Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A year of expectation

My bad about yesterday folks. TheCount and I were both at home because he was ill. He did a fine job of throwing up in his coworkers car. She is a better woman than I am because I would have tied him to the roof for the remainder of the trip. Anyway.....What are you going to do different in 2009? Not necessarily a New Year's Resolution, but something in your life you need to change so you can be a better you? In our house we write the vision. We like to know what we are working toward and believing God for. Our dreams are lofty, always have been, always will be. We write down what we want to accomplish, what we want to acquire, what we hope to do. I'm going to post our list in our bedroom and on our refrigerator as a constant reminder. Here is TheCount and my list of:
We'll be fine in '09 (that's the highlight of my creativity, if you have a better name, plese submit it so we can post it on our fridge!
We hope to accomplish:
1. A healthier lifestyle. Which includes eating right and excercising. I have to get this body ready to birth some babies in a few years and I want TheCount to be around for years to come! {BTW somebody is having serious opposition to this vegetarian thing, lol. We'll talk it out and come to a mutually happy decision}
2. Pay off our school loans. We don't have a ton of debt, thanks to our generous parents, but I want the loans gone! I refuse to spend the next 10 years writing checks to Sallie Mae, Citibank, and Wells Fargo. If anybody has an extra $10,000 lying around, pass it on over here please!
3. A new job for TheCount. He is not feeling this job so much because of what they pay and what they expect you to do. It really is quite interesting how they forgot that little conversation about pay increase after 90 days. I want him to get a new job because I don't like him having to go into dirty apartments every day brining their filth into our home. He came home one day and asked for my bug spray to spray down his work stuff before he got in the house because his partner saw a roach crawl in his bag! He also told me about opening a closet door in an apartment and having 2 mice staring back at him. GROSS! I was like, "baby, you are one strong dude because I would have stripped naked and walked right out and drove myself home leaving everything behind in that den of filth."
4. New vehicles. TheCount drives a 96 Altima that loves to go to the shop! I have an 02 Saturn that has treated me pretty well but we are prepping for the future and I can't be birthing no babies trying to climb in and out of my tiny car, it's a struggle getting me and my purse out now! I would like a Saturn Outlook in dark blue, with black leather interior, heated seats, automatic start, and a GPS system installed (if you have one of those just sitting around, send it my way). I'm not sure what TheCount wants specifically, but I'll get that information before we put our list up.
5. To do a daily Bible Study together. I do my study when I get to work in the morning because I know nobody will bother me until after 12. TheCount does his Bible study before bed or sometimes in bed. I can't tell you how many times I woke up hollering "what are you over there talking about?" only to realize he was praying, lol.
Now it's your turn! Write down what you expect to accomplish this year. If you've already done a post on it, leave your link here so we can check you out!


Monday, December 29, 2008

I had the best intentions.... post, but clearly I didn't! Here's the breakdown:
Wednesday, December 24: Christmas Eve
I was at work dancing around, trying to convince everybody to be a rebel and leave early with me. The vice president, CEO, and his daddy, had all gone home, why exactly were we still at work? Nobody joined me, but I still rolled out. Good grief, it was Christmas Eve, lol!
I went to church, then to my parents house to cook and bake brownies. Oh how I love warm brownies and ice cream! It may be the best thing on Earth :)
Thursday, December 25: Christmas Day
We woke up and opened presents. I am always the one that has to motivate folks. I was walking around the house in my blanket singing, "it's time for presents, come on everybody, it's time for presents." We all had a good time, my dad liked the shoes and belt we got him, which is great and were dirt cheap! My sister liked the dress and earrings I got her, which was great because they were even dirtier cheap, lol. My mom like the jewelry, ehhh not so cheap, but still a steal. And TheCount's old complaining behind liked the blazer, 1 pair of shoes, and the book I got him, but not the other pair of shoes. Ehhhhh, it's cool. My sister and I were talking about how TheCount, my mom, and her boyfriend are quick to point on when they don't like something, but we will take it to our graves when they get us some ugly crap cuz they act like it hurts their feelings so much. I got a popcorn popper from my parents, LOVE IT! I've had popcorn every day since. I think I'll bring it to work and sell popcorn out of my office! My sister got me a shirt from Forever 21 (shoot it's a recession, I spent $15 on her, she spent $5 on me, gotta love it!). TheCount got me a Nintendo DS, a game for it, Annie on DVD, and an ipod adapter for my car :) Good times man!
After presents we met up with the extended fam and went to see Seven Pounds. I HATE dramas, but I love me some Will Smith and Rosario Dawson and I appreciate good acting even more. My christmas gift to my aunts that were there was a pack of tissue. They looked at me like why are you giving me this. Halfway through the movie they were very grateful! I come from a family of criers, shoot, I know how it is. TheCount and SisterTM were looking up and down the row of family frowning at us, they don't believe in crying at a movie. After the movie I had to cry some more cuz "I didn't get my cry out good" LOL TheCount was looking at me in disgust. I enjoyed the movie though, I love it when people are talented!
We spent the rest of our day making our rounds giving and receiving more gifts. SisterCount and I got in a fight because she got everybody a candy apple with their gift except TheCount and me. I was attacking the kids, trying to steal their apples and making fun of her daughter because "she don't even got no teeth to eat an apple with!" Let's just say she promised to go get me some candy and caramel apples and that the mistake won't happen again!
Friday, December 26
Did a bunch of nothing. Went to Dupont Circle to get eyebrows threaded, went to lunch with my mom and sister, and got traumatized by rodents! We were walking back to the car and this went down
SisterTM: "Is that a rat in the middle of the street?" 
Mom and I: looking toward the direction we were walking "nahhhhh..that's a ......ummmm.....ewwwwwwww"
Mom: "Oh my God. No it isn't, yes it is, oh no, what we gonna do?"
SisterTM: "Keep walking"
Me: ohhh you big and bad huh, wait till I teach you a lesson. I waited till we were walking past where we saw the rat go to the curb and out of our vision then I screamed and pushed my sister! Mannnnnnn  Miss Big and Bad took off screaming!
People probably thought we were crazy!
Saturday and Sunday
I did nothing but thank you/happy new year cards. Dear BlogWorld, have a small wedding or you will be writing thank you cards till the cows come home, that is all. Sincerely, a concerned blogger.
TheCount literally had to pick me up out of the bed because I refused to get up. I'm at work but I'm making time to go out to Bath and Body works (sale today folks) and drive 20 miles to go to the waffle house for lunch! Yummmmmmmyyyyyyyy :)
How was your Christmas? What did BabyJesus put under your tree?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Weekend wrap up

While on our weekend away TheCount and I learned a lot more about each other, lol. We had some fun and funny times!

He learned: how much I flippin' love the waffle house! Hash browns, grilled cheese, and a waffle makes TM a very happy camper! I tried to eat there every single meal!

I learned: that if I get jumped because I wanted to be ignant, then TheCount will not help me! *set the scene: we were in the mountains, definitely in the minority, and there were mccain/palin stickers and signs EVERYWHERE! There was a stand in the mall selling tshirts. They all had confederate flags on them or were about hunting. TheCount didn't think it was funny when I decided to ask if they had any Obama tshirts. Shoot I thought it was funny and still do! The answer was no, by the way!

He learned: that I think I'm a bad @ss, even though I can't back it up worth a lick. The older men at the snow tubing hill that were cursing around the kiddies got my wrath. The man that had the audacity to interrupt my conversation with my husband got the face and evil head turn to which he promptly jumped back, put his hands in a defensive stance and apologized. TheCount was cracking up because I didn't realize I do that until I saw his response. TheCount was like. "I told you you were evil!"

I learned: TheCount and I will have to have a huge bathroom in our house because we require a huge tub. The jacuzzi there was the best and TheCount could finally stretch his legs out. Pure heaven!

We both learned: never eat at O'Charleys. It was so gross we wanted to die! Man, we should have went to the waffle house!

Monday, December 22, 2008


After talking to a few holistic doctors and reading some books, I'm just not all that hyped up on meat. The hormones, antibiotics, and not to mention the conditions that SOME animals have to live in.

This hasn't been a fly by night decision, a few months ago I decided I wanted to live a healthier life. I started researching to find out what that would mean for me. I started making changes in my diet and started moving toward organic foods. I was thinking about how I want to look/feel in the future. I've been diagnosed with some pretty crappy things and feeding my body crap certainly won't help!

I've given up meat before, but normally only in increments of 1-2 months. I didn't miss it, I only started back because I lived with my family and they weren't going to buy special groceries just for me! Meat isn't really my thing anyway. Looking over the list of all the foods I cannot live without...meat isn't even on there. I'm not going vegan-yet, because I'm not ready to part with beloved dairy products, horrible I know! Since I started seriously considering being a vegetarian I haven't had any meat. TheCount was like, don't title it, just do you. But I have to title it or I'll make excuses every day for everything I want to eat. I've been telling people because knowing they know will make me not want to slip up. The hardest thing will probably be seafood. I love ALL seafood, but for now, that has to go too.

So hello blogworld, my name is Therapeutic Musings and I am now a vegetarian!

No Meat?

I'm thinking about becoming a vegetarian. Don't know the point of sharing that with y'all. Is anybody that reads this blog a vegetarian (Darius, no need to answer, lol. I know how you get down!)? Any tips, hints, concerns?

So yeah, I'm thinking about becoming a vegetarian, anybody got something to say?

(weekend wrap-up tomorrow)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Random Blessings

Hey laughing808 guess where TheCount and I are going this weekend? Massanutten! For free :) Good times man, good times. I'll try and remember to take some pictures. Swimming and Snow Tubing!

Hey everybody else, guess what I got in the mail yesterday? A darn bonus check from my job! Totally unexpected, totally wonderful! TheCount was hating, talking bout how I don't even do any work and I'm never on time. Well that's ok because Jesus still loves me and he knew I needed that. My new years resolution is to be on time for work!

Wanna know what my daddy is getting us for Christmas? A GPS system. If you've ever been in the car with TheCount or me then you've gotten lost with us before. We needed this like we need air to breathe! TheCount be getting all mad when we get lost. I act like I'm Dora and just get to exploring which makes him even more mad!

It's jeans day at work today. And breakfast day! Say whattt????

Alright, share you random blessings this lovely Friday!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

If I were a bear

(and yes, I did type that singing it to the tune of If I were a boy! If I were creative  I would have written this entire post using that song. But I'm not, so I can't, and didn't even try)
Y'all want to know something TheCount says to me all the time? I bet you'd never guess what it is:
"TM you cannot hibernate!"
I kindly beg to differ. I didn't get to work today until 10:45. I didn't wake up until 9:30. I am just so tired during the winter. Honestly most of the times TheCount has gotten upset with me since we've been married have been over sleeping. I've always had this hibernation disorder. Last time I tried to talk to my doctor about it she told me I was depressed. I looked at her and was like nooooo, I'm sleepy, and don't worry, I won't be back in your office. I am a lot of things, depressed is not one of them.
It was like this in college too. Once the cold hit, you could catch me in the bed during most class times. I was so glad that the college I went to gave us the entire month of January off. I was a hibernating fool! One year I took ice skating lessons during the month off as my P.E. course. It was only 2 days a week. I would wake up, meet my best friend, we would go to class, then go to lunch, then go back to our rooms and sleep! Pure bliss. I do not like the cold, it makes me sleepy. Even with all my oversleeping this morning I was still dead tired driving in to work. Shoot, I'm yawning as I type. I think I should have been born a bear. Then I could hibernate, even just for a day. I could sleep all I wanted and would never get confronted for it, cuz the bears would stick up for me! LOL (told y'all I shouldn't have attempted to be creative)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love it when we're cruising together

Sunday night TheCount and I went to my company Christmas party. It was so much fun! I don't normally have fun in a group of people. Or around loud music. Or a bunch of folks with an open bar (drunk foolishness has never been funny too me). Or at buffets. Or trapped on a boat where I can't escape when I get tired of people, music, open bar actions, and nasty buffet food. But this time I had a ball! First off, it was a cruise from 6-9 in DC. It was beautiful on and off the boat. The food was delicious, I even went back for seconds (okay, I only got a plate of mashed potatoes the second time, lol).TheCount and I even rebelled and had 2 strawberry smoothies, each! LOL! The lady was looking at us like that's all you want? A smoothie? YepYep, make it a double! The DJ was ok, he had quite a few missteps during the course of the night. Playing Single Ladies at an office Christmas party probably won't send folks running to the dance floor. There was on ship entertainment. Our waiters and waitresses were also singers and dancers which was fun, of course, they had a few missteps too. Errors in judgement if you will. Those green glitter tops on the guys, not so much a good idea. Her voice singing Santa Baby, horrible idea! We did get some great laughs though at them trying to teach this older Indian man the electric slide, cupid shuffle, and DC booty call. He was determined to dance his butt off and he could not follow the steps! He had a ball trying and we had a ball laughing so it was all good. Since I work for a contracting company we were seated by company. Guess who was there from where I work. Ummmm me! Thankfully they also invited one of the nurses that worked at a wellness fair with me before so there was a whole 4 people at my table when every other table had between 8-20 people.
The only part I was mad about is that the cruise occurred during the Steelers-Ravens game. First I was cool, had forgotten all about it. Then I heard somebody say the Steelers were losing. Whatttttt???? I whipped out my phone. I have a NFL application so I can get the scores and plays in real time. I was glued to my phone. Somebody walked past us and heard us saying something about football:
Man: Hey man, you got the score to the game?
TheCount: Nah, but my wife does
Man: Looking at me like, word?
Me: Who do you want to win?
Man: Steelers
Me: Oh ok, then don't worry, I'll keep you updated
At one point the performers were in the middle of a song and Big Ben threw an incomplete pass with less than a minute left. I started hollering, "Come on Ben, we trying to win!" Then I realized the singer was right by our table and I was being rude, I felt horrible. When we were on the 1 yard line and it was fourth down my phone stopped updating. I was going panicking tyring to figure out what was going on. TheCount was like don't worry, they'll kick a field goal, the game will be tied. Then my phone updated right at the end of a song and my ignant tail hollered out "Touchdown!" I guess they were reviewing a play which is why I didn't get an update. The other dude interested in the game turned around grinning and stuff. Of course my Steelers pulled through and won which turned a good night into an even better one.
How have your office Christmas parties been this year? (hint hint Pink, who had one this weekend yet has not told us about it. I wanna see the dress!)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Christmas Time

The holidays bring about different memories and traditions for everybody. For me, one of the ways I can tell Christmas is coming when I start craving tangerines and clementines like crazy! Last year I was living at home and I had a stash of tangerines in the purse hanging on my bed post. The year before that I kept a case of clementines next to my dorm room bed. I'm like a fiend. I have to have at least 3 a day or I start getting the twitches.

We have our presents wrapped under our Christmas plant. I would take a picture but I dare not embarrass myself like that! It looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree! How perfect for our first Christmas, lol. We have our lights up inside, the Christmas candle and snowglobe in place and our electric candles in place in the front windows, all for less than $30 thanks to 50% off sales at Lowes and Michaels.

This year on my gifts to people instead of a sticker with their name on it I got Christmas ornaments with their names on them and attached it to the present. Now next year they can have it on their tree and think of me!

What are some of your holiday traditions?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Party Time

Me looking at my sister with a general look of disgust. She was kissing the magazine, lol.

My sister comes home today! We have an extra key made for her so that when my parents get on her nerves she can come up here. TheCount is excited too because now I have a sidekick for my foolishness. I'm a loner and it makes him uncomfortable because he will go out and play basketball with his friends on a Saturday and I'll stay home. I don't know why people can't understand that I want to be along sometimes. I am very productive and it's relaxing. **I'm actually typing this on a Saturday when TheCount is out playing basketball, lol. I've cleaned up, I'm doing laundry and scheduling my posts for the week, and I'm going to soak in the tub after this** If I wanted to hang out with my girls I could easily call and hook up with them, but I don't want to! This is my time.

Anyway, when my sister gets here I finally have somebody to create music videos and dances with. The first one up is "Womanizer", TheCount just won't dance with me, lol. Here are some photos of one of our old music sessions

I was getting the party started!

Trying to see if she still had it from her cheerleading days. Clearly the answer was no as she goes down!

"Under my umbrella ella ella ella"

We were singing "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood, lol. As you can see, I was finally combing down my wrap

Friday, December 12, 2008

Good Idea...Bad Idea: Grocery Shopping!

This week I went to the grocery store with my reusable bags and my list of things and was in and out in a flash. I realized I go to a lot of grocery stores so here is the rundown of my favorite and my least favorite grocery stores.

Good Idea: Shoppers Food Warehouse

If you want to save money while still having a great selection of products, this store is great! It's just like Safeway, Giant, and Super Fresh but much cheaper! Some of them are better than others. You have to check them out and see.

Bad Idea: Sav a Lot, Aldi, and Bottom Dollar

While they do save you a lot of money, the stores are cramped, I've found more dirty stores than clean ones, and they don't have the variety I'm used too. They have mostly generic brands so you probably won't see the brands you're used to.

Good Idea: Harris Teeter

While a little expensive for some items the quality and selection is great. If you are looking for some sort of exotic produce, high tail it there! I was in there just touching everything, I had never heard of this stuff. Bright, clean, nicely spaced aisles. Good times, man.

Bad Idea: Safeway

This store is too daggon expensive!

Bad Idea: Magruder's

I think this store is only around the DMV and while the sales paper looked promising OMG the quality of the produce was terrible! Y'all the broccoli was brown and limp, all the apples were bruised, the store was cramped, the people made me hit them with my cart because they were rude, and I was scared to buy meat, lol

Bad Idea: Whole Foods

I'm sorry but I can't afford this darn store. I pass it right on by.

Good Idea: Trader Joe's, Giant, Food Lion

Basic stores. Nothing special.

Best Idea: My Organic Market

Sorry but you can only shop here in the DMV. This store makes me smile! Great quality, non expensive, organic foods. Ohhhh how I love it. And they bag and carry your groceries out to your car. Everybody was friendly, I got some banging apples for .99 a pound. If you live in the area you must go to this store!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Angels watching over me

I left work at 4:30 today on my way to a hair appointment at 5. It was already dark outside and it's raining today. I'm in my car thinking about what I'm going to do while under the dryer. I decide to blog about my day which consisted of a serious of complaints. While complaining to myself this car pulls out in front of me. As in it was parked at the curb and the front of my car is at its bumper and she doesn't see me. I slam on the brakes but I'm going about 40mph. I start screaming and honk my horn. She notices me and jams on the gas. Y'all our cars were about an inch apart. My car actually stopped, which it has never done that quickly without me pulling up the emergency brake. Had we hit she would have been severely injured because I was at her door. My poor saturn would have been totaled. Good looking out God!

On Tuesday I was in my car on my way to work. I normally pray as I'm driving in the morning since there is so much traffic and I'm alone and can pray out loud. I started my prayer at about 8:00 (yeah I was supposed to be at work!). I finished about 8:15. A few minutes later TheCount calls me and tells me he was just in an accident. He was driving on the beltway and a car smashed into the back of him. Guess what? No damage! Zero, not even a scratch, and this is on the beltway! I told him I just got finished praying for him. He asked me what I prayed for, I told him "protection and provision and that you would feel God's love today."

Angels have seriously had our back this week. The next time I start to complain I'm going to pause and think about being grateful because I sure am blessed!

Have a great weekend all!

I'm a cooking machine

This cookbook is hot fire, lol. Seriously y'all, you need to get this in your life. I don't care if you can't cook, you still need this book. I am a super picky eater and I haven't made anything I didn't like yet. I learned about it on Spiced Honey's blog (which I lurk on, lol). She raved about it so I thought, why not? I promise you will not regret it.

Recipes I've tried so far:

Hearty Black Bean Chili with Homemade Tortillas
Chicken Parmesan with homemade tomato sauce
Pizza Bites
Buttery Rice
So-Serious Suffocated Pork Chops (last night's dinner. A-MA-ZING!)
Broccoli with Garlic and Parmesan (with last night's dinner too. A-MA-ZING TOO)
Roasted Garlic Fingerling Potatoes (I love me some garlic potatoes)
Broiled Chicken
Curried Chicken
Cheddar Garlic Biscuits (I've blogged about these before. BEWARE: Don't eat the whole pan. People will talk about you. And you just might get sick)
Grilled Garlic Steak

One of the things I like about this book is that they provide a main dish paired with side dishes. So if you are cooking challenged you can see what goes with what. If you want any of the recipes I posted tell me which one and leave me your email address. Once you try one recipe you will happily run out to buy the cookbook.

Anybody have any cookbooks they would like to recommend? MamaCount got me a Better Home's and Garden cookbook but I haven't used it or liked it nearly as much as my Get 'em Girls' Guide.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Devil Pills and devil food

Yesterday I was in Salisbury for work. I was sitting in a hospice with a splitting headache and no internet connection. I was a very sad camper. On the way home I alleviated my sadness by making a pit stop at the outlets. A skirt, 2 shirts, and 6 pieces of jewelry later, I was feeling good, feeling great! Got home laid on the couch with a blanket over my head and slept the headache off. I woke up to find that TheCount had not only cleaned up my trail of socks, nail polishes, and purses, but he put the rest of the Christmas lights up too :) It made me smile big time. Hopefully this is the last week of these headaches. I'm making the doctor switch these devil birth control pills again. Shoot, I'd rather just have a baby if I'm going to have headaches, not be able to wear my contacts comfortably, be nauseated, have mood swings, and gain weight, lol. I said that to say that Yaz and Yasmin are the devil. You have been warned ladies!
On my job they are having The Biggest Loser competition. I'm not participating because I refuse to lose over 10 pounds because I like my size. My booty is hot, lol. I am however coaching my officemate. I've written about her many times before. She eats McDonald's every day. She drinks at LEAST 5's a day. For lunch she has "soup" aka oodles of noodles (top ramen). Ms. Lady that is packed full of sodium. That is a hard times meal! I latch key kid or a college kid meal. You can and you will do better. I have some health tips from magazines that I'm going to write up and post on her computer. When I bring my healthy lunches (like my chili today made with ground turkey and black beans [not canned beans though, way too salty]) I will share with her so that she can do better. She thinks she can go from eating McDonalds and Pe.psi every day to just plain salads and be satisfied. No you cannot, you will be hungry, cranky, and you will fall off the wagon. She had cancer a few months ago so really she needs this to help her body stay healthy. Her husband probably wouldn't mind if she got back down to the size 10 she was a few years ago, I think she's double that size now. Her doing this diet will keep me from gaining the "marriage weight" lol. Ohhh yeah, I trapped TheCount now, time for me to blow upppp! Just kidding folks!
Does anybody have some good weight loss tips, or good "diet" meals. I'm determined to help her. It'll help me too, knowing she has to see what I bring for lunch I won't be lazy and run out to get fast food. This will be so fun!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday: The Christmas Party was fun. I wasn't under dressed. Dude with the bow tie and vest was VERY overdressed, lol. They made me get up and mingle, which I'm not a fan of, but it was cool. I offered many people the chance to be their designated driver since I don't drink, but they said they were fine. I pray they all make it in today. This one dude kept trying to talk to me. He drank and smoked and my nose does not like that! I was looking at him like your breath is turning my stomach! As soon as he turned around I hightailed it from the table and hung with different folks. Toward the end of the party my legs started shaking. Thinking they were just tired from being in my heels all day I left the party to get home and rest. Halfway home I started feeling dizzy, got a headache, and my stomach started cramping. Uggghhh when I got in the house I was a mess. I was doubled over in pain. TheCount kept asking what I ate but all I had was a chicken taco and steak taco, with literally tortilla, cheese, and meat. That's it, no need for me to have to spend all that time running for the bathroom. I ended up falling asleep around 9 and TheCount carried me to bed because he couldn't risk waking me up and having to hear me moan in pain again, lol
Saturday: MamaTM and I went to King of Prussia mall in PA. That mall was huge! We literally shopped until we dropped. I was begging to be finished and sit down. My whole body hurts from the walking and bag carrying. I did get some amazing deals because I am a good bargain shopper! $5 sweater dresses and cardigans from Macy's. When the lady scanned it she was like, ummm this isn't right. Too bad missy. Ring them all up :) MamaTM was being a hater because I showed up in a skirt with boots and tights. She kept saying, "you think you cute don't you?" When I pointed out how many people had complemented me that day she replied, "well people just do that to be polite and make conversation." To which I pointed out, "how many people "made conversation with you?" She got this stuck look on her face and then we both just started laughing.
Sunday: I had some nightmares during the night and woke up with a really bad attitude and swollen eyes because I'm pretty sure I cried during my sleep. It really threw off my day. I kept crying and wouldn't talk. Normally when I have a day like that I can tell in the morning and I just stay in my room all day because there is nothing really wrong, it's just one of those days. I'm glad I can't remember the dreams but I am embarrassed because I cried everywhere Sunday. Church, my parent's house, Ver.izon, Lowes, anytime somebody tried to talk to me. When we got home I shut myself in the room, played Beyonce's cd over and over until I was distracted enough to get up and sing. Then I emerged from the room happy and cheerful. TheCount and I watched football, my team won, his lost, ate pizza, and chased each other around in circles until we both fell out.
Today: I MADE IT TO WORK ON TIME! Y'all have no idea what an accomplishment that is. Most days I'm at least an hour late, but I'm working on it. I was early to church yesterday too! I'm going to keep this up all week :) Now, time to make an appointment with the doctor because this birth control is the devil!
How was your weekend guys?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Emergency Shopping Trip

Set the scene:TM is glancing around nervously at her coworkers. Tonight is the annual Christmas Party. Normally it's an after 5 event and is formal. This year it is from 4-7. It's also the first time I will be present. I wasn't sure what to wear so I put on black slacks, a turquoise silky type shirt, a gray shrug and grayish/silverish shoes.
Now I'm at work and I see fully made up faces (ok, that's cool, I have makeup in my bag, I can work it out in the bathroom). Then I see a burgundy vest and bowtie on somebody. Ok, did I miss the memo? Then my office worker who wears stretch pants and sweaters every day pulls out these badddddd shoes and some sheer flowy pants. One dude came in with his all white on. Ummmm should I be planning an emergency shopping trip to TJMaxx during lunch? I don't want to be the fool in the pictures that have people saying "where was she going?" LOL My outfit is dressy but it aint stand next to a dude in a tuxedo dressy. I panic about wearing appropriate clothes all the time. My mom, sister, or husband has always helped me with these things, I am way too self conscious. I'm going to look around at what some more people have on to see if I need to be hightailing it out of here to get an outfit. Problem is, when I get to TJMaxx I'll probably trip out because I don't know what to get and a salesperson will find me hunched over in the dressing room crying... because that's happened...more than once, lol. Been found by a coworker, my mom, the count, a storeworker, and a stranger. I got's issues!
Ohhh somebody please console me. Tell me I'm not the only idiot that cries in dressing rooms. I am? Daggonit, My momma always told me I was strange.
Tomorrow I'm going on a bus shopping trip with my mama, you better believe I will be buying an outfit for the other Christmas party I have to go to in 2 weeks. I'm off to go scope out outfits and figure out a game plan!
This post just won't end. I just saw another girl in white pants. I have some! They would have looked ammmaazziiingggg with this getup. Why aint nobody tell me!?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dear Single Ladies:

I understand that you want a man, really I do. Here's the problem. You cannot have mine. He liked it and he already put a ring on it. Go find your own, put in your own work to train him how you want him, then get him to wife you. Don't go up to somebody else's already trained man and think you are going to swoop in and make him wife you. He has already done that once, you missed out. Your sly comments don't go unnoticed. It's sad really. That you are that tragic that you can't find a man that doesn't have a ring on it. Your sly questions to my husband are not needed. Day after day you see him eating his lunch out of tupperware containers, you don't see him running out to McDonald's or heating up a hungry man meal, why ask "oh, your wife cook for you every day?" And if I don't are you going to bring him lunch? Do it and I will slice your thumb off, try me. And to the chick that wanted to know if I demanded that he marry me or if he proposed on his own. Yeahhhh how did demanding your ex marry you work out? Oh that's right, you're still single, so we see how that method turns out. He did it on his own. With a fabulous surprise party, I have pictures and a video tape I could show you if you would like. Don't worry, it brings me to tears too. We can cry together; you, your tears of sorrow, me, my tears of joy. Hey tissue absorbs them both the same. So keep on ladies, my husband and I have a good laugh at your expense every night over the dinner that I have prepared. The next time you think you should flirt with my husband remember, I will find you and TM is not afraid to cut a b!t(h. Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Riddle Me This

How come I can make a bomb sesame chicken dish and even more banging curried chicken but I cannot fry chicken to save my darn life? Seriously, I made curried chicken tonight for dinner it was super simple and tasted all complicated and stuff! I've never actually had curried chicken that I liked before, I made a believer out of myself. I have this cookbook that I'm going to have to do a post on. I got it because it was recommended on this blog that I lurk on. Between that book and Darius' blog, I am a cooking machine! This may be what I bring in for the PotLuck either that or Blackbean chili with homemade tortillas (also from the cookbook). I have to try the chili next week, then I'll know for sure which will make the cut.

Y'all why did my momma go on a bus trip to a funeral yesterday? Am I the only one that found that...ummmm...odd? Like she was going to a play or a shopping trip. All excited. Called me talking 'bout, "girl we bout to go eat now, but that funeral was nice, I'll tell you about it later." Uhhhh, ok?

Today I'm driving to Salisbury for work. It's about 2.5 hours away but you'll hear no complaints from me! Why? Cuz my gas reimbursement check for December is about $350. Ohhhh yeah baby. And that's only 3 trips, this is the best side hustle ever! I can't wait until spring when we have a million and twelve fairs for work. Travelinngggggg!

Still not over the curried chicken. It was that good :) I am more awesome than even I know!

I have been having good hair weeks lately. Last week and this week. It's getting lonnnggggg! My regimen has been so simple. Cantu shea butter moisturizer at night, wrap it, then apply a little coconut oil in the morning. On wash day I've been rollersetting it on the big red rollers going to bed and unrolling it in the morning. No heat and my scalp is thanking me for it. My scalp is super sensitive. Kiddie perms burn me, adult relaxers move me to tears and falling out on the floor. Blowdriers? Cause me scabs and boils, I never straighten out my roots. I moisturize wrap it and tie it down. If you like flat hair, don't try any of what I just said. I'll try to get a picture or two, don't count on it, lol.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another reason I don't do PotNoLuck's

I can't figure out how to send more than one picture at a time from my phone and I refuse to be emailing and saving a million and twelve pictures just to show y'all some Thanksgiving food so forget that! My words will have to suffice. Not much went on at my house during Thanksgiving. TheCount got up at 8:30 to get ready to go play football. I laid in bed protesting asking would he be upset if I missed it. MamaTM came in about 10:15 hollering about why I wasn't out their supporting my man. Strangers came in and out of my home to pick up their fried turkey's (remember my dad has a catering business). I hid out in my room. All the exact same thing that happened last year, except this year MamaTM didn't drag me to the football game and I didn't walk out of the bathroom in a towel to see a strange old man on the couch. We didn't have many people over, 8 in total and one was my mom and aunt's new friend from church. This lady is funny! More than a few times she had us looking at her like: ummmmm what?
The first time was when she asked me to go get her some food. My family all looked at me like "please don't embarass us, just go do it." Shoot when I'm eating it is best not to disturb me. I was going upstairs to get something for me and my husband. Didn't you see my mama didn't even ask me for anything? LOL But I'm not that rude so I brought it back down for her. They were having a discussion about my mom's disdain for washing greens ( I really don't see how y'all eat those. They smell like death and dispair) and how some people said they wash them in their bathtub and how she thought that was gross. The new lady then decided it was appropriate to share this:
NewLady:"my mama washed them just like she washed our clothes"
MamaTM: "oh you mean like scrubbing them out in the sink?"
NewLady:"Ummmhmm with Tide Washing powder"
Auntie: sitting behind her now giving the what the heck face
MamaTM: "oh you mean baking soda?"
NL: "Nooo, a little Tide washing powder get all the dirt out"
Auntie: "Ohhh you mean like dish detergent?"
NL:"Nooo like what she used on our clothes"
TheCount and TM: sitting on the couch laughing so hard at my aunt looking at the back of this woman's head like she was crazy and imagining going in the back to pull out the Tide to wash the produce for all future meals!
Has anybody else heard of this? Using washing powder to clean your food? Maybe this is something they do everywhere and my family missed the memo.

Monday, December 1, 2008

PotNoLuck luncheon

I didn't have time to do my Thanksgiving picture post yet, so I'll have that for tomorrow. I will keep this one food themed though. My department is having a potluck gift exchange next week. I love all things Christmas and I love all things food. EXCEPT potlucks! No sir, I am not a fan of the potluck. I love cooking and have no problem bringing something to share, but I do have a problem with other people cooking and bringing something to share. Why? Because not everybody has my same standards. I used to work with a woman with 4 inch acrylic nails. She was always offering some food or reaching into my food bag and I wouldn't touch anything she did. Why? Cuz not only were her nails super long she was very very overweight and I couldn't understand how she wiped her bottom without all that nastiness getting trapped under her nails. That is gross, can't do it. I thought working here would be different but then my officemate up and informs me of this:
She had some plumbing issues in her townhome the other week. Her toilet and shower started bubbling and they filled up with pee and poop. You get that? All of her neighbors pee and poop filled up her toilet and bathtub. So much so that it overflowed. And leaked down into the kitchen. Into the sink. Where she had dishes! It did this on Sunday, they waited a while to see if it would rectify itself, it didn't, so they called the plumber. The plumber came out on Monday and fixed it and then it happened again Monday night and another plumber came out Tuesday to fix it. There are 2million things wrong with this story, but the main things are: 1. How in the heck did your family sleep in a house filled with other people's waste. Can you imagine that smell? 2. That ish leaked through your ceiling. Did you get somebody in there to treat that? 3. This heifer said "I used a whole bottle of bleach cleaning up. I bleached the bathroom, the sink, and the dishes." Hold the heck up. You bleached the dishes? Did you mean to say you burned the dishes and then bleached the ashes? How can you eat on some dishes that were covered in YOUR NEIGHBORS WASTE! You are nasty. {another coworker and I had a field day reenacting scenes from those 3 days in her life. We imagined poop coming out of the shower head while bathing, her bad @ss daughter playing in it, and what her house will smell like next month when the stuff that leaked through her ceiling molds and starts stinking up the place}
Anyway, because of stories like that from coworkers, I aint eating nothing you cook! Bleached the dishes smh.
Now I'm torn. I guess I'll go and eat my dish a find out what people I trust made and eat that. I just don't want to offend anybody by not eating their dish cuz people always be asking "ohh did you try what I made?" I've got my standard excuse ready, "no, I'm deathly allergic!"

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