Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bosslady strikes again!

Let me just tell you how glad I am now that my name was not on that presentation! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA It was such a blessing in disguise, I'm glad I didn't press the issue. I don't want to go into detail about all that went wrong because they might try to accuse me of telling some company secrets, lol. I will say this though. Bosslady showed her tail worse than I have ever seen it before. Everybody in our department has come to check on me this morning to see if I am ok. She was walking up and down the hall fussing at me accusing me of things I didn't do and blaming everybody and everything except herself for the things that were going wrong. Bosslady you are in charge of this, I can't print and bind until you tell me to. When did she finally say I could? Two hours before it was time to go. I had 12 73-page reports to do! Then she wouldn't even let me do it. She kept telling me to do other things, that she would handle it. Well let me tell you they were a mess! Yesterday as I ran up and down between floors people kept giving me this sympathetic look and offering their help. I was like you have to check with Bosslady, right now I just do as I'm told. I didn't really get stressed or upset because everybody was like "breathe, it's not you, it's her. Don't let her affect you." One person told me to "shake her @55 down and then cut her if she says something else mean to you." Needless to say I didn't take that advice, I would like to stay employed and out of jail. So after bosslady acted a fool all up in our office we finally got ready to go meet the client. 30 minutes late. One of the directors in our department came up to me at 1:45 and was like what time is your meeting? I looked at her like is this a trick question? I told her 2:30 you should have seen the look on her face. By the time we left our office we had to get from Rockville to Baltimore in 20 minutes in order to be on time. As I said, we didn't make it on time! Bosslady was trying to make me ride with her. No ma'am! Number 1, I may try to kill you for acting this way today 2. I don't want to be near you right now, I need to call my mom and talk about you 3. I'm not coming back to this office today I'm taking my behind to church tonight because if I don't you may not live! She was walking behind me in the parking garage talking about: "I really think you should ride with us, it will be safer, I'll know you will be on time, what if something happens?" My response: I kept walking like she wasn't talking. No way was I getting in her car.

It made me smile that my coworkers all tried to come to my rescue yesterday and they came today to check on me. Bosslady isn't here yet and I want to see if any of the people higher up than her have a little talk with her. I sure hope so because yesterday her behavior was not cool!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Work, Wine, and Water

Why did this dude at work that I talk to and email a million times a day just send me an email calling me Jennifer? You guys may not know my real name but he sure as heck does! Then he has the nerve to ask me to format something, I shouldn't do it and then be like, oh you asked Jennifer to do that, not me!! And I really want to know why my name isn't on this presentation we're about to present. I formatted all the documents. I went over it with him yesterday and told him the errors I found. I taught him how copy and paste into power point and I'm about to do all the binding. And just why isn't my name on the cover with everybody else? Me and dude have the same title.....hmmmmmm. I bet after the meeting they'll be like "oh I didn't even realize it!" I should add my own name, I'm the one printing them, by the time they realize it it'll be too late! Ohhhyeahhhhhh, lol, I would never do that. Just felt like complaining. Want to hear a story about a girl that I believe just may be the dumbest 19 year old ever. We went out to eat, here are a few snippets of the conversation:

Talking about ordering drinks
Me: "No I don't drink all like that, the only thing I ever really had was Sangria. It's wine with fruit in it, it tastes like juice!"
DumbGirl: "Ohhhh that sounds good, I should get that"
everybody at the table looks at her sideways
DumbGirl: "How old do you have to be to drink wine, 18 right?"
everybody at the table looks at her sideways

Me, my sister and another friend all order water, she orders some type of drink
DumbGirl: "Why ya'll all get water, ya'll don't want no soda/juice"
Me: "Water is good for you"
Sister: "water is free"
DumbGirl: "whattt??? water free? are you for real? it's free?"
Anotherfriend: whispers to me-"is she serious"
Me: "unfortunately"
Sister: "yes girl water is free"
DumbGirl: "ohmygodddddd why yall aint tell me water free? Now I already ordered this drink! Water free everywhere?"
Anotherfriend: "are you sure she is serious"
Me: "unfortunately"

My sister and I have known this girl for years, she used to work with us. At work we all used to ask her if she smoked weed before coming in. She was always saying/doing dumb stuff! And was dead serious, she just doesn't have a clue about anything.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Did you tell The Count to beat me?

We have a big client presentation tomorrow and I'm putting together all the books for that today and we'll be prepping tomorrow morning. Not sure if I'll make it back on here to post anything of substance, lol. I've been having all these brilliant ideas lately (well I think they're great) and I can't wait to share them :) Ohhh on a good note, I bought The Count's wedding band yesterday!!!!!! I was so excited. He showed me the one he wanted and it was 1. So daggon expensive we could have furnished our bedroom with that thing and 2. Looked very gay. He was like what do you mean? I was like that ring does not look masculine at all to me, I think you got caught up in the bling. So I picked out some different rings and told him I would come back and see what he liked. During my absence in the store I bought a pair of shoes, a cardigan, and a pair of $175 BCBG (my favorite brand) pants for $29. Did you hear me? TWENTY NINE DOLLARS!!!! I was doing my happy dance all around the store and then my sister made me leave because she knew I was about to go on a spending spree that would get me a stern lecture from The Count. When I got back to the store he was ready to show me the ring he wanted and I got it, check that off the list!

Oh did I tell you guys what this lady said when my sister and I went into another store to buy the count a ring? It was a really big and bulky ring because he has big hands. When the lady picked it up to hand it to me she said "ohhh if you get him this one you better not make him mad." I looked at her like excuse me? My little ignorant behind sister was like "what's he gonna do, BEAT her!!!??" She was so loud!! Then we both started cracking up imagining him looking at me like:

"Look here Therapeutic, you done made me mad today," pause to shine the ring "and since I have this big ring on my finger" pause to look at the ring as he makes a fist "I'm now going to beat you with it"

People were looking at us like we were stupid walking through the mall acting it out. I know domestic violence is real and that some women live in fear over that tragedy. However, since when is it a sales tactic??? I still can't figure out why she would say that, I still laugh every time I think about her fearing for my life! Now that I think about it, maybe she was crying out for help, let me go back there and give her a number for a violence hotline. Anytime you see a big ring and assume an @ss whooping will follow must mean you've had your fair share of them.....awww man, now the story's not funny anymore :(

(oh and I guess I did have time to write a post, go figure, lol)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hey look, twins!

Can I just say how much I love my church? If you are in the DMV you should definitely come check us out sometime! Yesterday was teen sunday so they ran the service: praise and worship, the announcements, greeting the visitors (which they turned into a surprisingly cool rap song), offering, and they all got to do it in their style. Imagine the praise and worship team cranking out a rock n roll style song in those funny looking shades Kanye has been performing in. It was so cute! They had dancers and the step team, it was really hype! I know some of the older people were probably 2 seconds from going deaf and probably didn't really care for the style, but everybody was on their feet supporting the teens. There is this brother and sister that play the violin and they did a hip-hop violin song and it was soooooo good, I was looking at them like oh my goodness, do you guys do weddings? The teens loved it too because they all ran down to the front to cheer them on, it was so wonderful! Pastor Cynthia preached on holiness which was much needed for teens and adults because she says exactly what is on her mind and will call you out in a second (which she did quite a few times). After church there was a concert featuring Da Truth. I had been around him before at some conferences and am very familiar with his music because the Count really likes it, what I did not realize though is HE LOOKS JUST LIKE THE COUNT! No joke, people kept saying it yesterday and doing double takes! The Counts best friend was back stage and Truth came and dapped him up. A few minutes later the count came up to his friend and dapped him up. His friend looks at him and says "dude you just spoke to me, how many times are you going to say hello?" The count was like uhhh no I didn't. When his friend looks around and sees it was actually Truth that spoke to him first he was like oh crap! After the concert we went in the bookstore to speak to him and I was like ya'll look just alike. Truth looked up at the count (there is like a 6 inch height difference) and was like daggggg I can definitely see it. Then everybody else at the church was looking like wooowwww brothers! It was quite funny.

After church we went and discussed the counts 3 job offers, decided on the environmental job and then searched online for apartments. Things are going quite well and I'm a very very happy lady :) BTW, my birthday is in exactly one week!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bedroom Eyes

What have I done today? NOTHING! What am I doing now? NOTHING! I have been in the bed all day! Oh it is so wonderful, lol. I cleaned last night so I don't have to worry about that. I got groceries Thursday so I don't have to worry about that. I can just sit in the bed and watch tv. I'm catching up on my dvr recordings and thinking about eating tacos. Ohhh I think I'll finish practicing my eyeshadow looks. I'm really really bad at it. Why doesn't it look like the pretty ladies on the beauty blogs when I do it, lol? I do have somewhere to go with the count tonight and I think he would be very pleased if I had some killer eyes and a nice gloss. I think I will research some looks, order some better brushes (mean mommy dragged me out of sephora last night), and practice my eyeshadow looks.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Happy Dance

Oh yeahhhhh oh yeahhhhhh (it doesn't really have the same effect when I type it. I normally say this in sing song voice while flailing my arms and dancing around). That is the soundtrack to my happy dance. Why am I doing my happy dance? The count has 3 job offers. Yes 3!

1. His current job wants to make him the manager of his own store.
Pros-he's good at it, the pay is great, jewelry discounts are even better :)
Cons-retail hours suck, it's not really what he wants to do with his life

2. The place where he used to do his internships have offered him a job
Pros-ummm, it's a job, lol ohhh we could take the metro together!
Cons-again, it's not what he wants to do, the pay is so-so

3. With an environmental company
Pros-it's what he went to school for, it's what he wants to do, they pay for his training and stuff so he can move up, the guy is very nice, he has already told him he can have the time around our wedding off, it's the perfect entry position for him to learn and grow
Cons-the pay isn't what he wants, but is still good
Looks like we have a winner! Job number 3 it is. He's going to decide by monday though.
Next task, our apartment. We're thinking of moving to Laurel because it will be in between both jobs and not too far from church or family. Did I ever tell ya'll about my last attempt at apartment living (going to check old blog posts-please wait a second-ok I didn't here it is now)

It was around this time last year that my best friend and I decided we should move into our own place. It was our last semester of college, I had just gotten engaged, and a new job. We thought we were big time. Since our school was in Bmore, her job was in Bmore, and mine was in Timonium, Bmore seemed like a good place to settle down. We searched and searched and then finally found a place we both liked. I'll skip the incidentals and say this: we lasted 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS! Why you ask?

Night one: I was sleeping because I worked nights and had to get ready to leave in a little while. My mom and the count were taking out the trash and stuff and half of the neighborhood was outside getting arrested.

First whole night alone: I get up to go get a bottle of water from the fridge (important note, that's the only food like substance we had in the apartment). I go to the kitchen, flick on the light switch and a mouse runs into my foot and then under the stove! What do I do, scream, run to my room sit in the middle of the bed and cry! I called my mom who was in california taking care of my aunt and she calms me down and tells me to call my sister. I call my sister start crying again and then she says "mommy knew this was going to happen. The first night there the neighbors told her to tell you to watch out for the mice. But she didn't want to tell you because she knew you wouldn't stay". This sends me back into hysterics and I sit in the middle of the bed crying until 7am when I call my daddy and ask him to come up and mouse proof the apartment.

Moving my roommate in: A cat runs into our apartment and sits there like he has a right to be there. We are both scared of cats, we make her dad go get it.

First night with my roommate there: I walk out into the living room. We have our trash in the middle of the floor with the lights on because we don't want any surprises. I step out and all of a sudden the trash bag starts moving! I start screaming again and my roommate runs out trying to save me. The mouse runs out the bag and under the a/c unit. We look at each other, get our stuff and get out!

The last straw: My roommate is gets out of the shower and is walking to her room. A mouse sees her and chases her! In the middle of the day!! We were like ohhhh nooooo, these thangs is gettin bold! She calls me crying, I calm her and say that's it we're moving out.

All that happened in less than 14 days. The next 2 weeks before our next months rent is due we spend fighting the company trying to break the lease. They keep saying we have no grounds (NO GROUNDS! We have creatures living with us that don't pay rent!) 2 days before the rent is due we draft this long letter and send it to the apartment company and all the Bmore news stations. They call within the hour and say we can break the lease!
Oh did I mention there were roaches too? And that I came home 3 different times to find the front door unlocked? And that there was a gap in between the door and the frame because apparently the people that used to live there sold drugs and the police kicked in the door on a weekly basis-and no the company didn't change the locks until I demanded it.

So this time I'll be extra careful and have a list of questions to ask while looking at a place. I will also be conducting neighbor surveys. So if you a tall black dude with a silly black chick walking through your neighborhood taking notes come out and say hey!

For those of you living in apartments/townhomes what are some good questions I should ask? I need some help, you don't want me to come back from the honeymoon and find out mice have moved in :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Early to bed, still tired when I rise

Yesterday when I got on the train I made my way to my seat proceeded to get comfortable, looked up and saw........Miss J from Top Model. Well it wasn't really him but this lady sure did look just like him. I had to do a quadruple take for real. It was almost like she knew what I was thinking because she got this smirk/laugh on her face when she saw me look at her, lol. It was the same wig from last season, same shaved off mustache, everything! If it wasn't for that terribly outdated sea foam green suit and pale yellow shirt, I would still be convinced that was Miss J.

I have been super tired lately. Not just sleepy but tired. I think I fell asleep walking the other day, lol. I need a day. A day to do nothing but watch tv and sleep, that's how I used to spend my saturdays but lately I've had so much stuff to do that I think the next day I'll have to rest will be August 9. Yes let me pencil that in right now because your girl needs some down time.

Why do my mom and I both think we are the black Martha Stewart? Everything for my wedding is some crazy idea we thought would be cute and have decided to make ourselves, lol. I'll probably have the tackiest wedding ever and my mom and I will be thinking its all cute!

This man backed into my car yesterday. He came to our house to clean the basement carpet and parked right in front of my car. He was outside for a good 15-20 minutes putting stuff in his truck standing directly in front of my car. He gets in and decides to go in reverse so he can turn around and backs right into my poor saturn. My sister was like wtf, did he forget it was there? He tried to play it off too, he got out like he was picking up trash and was trying to assess the damage, lol.

My sister had to braid this girls hair last night. This girl has been chasing my sister down since she got home to get her hair braided. My sister didn't want to do it but finally agreed. So the girls dad was supposed to bring her over last night when my sister got off at 10. Well I'm in the bed sleep by 8 and at 11 my sister comes in my room cussin and fussin. I roll over and look at her like what is that serious that you had to wake me up with an attitude. She was like "this chick is so dumb. She gonna call mommy at 8 and ask can she come pick her up because her dad can't bring her. Mommy said she would come get her when she came to pick me up from work but to make sure her hair was washed and she had all her stuff. Well we go to pick her up and we call when we think we are at the house. I asked her if she was by the white house and she says 'no girl I aint by no white house' so we start to pull off and this chick says 'I'm across the street from the white house' well b**** that's by it then and her dad was outside waving to us! That made me mad." I start laughing at my sister and try to go back to sleep and then she storms back in my room cussin and fussin again so I look at her like what? "This dumb chick gonna ask if we have a 24 hour beauty supply store! B**** didn't I tell you to come prepared? And where have you ever seen an all night beauty supply store? No where around here! But don't worry, mommy fussed her out about that one, she's so dumb." Once again I try to go back to sleep and I hear all this yelling going on. I walk out my room like a crazy woman hollering at my parents and sister about how they know I'm sleep so they all need to be quiet. Arguing over XM radio at midnight? Ughhhhhh, I almost lost my mind, lol.

That being said, in 2 weeks I'll be looking for a new place to live! More on that tomorrow :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Turkey Taco's

Last night after my sister got home from work I decided I needed tacos. I put a jacket on over my pj's and she puts on this ugggllyyyyy house dress and we leave out. When we pull up to taco bell there is a car backing out of the drive thru. I was like okkkkkkk, maybe they are taking really long. I pull in and get ready to give my order

Me: I would like a chicken chalupa and...

Voice: Ok you would like a chicken chalupa, anything else?

Me: yes, I would also like 3 hard tacos

Voice: I'm sorry ma'am but we are out of tacos

Me: WHHHATTTTTTTT? Ok, forget it then

I begin to back out and of course a car is trying to pull in, my sister hangs her head all out the window to ask if he could back up to let us out. On our way driving past him I give him the warning that taco bell was out of tacos so he wouldn't have to repeat my maneuver.

We then trekked to wendy's because we are greedy like that, got our food and went home to eat. While at the kitchen table my sister says something soooooo dumb I can't even remember what it was. I decided to tease her with a question she asked me 2 weeks ago about the origins of ground turkey.

Me: What is ground turkey made out of?

Her: (laughing hysterically) You won't get me with that again, I know this time

Me: Then answer me

Her: It's made from pigs


Her: (looking panicked) oh no, I got it wrong again?

Me: yes fool, it's made from a turkey

Her: How do I keep forgetting that. Wait, that can't be true. How do they do that, turkey's are so small. Cows and pigs are big, turkeys are so little

Me: Are you being serious? (she shakes her head yes) Ummm yeah they do it the same way they do chickens, which are smaller than turkeys

Her: Well we only eat chicken legs and wings, they don't make ground chicken.

Me: Yes they do!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA

The sad part about all this is we had this turkey conversation less than 2 weeks ago and my sister was being dead serious both times.

Wedding Wednesday- Life after the wedding

Earlier this week The Count pointed out something about me that I needed to work on. It hurt me a lot, he didn't do it in a mean way, but I have always had a problem with criticism and this time was no different. I wouldn't address the issue when it was brought up because I wanted to think about what I would say. My first reaction was "who the heck do you think you are telling me what I need to work on? Let me tell you what you need to work on (insert list of things here I would make up). You fix those things and then come back to me and deal with my issues." After I finished that tirade in my head I thought about what I was actually saying. He is my future husband and I have to get ready to submit to him. I've never been a total rebel, but I do have a super smart mouth that would probably hurt my marriage more than enhance it. So after thinking about what the count said I'm now ready to sit down and talk to him about it. We'll talk about his concerns, what he thinks I should do, and what I plan to do. I'm in a much better mood now because I realize that when somebody cares about me enough to speak the truth in love then I need to be wise enough to not just hear it, but accept it as well.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not today

TM just isn't feeling it today. I don't feel well and I think I'm upset, I'm not really sure. On the plus side, I get to leave work an hour early today because I had to stay late yesterday. I'm off to adjust my attitude and think about some things. I'll be going to bed early tonight to make sure this little funky attitude isn't because I'm tired. Ughhh, I don't know what the heck is going on, now I'm crying at my desk. I'm out of here, I'll be back when I can be more positive. Later today, tomorrow, or later.................

Monday, July 21, 2008

Eating, Watching, Falling

My weekend was great! I think next weekend I'll spend all day Saturday in bed catching up with my dvr because it's getting quite full.

When I got off work on Friday things didn't go so well. The count was supposed to pick me up at 6:30 from the metro. Guess what????? He didn't. I sent him a text at 6:25 as a joke telling him he had 5 minutes to get there. At 6:35 I called him, no answer. I called my mom to chat so I wouldn't get upset that he was late. I called The Count back, still no answer. I called my mom again and asked her to come get me, it was like 6:45. One of her friends was on the way to our house so she said she could come by and get me. I called the count one more time still no answer. At this point I'm so upset my eyes started tearing up (I was the kid that came back from camp and instantly started crying if my parents weren't there waiting to pick me up, lol). At 6:55 the count calls apologizing over and over again, he fell asleep. What does Drama Queen do? Act a darn fool, lol. I told him don't worry about me, I already had to call somebody else to do what he didn't. Long story short, when I got in the house I launched into this huge tirade about how that was irresponsible and rude of him to leave me there, what if something would have happened? My mom quickly shut down my show and ended my drama, she was having none of that. The count did come over and take me out to eat to make up for it, he even let me make joke after joke about all night :)

Saturday was my aunt's birthday. She doesn't really like me, but I'm ok with that. We had crabs, crab legs, ribs, shrimp, and unimportant side dishes so I was having a ball stuffing my face!

Yesterday, I went to church. On the way there 2 deer decided they wanted to run through our neighborhood and I almost hit them, it was kind of scary. After church The Count took me to cvs (lot's of makeup on sale guys) to stock up on eyeshadow and then we met up with some friends to go to fridays and see the dark knight (I was in there jumping, crying, and talking to the screen, lol).

Last night I fell :( It was sooooo not funny but I kept laughing because I didn't want to cry. I was running up the steps in my house (which are wood with this metal-like edge) and I lost my footing on the second set. I crashed down onto the steps and then rolled down the steps until the foyer floor and front door stopped my motion. It was funny everybody in my house froze, nobody ran to see if I was dead, they just wanted to hear whether or not screams or laughter would be coming from the steps. Me being me, they got both. I heard the count and my sister cracking up then he came to see if I was ok. I was laughing but tears were streaming down my face. My mom came all late to check on me and I think that was only because I hadn't brought her the phone yet (which is why I was running up the stairs in the first place). So now I have a knot on my left forearm, a bruise on my left thigh, and a swollen right knee with a knot! Not cute but it's still so funny when I see myself tumbling down the stairs.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Make it Known

I am a quote and bible verse lover; here are the 2 that are on the post-it attached to my monitor:

“Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier”
“We walk by faith and not by sight”

17 days until my birthday. 2 months and 23 days until the wedding.

That being stated, there are some things that need to occur in the very near future. Following in Nerd Girl’s footsteps, I am going to make my requests known before God and you guys.

The Count needs to find a job. I don’t want him to settle into a job he doesn’t like, he has that already. I want him to be able to find a job that he will enjoy that will give him the skills to be able to move up in the Environmental field. I would never push him to do something he hated although people keep acting like I should. One comment in particular made me have to let this woman know that I don’t play that talkin’ bout my baby!
“Has your fiancĂ© found a job yet? What’s he waiting on, he better hurry up!”
Ummm excuse me MissLearnYourPlace, he is waiting on the Lord. I appreciate your concern but don’t worry about us. I’ve worked out our budget and we can make it on what we’re doing now while we wait for God to bless him with a job he enjoys. Needless to say the lady apologized quickly for speaking out of turn and has been nothing but encouraging ever since.

We need a place to live. We want to rent a town house. Seeing as though this is both of our first time out on our own, homeownership and a new marriage, coupled with new jobs, bills, and independence seems like a lot to happen all at once. Now if God in all his miraculous power and infinite wisdom (I say phrases like that all the time in random conversations, people often look at me like I’m crazy) chooses to bless us with a way to own our own home by October, then bring it on! But now, I think He is saying to us start out with what you can manage, I’ll bring the increase in My own time.
When we get said living place, we are going to have to be able to furnish it! Duh that’s a given right? I know, but we are starting off with nothing but a mattress and a $39 microwave, lol. It’s a very very very good mattress (my mom and sister sneak in my bed with me at night they love it so much) but I think the novelty of a mattress on the floor will wear off very quickly. That being said I believe that furniture and funds to get said furniture will come our way!

Those are the immediate thing that I’m releasing my faith for. Bible study was on this same topic last night, so I’m feeling extra encouraged. But I need to stop backing down when haters start trying to piss on my dreams, lol. My dad will say things like, “I don’t know how you and The Count are going to make it in this economy.” I look at him like excuse me? I’ve started just throwing Bible verses back at people which always gets funny reactions. We will be just fine! God will supply all of our needs J

So what are your hopes/dreams/needs/desires for the future? Speak about it, don’t be scared!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wedding Wednesday

Last week I asked if you would be offended if you got invited to the ceremony but not the reception. This is why I asked: people keep inviting themselves to my wedding! They are people that I interact with so they naturally assume that they are coming to the wedding and reception and that's the problem. I searched high and low for a venue to hold at least 250ppl for a reception that wasn't crazy expensive (I am not about to break the bank for a few hours of food). When people hear 250ppl they assume that I'm having it that big so I can invite everybody I know....wrong! The Count and I have huge families. With just family (great aunts and uncles, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins) it's about 150-175 people. These people are blood related and whether we like them all or not, they will be at our wedding and traveling from Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, California, Jamaica, and New York so obviously I want to have a decent reception as a small thanks for travelling to see me get married. After family we can invite 75-100 more people and that space was taken up quickly by our parents friends that have known and been apart of our lives since we were born and then lastly our friends. Honestly we had to fight to get enough spaces for our friends! So why do people that I used to work with keep giving my sister their address so I can mail their invitation. Why are casual acquaintances from church coming up to us talking about where is the reception. How come every time we go to a cookout this summer with old friends/acquaintances they talk about how they are going to cut up at our reception. News flash guys: YOU AREN'T GOING TO BE THERE! I don't say it to mean, I say it to let you know so you don't have to clear you schedule. My mom prepared a script for me to say:
"We both have large families so the reception will be family members and out of town guests."

I hate hurting peoples feelings but seriously I cannot afford nor do I have the desire to entertain everybody that ever knew me! You wanna know what really irritates me? To me, the most important part is the ceremony. You know the part where we make a covenant with God. The part where we pledge to be faithful to each other forever no matter what. I honestly enjoy ceremony's more than receptions because I love seeing people commit to each other, I'm honored that I can witness that (my ugly crying face is proof of that). If we are close and I neglect to invite you to the reception, by all means be upset with me, that is fine. Don't buy me a gift, don't come to the shower, but if you really loved me, you wouldn't miss seeing me get married, it's only happening once.

You want to know something else that is bothering me about this wedding planning stuff? When people tell me what I have to do. The quickest way to make sure I don't do something is to tell me I have to, I won't do it just to prove you wrong. Our reception is a reflection of us, so guess what we're going to do, whatever the heck we want! If you don't like it, don't come! We'll invite somebody else. We don't have to do a first dance, we've only danced together once in our lives and it was the last dance at prom. If you would shut up for one second I would explain that we are going to dance our way out of the reception off to our hotel to the same song. We don't have to have drinking and dancing at our reception. Why? Because we don't drink or dance, again, don't like it, don't come. We are going to have a laid back jazz lounge type of feeling. Sit down, eat your food, and talk to the people at your table. You want to drink and dance, go out after you leave OUR party. I don't tell you what to do at your events don't tell me what to do at mine. And I don't eat cake, yes we will have one, no I will not put it in my mouth for the picture. It is disgusting, it makes my stomach churn. If you let me spit it out in your hand, then I will consider putting it in my mouth.

I really am enjoying this experience, I guess I needed to vent. Feel free to disagree, I like to hear varying points of view. If you think I sound like an idiot or a selfish bride PLEASE tell me (The Count and my mom have threatened to call Bridezilla on me, they were joking, I think).

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hair talk

Speaking of hair here are 2 funny conversations that have come about at work because of the braids

Oldwhitelady: What's different about your hair?
Me: Braids
Oldwhitelady: Are they extensions?
Me: (thinking-duh do you think my hair just got this long and thick overnight?) Yes
Oldwhitelday: Oh well they look nice
Me: Thanks (now please go away)

Bosslady: (calling my phone) Girl, do you have a new 'do? Come in here and let me see that!
Me: Ok, I'm coming over.
We start talking and the gist of the conversation is this. Bosslady has a lady boss in this office. She asked the woman if it was ok for her to get braids since there were important client meetings coming up she wanted to make sure. Bosslady's bosslady told her it was fine. Well a couple of weeks later Bosslady's bosslady is in the conference room meeting with somebody and Bosslady walks by. This woman says to the stranger "geez I wish she would get her real hair back". This person was friends with bosslady and came and told her. Bosslady was like "girl, that's how I know I was cute, she was jealous I was looking all young and sexy!"

Ok bosslady, get it then girl! I was cracking up. If I was bosslady I would have kept getting my hair braided and dare her to say something. I was in there egging her on, oh girl you should get them again, that would be cute. She was like sometimes people (that aren't black) don't really understand the logistics of our hair, but don't worry if somebody says anything to you I will set them straight. I tell ya she just won't let me hate her, lol.

Somebody's in Trouble!

And it's not me! Guess what? Misslady was not supposed to have that heater. I guess she had it on high because it blew a fuse and messed up the a/c for everybody. Nobody has come in to say anything to her yet so I'm just waiting to see what will happen. Everybody was talking about how it was all hot up here yesterday and it felt great to me, but now they know it was her fault, glad I kept my mouth shut once again. Moving on from the heater talk.....

Recently I've become a chemist at home. I mix up hair potions and skin potions. I have good news and bad news about my experiments. I'm really good at mixing hair potions, skin things, not so much. I've never had an adverse reaction to any of my mixtures, but while my hair is doing much better, my skin is still the same. I've stepped up my research into the skin stuff because my face gets worse as the day goes on. I wake up with ok skin but by the afternoon my face is red, itchy and bumpy. I don't touch it, keep hair on it, rub my face on the ground or anything. I'm trying to find a way to discreetly wash my face in the middle of the work day because I know it will help (I'm not bold enough to walk around with a big white washcloth).

Now onto my hair. I mix up hair oils that I use on my scalp almost daily. Some of the things in my mix are: coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, Castor oil.....whatever else I read about that I drop in. The night before/a few hours before I wash my hair I make a mix of olive oil, coconut oil, neem oil (verrrryyyy stinky), Castor oil, tea tree and peppermint oil. I put it on my scalp and saturate my hair and cover it with a shower cap and scarf. It has eliminated my dandruff and dry scalp and my hair has been grooowwwwiinnngggggg!

I got braids last week to help get me through the summer. My scalp was itching so bad I was about to scratch myself bloody. Last night I decided to get my tea tree oil and some qtips and oil my scalp with just the tea tree oil (it's not a heavy oil it's an antiseptic and very light). My sister was looking at me like 'what an idiot' but my head is doing so much better! I'm glad I thought of it.

Aside from my hair mixes I have been using Aubrey Organics shampoo and conditioner and Cantu hair products. Both lines leave out many of the harmful ingredients that major brands still contain.

That's about it for today, tomorrow (now dubbed Wedding Wednesday) I'll have another question as well as respond to my last question I asked about weddings. Thanks guys for all your help! One more question:

What do you use on your face to keep it clear and lovely?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Shut up Thera!

I almost got myself into trouble today! This morning I decided I was going to watch what I say out of my mouth. Often times I get smart or gossip when I should have just kept my mouth shut.

Well today Bosslady is working from home which means 101 phone calls from her today. The other coordinator (Z) and I were working on some member details. She called us more than a few times while we were working on it and after awhile it just got annoying. We were doing something she doesn't know how to do and has expressed no interest in learning either yet she kept acting as if she knew it all and got mad when we tried to explain it to her. Well she was being a little rude and snippy and all of a sudden we can't hear her anymore. She had been having some reception issues with her phone and we kept calling her name to no response. Z suggested I try and conference her back in, it didn't work. So Z and I discuss what we are working on waiting for her to call us back. Now every time we get off a call with her, one of us always throws in a sly comment about bosslady. We'll either discuss why she was acting the way she was, or how what she said didn't make sense. This time neither of us did, we acted professionally stayed on task, and got off the phone to wait for bosslady to call back. 2 minutes later:

Bosslady: Hey Thera, I don't know what happened to the phone I could hear everything you guys were saying but I guess you couldn't hear me.
Me: No, we sure couldn't hear you, we thought you lost reception (inside doing a praise dance thanking God my smart mouth didn't get me into trouble)

That could have been a really ugly situation and it definitely made me realize how important it is to watch what you say, not only at work but other places as well. You never know who's listening!

I still haven't asked about the heater. I'm scared I won't get the response I want, then I might try to snip more than her cord!

Freezing in the Summer

When I first came to this office when I was ordering my supplies I asked for a heater, everybody else had one, and it is freezing in here! The lady that handles our supplies told me she couldn't order me a heater because they are no longer allowed to do that since they blow fuses. Imagine my surprise when I walked in today and saw that my officemate, who has a heater, now has a box for a new heater on her desk. She comes in and says "oh good, my new heater is here." Ummmmmm yeah. I'm still over here dressed in layers carrying a jacket to work when it's going to be 80 out today. Let's see how this plays out.

Will Therapeutic be getting a heater too? Should she ask again to see if the rules changed? Or should I go snip the cord on her new heater?

Friday, July 11, 2008


Guys the wedding is in 90 days. 3 months! If I listed the things we needed to still do I'd probably start crying, soooooooo we'll just leave it at this: The Count is on an interview right now as I type. I've been doing some serious praying and I also decided to put it out there that I'm believing God that he will get this job (alright God, everybody read that I said it, do your thing!). So of course I will post an update on that.

Why am I here researching a location for a friend's friend's bridal shower (that is in 3 weeks)? I don't even know where mine is going to be and I'm scrambling to find her a place for $800 for 80 people including food. Any suggestions? It seems like everybody's wedding problems are coming my way so I'm learning a lot of what not to do!

I have a question and I realllyyyyyy need to know your honest opinions. Do you think it's rude to be invited to the ceremony and not the reception? I don't want to give my point of view yet because I want honest feedback.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back in the day-Cheap vs. creative

Cheap Date or Creative Romantic was the subject of Pink's post today and I decided I wanted to post on it as well so I wouldn't hog up her comment section.

Now my first date with my fiance, I mentioned it before, but I'll sum it up because that post was long! After his mother picked me up he drove us to the movies and I had to buy my own daggon ticket. To add insult to injury the meal provided for me was McDonald's fries (it is irrelevant that that's my favorite food, he didn't know that!). Well without a doubt everybody would call that a cheap date.

Our first Valentine's day The Count (my fiance) had $20! He couldn't work because he had to stay home and take care of his dad, we were in our freshman year of college. So our first V-day we took the metro downtown and went to museums (which were free of course) and our meal was from a street vendor. He did present me with a ring (that his mom ordered from HSN and he decided he should give to me-I didn't know this at the time-I thought he bought it for me). At the time I thought he was being a creative romantic now, now I see his behind was being cheap!

Now, I, much like Pink, am very flexible when it comes to dates. I am perfectly happy sitting on the couch watching movies, walking in the park, or having a picnic and going hiking. HOWEVER, I think there are times when the game must be stepped up! At some point your creative romance better cost you some darn money! When I tell people about some of The Count and my first dates they look at me like I'm a fool because they cost little to no money-but it was because we didn't have it like that! Most of our dates now are little cheap things (we have a wedding and a house coming up) but there are situations when The Count realizes he has to go above and beyond!

My 21st bday-We kept fighting because I wanted him to come to N.C. with me to the family reunion. He kept talking about how he couldn't get time off of work. On my actual bday he said he had something planned for me, my mom and my sister presented me with my birthday dress and helped me get ready. Well he shows up and tells me that we are all going out to a play and dinner (I loooooveeeeeee theatre and food!) so we all go and it's great (did I mention I didn't have my first drink until I actually turned 21-I'm weird like that). The next day I wake up and The Count and my sister's boyfriend are at the house. My sister is standing over me with a bag telling me to get up and get ready to go the car. We all went to Bmore for the weekend (my parent's came to cuz they don't play that!). We spent the rest of the weekend going to shows, restaurants, hanging out, and playing. It was so much fun-he stepped his game up! He also went to the family reunion with me the next weekend.

My 22nd bday- I knew The Count told my mom about the bday plans but wouldn't tell me anything except be ready at 8am and bring chill clothes and clothes for dinner. I get up and get dressed-my mom and sister made me change. I showed them what I wanted to wear to dinner and they told me no, and gave me yet another bday dress. He shows up and we get on our way. We go to the arboretum (I had been begging to go there on a picnic) and walk around. It's hot as all get out that day so after a while I feel sick and we get in the car for lunch. He is pumping the a/c and he keeps taking wrong turns so we never actually leave the arboretum. Eventually he pulls up under some trees and stops the car, goes to the trunk and pulls out a picnic basket! We sit in the shade and eat and then we get ready for the next place. We pull up to a strip in D.C. and I'm looking like okkkkkk what is this. We go inside and it's a spa! I get my nails done and a massage and it was just lovely. We leave there and go to his house where I fall asleep. He wakes me up telling me to hurry up and get ready we are late for dinner. He blindfolds me and I get in the car. When I get to the restaurant I hear "Welcome to Chez Pierre". I sit down, take my blindfold off and it's a surprise bday for me at my house! They set up tables with table linens in the basement and we had dinner with all my friends and family. When it was time to get up and cut the cake The Count stops walking and turns around. I notice that the song All my life is playing and everybody is staring and my aunts and mom are crying. He gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him!

So to me, it's not about the money spent on an event it's about the time, thought, and effort that make the difference between a cheap dude that needs to be left alone and one that you keep around for the long run!

Did that just happen?

Ya'll I don't even curse but yesterday evening and this morning and I've had some random conversations that left me thinking "what the hell just happened here?"

Walking to my car yesterday

RandomOldman: "Yesterday my mom got a gallon of milk for $1 at Aldi"
Me: "Wowwwww"
RandomOldman: "Yeah I know! I told her to look at the expiration date and it said July 27"
me: "Wowwwww"
RandomOldman:"Yeah! So she got me one too!"
Me: "Wowwwww"

I didn't know what to say, I had never seen this man before in my life but he felt so compelled to tell me abut his groceries. the only thing I kept thinking was that if this man looks to be about 70, how old is his mom? I should have asked since we were getting all personal in the crosswalk. I'm only 22 and if my mom sees a sale in the store she'll tell me about it and tell me to go get my own, I should find that man and ask if his mom would adopt me.

This morning I was signing in at the front desk of the building. **sidenote- my sister started on my braids last night so I have a killer headache, aside from being an hour late to work again, I had to wear my glasses again because I couldn't risk a headache from my contacts on top of this one.**

Me: "Good morning. I'm going to DBM" (and I hand her my licence)
SecurityWoman: "You look better without your glasses"
Me:"what?" (I know this stranger is not giving me beauty tips)
SercurityWoman: "You look better without your glasses. Those glasses hide your features"
Me:"Wowwww" (and I walk away thinking to myself...duh I'm trying to cover my tired eyes rudeness!)

Now some of yall might be like, "she was trying to help your busted tail out and say she liked your eyes/nose/whatever else these glasses are hiding". However, I do not feel it is ever appropriate to point out a strangers flaws like that! A booger hanging out of my nose, yes, my hair sticking straight up, yes, but my choice of eyewear? Leave that to people that know me. Did I mention she had on a wig, colored contacts, fake nails, and a pound of makeup? Not that I'm knocking any of the above but I wanted to ask her what features she was hiding under all of that! I see a lot of people on a daily basis that could use some advice from Therapeutic, but I keep my mouth shut because it isn't my place!

Let's practice tactful ways she could have approached me:
(after looking at my licence) "Your eyes are beautiful! I couldn't see them behind your glasses"
"Do you wear contacts too, or did you just take your glasses of for the picture? Because your eyes are pretty"

When dealing with strangers I think you should always just comment on the positive and let them take from it what they want. She didn't know me, I could have been crazy and went off on her, "You calling me ugly? See me in the streets son! You is a hata, son. See me, See me!"

BTW, I look cute today, I'm thinking she was just hating on all this fineness, lol. My glasses with my braids in a bun is sexy, and my outfit is on point! You don't agree? Oh well The Count does and he's the one marrying me :)

Matta fact let me go down there and straighten this woman out...........

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thanks, but no thanks!

Whenever I wear my glasses old men feel the need to hit on me! I only wear them when I'm in a lazy mood which also likely means my hair isn't as on point as it should be nor is my outfit, but the old men seem to love the busted look!

Yesterday evening I went to the beauty supply store since my sister is going to braid my hair today and I needed some hair.
*sidenote, yall I got a relaxer last week and my hair has grown so much! It's also evening out now, it's healthy and thick and making it's way toward armpit length!*
Ok so I'm in the BSS and I can't figure out what color hair to get! I dyed my hair last summer and now it's growing out (very nicely I might add) and I was so confused and was separating chunks of my hair in front of the mirror to try and match the color and this old man comes walking up behind me whispering
*sidenote, I can't stand a punk dude! If you are bold enough to step to a woman be bold enough to speak loud enough for her to hear you, what you don't want everybody hearing you get shot down? Or you don't want your wife in the next aisle to hear you?*
So I have a pack of hair in my hand, my hair now in a bush, and my cell phone up to my ear calling my sister trying to figure out how many packs to buy and this lame-o comes up to me:

Lame-o: (whispering) it looks nice just like it is

Me: THANKS (yes I was loud)

Lame-o: (jumps back!) shhhhhh (and he points to my phone at that point, if he didn't see it before I know he saw my ring now) what's your name?


Lame-o: (jumps back and around the corner!) shhhhh, (pointing to phone again) he's going to ask who you are talking to (i'm thinking to myself so what! What's he going to do track you down by your voice?)


Lame-o: write your phone number down, I need to call you about something (still whispering)


Lame-o: why would you do that? It seems easier to do it on the cell phone, that way he won't know your business. i have friends that take picutres of beautiful women and i want to ask them about you (wanna know what I think? If you're bold enough to approach a woman with a ring you should be bold enough to talk to her man, and sir, I am no fool. I saw that episode of SisterSister and I know not to show up at a random dudes house for pictures!)

Me: I DONT DO SECRETS AND I DONT HIDE, IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY TO ME THEN MY HUSBAND NEEDS TO KNOW TOO, I AM HIS BUSINESS (and then I walk out the store cuz he has irritated me to no end and I can't focus enough to get my hair)

Then this morning I'm in Baltimore working from the client's building because I'm covering for somebody and this man comes in (there is another woman who sits in this office with me, miss d).

Beer belly lame-o: Good morning young lady
Me: Good morning (insert smile)
Beerbelly: Oh miss d, I have to tell you this young lady is much better that . I never gave a second look, but this one?! Whoooo, much improved
Miss d: boy you better behave yourself
Beerbelly: (looks at me) Don't worry, I've been de-clawed (winks and walks away!)

Ewwwwww, no thank you sirs!

We interrupt this regularly scheduled bathroom break

Question for you: Do you talk to people while they are using the bathroom? I'm not talking about family members, I mean coworkers.

Yesterday I went to the bathroom and bosslady was at the sink. Of course I spoke and then went into the stall, but she kept talking. Talking about her vacation, where she went last year, how she wasn't going to have time to go this year, blahblahblah. The whole time I'm thinking, I am trying to pee! I couldn't do it. I was so uncomfortable with her talking to me while my pants were down that I couldn't even use the bathroom. So I walked out and continued our conversation and went back to my office. I was telling my sister about it and was like that was rude, you don't talk to somebody while they are peeing. And my sister asked "says who?" I stopped and thought about it, I just thought it was one of those unspoken rules or common courtesy, but apparently not. My sister was like don't be mad at her because you can't perform with an audience! So that brings me to my question again. Do you talk to people while they are using the bathroom? Do you find it uncomfortable when people do?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back in the day-the hurt files

This post took a completely different turn that what it originally started as. So I'll say this, if you don't have anything nice to say about what I wrote, please keep it moving. I'm sharing how I feel and what I believe, if you don't agree that's fine.

I have never ever sought revenge on somebody that has wronged me, I don't feel the need, It'll make it's way back around to them in due time. The only part I play in the revenge is to live well (the best revenge is to live well-or however that quote goes). Over the course of my life there have been some males that have seriously wronged my sister and me. I mean seriously. Like they could go to jail if we ever opened our mouths serious. I just recently found out what happened to my sister and in turn I finally shared what happened to me (I don't really want to go into detail on here but ya'll can figure it out-it was evil and they were perverts). Well anyway, you want to know what happened to those men? They're dead. One person was a family member, when my dad called me to tell me he was killed I was on vacation. I called to tell my sister what happened because she was away in school this is how the convo went:

Me: You know RatBastardPervertfamilymember was killed today? Some dudes broke into his house and shot him in the stomach. By the time he got to the hospital he was dead.
Sister: Oh ok
Me: Geez you don't even sound sad about it
Sister: I'm not, he was bad. When you decide to be evil you have to accept the consequences.

Now I'm not saying those dudes had any right to kill RatBastardPervertfamilymember and all 5 of them are in jail and they deserve what they get too, but I think my sister had a point.

Seven months after this I get another call.

Them: I have bad news TM. RatBastardFormerFriend was shot.
Me: Is he ok?
Them: No, he died.
Me: ok, thanks bye.
Them: You ok?
Me:Yeah, I will be, bye.

I called The Count immediately he asked what they asked, "are you ok?" I got so many phone calls from people wanting to let me know he was killed. It was the same conversation over and over again. I cared but I couldn't cry, and I cry over everything. He was (as in before he did what he did) my best friend and coworker. When I got to work everybody was asking me if I was going to his funeral. I told them no. Then they all tried to tell me I was a bad friend for not wanting to go, and that's when I cried. I cried every time I went to work, but I kept my word, I didn't go to his funeral. Nobody understood why and I will never tell them. When people tried to tell me about the funeral I walked away. I even left work one day because they wouldn't stop trying to tell me about it. A couple of weeks after his funeral I was in my dorm room at 3am and I lost it for real. I missed my former friend. I missed the friendship we had before he violated me and I was mad that the dude that shot him took him away before I could ever tell him how what he did affected me. I had to call The Count and go down to his dorm room because I was crying just that hard. The Count did what he does best and just held me while I cried. He didn't try and understand my hurt and I didn't want him to. To be honest, I don't think he really knows what happened between me and RatBastardFormerFriend.

Blogging about these 2 situations made me realize the different way's people handle hurt. My sister turned hers into hate against the person that hurt her based on the act they committed. Mine turned into grief over the friendship lost because of the act they committed. I often wonder if their death's would have been different had they not wronged us-you know the whole Karma thing. If you put evil out into the world, evil will come back to you.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled lunch

Bosslady strikes again! I left to go get my lunch at 12-same time as every day. When I get back to my desk I have all sorts of voicemails and emails. The first one came in at 12:09. "Ummm bosslady wanted me to get you involved in this issue. Call me" and other things like that. But ummmm it only takes one person to resolve an issue! Why must I be included and why must it be while I am eating. I called him back and told him "I'm eating, no I can't be involved right now." He kept on apologizing, I was like it's ok you don't know when I eat lunch-she does.

On a happier note, although I heard her lash out on a couple of people yesterday and today she has been quite pleasant to me still. But I did make her have another heat flash! I was sitting at her desk and she was fine, but as soon as I went and stood next to her she started sweating like crazy!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Back in the day (ok only 5 years ago!)

Warning--If you don't like sappiness or you don't feel like indulging my lovey-dovey happy mood please skip this post. Check back tomorrow, maybe I'll be whining about something then, but for now please enjoy (or don't) day one of Back in the Day week:

May 16, 2003 all dressed up for prom. Got my tracks in, makeup done, and my dress is accenting my butt just perfect! My boyfriend of 2 weeks has arrived and is standing at the front door waiting for me to emerge so he can come up and greet me. I appear and he goes into shock. As he comes up the stairs to put the corsage on my wrist he is shaking so bad that my family is scared he will fall back down the stairs. And that's when he knew.......

May 22, 2003 I'm getting ready to go with my boyfriend to his best friend's high school graduation. My mom and sister are out of town and my dad is on a fishing trip. I'm sitting down waiting for him to come and I get a call telling me that his mom is running late and they won't have time to come get me and that he's sorry. I say it's fine and sit in the house upset. An hour or two later I get a call telling me to get ready, he's coming to take me out to dinner to apologize for acting like I wasn't important. We end up going to the same restaurant that I went to for my very first date. Except this time was much better, we talked, laughed, shared food, and even had strangers tell us how cute we were. When we got back to my house nobody was home and the rule was no boys in the house. He said that was fine and we sat on the bench out front and talked for hours. When I got up to go inside he turned me around to give me a kiss and then walked across the lawn. He turned around half way to his car to smile at me. And that's when I knew........

August 2003 The day before I leave for college. I was spending my day with my boyfriend and my parent's called because they needed me to come home to drop them off at the Redskin's game. We pulled up in the driveway and my family was outside getting ready to get in the car. When it was time for me to say goodbye to my boyfriend, I start crying like I just witnessed the death of everybody I knew. My family stopped and stared. My boyfriend froze and stared. Nobody knew what was wrong with me. I cried and cried until finally my sister came and got me. And that's when EVERYBODY knew (even the neighbors with their nosey selves!)......

That this was love! It happens for everybody differently but when I sit down to think about major turning points in our relationship these 3 really stuck out in realizing that I loved The Count. I don't know if back then anybody thought two 17 year-olds would make it this far but we have and it's been great! Last week pink (she's on the blogroll check her out) asked about when to say I love you and my opinion is whenever it feels right and you mean it. The count and I actually said I love you on May 22, 2003 and the only reason I remember it is because we still fight over who said it first. He said I was so mesmerized after he kissed me that I said it. I say that when he turned around as he was walking to his car he said it. I guess the world will never know......

Friend applications now being accepted

I spent my 4th in the bed with a headache. I didn't leave the house all day and honestly I would have slept all day if it wasn't for my company coming in my room at 8:40am telling me to wake up. I almost slapped her. She's my best friend and we lived together for a year so she should know that you don't interrupt TM's sleep, especially before 11am and most definitely not on a holiday! She had enough sense to stand back when she started talking because my first reaction when somebody wakes me up is to kick and kick hard (ask my sister who stood too close and got kicked into a wall!). But my interaction with her and a fellow bride-to-be has given me the desire to create a little info packet for my friends. If our relationship is going to last you need to know some things about me! The packet will be available on my birthday (8/4) because these chicks need a little assistance with knowing how to act! I welcome my friends to give me packets as well because I'm sure I'm no picnic either.

Friend #2, the bride-to-be has decided she should call me every single day to ask me things about what I'm doing for my wedding and her plans for hers. It would be okay except: 1. I don't care 2. I don't realize why she doesn't understand that if I'm getting married 2 weeks before her it doesn't make sense to think that I'll have time to design and print her invitations, plan her parties, help her with her flowers, chair covers or any other dumb task she'll come up with this week. 3. I really don't care!
My sister works with her and said she talks about our weddings all day every day. The thing that really gets me is, the stuff she's asking me about her venue does for free! She's having a $30,000 wedding , I'm having at $10,000 wedding. She's getting married here and this is my location , an empty hall. She has servers, decorators, set-uppers, take-downers, all provided by her venue, why is she asking me for stuff? I really don't get it. I keep asking bride-to-be "doesn't your place provide this in there fee?" Her response, "Yes but......" I mean if you just want to talk to me then call to talk, but don't be having me dig up all this information for you for no reason, I'll help you pick what you want for your wedding but it shouldn't be contingent on what I do for mine, we are 2 different people in 2 different places in life. Yall probably reading this like TM stop whining it's not that serious but you wanna know why I'm really mad? She called my cell 3 times and my house twice on Friday for stupid stuff even after I told her I was sleeping and if that wasn't rude enough she had the nerve to ask for my mom's cell phone number because she wanted to ask her something but we always say she isn't home. My response? "You are not about to irritate her like you are irritating me, she's grown, she'll call you when she feels like it, I'm sleep don't ring this phone again. If you want my mom's cell number get it from her, you're being rude she doesn't even know you." Do you think she got the hint? Nope, she hung up with me and turned to my sister (they were at work) and asked her for my mom's cell number. Not once, but 5 different times!

ughhh my headache is back, lol. Time for happier posts :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random Thoughts

Since I'm working out of somebody elses office for the next week I 'll fill you guys in on the crap he has to deal with here!

This office may be broke down but this handy dandy screen shield is great! Only the person directly in front of the monitor can see what is going on, that way I don't have to even pretend like I'm being productive!

The microwave is right next to this dudes office. Fish is not appropriate work food! I had to leave for a while because the smells were making me gag.

The other lady in this office is inconsiderate. She talks super loud when she's on the phone. So loud that the person I'm on the phone with couldn't hear me! When bosslady called me she was like oh no you need to tell her to be quiet! She also mumbles to herself, it sounds like a phone vibrating constantly. I kept looking around like what is that noise??? Then I realized it was her. She also has her music on like I want to hear that mess. Put on headphones please ma'am.

I solved a problem all by myself. I was getting all panicky when the lady came and asked me because I had no idea. I was like "give me 5 minutes then I will come answer you." I prayed so hard for some divine revelation, lol. I got it though and went and delivered my answer!

I haven't seen my best friend in 6 months, and she lives 20mins from me. We are sad and lazzzzyyyyyyy. At least we know it and don't get offended. I hope she makes it over tonight.

I'm going to go continue blog hopping now, I've only had like 6 requests today that took 30 seconds each so I've been reading away. I love my job!!!

Heart to hearts, dancing, and mice, oh my!

Ummm, is somebody calling Bosslady to tell her what I'm saying about her? I was all set to sit down and think of a blog to post yesterday (I decided next week will be "Back in the day" week!) when she called me into her office. I know yall are thinking my smart mouth got me fired, but I really am super sweet in person lol. Anyway, we start talking about some assignment she had me do that we needed to follow up on and then the conversation meandered everywhere else.

We talked about her life (34 year old daughter and things like that), we talked about my cousin coming home from the war tomorrow, her brother dying in the vet hospital, and her being a hospital Nazi. But then she started asking how I was adjusting working here since it's been a little over 2 months. I expressed how much I like it here and stuff and then she started apologizing again for how she talks to me sometimes and then we had an honest discussion about promotion potential, bonuses (who knew?!), and their plans for me in the company. She spent a good 20 minutes talking about how all the people I have helped so far have told her I have been doing a really good job (I guess they didn't expect much from me, lol) and they were impressed. So once again Bosslady has softened me up. I even forgave her for making me miss the shuttle to the Metro station because she wanted to dance (yes dance, full on dance) in the middle of my office floor! I guess I just have to learn her and then I won't be so offended when she chooses to act like she has no class or manners lol. I'll definitely be back with another post today. I'm working from the client's office in Baltimore for the next week and there is nothing to do here (and rumor has it there is mice, If I see one, I'm calling the news, watch out for my expose on government buildings)! Off to blog hop, be back later.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We interrupt this regularly scheduled lunch time

I should make this a feature part of my blog, I love to see what this woman comes up with!

Bosslady: "Ohhh, did you get that from downstairs?" as she eyes my lunch....then proceeds to talk and talk and talk and talk some more about the place downstairs. How she loves it, a lot of people don't, what number did I order, how she likes sauce and brown powder! I just kept chewing, then she hit me with this "you look like you're struggling, they have knives in the kitchen honeybunny"
Me:"Yes, but then I would have to get up"
Bosslady: "Well then just keep on eating with your fingers honeybunny" LOL if you weren't in here you wouldn't see it!

Hopefully I'll be back with a real post later today, I have some ideas running around in my head lol.

Question: It doesn't affect anything if you skip the inactive pills in you BC pack does it? Do they like help you have super powers or something, because I don't want to miss out!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Can you hear me now?

Bossman is still here! At least he doesn’t keep coming in my office for silly little things, although he does keep looking in here so I at least try and look busy. Bosslady is working from home today, which I am thoroughly enjoying! She did manage to call me and ask me something ohso dumb though, I think she likes my voice! Well let’s go back to last week. Bosslady was trippin! I didn’t know what to do but one day I got really mad. I don’t get mad often and I act out my anger even less, but I think she was one conversation away from experiencing my wrath. She was HOLLERING at me over the phone for things that were her fault! The other lady in my office was looking at me because wide eyed because I just sat the phone down and I was shaking (step 1 of my anger), so I responded to her in the softest voice I could (step 2, I have to speak soft because I sound like I’m about to cry when I’m upset), and hung up the phone (step 3, talk reckless, get ignored).****

Well the next day when she came in, there was a department meeting. During that meeting, she acted a darn fool holding it up arguing about something stupid. Well somebody wasn’t having it and Ms.Boldness told bosslady off! You will never guess what bosslady had the nerve to say to her, “I don’t like the way you are talking to me!” HAHAHAHAHA For real lady? You have some nerve. I will say though, since that incident bosslady has taken a whole different tone with me. Even when I messed up doing something yesterday she talked to me in a civil manner instead of trying to make me feel dumb. It was refreshing. She told me I did a good job on a couple of things I worked on for her and I was beaming. A little kindness goes a long way in my book. Now, if she could only remember that I have lunch from 12-1. EVERY SINGLE DAY, she finds a reason to interrupt me.

Day 1: Her: “Why is your door shut?” Me: “Because I’m eating ribs and didn’t want to stink up the office” Her: “Oh, you’re on lunch, are you done yet?” Me: Chewing my food, looking at the clock refusing to answer a question that is obvious
Day 2: Her: “Ummm, so what projects are you working on now?” Me: “My lunch”
Day 3: It’s 12:30 and I’m eating and she comes to my door Her:“You take lunch from 1-2 right?” Me: as I’m swallowing my food “No, it’s from 12-1” Her: Ohhhh

It wouldn’t have been so bad if this wasn’t 3 consecutive days! Now I think she’s just trying to be funny. I’ll be walking by, food in hand and she’ll think of something dumb to ask me. But she isn’t in today, and I just had a full hour to eat with no interruption. Pure bliss!

****The worst thing you can do to me is holler at me. No joke. Growing up I don’t recall one time that my mother actually yelled at my sister or me out of anger. Talked sternly yes, got louder when we acted deaf, yes, but actually yelled? Not once! I’ll say things like she yelled at me and by that I mean fussing, no anger fueled tirades in my house growing up. I am the same way and expect that courtesy from other people. I have broken up with dudes because they raised their voice at me. Most people don’t see why I make a big deal out of it and I tell them it’s just one thing I will not tolerate, under any circumstance!

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