Thursday, December 31, 2009

I will not lose

In 2009, we trusted God, and He came through each and every time. I know a lot of people were affected by the recession, but by God's grace, we weren't. I am thankful and grateful for God's grace. I didn't accomplish all that I wanted to in 2009, but, tomorrow is another year to go out and start again. It's kind of funny that I'm actually scared to post what my goals are for the year. If they don't come to pass, I'll be disappointed. I've shared with some people my goals for the year, only to be met with negativity. They don't really see it as being negative, they see it as being honest and helpful- but it caused me to doubt. Now I'm second guessing myself and thinking, "well maybe God didn't say that, maybe I should be more realistic," and that's not a place I like to be. I'm gung ho. I declare something and step out on faith knowing that it will be accomplished. If I do what I'm supposed to do, I know God will do his part.

I said all that to say this. In 2010 my only goal is to glorify God with every aspect of my life. To me that means, if He tells me to do it, I will. I will talk with Him daily, and He with me. When people look at my life, they should be able to see the hand of God on it. People that don't necessarily believe in my God, will want to believe because of the life I lead. I will be who He created me to be, and most importantly, I will not doubt.

What goal do you have set for 2010?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thanks- NO- Get To Work

I got some super cute sparkly heabands in the mail on Monday from Kelly! I my hair didn't look all wild, I would take a picture of me wearing them, but I'll save that for next week once I look human again.Thanks Kelly!
Yesterday my mom and sister came up to my job to meet me for lunch. While here, I took them around to meet some of my coworkers. There is a 20something black dude that I work with that I introduced them to. I knew I shouldn't have because my sister is me- but sexy. If you think I'm cute (and coworkers does), you'll think my sister is the deluxe model. As soon as we turned the corner:
SisterTM: You didn't tell me you worked with a cute dude! Is he looking for a wife?
Me: Yeah he is, but it ain't gonna be you!
SisterTM: Why not?
Me: He drinks too much
SisterTM: I can help him with that. Tell him I said hey.
Later on I delivered to message to my coworker:
Him: Well tell you sister, the feeling is mutual. She is quite attractive.
Me: That's nice, but she has a boyfriend
Him: Why you blocking? (it was funny to hear him say that because he tries to act all proper at work)
Me: I'm not blocking, but she's taken. And she's really mean anyway, I don't want you to hate me after she unleashes her fury.
Him: I can help her with that, I bring out the best in people.
I am not even gonna allow this to happen! My sister told me relay a quite spicy response to him, that made him get all wide eyed and start grinning, but I'm done passing the messages.
Guys, make sure you set up your goals for 2010. If you don't like resolutions, then skip that, but you should at least have a vision of what you want to accomplish during the year! I know you're not doing any work today or tomorrow- so get your visions set!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Gift Awards!

Well I had an enjoyable Christmas holiday! How was yours?
On Christmas Eve we went down to my parent's house. TheCount went to deliver presents to the nieces and nephews and I stayed and baked cookies. My auntie came over to make her dressing so I stayed up with her and my mom until about 3 am working in the kitchen. TheCount and my sister had enough of the cooking and stuff around midnight and went downstairs to watch movies together. Even though I said I didn't want to see the movie I was still mad they didn't even invite me on their date- ingrates.
Christmas morning I went running through the house at 9am repeating, "It's Christmas, everybody brush your teeth, put on a bra, and report to the tree!" It's a shame I had to send 2 people back for not wearing a bra, and one person back for not brushing their teeth. We finally got around to opening presents around 9:20. Now, let's have gift awards!
The Most Creative award
 There is a play going on in town and when we heard the commercial in the car one day I said, "ohh, that sounds good." Then another time in the car I said, "you know, I love plays and ballets and concerts. I'll be glad when we have all sorts of extra money to spend going to them." Now, on Christmas day there was a huge box under the tree with my name on it, but it was very light. We always change the packaging on gifts to prevent snoops from figuring it out, so I knew it would be something small. Inside the box there was tons of shredded paper and a note that said, check your email. I picked up my phone and checked my email and saw the confirmation for tickets to see the play! They were so slick with it! I didn't even notice anybody get up to go send me the email :) I can't wait to go see The Screwtape Letters.
The You didn't buy this, did you? award
When I opened up the webcam that my mom said was from my dad, he said "ohhh, what's that?" LOL I knew he didn't go get me anything, my mom and sister were covering for him. He never gets me anything, so I'm quite used to it now. Although, next year I will be calling him and getting his credit card number so I can buy myself a gift.
The Wait! One more! award
After we finished opening presents, I refused to get up from the tree. I just knew there was another gift! My mom had called me the week before asking if she should get my sister a Juicy Couture perfume set. Since I love those perfumes I begged her to get it for me. Y'all I sat there just waiting and saying, "ohhh let's just wait, let's just wait." When my momma finally got fed up with me prolonging the day, she asked what I was waiting for. I was like, "I saw juicy couture wrapping paper. Where did it come from?" She started cracking up, she had forgotten all about that present- but I got my perfume :)
The Thanks, I really need this! award
 TheCount got me 2 games for my DS- I've been without games for months now because I beat them all and sold them back to the store. MamaCount got me a garment steamer. If you've seen the curtains in my bedroom- you'd know it was much needed! SisterTM got me some cardigans that go perfectly with my look for 2010. I cannot wait!
What about you? Do you have some gift awards you want to mention? Ohhh, let's add one more category in case you got a gift you didn't like, but you don't want to be ungrateful and call the person out. You can do it here! Sound as ungrateful and mean as you want- I don't judge! Here's mine:
Oh No You Didn't! or Don't Front! award
My SIL got us a $25 gift card to B. Smith's restaurant. Except she got it from, so I know she only paid $2, and we have to spend a certain amount to even use it and the restaurant is nowhere near our house and we never go to DC which is where the restaurant is. Know what happened the last time we tried to be like the cool kids and hang out in DC? Our car got stolen. The restaurant is right down the street from there. The funny thing is, she kept calling us asking what we wanted and when we told her, she said ok, she'd get it. I guess we didn't make the priority list this year :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What were you thinking about?

Why oh why, did my momma call me and tell me "you better be glad I prayed for you and prayed ExBoyfriend right out of your life." I asked her why and she told me this: "His wife is pregnant, and so is his baby's mom- both by him." What the heck!? So now the tally is Baby's Mom: 2 Wife: 1. This is unacceptable. Dear Jesus, Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking him out of my life. My mom was like, "ugghhh, I couldn't imagine having him as a son in law and I sure wish his momma would stop telling me his business." When God takes people out of your life, please don't try and bring them back!  My mom said she feels bad talking to her because TheCount and I are actually doing well and she doesn't want to be the proud mama that she is and seem like she's rubbing it in.
I was supposed to have lunch with my mom and sister today, but they forgot. I talked to my mom about it LAST NIGHT and she said ok. I was so upset I just sat at work crying. It really hurt my feelings because they've made time to do everything else, but the one thing I was looking forward to won't be happening. I told all my coworkers and everything because I wanted to introduce them to my family. She said she'd try again for next week.
I'm looking forward to our Christmas Cookie Bake tomorrow. Maybe I should call my ma before she forgets about that too and I'm sitting at the house by myself looking stupid.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Early Morning Photo Shoot

Awkward: I was just standing around the cubicles talking to my coworkers when the v.p. came through handing out presents to everybody- except me. Technically I'm not on her team, but good grief, you could have waited until I left.
I got my Secret Santa gift from Nerd Girl yesterday! I got a beautiful scarf (pictured), earrings, and a candle that smells sooooooo good. I was so happy when the mailman knocked on the door. I think TheCount was jealous because of how happy I was opening the package. When I pulled out the scarf I said, "oh yeah, I know this is from Nerd Girl" and then he mumbled something about how he wishes I would be as excited about him as I was about Nerd Girl. Sighhhh, now I have to flip out and roll on the floor when I open his Christmas present or he'll hate Nerd Girl forever.
I am so glad to be back in my regular office. My comfy chair, a computer that actually works efficiently, and fridge that is fully stocked with beverages. Oh how I've missed this place :)
It really trips me out when people put down other people's beliefs. Seriously, I don't hate on you for me Muslim/Agnostic/Atheist/Buddhist/Wiccan so why can't you just leave me and my Jesus alone? A dude I went to high school with dedicates his facebook status to something so rude toward Christianity every single day. I'm only still friends with him because he's friends with TheCount and when people want to talk to TheCount they message me, but so sorry, next rude status, and he's gone. I don't do negativity. I don't dish it out and I don't take it. It has no place in my life. Seriously, dude I hope you are 100% right and that this Jesus stuff is all mumbo jumbo. If you're right, cool, when I die I cease to exist. But if I'm right, well, I'm sorry, I tried to show you. Did that come off as harsh? I hope not, but I mean it.
Anyway, I need to run to Walmart, there is a princess nightgown with my name on it :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday's Snow!

You knew goodness well your car couldn't handle this. Why embarass yourself like this? Seriously, staying in your house for one day won't kill you.

Friday, December 18, 2009

This is a tre, not a pair of shoes

Can somebody please explain to me why we are supposed to get 10 inches of snow tomorrow? and another question:
WHY THE HEEZY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME CHRISTMAS TREES COST SO DANG MUCH? Growing up we always had real trees, all the lots in our town had signs that said any tree on lot $25. Some fancy places said $25 and up, but we always got a $25 tree. Let me tell you what happened last night.
  • I got off work and ran to the store, I thought we were getting 5 inches of snow so I went and got a box of clementines, some milk, and bread. Then I went to Target and Old Navy. The Old Navy didn't have any men's jammies so I decided to go to the one by my house, they were sold out too. I got TheCount some Christmas boxers instead.
  • I went home and started cooking dinner (thanks for the recipe Jamiel, I didn't have sour cream yesterday, but I'll definitely be making that soon). My sister got the house around 7. Technically, disappointed sister showed up, buttttt since she wasn't upset with me, it was cool. TheCount could hear her in the kitchen going off on why she was mad (it's a doozy, pray for my family y'all- for real) so he let her finish and then he lightened the mood with jokes and picking her up and spinning her around (yes, like a 3 year old). We ate dinner around 8:15ish.
  • We left to go get the tree after dinner, drove the .4 miles to the tree lot, got out, walked over to the cutest little 3 foot tree and read the price tag- $55. SisterTM and I walked around and was like ohhh no and hopped back in the car.
  • I decided to go to Home Depot- except I got confused and pulled up to Lowes. Lowes is right by Ulta- except I left the coupon in my car. We went to Home Depot- but they sold out of tree stands. We looked at their trees- they were all huge. We drove all around town looking for another tree lot- couldn't find any. We checked the fire house- they didn't have any. We went to the fancy part of town- they didn't have any. We went back home.
  • I took my twists out and washed my hair.
  • SisterTM stayed over until 3am twisting my hair.
I slept in a bit this morning because my bed was so warm and toasty but I made it up and out the door in 15 minutes :) Now I'm at work rejoicing with a friend over some good news in her romantic life and praying for a member of my family that needs to get it together before he looses everything.
Is it supposed to snow where you are this weekend? Be safe you guys!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A few minutes with good internet connection :)

The internet in the building I'm working this week is so janky! I keep trying to type up posts, but I'll be five lines down before any words appear. It seems to be working alright now, so I'm trying to hurry up and get this post up.
My sister is home :) We went by to see her after church last night. My parent's neighbor died last week and my mom volunteered to do the repast (they've been neighbors for 23 years) so everybody was in the house cooking food and the other neighbors were dropping off their contributions. It was quite the tasty night :) My sister is supposed to be coming up to the apartment today so we can decorate for Christmas. We have a pretty ambitious night planned, there's a lot to be done:
  • Go get a Christmas tree
  • Go to Home Depot to get Christmas tree accessories
  • Fill out her job applications
  • Wash and re twist my hair (don't think this will even be attempted)
  • Wash and twist her hair (don't think this will be attempted)
  • Cook and eat dinner
  • Go get our Christmas jammies from Old Navy
  • I want to go to Ulta and get those Orly mattes that B talked about on Clumps of Mascara yesterday
  • Go meet my new hairdresser (I think I'll wait to do this alone. SisterTM has had some run ins with folks lately that have ended in disaster. I mean, who really says to the orthodontist "fine then you rude b!t(h, I'll just do it myself," sigh, what are we going to do with that girl?
Thankfully TheCount will be at the barbershop so I don't have to worry about him trying to give his input in my decorating tonight. I can see the tree lot from our apartment so I'm trying to decide if it will just be easier to carry the dang tree home (since we're getting a baby tree). I am really excited, let's hope good mood sister shows up and not ungrateful hussy sister.
Tonight I'm cooking a chicken wings and potato feast since my mom gave me a huge bag full of chicken wings and potatoes last night. Do you have a favorite chicken wing or potato recipe? I'm probably going to do baked garlic fries and broiled chicken wings as one set, but I haven't decided on the other varieties. I do have a sweet and sour chicken recipe in my folder that I've been meaning to try- but I haven't even looked at it yet. Leave me a link to some good recipes if you have them.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Too busy eating clementines to come up with a proper title.

I only have one Christmas present left to buy :) I think I'm going to get my daddy a sweater from Kohl's or something. He's tall and skinny so it's hard to find clothes that fit him. I saw a really nice cashmere sweater yesterday, but it would have been a belly shirt on him, lol. Tonight after I hit Kohl's, Old Navy (for our Christmas jammies), Target (for boxes to put everything in), and Safeway (noodles, tomato sauce, and cucumbers),  I'll be done for the season!
I'm also going to try and go meet this new hairdresser tonight. I'm not gonna lie, I'm scared. If I don't like this lady either, I'm going to start to believe that I'm the problem. Her shop is about 10 minutes from my house, so I'll be really excited if I like her and her other clients aren't all crazy.I'm going to need y'all to say a prayer- for real. If all else fails, SisterTM and I will sit in the bathroom with scissors (I really forgot how to spell that. I was so wrong spell check didn't know what I was saying, lol)  while MamaTM and TheCount yell on the other side of the door, "don't do it." I'm pretty sure we can learn how to do it properly on you tube.
Have you finished shopping yet? Who do you still have to buy for? Do you know what you're getting them?

Friday, December 11, 2009

It's the weekend (the weekend)

It's the weekend (the weekend) It's the weekend (the weekend, the weekend). I'm actually singing that in my head as I bounce up and down in my seat at work. Normally I'm not this giddy about the weekend because I like my job and don't mind working. For some reason I'm super excited today though :) It started off this morning when I finally dragged myself out of bed, 30  minutes after I was supposed to be at work. I checked my bank statement because our lovely payroll coordinator told me I wasn't going to get paid until Christmas because I was an hour late submitting my time sheet. I emailed her right back, "I faxed it over on Friday, it didn't go through and I didn't know that until just now (on Monday) when somebody handed me my cancelled confirmation stating that your machine was busy. I do realize that I missed the deadline though, but I still wanted you to have my time sheet." I then prayed about it and said, 'hey, you can pay me now, or you can pay me later, either way, I'm going to get paid' and kept on kicking. I'm glad she was kind enough to put my information in and pay me on time.
Tomorrow I plan to get up and go to a matinee of Princess and the Frog. TheCount begged me to "at least take a child" with me. Heck no, I don't want to be distracted. My mom told me to go get my nieces- but I don't want too! They got momma's and grandmomma's AuntieTM does not want to drive an hour, pay for their movie (cuz their momma's don't ever send money), and then pay for their food (cuz their momma's always get to disappearing around drop off time). Nawwww man SisterCount and SisterinlawCount won't get me this time! I might go see Precious too, but I don't see me sitting through it. I don't voluntarily watch rated R movies because they are too much for my little brain to handle, but my mom said I should be ok. We'll see. A Pecanbon from Cinnabon will cure any post-Precious blues.
I need to give the apartment a top to bottom scrub because smells weird, lol. Too much cooking with onions and garlic in a small place with carpet and 2. MY SISTER WILL BE HOME ON MONDAY! Not that she lives with me or anything, but she may stop by from time to time. I work in the nursery on Sunday and we may be getting a new baby, I'm not sure if his 6th week birthday is this week or next week. Y'all just don't know, I love those little kiddies. The 24 months and under class is where it's at!
Tonight I think I'll finish my Christmas shopping. I need to go to Ollie's to get toiletries for the homeless ladies we're making boxes for and Marshall's to finish off my family. I had a dream last night that I was shopping and I kept begging TheCount to let me buy a gucci wallet that was marked down to $25 and he kept saying no. Then I kept on finding money in all the wallets and he still said no, even after I had over $100. I took that as a sign that I shouldn't take him to the store with me, lol.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cheese & Pasta Mini Cups

Did I blog about these already? Oh well, even if I did, let me reiterate, you need to go make them. Hopefully these emailed posts will post in order or else this will sound dumb:

Today is recipe day, Tasty Thursday! Scroll down and see some of the best of the best I've made over the past two weeks and go make them. I'm going to be mad at y'all if you don't make them. Seriously, are y'all going to make them? Get to cooking people!


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Cheese & Pasta Mini Cups

Cheese & Pasta Mini Cups - a fun way to have your mac n cheese.Great for kids.


Things you can do from here:


Sweet Potato Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

You need to make these. That is all.


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Sweet Potato Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Sweet Potato Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies


Things you can do from here:


Harvest Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Tart

These were really good- but to me they tasted much better warm than when they had cooled down. While warm, they made me happy dance in my kitchen. They taste just like sweet potato pie with a pecan bonus. They were simple to make and kids would be able to help scoop the filling in each shell. Fancy look, simple prep!


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Harvest Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Tart

Harvest Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Tartlets


Things you can do from here:


Sweet Potato Cupcakes

I don't eat cupcakes, but the people that did eat these said they were really good! I didn't make this marshmallow topping, instead, I put 3 or 4 mini marshmallow's on top and stuck them under the broiler until they got toasted, then mashed them down with a knife.


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Sweet Potato Cupcakes

Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Toasted Marshmallow Frosting - perfect for Thanksgiving!


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Easy Parmesan Knots

These are so delicious! If I didn't think TheCount would judge me, I would have eaten them all last night. Instead, I stopped at a modest 5. I think these will be my staple meal biscuits because they are a lot easier than any of the other's I've made and just as tasty (and not covered in butter). Now I actually want to invite my family up for dinner so I can look fancy! If you can open a can of biscuits and tie your shoes (not at the same time), you can make these!


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Easy Parmesan Knots

Easy Parmesan Knots - ready in 20 minutes


Things you can do from here:


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

TM is totally self centered

I'm working from my client's building for the rest of the week. It's quite dreary here, but my commute is cut in half, so that makes me happy!
People really need to get hip to TM's rules for life. I've had to school TheCount and Jazz this past week because they clearly missed my class. On the first snow of the season you must eat grilled cheese and tomato soup. If you don't like grilled cheese and tomato soup (you're crazy) and need to find an appropriate hot sandwich and soup combination to welcome the snow. Also, when it's snowing, the only fruits allowed are orange fruits (tangerines, tangelos, oranges, clementines). One final rule, in December you must eat Clementines in excess. Seriously, like 5 or 6 a day. It's the official fruit of December. Don't fight the rules, just follow.
Lately I've been trying to figure out why the bathroom rugs are so dirty. Normally I can just throw them in the dryer on air fluff once a week and I'm good to go, but lately I've had to do full washes. I got out of the shower this morning and TheCount was brushing his teeth fully dressed with his work boots on.
Me: What the heck are you doing? Why do you have your shoes on in the bathroom standing on the rugs?
TheCount: I'm about to leave.
Me: But you're not gone. Those shoes go by the door and stay at the door. Don't you have to go out of it to leave? Put your shoes on last and don't ever wear them in the bathroom again!
TheCount: Sigh, alright babe.
Is it just me? I don't like wearing shoes in the house period (we have cream carpet), but definitely not on my bathroom rugs. Maybe if it were a half bath that people have in houses that just have a toilet and sink, but I don't think shoes should be worn where I bathe, it makes me feel dirty.
My sister comes home for winter break on Monday :) I have about 3 weeks to convince her that when she graduates from FAMU in May, she needs to move back up here. She wants to live in Georgia with my cousin for a while and try to get a job down there. Is it wrong that I told her I'll only pray for her success in Maryland? It's selfish as all get out, but I miss my sister y'all!
I finally broke down and emailed my best friend because we haven't really talked in over a month (except for the day she dropped by the apartment last month and I spent her entire visit trying to make her go home- I sound so mean today). I didn't want to really talk to her because I was so tired of the complaining. I asked how she was, she emailed back "overwhelmed". I gave in and asked what was wrong, it's funny how well she knows me. She said, "TM I don't want you to get mad at me, it's the same stuff I'm always complaining about, but I'm trying to do better. I've been reading that book you gave me {Everyday Deserves a Chance by Max Lucado (my favorite author)} and it's really helping. I realized I'm the type of person he's talking about, always worrying and complaining, and how nobody wants to be around that." I was so happy to hear that, I miss my friend! It's not that I don't ever expect people to have problems or anything, part of friendship is about helping each other through storms, but if it storms every single second of every single day? Guess what? You need to  move. It's not even big stuff. She's 24, has graduated from college, has a good job, lives with her parent's rent free, and is only responsible for her bills. What  in the the sam hill (is that right?) can you be complaining about every day!? Seriously, you're only responsible for you. She has a boyfriend, but that should be an enhancement. If he's that much of a burden- leave! Y'all ain't married and there are no kids involved. Maybe I should be saying this to her and not you guys. Let me get off my soap box and go eat a clementine.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Party

Friday night we had the company Christmas party. I was supposed to have another party to attend on Saturday, but it got canceled because of the snow. Here are a few pictures from the night :)

TheCount: "TM in her natural habitat- twittering in the midst of chaos."

\ At the Christmas party. This would be my silly face.

Her: Hey, let's act like we're drunk!

Me: I've never been drunk"

Her: Me either, let's just make faces

I was the only one that made a face, lol.

Cutest couple at the party!

I got ready for the party at "Her" house. Here is a photo from my personal photo shoot in her hall bathroom :)

The new car! The cleaning lady and our apartment in the background.

The car again, with TheCount reaching inside (so you'll know I'm not lying, lol). Well I guess that could be anybody, so I could still be fake internet pimping. I'd probably pick a better car to pimp with.

FYI: I will never go back to that hairdresser again! Getting beat in the head with brushes, being forgotten in the shampoo room for an hour, 2 blow driers and a flat iron later my scalp was sore and now has scabs (i'm super sensitive to heat- especially applied to my dang scalp), and too many loud cackling women. My mommy told me I was a snob. Oh well, it's my money.

Friday, December 4, 2009

This Stuff Works: TMI Edition

Withstood 2 games of football and that's all I'm gonna say about that (cuz you know you were wondering).

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Y'all I ain't barefoot at work! I just don't have on traditional work shoes, lol. My foot will only fit into my crocs so that's what I have on. I guess I forget y'all can't see me, lol.

Changes for the better

I'm at work this morning looking the fool because all the auditors and consultants are here and my boss isn't. I don't know where the people are supposed to go, what I'm supposed to give them, or anything. I was like, "heyyyyyy, here's the kitchen. We have free coffee, tea, soda, juice, and water, go crazy!" I never was one for professionalism, lol. Did I mention I couldn't wear shoes today? Due to my blatant refusal to take my medicine, I haven't been able to wear real shoes all week. Don't worry, TheCount AND our pastor have both told me I better stop being foolish. So starting today I will be back taking my medicine :)
Moving right along, I feel much better today than I did yesterday. I ended up taking a nap in my car halfway through the workday because I was that tired. When I got home last night I fell asleep for about 3 hours then TheCount and I had a lovely Bible study together since we missed church. At midnight we both decided that we had so much important stuff to do. I was in the kitchen baking caramel pecan tarts, and baked potatoes. He was in the kitchen doing laundry and dancing. We had a grand time for almost 2 hours just singing and dancing in the kitchen. So much fun that I left the whipping cream out of my recipe. I haven't tasted the tarts yet, but we'll see if I made a huge error. This is why I always make test food when I'm cooking for other people. Earlier this week I made sweet potato pecan tarts. They were good, but not what I want to sit out as my dessert at a potluck party. I wanted to make a cake- until I realized my idiot self doesn't have any round cake pans. Or a cake carrier, or even a cake stand. I also realized that I need a food processor, my tart crust probably would have come out a bit better if I wasn't using my hands as the processor. I'll put it on my Christmas list, that and a blender. Hopefully both of my parents will get me a gift this year!
I have a hair appointment today with a new lady that hopefully will be able to do my big chop for me on January 2. My mom went to her last week and she said I should like her. Would you believe my momma tried to refuse to let me go to her hairdresser? Just because I threatened to burn the last hair lady's shop down doesn't mean I'm the problem. SHE was the problem, old rude self telling me I was too young to get married. Shut up and flat iron my hair you old bitter woman. The other hairdresser I went to didn't know how to talk to her daughter properly. Telling your 6 year old she's getting on your nerves while you have her sitting in this closet sized room watching CNN everyday after school is not acceptable. She's bored woman, give her something to do! The other hairdresser I actually liked, but then she started talking about that stupid body magic crap and I was ready to go home. She also doesn't know how to answer the phone or return calls- must not need my business then. I promise I'll do better with this hairdresser (unless she's rude...).
I'm about to go through my recipe folder to find an appetizer for Kelly (go over and submit one too). It has been brought to my attention that I am a hater, so I'm going to go try and play nice with the other bloggers. LOL

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nerd Girl Stole My Title

All day long I've been trying to come up with ideas to give my Secret Santa. I don't know if it's the fact that I don't feel well, or that I shop too dang much, but it has been hard! Now, I shall ramble.
You know what I need? Some cool lunch containers. With sections and such and it would be awesome if it were microwaveable. Right now I pack TheCount and my lunches in old chinese food containers. I wonder if Santa knows where to get some cool lunch containers?
You know what else, Santa? I'm cutting my hair in exactly one month which means my big ol' head will need some decorating. I love looking at the earrings in Target. I have a big head and little ears though :) Bracelets and necklaces are cool too.
Ohhh, and I love cooking! My favorite cookbook is my Get em Girls cookbook (I only have the first one). I also have some Better Homes and Gardens cook books- but I find the flavors aren't as good in those recipes as they are in my cookbook written by the black women. What's your favorite cookbook? Do you think it would make a good Christmas gift Santa?
I think there is a bandit in our house. My luxurious white wash cloths that I use on my face keep going missing. I used to have six, but now I'm down to three. My mom makes fun of me because I'm always walking through the store looking for plush white wash cloths- but they feel so good on my face!
I probably should put on here that there is a fight about socks in our house every day. I wear TheCount's socks and he gets so mad! I really don't understand why, especially since I bought all the socks, so what's the big deal? I only wear black socks- which people seem to think is weird, but I really just don't like white socks, I haven't worn them since middle school (random fact that everybody needed to know).
Well Santa if you needed some ideas, I hope this helped. If you didn't need ideas and you already knew what you were getting me, just keep on trucking with your plan.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December already?

The year is over y'all! This year went by so quickly I'm too scared to blink because I don't want to miss Christmas. Almost all of the goals that I set for our family have been reached, with the exception of paying off our school loans. The year isn't up yet, so if anybody has a couple thousand lying around, feel free to help us reach our goal!
For the month of December I've decided that I'm not going to eat out. No drive thru's, no "I must have tacos al carbon for lunch today," and no Domino's cheesy bread Saturday snack. I am only allowed to get food from the grocery store or the grocery section of a store. This means that I have to be extra prepared because when I'm ripping and running on some days, I'm not at home to cook. I'm going to have a standby sandwich to carry with me (I'm not even joking). Thankfully there are so many holiday parties coming up that I shouldn't miss eating out too much. I have a party this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so I don't have to worry about food this weekend.
It's Christmas shopping time! Every year at Christmas time, I get a lot of new clothes. It's like I walk in the store and get distracted and I swear my size is always like 90% off and I just have to buy it. When I write out my list I fare a lot better than walking in the store trying to figure stuff out, here we go:
TheCount: 2 watches (I ordered them for his birthday, but they didn't get here in time, they shipped today so Merry Christmas dude!)
MamaTM: she wants a suit- but not a black one, she wants a church suit. Where do you buy church suits? 
PapaTM:  Since he has a catering business I like to get him stuff that will further his business. Catering technique books, knives, etc. but he doesn't seem to care or even like his gifts...oohhh that knife sharpener Monica talked about on her site!
SisterTM: I really don't know what to get her. She graduates from FAMU in May, she's 21, I always get her clothes- ehhh, I won't deviate. If y'all have any good ideas- let me know.
Mama & Sister Count: Smell goods from Vicky's Secret- already purchased. Perhaps another small thing, those 2 chicks don't need ANYTHING!
Boss:  I don't know if I'm supposed to get her anything, I got her a small brooch last year. She never actually said anything about it, but she does have the ornament that I attached to the box hanging up in her office.
Work Best Friend: Satin pillowcase and some Biotin (I got her ant spray and Febreeze for her birthday- this is a come up- and it's how we became friends)
Best Friend I've been avoiding: I've been meaning to get her some lakers gear, maybe I finally will. Or another devotional book but they don't work if you don't read them :(
Blog Secret Santa: I don't even know yet, but I've been looking...
Any gifts that you're looking forward to buying for people this year? Do you have some creative gifts planned? Serenity3-0 needs socks in case anybody was wondering.

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