Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Back on schedule

We're still around and doing well, just super busy. We went on vacation last week to Massanutten and now I'm trying to get everybody on schedule again.

Monday, March 31, 2014

I will be exactly where I need to be

Last week I started looking into teacher requirements. I'm going to take a practice praxis test this week without any studying to see how well I do and that will determine the date I register for the test.
Last week we had a field trip with all the CRI students at the local high schools. I ended up seeing a woman that was one of my moms closest friends back in the day. I went over to speak to her and she was so excited to see me. She teaches CRI English at another high school. I told her I was thinking about becoming a teacher and she gave me so much information and offered to help me. I've found myself a mentor! When I told my mom about running into her, I expressed that I was surprised she knew who I was right away because I've only seen her once in the past 10 years or so. My ma replied, "you know she used to pray that you would marry her son right? She told me to pray that prayer every time we hung out, so I spent years praying against that. You owe me." I would rather spend a lifetime in celibacy than be married to her son, but I'm glad she's willing to help me!
I was talking to my connection at the board of education yesterday and telling her about my desire to move up and how I'm going to be taking the Praxis and I asked her what classes I need to take to become certified. She said that I could take the classes on my own or I can do the resident teacher program. If I do the resident teacher program then they will pay for my master's degree and I have a 3 year commitment to the county. I planned on sticking in my county anyway because we need good teachers, so the resident program sounds perfect. My MIL and ma have been hounding me to go back to school anyway because I'm so brilliant (or something like that) and I always said I would if somebody else paid for it. I'm going to request my SAT scores because I can't remember them and a certain score will mean less testing.

Fear started creeping in when I realized I was moving forward in my  plans to become a teacher. I like my school because it's the perfect location and I get along with all the other staff. What if I move to another school and the people aren't as nice? What if I have a difficult commute and it doesn't work well with dropping Judah off at school next year? I started speaking my verses on conquering fear and the Lord said "you will  be exactly where you need to be." I started thinking back on all my jobs. Anytime I was in a bad situation and I did what I was supposed to God either moved the problem or He moved me. It always works out well for me in the end. When my boss was stealing Viagra from the pharmacy and nobody believed me when I said it was him? God moved him. When that SAME BOSS showed up as a manager at the next company I was working for a few years later and stole $300 from my drawer and said it was me? God protected me and he was arrested. When I had a boss that called me a pickle head and made ridiculous requests of me daily, God moved her. He works on my behalf daily, so I know when I move into a new position, He will be right there placing me exactly where I need to be.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I Do All Things Well

I think I can do anything. When I see somebody do something I immediately think well if they can do it, so can I. This is a good and bad thing. On one hand, this is extremely arrogant and I need to be a bit more humble; but on the other hand, it's great motivation to work hard and attempt new things. I'm not attempting to diminish anybody else's accomplishments, it's just that I think I'm the greatest of all time even when I'm clearly not. One of the affirmations I get Judah to say is "I do all things well" because I want him to always be motivated to stick with a task until the statement is true.

Yesterday I was in a classroom to fill in for a teacher that needed to attend an IEP meeting and I saw a sign that was posted in the class. The sign read "No late work accepted unless you have an excused note within 3 days assignments were due is presented." Read that again. Read it one more time. It makes absolutely no sense. I thought to myself, if she can be a teacher, surely I can too.

If you follow me on twitter then you see me talk about my daily interactions at school. I frequently talk about the head teacher in my classroom. He doesn't know how to manage the classroom, he's never as prepared as he should be, and the kids can barely understand what he's saying. I look at him everyday and tell myself that if he can be a teacher, then I can be a teacher too.

I've been doing this job since October and I frequently see things that I could do better and that I would do differently. I don't believe in complaining about something that you can change. If you don't like something, do something about it. It's with that sentiment that I've decided that I'm going to become a teacher.

A few months ago, Singlema posted on twitter something about living your best life. It was asking about what's stopping you from living your best life and it mentioned not letting fear stop you. The only thing stopping me from being a teacher is fear. What if it turns out I can't run a classroom? What if the kids stage a mutiny and overthrow me and I have daily chaos in my classroom? What if during my evaluations they decide I suck and fire me? Will it take away from spending time developing my own kids? In my position now, there is no pressure on me and when everything is going wrong, it's on the teacher and not me. I don't have to fill out paperwork, I don't have to do individual education plans, and when I leave work, I'm done. It's a very easy life, but what about all the ideas I have? What about the lesson plans I keep coming up with in my head? What about the children stuck with a subpar teacher because I'm too scared to take the next step?

Living beneath your capabilities is a disgrace and does a disservice to God and the people He placed you here to impact. I love my job, it's time to kick it up a notch. If y'all don't hear me talking about getting my certification please shame me into action. This week my goal is to sign up for the Praxis. Here we go...

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


This time change is kicking my butt because Alaia thinks it's party time until midnight. The other night she was dancing to Michael Jackson while I was trying to sleep. She has started to grab at things and flip all the way out when she can't grab something she wants. Yesterday we were on my bed and she was hanging off the side trying to grab my lamp. When I stopped her she grabbed my glass and threw it on the floor. She better calm her little 6 months self all the way down.

My old job contacted me to see if I would be interested in working part time. I told him yes, so he's going to give his boss my information and we'll see where it goes from there. It would be computer work from home which is very easy for me to do. I've been trying to figure out what I want to do this summer. Most of the other teachers are working at camps and such, but I really don't want to do that. During the summer is busy season for my old job, so hopefully this will work out where I can just work for them.

We finally got all our medial bills and credit card bills (which was all medical and car stuff) paid off and it is such a weight off of me. I've mentioned before that last year was super rough financially, but we are finally back on track.

I've had a blog on marriage that I've wanted to type up for weeks  but every time I try and type folks start talking and I can't concentrate. Currently there's a student in my ear yapping about absolutely nothing. I sure wish she would hush. Are you reading this girl? Hush up!

I also have a blog on disciplining children I need to type up. The past few weeks I started noticing some undesirable traits in Judah so I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to correct the behavior. It came down to changing the way MrC and I talk to him. Lately we've spent so much time fussing and barking orders at him and we've got to chill out. Of course we want an obedient child, but I have to remember we're teaching children not training animals. I've softened my tone and even remembered to use please and thank you again.

My book club just finished reading Harry Potter. Mannnnnn, it was so good. I was glued to those books for 2 weeks. Next week I start on The Chronicles of Narnia.

Monday, February 24, 2014

February Project

My February Pinterest project is underway! I'm making skirts for Alaia. My sister and I started yesterday and it ended with me throwing tantrums and whining about a hem. I'm going to get myself together and try again tomorrow. My mom is going to show me how to use a serger for the hem because it'll be easier. I'm very excited to see my cute little lady in her skirts when the weather warms up!

Monday, February 10, 2014


I've been saying confessions over my family as I drive to work in the morning. I do it while Judah and Alaia are in the car so they can get used to hearing positive things spoken over their lives from an early age. I also notice that I don't worry nearly as much since I've been doing the confessions. I say a lot of the same things like: my family is safe, we're protected, we're healthy, God holds us in His hands, my children are obedient, we are successful at work, all of our needs are met, we are wise, and we don't walk in fear. The not walking in fear is a big one for me because I've struggled with that since I was young. Yesterday something happened that would normally have me completely unnerved, but when MrC told me about it, I didn't even flinch. He and Judah were almost in an accident. Twice.

Picture it: Sunday night, the roads are dark and wet, MrC is pulling up to a stoplight. MrC stops at the light and a Camry is stopped next to him. Coming up behind MrC is a Benz and a truck is pulling up behind the Camry. MrC hears tires screeching and realizes the Benz can't stop in time. For whatever reason, instead of plowing into the back of MrC, she swerves and plows into the truck and the truck gets pushed into the back of the Camry. MrC pulls over (and leaves my child in the car) and checks on everybody. The lady in the Benz said she didn't know what happened but her foot got stuck. Everybody seems to be fine and they're all standing around assessing the damage and getting ready to exchange information. MrC walks away to go check on Judah. Since Judah is fine, he starts walking back to the accident to see if anybody needs anything before he leaves and he sees a Honda slamming on his breaks before ramming into the Benz. This sends the Benz flying off the road and up a hill and pushes the truck right toward MrC. Since he sees it coming he jumps out the way and then he sees that 2 of the people have been knocked to the ground and are bloody from this second accident. MrC ran over to help them and the lady in Benz gets up but is really wobbly and wants MrC to help her find her wig. The man from the truck has cuts all over him from the broken glass, but he seems to be ok. MrC called 911 to update them and tell everything that happened since he saw everything.

I'm so grateful that our car and my family were spared in the accident. I'm glad nobody was seriously hurt. We are so blessed.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Three's company

MrC went out of town for work this week and the kids decided to keep mommy company that night. Alaia decided she was hungry and Judah came running across the hall at 4. Thankfully they both went right back to sleep. I didn't even wake them up to leave. I put them in the car in their pajamas and let my ma deal with the joy of dressing a wild toddler.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I have 5 minutes...

I haven't had time to sit and blog at home or work because anytime a child sees me relaxing they come harass me. I only have time right now because I'm pumping.

I did my January pinterest project, it was a day planner. I made it big and sturdy because I have been losing everything lately. I kept it very simple,  but next time I'll get a little fancier. On my 2014 Projects pinterest board I have links to free printable planner pages.

I'm trying to see if I can attach a video though email. It probably won't work, but let's see...

Friday, January 24, 2014

Get Out!

I'm about to be kicked out of my book club if I don't make some immediate changes. Let's discuss how this foolishness started. My sister and her co-worker started a book club. They are the only 2 members and were looking for a third. The premise of their club was they share the same book and pass it back and forth. I have no desire to  pass a book between two people so I declined. A friend was starting a club and she wanted to read non-fiction books based on the black experience. It doesn't take much for me to get militant and angry at life, so I declined to join that club too. I decided to form my own club and I am the only member. In my book club we only read books that have been turned into movies. We have to watch the movie first and then read the book because I like to save the best for last and it also cuts down on any nightmares I might have while waiting to figure out what happens. The first book was supposed to be Friday Night Lights. I have the book, but can't find the movie online to watch it. My sister had Along Came a Spider and suggested I read that since I had seen the movie. I started reading it last night and as I was terrified and creeped out, I realized the story didn't seem familiar. A quick google search led me to realize that I thought I was going to be reading The Bone Collector. Yes, I'm really that dumb. MrC suggested I don't read either of those books because I am easily frightened and he doesn't want to deal with me waking him up at 1 a.m. because I'm scared. Today is my last chance to redeem myself before I kick myself out of my own club. I decided to go with The Hunger Games. I'm going to check and see if my library has it in stock so I can start my club this weekend.
 .                    *2 hours later*
I had to pay my library the $6.05 I've owed them since 2012. Shameful, but I have my book! Let the book club begin!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Girl's Day

Alaia got her ears pierced today! Of course she cried but I told her that we were going to buy her new shoes and she stopped crying and smiled. Having a daughter is super fun and we haven't even made it to manicures yet!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sibling Love

Judah and Alaia are very affectionate with each other and it makes me so happy! People always ask how Judah is adjusting to having a sister and I'm glad I can honestly say he loves it. One of my twitter peeps (Heyyyy Disco Diva) sent Judah a book entitled "I'm a Big Brother" and it really helped him understand the transition. He frequently quotes lines from the book and he always reminds us that he's the big brother.

Yesterday Judah was sick so he stayed home with MrC and I took Alaia to my mom's while I went to work. When I got home yesterday Judah ran to the steps to ask where his sister was. When I took her out of the seat his face lit up and he exclaimed "Hey Laia boo! How you doing?" In turn, her face lit up and she started squealing. I sat on my bed with both of them and they talked and smiled at together like they really missed each other while they were apart. I know sibling arguments will soon come, but I pray they always have moments of closeness and joy like yesterday.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Party Time

Judah went to his best friend's birthday party on Saturday. Because of the holidays and him being sick they haven't seen each other in a few weeks. They both screamed with delight when they saw each other. The party was at My Gym and those kids had a ball. If it wasn't $70 a month I'd totally sign Judah up for classes. My sister is supposed to be taking him to swim classes next month and hopefully after that I can get him in a gym class. I need to work on his ability to follow directions before sending him to school in the fall. The facilitator at My Gym was giving instructions and Judah was running all over the place. He still looks at things as general suggestions and not commands. Many times when I tell him to do something he'll reply "ummmmm nope" and run away and then  I have to get strict. Today he's supposed to go to story time at the library with his best friend and a friend from church so I know he'll have many stories for me when I pick him up today.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Starting the year off right!

> At the beginning of the year, it's time to set goals and a vision for how you want the year to go. Last year our family had no goals, no plans, or vision and it was a truly terrible year for us. Alaia was the bright spot in a dismal year. I refuse to ever have another year like last year, so we are really sitting down as a family to talk about what we hope to accomplish. We need to make a 5 year plan as well. Right now I have the broad goals that I want to accomplish, but I need to sit down and really write out how I will accomplish them. For 2014 my goals are:
> 1. Make the house more cozy. I like my house but I don't love my house. I'm going to figure out what I need to do to make the transformation into a house that I love because I just don't feel very comfortable there. MrC wants much more wall art and I want to introduce more fabrics and make some updates. I'll definitely blog my way through this because I will be scouring thrift stores and trying to spend as little money as possible.
> 2.Pay off all the medical bills and credit card bills. We had 2 babies back to back and even though Aniya passed away, we still had to pay for her and she was expensive. Alaia was even more expensive and we also had to buy a new engine and catalytic converter for our car last year. We never used to carry over a credit card balance on our card, but we just didn't have enough money last year to pay for what we needed so we had to put it on the credit card. Before 2014 is over, all of those debts will be eliminated and in 2015 we will pay off our student loans.
> 3. Pinterest Project Monthly. On twitter, NonSuperwoman said she was committed to completing one Pinterest project a month and I decided to join her and we'll blog about it. I  have a special board to keep track of what I want to complete. This month I'm starting off with a very inexpensive but necessary project, a family notebook. It will house our social security cards, birth certificates, and copies of our credit card information and stuff. I'll keep it in a safe so that if anything happens, I can grab our notebook and know all is not lost. I'll probably put some cash in there too.
> If I stay disciplined this year then I will be able to accomplish what I really want in 2015 which is a family vacation and a mini-van. In 2016 I want to have another baby and build an addition onto our home. MrC wants a new job this year and I want a promotion at my job. I want to stay with the class I'm currently in, but have my title changed which will bring an 80% pay increase.
> What goals do you have for 2014?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Back to Work!

I had a lovely Christmas break! We were all sick and both kids ended up with eye infections but the time off was still enjoyed. I'm back at work today so I'll be back blogging now that I'm on schedule again.
Let me get back to listening to these crazy students lie about their Christmas break activities.

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