Monday, May 30, 2011


I left the hospital Thursday, Judah left Friday. We also moved into my parents house this weekend while we wait for our  house to be ready. It's been crazy, I highly discourage moving and giving birth in the same week! The first 3 pictures are from the 25th, the last is from yesterday. We're adjusting well and today family is stopping by to meet Judah.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Judah is here!

I had Judah at 7:02 a.m. He's 4 pounds 7.4 ounces and 18 inches long. Since I had him at 36 weeks, he's in NICU so they can watch his breathing. It's a little faster than they'd like. I was live tweeting the induction, but I'll share the delivery probably tomorrow. Fun times!

Monday, May 23, 2011

At the hospital

Looks like we'll be meeting Judah soon! DramaDr is making me get induced. I'm getting hooked up right now. Talk to y'all later.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

They got me

Yesterday I had to go to work for a mandatory meeting. Since we've been going through so much with our client lately (you're fired, rehired for a year, maybe rehired for 5 more years) I didn't know what to expect from the meeting. My coworker came and picked me up because he didn't want me to have to drive out there and he lives right down the street. I got to work and was having fun talking to all my coworkers that I haven't seen in over a month but then I started getting suspicious. I hadn't seen the woman that organized the meeting, surely if she was flying in from the Midwest she would have been there 30 minutes before the meeting started. And I hadn't seen the pharmacists on our account yet. They're always on time, and they always come and speak, where were they? At 2 o'clock the 3 people that were in my office all of sudden had to go to the bathroom sooooooo bad. Then my boss came running in saying they were waiting for us upstairs to attend the meeting so we started walking toward the elevator. And then she oversold it. As we were walking down the hall she said "I have no idea what this meeting is even about," and then I realized I never got a meeting invite. Surely a meeting that featured the VP of our department and the COO of our company would have had a meeting invite! I turned the corner and saw all the presents and baby balloons. My coworkers were throwing me a surprise shower and they really got me. I figured that my work friends would get me something for Judah, but I was not expecting them to actually throw me a shower. If I wasn't so gangster, I would have cried. They menu was chips, cookies, brownies, and mini candy bars because they know I hate cake. It was delightful! There were even people there that I didn't even think knew my name and they took the time to get something for Judah. I had a lovely time and I'm truly grateful to have work friends that took the time to do something like that for me. 

After the festivities yesterday I had to go return something to Target, and MrC and I decided to just go ahead and get Judah's furniture because we had only seen it at one store and wanted to make sure we didn't miss out. We went to Burlington and the dude brought out the huge box and we were getting ready to pay. MrC was standing in the ridiculously long and slow moving line and I was sitting down eating cotton candy and a cheese pretzel. As I was sitting there having a grub fest, something just didn't feel right about the furniture. I still  liked it, but for some reason I didn't think we should buy it anymore. So I whispered, "God, go ahead and work this out." Wouldn't you know the sales person came running up to MrC saying he couldn't sell us the furniture anymore because it was the last set and somebody had it on layaway already. I have no idea why we weren't supposed to buy that furniture.

When we got home, MrC pointed out that our move out day is next Saturday. Yeahhhhh, in my head I thought I had 2 more weeks to pack things up. Thankfully my ma and MIL had already come and helped with most of the hard packing, so there isn't much left. If my dear sweet husband had time to do as he's told, we'd could be finished this packing thing today. But since MrC actually goes to work everyday, he has a lot less free time than I do and he's a lot less rested. Last night he fell asleep mouth hanging open, phone in hand, sitting upright in a chair. It's 8 hours later and I packed up 3 boxes, went to bed, got up, and typed this blog post and I'm still looking at him knocked out in that chair. I had to stop because I had the boxes on the bed and since he was asleep I couldn't get them off the bed since the were full. You know that saying "never wake a sleeping baby?" Yeah, I apply that to MrC. By Monday afternoon, everything except the moving of our big furniture should be complete and then my baby can rest until Judah gets here. 

I'm ready for breakfast and I need to start on my to do list for the day, talk to y'all sometime next week! Lawd, MrC just woke up. He's pumping his fists in the air chanting about how he's ready to tackle the day. Y'all pray for Judah, his parents are slightly strange. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


MrC and I were watching a bathroom renovation show on the DIY network last night and we started discussing having them come to our house to do some work. Our kitchen and yard are both huge, so they would be able to easily do fancy renovations there, but the bathrooms are too small for the fancy stuff they do on those shows.

Me: They'd have to extend the master bathroom in Judah's room in order to do a cool renovation for us.
MrC: Our bathroom doesn't touch Judah's room
Me: Yes it does
MrC: No it doesn't
Me: Yes it does
MrC: No it doesn't
Me: *I'm not doing this all night* Then what does it touch?
MrC: Not Judah's room
Me: *sigh, here we go* Yes it does, one wall is our bedroom, the other wall is the hallway, the other wall is Judah's room, the other wall is the front of the house
MrC: *pauses* No
Me: Then what does it touch!?
MrC: Not Judah's room
Me: Dude! Then tell me what the 4 walls touch! Do we have a 3 walled bathroom? Is it a triangle? Huh, say something logical!
MrC: *pauses (probably realizes he's wrong but he's too ornery to admit defeat)* Isn't there a window in the hallway? You walk up the stairs, turn right and Judah's room is on the left, then there's a window and our bedroom is on the right.
Me: THEN WHERE IS THE BATHROOM? Is it suspended in space? Hanging over the edge of the house? A triangle wedged mysteriously so it doesn't touch the room right next to it?
MrC: I don't think it touches Judah's room
Me: *I swear I could stab him right now. This is why I don't debate with him!* Then please tell me what it touches. I just told you that it did.There is no hall window, the window is in our bathroom. Because windows are normally on the outside walls of a house.
MrC: Are you sure?  Do you have a picture?
Me: I'm going to stab you

This is MrC's debate style: ignore all logic, never present anything logical of your own, and still maintain that you're right even when it's clear that you're not. And my style is to attempt to prove you wrong, succeed at proving you wrong, then threaten you with violence until you admit that you're wrong. I actually do have picture proving that I'm correct but I knew if I showed it to MrC then he still wouldn't agree with me, so I didn't waste my time showing him. I bet he will deny this conversation ever happened the next time we go into that house. I got the receipts! I'm going to pull this out next month and proceed to do a victory dance around the entire house.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Paper cuts for 2

Dear Jameil and MrsTDJ,

I'm coming for you both. I would never, ever, ever say that to somebody about a gift! That was totally MrC. I don't know why people think I'm rude *bats eyelashes innocently* MrC is the out of control one. I have to silence his rudeness way more than he has to silence mine.

Oh and Nerd Girl, nice try on explaining that sympathy card. Auntie knows nothing of any of my doctor's visits. That mess was just trifling.


We packed up a lot of our apartment and put it in storage this weekend. For some reason, this place still looks full. My mom came over on Friday and did all the manual labor for me. MrC was working (he came and carried all the boxes/crates) but my mom filled them for me and I labeled and organized everything. She is awesome! Even when I tried to do stuff, she would just stare at me and demand I sit down. She also tried to give away half my stuff claiming I have too much. It has come to my attention that I don't know what "rest" means. My philosophy has always been "rest when the work is done." I've had to change that, it's been a learning experience. 

Why do people assume that because you're sharing information, you're complaining about it? I'm just telling you what's going on, I'm not complaining about it. Calm down with your lectures.

We washed all of Judah's clothes this weekend. Even though he has over 30 0-3 months onesies and about the same in 3-6 month clothes, he has no 6-9 month outfits. He has some 9-12, and even some for when he's older than that, but his 6-9 month bag is empty. For some reason I found that hilarious. I was also amused by the vastly different sizes of clothes that claimed to be for the same age/weight range. Some of those onesies I feel like i should just eat so he can put it on now because they look so tiny!

We spent the weekend at my parents house. I cannot handle my sister going out and not coming back in until 4:30 in the morning. MrC and I were both born old (I was born an old prude, he was born a slow old man) so we've never been "clubbers" but my sister goes out with her friend because the girls brother works at some club and they can get in free. I couldn't relax my brain to sleep knowing she wasn't in the house and it was raining outside and she probably had some alcohol. I ended up texting her asking if she was still alive a little before 4. When she confirmed that she was, I was able to start to settle into sleep. She came in and decided that she needed to tell me all about her night. Her friend had to spend the night because she was drunk. I guess I have to get used to this since we'll be living with them for a little while. I wonder if I can lock my sister in her room?

One of the things I love about my parents is that they've always had an open house. Our house was the hang out place when we were younger. Since we got married, MrC has fully embraced this "we are one" and he fully believes that my parents house is his house too, lol. Thankfully for him, my daddy always wanted a son, and MrC is the perfect suck up child for my dad. I wish y'all could have seen the way MrC was hyping up my dads deviled eggs, or heard how they were talking and laughing while watching bull riding. Mannnn, shut up. My daddy was eating it up too. MrC always makes faces at my sister and me as if he's saying "I got your daddy now suckas!" He's probably right, that man don't even love us no more. Anyway, .MrC always invites folks over my parents house. We go over there most Sunday's after church and whenever we're there and the doorbell rings, everybody always looks at MrC. It's ALWAYS one of his friends. MrC don't even be asking if he can invite people over he lives under this "I'm awesome, my friends are awesome, of course MrsC's parents want them over." One of his friends comes over almost every week and this dude talks so freaking much. Yesterday, he was on some super duper talkative stuff and he would not shut up. He talked my dad half to death  and my dad ended up going into his room to take a nap. He then talked MrC to sleep. Then he came upstairs with me, my ma, and my sister and talked to us for 2 hours. Y'all!!!!!! I love this dude dearly, and my momma likes him too (she's always trying to find him a girlfriend) but yesterday I wanted to tape his mouth shut. At one point some more of MrC's friends came over and dude realized he had a larger audience and he talked without a pause for about 15 minutes. My sister went and stood in front of him and just stared at him. When he asked what she was doing, she said "I can't believe it's possible for one person to talk this much, so I had to look and see how it's possible that you're doing this."

I told my momma she better give MrC some  daggon rules before he moves in or else this dude is going to take over their house. Shoot, he got too comfortable with my family over these past 8 years. 

Y'all know I'm joking right? I love that MrC is comfortable with my family and that my parents love him like a son so don't start with me! (But for real, these meal requests have got to stop. This fool requested stir fry and macaroni and cheese for dinner and my dad made it for him. What in the sam hill kind of random meal is that?)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The thought that counts

Ok, I'm going to present 3 different gifts that Judah got at the shower. I'm not going to state my opinion or my reaction, but I want yours. Before I even get started, I'll say, we've been abundantly blessed by friends/family/e-friends/strangers. That table full of bags and boxes is what's at my parents house waiting for me to come wash and put in containers and that's what it looks like after we consolidated everything. We are grateful because we had nothing for Judah. Now we have almost everything we need and a lot of our wants too.

2011-04-17 20.59.52.jpg

Now, person #1 is one of my dads sisters. We sent her an invite to the shower, but she lives about 6 hours away and had no other reason to be in the area that weekend, so she obviously didn't come. My parents went down to her area last weekend for my cousins (not her child) college graduation. My aunt told my ma she had a gift for Judah because she really wanted to get a Thank You card since our picture was on it. Cool. She went into her wallet, and pulled out $1 and gave it to my mom. How would that make YOU feel? How would YOU respond?

Person #2 is one of my dads sisters too. She sent me a card for the baby shower. On the outside of the card is a rainbow and flowers and it reads "Hang in There" and the inside of the card reads "Things are bound to clear up soon." Yep, a sympathy card. Just a sympathy card. It didn't accompany a gift, or include anything else. How would that make YOU feel? How would YOU respond?


Person #3 is in either MrC or my immediate family member. Said person could probably be called a hoarder. This person always gives interesting gifts. Sometimes you end up delighted at the grab bag of things you get. Sometimes you sit around and try to figure out the rationale behind the gift. At the shower this person got Judah a "My First RandomCollege Tee" onesie. Neither MrC nor I went to this school. It's not a famous school. Nobody we know has ever attended this school. Everybody was baffled. We didn't open this gift at the shower, so it was just a few friends and family around when we saw this gift. This is how it went:

My best friend: *whispers* ummm, what college is that?
Me: *whispering* I have no idea. That's why I didn't pull it out at the shower, I knew it was going to be something odd.
Family Member: *baffled* did you go to that college?
Gift giver: No
Mr or Mrs C:*to the gift giver*  Where the heck did this random onesie come from?

I will not disclose which one of us said that, but it was the person directly related to gift giver. Feel free to guess which one of us was that rude (I swear if all of y'all pick me I'm going to paper cut you with my sympathy card.)

As I'm sitting here writing my thank you cards, those three what the heck moments popped in my head and made me laugh. If they happened to you, how would it make you feel? Have you ever had a WTH moment when opening gifts?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taking a break from packing

For a healthy person  spend an awful lot of time with doctors. Every time I end up at the hospital for more observation the nurses go through their questions and then whine "why are you even hereeeeee? There's nothing wrong with you." I know that, you know that, Judah knows that, but StalkerDr just wants to know where I am at all times in case she gets the urge to see me. My appointments today all went well. I had to remind the nurse that I said this baby wasn't coming until June and she needs to stop trying to tell him otherwise. He isn't stubborn or lazy, he's mellow. 

A few days ago I noticed my face plumped up a little, and I think it's so cute! I keep smiling in the mirror because I like to see my full cheeks. I also can't get my wedding rings off anymore but my fingers aren't swollen. This pregnancy thing is fun and interesting. I like it a lot. I guess that's a good thing since we want 4 kids.

On Monday while I was hanging out at the hospital, MrC was at a chocolate factory! Most of his work sites are vacant, but on Monday he had a day full of appointments with people which is why he couldn't go to my appointment with me. When he came in he had 4 chocolate bars that they gave him when he told them he had a pregnant wife :) 

Ok, I need to get back to packing up this apartment. I need some order so I can finally relax. I finally packed my hospital bag last night. It's a shame it took this special message from Jameil to force me to do it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I said June!

I spent my morning at Maternal Fetal Medicine and my afternoon at the hospital. It was the perfect way to spend this gorgeous 75 degree day, inside hooked up to monitors talking to Judah about obedience. 

I woke up not even wanting to go to the doctor or anywhere really. I was feeling so lackluster that I didn't even change out of my sleeping bra into a real one. I just wanted to go in, get tested, and be back home in 1.5 hours. Yeahhhhhh, nope! My appointment was at 8:30, they didn't see me until after 9 because their computers crashed and their first patient was really late. Then Judah decided he should just dance throughout the entire test. He danced, kicked, flipped, and would not do his breathing so we got a 6 out of 8 points on the biophysical profile. After that test I went into the back for the non stress test. If he passes at least one of the tests, I get to go home. Well Judah decided he didn't want to pass the non stress test either. He danced, he kicked, but his heart would not do the appropriate accelerations to pass the test. The nurse tried so hard to get him to pass, but this is MrC's child. If you try to agitate him, he will not give you the satisfaction of a reaction. The more they tried to harass him, the more he just sat there. They placed a buzzer to my belly, he didn't even jump. They shook my belly, he refused to be excited about it. It's funny because he never reacts when they try those methods, it makes him stop moving. I knew he was fine, he's just a chill fellow like his daddy. He'll move a lot but he does not like it when they try to force him to do things (MrC all the way.) In fact during the ultrasound the lady said "this is one of the most active babies I've ever seen." He also likes to rest his right foot on his forehead, but that's not really relevant to this story. 

Anyway, he didn't pass the non stress test either which meant we got a 6 out of 10 and had to go to the hospital for more monitoring. The nurse felt really bad, but it's not her fault Judah didn't want to cooperate today. They told me to head right over. Welllllll, I was hungry. If I was hungry, Judah was hungry. I don't play nice with others when I'm hungry, so I decided to eat before I went in order to avoid having to write another apology letter to a doctor. I went and got 2 oranges and a tuna sandwich and then went to the hospital. I couldn't risk being stuck there with no food and it was already 11:30. They hooked me up to the machines and then the nurse told me I could order lunch, so I ordered a cheeseburger and pasta salad for second lunch. MrC had to do site visits today for work and he couldn't come until he was finished. One of his sites was a chocolate factory! When he got there at 3, he had chinese food and chocolate. Our second try to pass the biophysical profile was at 3, so she came in to get set up and Judah passed with flying colors. He was doing his practice breaths the entire time. She wanted him to do a big movement for her so she decided to shake my belly -___- Ma'am my child does not respond to that! I got MrC to come over and talk to him "Judah, we're ready to go son, help your momma out and do your big movements." Judah heard daddy and proceeded to shimmy and shake and pass the test :) The doctor came in a while later and said she wanted me to do some more of the non stress test because she wanted more heart accelerations. I was hooked up for about 30 minutes and the nurse came running in. She snatched the cords out of the machine and said "You passed, get out, I've had enough of your baby today." I laughed so hard because I was beyond ready to go too! It was after 5 p.m. She told me to get dressed and run out, and I did! I did not want to stay another minute. 

Soooo, all is well. Judah is still fine, I'm still fine and I can continue to remind these dramatic doctors that Judah ain't coming until June!

Friday, May 6, 2011

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Living Room

**We're making great progress on the house, and it looks like by the end of June, we'll be in there. We're mailing back our loan papers today. Looking up interior design always lifts my mood so that's what I did today. And MrC came home to take me to lunch because he realized these hormones were playing games with me today. I'll leave out the part of random sobbing on my part and neither one of us could figure out what was wrong. I'm back in my right mind now and laughing at my random moment of emotional despair today.**

MrC said he'd like blue to be the featured color in our living room. That was a huge surprise to me because all the other times we talked about living rooms, we discussed a warm feeling like oranges and dark reds for that space. Our apartment has a burnt orange accent wall and all the other colors blend with that and I like it a lot, but I guess we're moving in a different direction for the house. I'm cool with him liking blue, so I've been looking up some pictures so he can tell me what he likes the most so I can design from there. If the living room is blue, we're going to have to make the whole downstairs play off this blue. I'm thinking a nice seaside oasis look, I hope he is too. 

I like the feel of this. The kitchen walls look a few shades lighter than the living room and it seems really calming. We have two entries to the living room and putting a molding around it would be nice. Wait, let me check my pictures and make sure there isn't something there already...ok, nope. My momma can help me put up the molding so we can be all fancy and stuff. 

This is a pretty blue, but I hope he doesn't pick a shade this dark, because it'll make the room look really small. We're going to have dark furniture (4 kids in our future, the first is a boy, it'd be foolish to buy light furniture!) so that would shrink the room even more. But seriously, why is there so much going on in this picture?

I really like this! I'm glad she has those dark brown pillows on the couch, because I could totally see the whole couch being that color and this room would still look inviting. I have two chairs that i need to cover that have a wood trim. I'd stain the wood dark like the legs on that table thing and then cover it in light color. A dark couch and dark tables would look lovely with that. And then I'd make two large floor pillows to go in front of our fire place that will be a nice pop of color! Maybe I'll add some of that pop to the lampshades too. I hope he likes this room the best, because it clearly has inspired me!

Like this! But with a dark table too. A couch is nowhere in our budget right now but when we're ready, I'll already have the exact design down. That's enough ideas for now. I'm going to show him the pictures this evening and see what he thinks. 

Just Rambling

Man, staying in the house sure does limit the things I have to blog about. I'm pretty sure there's an unlicensed child care service on the top floor of our building. I kept seeing parents bringing kids in last week as I looked out my bedroom window all day. The toddler that lives across the hall hates bedtime, maybe because it's so late. At 10 or 11 every night we hear her throwing a tantrum. This is not to be confused with her morning tantrum that she throws on our back porch as she runs from her family, or her evening tantrum that she throws in the stairwell. I know they'll be happy when she gets more words in her vocabulary so they can figure out what the heck she's so angry about all the time. I'm thinking about learning Spanish just so I can sit and listen to this little girl describe why she's so mad. We're moving out of our apartment at the end of the month. We'll either be moving into our house, or into my parent's house. Being on house arrest  for most of the day means a lot of time for anal retentive planning. I've researched storage units, moving vans, and even created a packing schedule. I started with things I wouldn't want other people to have to pack up for me in the event I was unable to assist. This week I'm starting with the closet full of clothes I can't wear, the dresser full of night clothes I can't wear and all these shoes I don't wear. Next week I tackle all other personal items including everything but the essentials in the bathroom. Week 3 will be things like our artwork and knick knack stuff and also the kitchen and appliances. That'll leave me one more week for random things and organizing our suitcases to move into my parents house for a few weeks. And don't worry, I probably won't be doing 90% of the work. I have packing help coming over *waves at busy body mommy*. Alright, time for me to go have a little talk with Jesus because I'm in a mood something serious today and I'm ready for it to be gone. 

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