward me and our eyes locked and Judah would not break gaze at all. The doctor moved/turned/twisted and swayed his body all around and Judah made sure his head was pointed in my direction so he could see me. I guess he was ready to finish eating! The nurse was getting his 4 shots and his oral vaccine ready and I decided to give him the bottle while we waited. She came in with  her tray and my momma was mad this lady was about to torture the baby. He loved the oral vaccine. She started to just squirt it in his mouth, but he surprised her and started drinking it. She laughed and said babies don't normally do that until 6 months. Judah comes from a long line of greedy folks so of course he was going to make sure he got to eat whatever she was offering. They did 2 shots in each thigh. Judah was peacefully resting on the table and the nurse stuck that first shot in. His face was shocked! I thought my momma was going to cry. Thankfully the nurse was lightning quick so Judah screamed out with each injection, but as soon as my ma picked him up, he was quiet. All his morning fussiness subsided. He was silent the whole way home. My ma gave him the rest of his bottle, we stretched his legs so they wouldn't get stiff, and put him down for a nap. He was really tired after the shots. When he woke up he was fussing  more than usual. I stretched his legs out, fed him, and he went right back to sleep. We did that pattern until this morning. He had a mild fever last night 100, but I didn't give him anything for it and the next time I checked him, it was lower. I slept with him on the bed with me and when I woke up this morning he was just staring at me. Now that he's mastered staring and focusing in on people, I hope smiling is next!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

In the office today

I need to:

  • Do a spreadsheet for our budget. I'll handle this by next week
  • Call the air duct cleaning people. They're running a special to get all your ducts cleaned and your carpets cleaned and your dryer vent cleaned. We need all three services. I'll call them today
  • Hang new rods/shelves in our closets. We can't put our clothes away until we replace the flimsy things she installed, so I guess I should get them by next week.
  • Go renew my drivers licence . It expires August 4. I need to make sure I have a good hair day by then and head on in there.
  • Get groceries. We have water and pita chips at the house. I'm pretty sure that's not acceptable.
  • Get a wedding gift and 2 baby gifts. And then remember to mail them. My ma is going to help me make the wedding gift. I think she'll love it. Yep, this is totally about you!
  • Find my thank you cards and mail them out. I promise I'm not trifling internet peeps. As soon as I find that box I'll send you your thanks.
I want:
  • an over the door shoe rack. Anybody have one that they like? Where did you get if from?
  • cinnamon sugar pretzels with sweet cream cheese icing from the restaurant by our house. Maybe tomorrow?
  • to go to the store but if I leave this building, I probably would drive straight home to my babies.
  • a step stool for my kitchen and my bed. The previous owner of the house was way shorter than me, how did she reach anything?
  • Judah to smile at me. He only gives me "milk drunk" and "I'm 'bout to get that good sleep" smiles and those don't count. I want a "face lights up cuz my momma is here" smile.
  • a nap. I've got to stop going to bed at 3

Monday, July 18, 2011

back on the job

I'm back at work today. I cried as I was leaving out so I just gave MrC and Judah a quick kiss and ran to the car. I cried for a bit and then decided to have a little talk with Jesus instead of being a wimp. It didn't take me as long to get to work as I thought it would. Morning traffic is a lot friendlier than evening traffic if I leave the house by 7. I keep telling myself this is temporary. Soon, I'll be able to be at home with Judah and not have to come into the office every day. I may have to leave work early today because I didn't leave a lot of milk for Judah. I told MrC to call me when he gives him his last bottle and I'll leave then. I have a shower curtain to put up at work so I can pump. My mom was concerned Judah wouldn't take to the bottle today since I haven't been giving him one. MrC called and said there was no issue, he guzzled it down. Ok, let me stop talking about Judah before I get upset and leave work!
Our move Saturday went well. We had a ton of help so it went quickly. The only frustrating thing was the master bathroom. MrC and I went up on Thursday night to do some cleaning. My MIL said she wanted to come help. I gave out assignments. I was cleaning downstairs, MrC had the upstairs hall bath, and my MIL had the master bath. We all worked for about 2 hours then went home. When I went back on Friday I looked in the bathroom and the shower was dirty, the toilet was dirty, and the sink was dirty but my can of scrubbing bubbles was empty. I was so confused. I called MrC and politely asked what his momma was doing while they were upstairs. He said "she cleaned the window and the floor." Here's the problem. I had already cleaned the window, and the floor was still dirty. Except for 2 tiles. I laughed and just kept it moving. Saturday when we were getting moved in my SIL needed something to do. I needed her to get away from me because her non stop talking was irking everybody so I asked her if she would go upstairs and sweep and clean the bathroom. She said sure. I kept seeing (and hearing) her downstairs where we were and I kept wondering if she cleaned the bathroom. The guys came back with the moving truck and they were all carrying stuff in and I see her carrying boxes.
Me: T! That's their job. You are a house slave. Please stay inside.
T: It's ok, they like to abuse me, I can carry stuff
Me: Did you clean the bathroom?
T: Yeah
So I went on about my day. Later on I went upstairs. And went into the bathroom. And found a dirty shower, sink, and floor. I didn't look at the toilet for fear that I may mollywop her with the toilet brush. I don't understand!!!!! If they didn't want to or didn't have the ability to clean the bathroom, why didn't they say so? Nobody even cut on the water in the shower to rinse it. It was bone dry and had hair in it. I was so done with her. Then she had the nerve to say her ma was going to come and bring her daughter so they could both help. Y'all should have seen how quickly I shut that down (in the most polite way ever.) I shall be cleaning the bathroom as soon as I get home tonight (well after I hug and kiss and nurse my baby.)

Monday, July 11, 2011

First project

On July 7 we bought the house! Yesterday we completed our first project, changing the locks. When we were shopping for door handles I told MrC how much  I loved this style of handle, but since it was $20 more than regular knobs I put it down. We were going to look at something else in the store and passed  the discount section. This lovely set was in there for the same price as  the regular knobs. I love discount sections!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Catch up

We've been trying to go to closing on the house for over a week. Looks like it'll finally happen tomorrow morning. There was a lot of really random stuff happening. Last Thursday the lady at the bank was like "this has never happened before. I'm really sorry." I can't remember what happened that made her say that, but I'm just being patient. It's happening for a reason even if I don't know what that reason is. One of the papers they sent us had this crazy down payment on it. It was $9 more than we even had in our account. Shooooot, I almost typed this back to them "y'all have our bank statements. Y'all know we ain't even go it. Try again." Needless to say, MrC deleted that. I told him we'd be at closing Kanye shrugging looking around trying to figure out who was going to come up with the rest of the money. That amount was an error, but we haven't gotten the correct amount yet. 

My ma and I went over to the house last Saturday to see if Yoli was still in it. We were in the backyard and peeking through the windows. MrC said she was going to have us arrested if we didn't leave her alone. My dad went and did the same thing on Monday. Our family doesn't have boundaries. She should just be grateful we didn't ask to come inside this time. 

I've given up dairy. 'Tis a sad day for this cereal, pizza, quesadilla loving gal. When I have dairy Judah throws up like crazy. He throws up all the time anyway but throw dairy in there and it's like he's pouring the milk back out of his nose and mouth. I also have to give up chocolate. Dude gets super fussy when I have it. They say it can give some baby gas and cramps. The days after I have chocolate are spent holding Judah and patting his back. I almost didn't realize it because he is really easily calmed, at first I thought he just wanted extra love on those days.Then I realized those days followed extreme cookie eating sessions. The past 2 days Judah has been held and comforted because I ate a bag of Milano cookies in 2 days. He seems to be back to normal today though. He was screaming Sunday night (ok, it only lasted 40 seconds, but for a baby that doesn't cry often, it alarmed me) and I was trying to figure out what the heck went wrong. Guess it was the cramps. We've been pressing his body against ours and he calms down instantly. I've apologized to him so many times. 

I have 9 pounds left to loose to reach my pre-pregnancy weight. I had my 6 week check up yesterday. The doctor looked at me like she wanted to punch me in the face when I told her I don't take bc pills. I just can't handle the hormones. I figure we made it 2 years before we messed up last time, we can probably do that again. I think she'd be really mad if I popped back up in her office pregnant next month. 


I need a pedicure like yesterday. I've had to be responsible and wait since we don't know how much money we need to bring to closing. It'd be a pitiful shame to be $50 short because I wanted to hang out at the spa. 

I'm putting MrC on the night shift tonight. The other night I had to punch him 10 times to get him to wake up and roll over, so we'll see if actually hears Judah tonight. MrC sleeps really hard, but he claims he'll be able to hear his son. Oh and y'all know how MrC thought a changing table was unnecessary? Well he certainly is using the heck out of the table Jameil, Psonya,and Nerd Girl sent us. I keep wanting to tell him to get off my changing table and change the baby on the bed. 

We bought living room furniture the other day. I am so excited about decorating!!!!! Right now though, I'm more excited about taking a nap, so I'm going to do that.

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