Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friday Randomness

I'm watching Dreamgirls or rather ruining Dreamgirls for all of humanity. "Listen" is THAT song. Y'all TheCount is over in the corner with headphones in. Poor neighbors, I sure hope they can't hear me! I have freshly painted nails, OPI Lincoln Park after Dark, beautiful! I love dark colors. Guess what guys, tomorrow, for work, I have to participate in Halloween. My parents stopped letting my sister and I participate in Halloween when I was 5. We are turning our department into a hospital. I have my pink scrubs and name badge that states I'm the receptionist. My office mate is going to be the patient, all bandaged up with glow sticks because she really did just undergo radiation therapy for cancer. The copy room is the x-ray room, we have an anesthesiologist, a maternity ward, and an ER. It's a competition between each department and I think we are going to win. We all have signs for the various areas and name badges. How exciting! Every Halloween from first grade on I had to sit in the office during the costume parade. I can't say I ever really minded. The day after Halloween my mom would go to the store and buy all the discounted candy and she would let us pig out. Time for the Dreamgirls finale. Gotta go tear it up!


Let me explain something to you about TheCount. He is very friendly. He knows everybody and speaks to everybody. Whenever we go somewhere he manages to find somebody he knows and he actually speaks to them. I'm the type of person to be walking through the mall, walk right past somebody I know, then say to whoever I'm with, "haha, we just walked past my nextdoor neighbor/my best friend from school/soandso's ex boyfriend/this girl from church." I do it ALL the time. I'm just not that big on small talk. Well when we were in Mexico TheCount and his overly friendly self made friends with this dude that worked next to a restaurant I liked. HIs name was Javier, he used to live in California. He is married with 2 kids, he has their names tattooed on his arm, he's been doing his job for about 12 years now......Oh my gosh y'all I wanted to smack him, I did not come to Mexico to make friends. Our last name is Watson, and that's what the dude called us. One day we were eating at a different restaurant and he was walking by and saw us:

Javier: "Watttsssoonnnnnnn! What's up my man. Hey waiter take care of them, they are good people. Hey Watson, stop by and see me, I have more coupons for you guys."
Of course we were nice and polite, but we didn't go by. The next night it had started to rain as we were walking to dinner. I had my fabulous weave in so I didn't mind. On the way back it was storming something serious. Since the streets were cobblestone I had to be extra careful because I didn't want to sprain my ankle running. We paused at one corner to plan the best way across because the street was flooded. As we were contemplating, we heard:
"Wattttsssssooonnnnnnn! What's up my man!"
We turned around and of course it was our dude, Javier.
Javier: "Having a good time? Carry your wife across the street man."
Me: "No, it's fine, I like to play in puddles"
Javier: "Guys, come here. Meet Watson, he is a good man. Watson, this is Dude. Dude's dad is African American."
Dude: "Yessss, my dad is African American from South America, that is where I am from. Coooll Shirt Watson. Look, I have a card like that."
Javier: "Go away now, these are my friends, what are y'all doing tomorrow? Staying in all day?"
Count: "Yeahhh, I think I'll lock her in tomorrow."
Javier: "Ohhhh Watson, you are sneaky. Ok be safe guys."
I can't tell y'all how many times during the course of the week we heard somebody calling out our name! Granted the only other time we saw black people was when the cruise ship was docked, but still, we couldn't have been the only interesting people in the town!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Count 'em off

I think it's always important to take out some time to count your blessings. Today I found myself in a place where I was beginning to worry and stress about some stuff. Then I stopped to realize that I have never gone without something I needed and I needed to be thankful for what I have. So in this post I will share the wedding blessings. Here we go:

1. My dress was 50% off. I went into the shop and tried on a dress that I liked, then the sales consultant told me to wait, she had a dress that was on clearance that I should try. I fell in love and bam, it was mine!

2. My wedding cake was free. Yepyep, free. A 3-tier square cake with flowers cascading down the side that was big enough for 250 people. FREE! TheCount's best friend's mama is a cake baker and she did our cake for us.

3. The catering Well, we bought the food and the people cooked it for free. My aunt, my dad (who has a catering business), and my mom's best friend (who also has a catering business) cooked and served the food.

4. My cousin did my makeup for free. I bought the makeup with the gift cards I got at my bridal shower. I paid $1.50 for some mac foundation and chanel lip stick. Whooohooooo :)

5. My hairdresser was the bizzomb, lol. All that she did for what she charged was great! I drove past the salon one day and told my mom to go in and pick a stylist. What a great choice!

6.The weather was beautiful!

7. People were very very generous with gifts and funds. Seriously, we stared in surprise at some of the amounts people wrote.

8. My parent's paid for the wedding. My mom worked night and day to make sure some of the things were completed. Chair covers, table clothes, hand made invitations and programs, gift bags, picture frame favors, bridesmaid gifts, MamaTM is the bomb!

9. Family came from near and far to be with us to celebrate. Even strange family from North Carolina that I had never met before and we didn't even send an invitation to found out and showed up.

10. My husband is the bomb! He's washing dishes and cleaning up as I type and watch The Mentalist :)

I made another good dinner tonight. Rosemary chicken and potato's. The potato's were so good that I'm making another batch right now for my lunch tomorrow. It was sooooo simple and tasty. Take some time today to smile at the small things. When times of stress and pressure hit, take some time to count your blessings!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Singing Skin

I sat down to write a blog post and guess what I ended up doing? Watching Beyonce videos on youtube. I don't know how I ended up doing that, I never even go on youtube. I'm singing Crazy In Love now, lol.

I cooked my honey our first real meal of our married lives. Scallops and Pasta with a side of fried garlic corn. Yummmyyyyyy! I made this bomb alfredo sauce :) Now my honey is making (meaning slicing from the roll) chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Why the heck didn't I get married sooner. This is great.

Today at work I had a mini breakdown. Y'all I looked in the mirror and I looked freaking terrible. My skin just looked lackluster and my eyes looked dark and tired. So I decided I'm going to have to do more than just mascara in the morning. At the very minimum I will do mascara and eyeliner....VERY MINIMUM! I'm going to try and do shadow too. I have some mac mineralize powder that makes my face look nice, but I 'm not sure if I want to start wearing that everyday. My skin is actually clearing up! People keep talking about I have a married glow, I want to tell them that's just my skin clearing up, because it really is! My dark spots are drink enough water.decreasing and lately my skin looks good, I don't know what was wrong today, I guess I didn't drink enough water today. I've been guzzling it up since I got home.

"I don't know why you lovvveeeee me. And that's why I loooveeeeee you..." I am tearing this Beyonce song up! I need to shut up because TheCount is studying for his test that he has to drive to Pennsylvania to take tomorrow. He hasn't complained about my singing yet so I guess I'm fine. He normally tells me shut up before I even get the first note out, just like the hater that he is, lol.

What do you do to insure you look good when leaving the house?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

First real weekend with my husband and another wedding

I finally got a real taste of married life this weekend. Friday night I was supposed to go to the rehearsal for my friend's wedding on Saturday. I called her 3 times and sent her a text, she never responded. So I didn't go. She never even told me the correct time. TheCount was like you are being trifling, I still didn't go. Saturday morning we were up pretty early so I decided we should finally get some groceries for the house. We went to W.alMa.rt first then the vitamin shoppe to get my shampoo and scalp treatments then to Trader Joe's but they didn't have what I needed. Finally we made our way over to Giant, I had my list of all the sales and everything. We had a lot of fun together. Since I was in a wedding that night and we were going to church in the morning we decided to spend the night at my parent's house. I was supposed to meet at the hotel at 5:30 to get ready for the wedding at 7:30, yeahhhhhh I wasn't there, lol. When I got to the hotel at 6, I saw the bride on the phone cussing somebody out. I was like oookkkkkkkk, and ran over to do damage control. It was the beginning of a very interesting wedding.

Her wedding was very very interesting. Let's start with the good. The reception was beautifully decorated and the food was aaammmmaazzziiiinngggg. For the appetizer each person had HALF A PINEAPPLE on their plate with fruit on the inside. It was beautiful and tasty! So tasty that I kept eating fruit I was allergic to :) I had crabcakes but I hear the chicken and beef meals were equally as good. From what people told me, the bartender was also amazing, people were raving about their drinks. Now on to the rest of this "event."

First of all the groom cursed the bride's 13 year old sister out and threatened to cancel the wedding all because she didn't let him take a shower in the room all the bridesmaids were getting dressed. Yes, he is as jerky as he sounds. Anyway, we get ready and walk next door to where the wedding will be. I help her get in her dress, which the lady made too tight. This chick is a size freaking 2, and the seamstress had to take that in, but she took in a bit too much, she couldn't even sit down. Halfway through the reception I had to sneak behind her chair and undo her corset snaps and zip it back up.

The music for the ceremony was verryyy interesting. The groomsmen walked in to some song talking bout "Hi, my name is Charlie, and I'm a virgo..." and some other foolishness. We walked into a song from Dreamgirls, the flower girl walked into "Beauty is her name," and I forget what the bride walked in to. Want to know what their first dance was? I bet you'll never guess what their first dance was. "Me and Mrs. Jones," yes the song about having an affair. Just because the title has your name in it does not mean you should ignore the song content.

The groomsmen were ummmmmm very very interesting. As we met up to leave out of the ceremony we had to link arms. This is what followed:
Groomsman: I missed you last night at rehearsal.
Me: yeahhh
GM: looking at my ring oh, I see I'm too late
Me: Oh yeah, about 2 weeks late
GM: Dammmnnnnn, well they say you supposed to have a husband and a boyfriend.
Me: Ummm they didn't say that to me
GM: Well can I be your husband for the night?
Me: nervous laughter

As we go trough the night talking, since I had to sit next to him.
Me: No thank you, I don't drink
GM: Did you have a bad experience with alcohol or something?
Me: No, I just don't drink
GM: Does your husband drink?
Me: No
GM: Would you have married him if he did
Me: No, I wouldn't have dated him if he did
GM: So I would have had a chance if I didn't drink?
Me: Well if you didn't drink, smoke, or curse. And if I wasn't married and....
GM: Dammmnnn, ok. Umm has anybody ever called you bourgeois?
Me: Hey, I've heard worse.

Y'all this dude tried everything in his power to get me to sleep with him. His ole funky jacked up teeth old behind! Ugghhhhh.

But the best part of the wedding was the fight. Yes the fight. Over the darn bouquet. Between my old boss and some lady. Y'all they would not let go. Spinning around snatching. They had to do a tie breaker. And the other lady actually pouted because she lost! I thought she was going to cry. My boss came over afterward and said, "I was going to beat her motherf***ing @ss if she didn't let that d**n thing down." Oh if you could have seen it. And people have the nerve to ask why I didn't do a bouquet and garter toss at my wedding!

There's more foolishess, but that's all for now. I've made our lunches for tomorrow and now I have to put my husband to sleep :) AND PSERENDIPITY WHERE ARE MY PICTURES?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Too Much Info Friday

Yesterday Pink asked if we got sick in Mexico. Let's just say one of us spent a whole day on the toilet and it was not me! You would have thought somebody died in there! While I'm on TMI Imight as well keep going, lol.

My mom came over yesterday to wait for the Comcast guy. We were on the phone together and she was begging to see the honeymoon pictures. I already told her "mommy, just wait, it's some inappropriate stuff on there." She kept on saying that I'm married now and nothing is inappropriate. I said time and time again mommy you don't need to see all of the pictures. But since she kept begging I told her how to get to them on the computer. It was so funny to hear her reaction. First she saw the one with me sitting in the tub, "ohh wow that's a lot of bubbles" then she saw the next series of pictures with us wearing the bubbles as clothes,"oh my!" Then she saw the one where I was trying to take a picture of TheCount drying off. Thank goodness his towel was covering his man parts! My mom was like "ummm don't think I should have seen that one!" Next was TheCount trying to get me back by taking pictures of me on the toilet, those were funny. Then she got to some pictures of me posing in a short robe, with nothing under it. My mom was like "ohhh what a relief, I thought you were a prude. I felt sorry for TheCount, I thought he was going to have to miss out on all sorts of sexual fun because he married my prude daughter. Now I know you can have SOME fun." I was like maaaaaaaaa! Ugggh she is so embarassing.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things I learned on my honeymoon

I need to use SPF 194. I got dark quick! One day after we got out of the pool and I took my swimsuit off TheCount pointed at my butt and cracked up laughing. The color difference was ridiculous. So this is the crispy view of TM and Count.

I am greedy and I love me some chips and salsa. There are so many pictures of me chewing while reaching for more food it's ridiculous....and unattractive!

I can make a mean bubble bath! The other thing I learned was that TheCount and I will never be able to fit in a regular bath tub together. We tried at the airport hotel and it was a disaster. I couldn't even sit down! Thankfully this resort had a jacuzzi so I poured and poured and poured. Then we had a bubble fashion show....but y'all can't see all that!

When TheCount and I get more established I'm flying Blanca, our maid from the resort, into this country so she can keep our house in order. Whenever TheCount and I finally got out of bed she would come clean the ridiculous mess. Then every evening she came to turn down the bed and give us chocolates.

I don't listen during tours. The man spent so long talking bout these daggon archs and neither one of us know what they represent! But thanks to the nice couple that took our picture. There is a closer one in but TheCount saw me and I had to tell him I didn't show his face!

Me no likey Tequila...or any alcohol for that matter. We went to the place where they make tequila and they had so many different kinds! They even gave tastings that seemed to last forever. The entire time in Mexico I had 2 sips of alcohol, lol. But this picture was still cool.

Just posted this one so I could say.....I sure am cute! LOL But the mountains really were beautiful.

I cannot take pictures of us. I'm really just not that good at it!
Alright, it's time for me to spend some time with my husband! I'll have more later :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I had the best intentions...honest! I was going to finish posting the pictures and things but I am beat. I spent all evening building a dresser for the bedroom putting away clothes, organizing the bathroom, doing laundry, and cleaning the apartment. I refuse to have my husband to come back to the same chaos that he left on Sunday. The pictures are coming I promise! On a brighter note, I pick up my baby from the airport at 5:30p.m. today! Yayyyyyy He'll be surprised at what I've done. The posts are coming I promise but tonight I still have to vacuum, lay out my clothes, do my hair, and shower. And figure out why of all this stuff I have why I can't find a tube of mascara!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm Bacckkkkkkkkk and I'm better than ever!

I am back from my honeymoon :) Thank you to everybody that stopped by with well wishes and a special thank you to Pserendipity that dedicated a whole blog post to me! I was cheesing and telling folks and they looked at me like, sooooo what? Go to bed, you're getting married in the morning, lol!

I'm just putting up a few pictures today but throughout the week look for some more detailed posts. I have lots of time on my hands because my husband is in St. Louis for work this week and I'm at home, all alone, already :( My parents won't let me come stay with them for the week, how mean is that! For 23 years I lived with those folks and within one week of getting married I'm banned? How rude! I should call their house at 3am fake crying, then they'll let me come back home! Anyway here is a sample of my one of a kind wedding. The first picture is us running out of the church lol. Notice the shoes on the guys, yepyep, those are chucks. The second and third pictures are us being our silly selves.

Shades and chucks imagine I know some of the older traditional people were like what the heck is going on here!

I just knew the pastor was gonna come and tell us to get down! LOL but he sat in his car and watched us have yet another photo shoot outside of his church. Thanks Pastor T!
Our internet is acting soooo janky right now. It has taken me hours to make a facebook album and my tv isn't even working right. I hope I can get the posts together for the rest of the week. I'm sitting in this apartment with the worlds slowest internet, our cable won't work, AND the washing machine has decided to stop working! When TheCount leaves this place goes crazy!

I'm spending my day reading your blogs! Have a great Monday!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Today is the first day of the best days of my life!

Today I am getting married. I scheduled this post 2 weeks ago, I'm not actually blogging on my wedding day (Facebook, maybe). I have been waiting to marry TheCount since I was 13. 10 years later, it's happening. Within the first 2 weeks of us dating, he informed me that I would be his wife. I never doubted his word for one second. At 17, I knew the dude I was dating would be the dude for me forever. Nobody around us thought we were serious, they doubted we would make it through me going off to college while he stayed home. We made it. Everybody thought things would get old and we would get bored when we transferred to be at the same college. They were wrong. When his brother passed away, they thought it would change us. The pain would be too much and we wouldn't make it through. We did. When his daddy passed away a year and a half later people were praying that we would hold on, that we would make it. That I would be strong for him, help him get through. I did. We have been through a lot in the last 5 1/2 years of dating and through the ups and downs, God held us in his hands and protected and preserved us.

Undoubtedly I am excited about the years to come. Buying a house, traveling, having children, retiring, traveling more. I plan to grow old with my true love. God really outdid Himself with this one. It makes me happy to know that as he was forming the world and ordering my steps, that he ordained this day. He knew that October 11, 2008 at 1:00 p.m. I would be getting married to one of his best creations. Can you imagine? God loves us so much, and He really only wants the best for us. I'm glad I stuck around to receive it.

The next time we talk, I'll me a married woman. Fresh from my honeymoon in Mexico and getting used to being a wife. I'm so excited and I know that the best is yet to come!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dude, I'm getting married tomorrow!

Mama TM told MamaCount off at the rehearsal last night. Yeahhh, funny stuff. MamaCount called TheCount whining afterward then he talked some sense into her and then she called my mom and apologized. She basically made fun of a song that my mom chose to walk down to. Then MamaTM got kind of buck and was like, "yeah that would be fine if your daughter was getting married, but clearly she's not." Hahahahaha, she won't tell me what else she said.

The lady that I chose to do my makeup did it last night before rehearsal. I hated it. I cried. So my mom was like I'll call her and tell her we can't afford it and get my cousin to do it. Sounds like a plan, now I can use the colors I told her to use in the first place!

My sister comes in a few hours!!!!!!!!!!!!Whooohooooo, she's coming to pick me up from the hair salon then we are going to see our friend that just had a baby then we are going to mac so I can get some foundation. I went looking yesterday but the girl was soooo rude that I walked away. My friend was like, "oh she must not know that's not how you talk to the bride!" So I'll get my rude sistah up there and I will get some service!

I had a few bridezilla moments last night because I was so frustrated about the makeup. I told my cousin to shut up and go sit in the back room and do what I told her to do and I told my dad to shut up or I will slap him. I felt bad, I need to apologize. At the rehearsal dinner one of the groomsmen tried to get loud with him. Shoooottttt, the neck rolling and "you wanna try me?" question made him jump, literally. Nobody expected that out of me. I laughed it off so people would think I was joking because I didn't expect it to come out that mean. Oh well, I've been pretty good I'll say. Off to bed now I have a 9:30 relaxer, rinse, weave appointment.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bye Bye Husband

Want to know what I just found out? The week we get back from our honeymoon TheCount has to go out of town for business. For a week. I should be sad but I'm not. Why? Cuz I get to open and place all the wedding gifts where I want. I can cash and handle the money any way I want. And I can stock up our pantry any way I want. Whooohoooo. Of course I'll miss him, but that week will let me run wild in our apartment! Everything he has done for the past month in the apartment will be undone and become TM style.

Sidenote: If MamaCount calls me or my momma about one more gotdarn thing! Ma'am, sit in your house with your money that you aren't contributing and wait until Saturday then walk down the aisle and sit down watch the ceremony take some pictures and go to the reception and eat some food then take your stingy butt home. Of course I'll never say that, but I'm on the verge of slapping her, lol.

Sidenote2: We are about 27 people over capacity at the reception. Yeahhhhhh, how about that?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kaiser is the bomb!

I have said it before and I'll say it again Kaiser is the bomb, lol. I've only had it for about 5 months but each time I'm like oh wow they are much better than my last set of doctor's. Last week I got sick. I called the appointment line on Thursday crying about how I was getting married and I'm sick and what do I do. He got me an appointment Monday morning at 8:20, he asked if I wanted to talk to the advice nurse so she could help me out until then. I did and she told me what to get for the weekend. This morning I got there at 8:15, at 8:20 they called me back. My doctor came and got me I told him the story and that I also had this back in June. He asked if those meds worked, I said yep, he gave me some more. He even added to it because he was like, "Oh you will be better by Saturday, call me if you aren't. Now go out to that pharmacy and pick up your medicine." By 8:40 I was walking to my car with my filled prescriptions in my hand! How's that for service, lol. Last month when I went to the Gyn it was quick and painless! I love it :) Maybe I like it because it's all right there. It's perfect for lazy people like me. Before I even get dressed they've sent my prescription down to the pharmacy and printed out my instructions and follow up sheets.

Dear Kaiser,

Can I be in your commercials? I'm cute and I like your service.

Thank you very much,
Therapeutic Musings

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ummm, should I be offended?

You know the saying, "it's not what you say but how you say it"? Well TheCount and I have come up with another one, "it's not what you say but WHO says it."

This is the phrase that we keep hearing, "I can't believe you're getting married." Said like this, I can't believe you're gettING MARRIED! You know, with the excitement building, lol. Most of you probably read that with some excitement, like how most people say it. People who have watched us grow up, our friends that have watched our relationship grow, and our parents are all super excited and can't believe it's finally here when we tie the knot.

But what about the girl from my parent's church that I don't get along with? We stayed in a hotel together for a week at a conference few years ago and we bumped heads like you wouldn't believe. Whenever I saw her after that it was awkward and uncomfortable. I saw her in DSW yesterday when I was with my mom. I saw her and turned around to go hide. Unfortunately my mom saw her too and called out to speak. I was like "ma, I already saw her I was trying to hide." My mom was like "she saw you too, she was trying to hide as well, so y'all need to speak." So we speak and I give her a genuine hug and told her I liked her outfit, because i really did. She asked what we were shopping for, my mom told her "the wedding". She looked at me and asked when it was:

Me: It's this Saturday
Her: Oh my goodness, I can't believe you're getting married
Me: Yep yep, I am

Then I started an internal conversation with myself because this is how the sentence sounded when she said it. I can't believe YOU'RE getting married. As in I can't believe it's you and not me because I'm older and prettier. I can't believe it's you and not me because you are ugly/tacky/rude/wear glasses/have acne or whatever their issue seems to be with me. Just to make sure I wasn't being dramatic, I called my voice of reason, TheCount. I reminded him who she was, he remembered well since he had to stop my sister from killing the girl in her sleep (that was a funny funny night). I told him the conversation and he was like yeah, a couple of people I don't know that well have said that too and it's like ummmm, bitter much? I was cracking up because I thought he was going to tell me I was reading too much into it. But the whole time I was talking to her I kept getting the feeling that she was in her feelings about me getting married. In her defense she is prettier than me on the outside, but her insides suck. She is offensive, overly aggressive and rude!

But I don't want to spend this post beating her down because 2 years ago, I had this same conversation with my best friend. We were in my dorm room and she saw I had a wedding magazine still in the plastic. Knowing how much I love magazines she asked why I hadn't opened it when I had it for over a month:

Me: I can't
Her: Why not?
Me: Because I'm upset. Everybody else that met their boyfriends way after TheCount and I were dating are already engaged and getting married or married. Everybody else is having babies and what am I doing? (by this point I was crying my eyes out)
Her: You are waiting for God's timing.

That conversation cemented our friendship. That was the best thing she could have said to me. We opened the magazine, we dreamed about our time, talked about our expectations, It was really nice. I was so busy hating on what other people had that I couldn't celebrate what I did have and I was also blocking God from doing good things for me because of all my bitterness. BestFriend helped me so much that day, I bet she doesn't even realize it.

I say that to say, celebrate other people's accomplishments. Rejoice with those who are rejoicing, I assure you, your time will come.

Monday, October 6, 2008

5 more days!

I must say that I feel a lot better this week! I think it's a sinus infection, I have an appointment with my doctor so that I can get my voice back together. I sound like a man! My future Mother-in-law was like "Ms. TM why are you coughing like that?" I tried to make up stories and act like it wasn't me but that stupid Count ratted me out. I was trying to get out of taking some medicine because that woman is like a witch doctor! She came out there with some pills and gel for me to take, but she learned her lesson from last time. NO more liquids! Last time I was sick she fixed me this drink and the count and I got in a huge fight because I refused to drink it. I acted like a child, that ish was nasty!

Anyway the wedding is this Saturday and I am so ready :) I've been meaning to post some more pictures on here from various wedding related events, but I need to go paint my nails so it won't be happening right now. I cancelled my bachelorette party, I really didn't want one. I'm having a sleepover the night before the wedding so that will serve as my party, we'll go out for ice cream or something. The Count isn't having a bachelor party either. I think they may go play paintball but I'm not sure.

I really did have something in mind to post but I can't remember now. I'll type it up and schedule it immediately next time so I don't forget. Ohhh, I got all new panties the other day, lol. I felt like a grown up. Why did this fool (TheCount) send me a picture of the exact style he wanted me to buy. I was cracking up but I did get them. Winding down, last five days, whooohooooo!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Somebody pray for me!

I had to leave work early today. Now I'm on the couch drugged up and crying out to Jesus! Seriously the combination between this funky sinus infection and stress has seemed to cause a Lupus flare up and my knees are hurting so bad that I can't walk. Yeahhhh fun times over here. It's ok, I'm praying, taking meds, and going to sleep. I have to go pick the Count up at 9:50 from the airport and then he's taking me home. Good night all!

Whoop that chick!

I'm bout to smack this chick. For real y'all. I've blogged about her before, her wedding is 2 weeks after mine. She chose this date knowing when my wedding was. She asked me to be a bridesmaid knowing when my wedding was. And I agreed, knowing I'm a fool! She has really been plucking my goshdarn nerves because she keeps bothering me and she's dumb.

Last week she called and we had this conversation:

Chick: My rehearsal is on Friday the 24th at 3pm.
Me: 3pm? Sweetie I have to work
Chick: You can't leave early?
Me: WHAATTTTT? Well I'm off for the 2 weeks before that so I don't know about all that.
Chick: Well can you ask your boss if you can leave early
Me: Yeahhhh, ok. byebye

Monday night she calls me:
Chick: Somebody wants to know if they can come to your wedding and they are right here with me.
Me: Excuse me? I know you weren't rude enough to do what I think you are doing
Chick: Well she wanted me to call you, it's Pearl, she wants to come
Me: Tell her she can come to the ceremony, not the reception, get off my phone

Yesterday she called me:
4 darn times back to back to back. Then she texted me. Then she called me again and left a message. What did she want?
To ask me to take a picture of the bridesmaid dress and text it to her aunt so she could see it so she could go to the store and buy the fabric to make a dress. My problems with that?
1. Don't call my phone that darn many times. It is rude, if I wanted to talk to you, I would have answered.
2. Don't repeat the same thing 4 times on my voicemail, it makes me angry
3. Don't be asking me to do stuff for you when I'm trying to do my own thing. How can she look at a picture on a cell phone and go buy the appropriate fabric.

I texted her back this morning telling her that I don't have picture messaging so I couldn't do it.

Today she calls me:
Twice in a row, I didn't answer. Her punishment was that I would wait an hour before calling her back. She wanted to come to the house and pick up the ugly purse that came with the dress so her aunt could use that. I call her back
Me: Chick, I'm not at home so I can't get it for you
Chick: It's ok, they didn't have it. Ohhh, you sound terrible, are you sick?
Me: Yeah, just a little
Chick: You sound decongested
Me: Yeah, I'm CONgested.
Chick: Oh, and it's so close to your wedding too.
Me: Ummmyeahhhhh I gotta go

And why did I find out this chick's wedding is $65,000. Did I mention she's on welfare? Yepyep, thanks for paying for her wedding guys!

I don't think I'll be accepting any more calls from her until after my wedding, lol. Why? Cuz it's all about me right now!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: I've made my decision...take a look

This is the purple color on my nails. It does come out rather dark, perhaps I should go a shade lighter. I'm praying none of my nails break in the next 2 weeks. You should see how careful I am. I rub my cuticle oil on every night. I refuse to wash dishes or do anything dangerous, lol.

The industrial bar piercing. I am going to keep it in. Oh, perhaps I should have taken the picture with my bridal jewelry on so you could get the full effect. Oh well, I'm not taking another picture.

This is me after I left the salon when my mom got the tiara tangled in my hair. I have more angles but it wouldn't give you the full effect because I don't have the middle weave in. I'm going to wear a veil but not a blusher.

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