Friday, May 29, 2009

Can you tell I'm hungry?

I have been tearing some Kale Chips up this week. They aren't as good as Pringles, but they sure do help me get a few servings of veggies in. I'm even going to make some Kale and Sausage pasta (as soon as I find a good recipe).
My favorite thing on Earth is Domino's Cheesy Bread. Since I recently got a bread maker, I am going to make this bread this weekend. I am beyond excited, if you've never had it, please order it for lunch. It is garlicky cheesy goodness. I may order me some for lunch, you know for testing purposes.
I just turned around to put my tea bag in the trash and I see somebody has used my trash can. That, my friends, is unacceptable behavior. If you have random trash, walk to the kitchen and dispose of it.
I can't believe none of y'all had any good snacks to tell me about. Food is on my mind all day every day. I coach my sister through cooking dinner with text messages. My mom calls and says, "I have porkchops, what should I cook?" If I wasn't so lazy and forgetful, I would have a food blog. Not where I create recipe's though, where I find good ones and test them, and tell y'all about them. Perhaps the good Lord can help me get some pep in my step so that I can just make that a feature on this blog, it needs some direction. What y'all think? Would recipe reviews be interesting? I would take pictures of course. Shoot, I should have had TheCount record me almost burning down our apartment building this week. Smoke everywhere. The detector screeching while politely informing me of "fire fire fire," and "carbon monoxide...carbon monoxide." It was hilarious (FYI: 1/2 cup of olive oil is significantly more than 2 teaspoons. One will almost burn your house down, the other serves as a nice coating for Kale Chips).
*******Completely unrelated I'm thinking about going natural (hair not food). Anybody transitioned to natural before? Any tips, hints, tricks, opinions? Mind you I contemplate this about every 3 months, and have yet to do it.*************

Thursday, May 28, 2009

In which I talk about everybody but me

Since I am happily perched upon my high horse today, I shall take this time to talk about what everybody else is doing wrong in their life. Not me though, I'm perfect up here on my high horse.
My office mate is going to make me kick her in her teeth. For a multitude of reasons really. One being that she keeps on singing and humming loudly to her music. We normally both sit in here with one earphone in so we still look professional, while still being able to enjoy our individual music. Yesterday, however, I had to put both headphones in and look like a complete jerk to everybody entering our office. I'm working on a really time consuming audit project and I don't have the patience to put up with her random moaning to her music. The other reason I'm going to kick her is that she's trying to get pregnant. One would think that you would be extra healthy during this time. I mean, SisterTM texted me a threat that she was going to fly up here and poke holes in our condoms and add powdered vitamins to all of our foods and beverages. Even that evil little devil spawn knows the importance of starting off healthy. What does my office mate do? Guzzle Pepsi and Coffee. She complains of being tired every single day and says "I must need some caffeine and sugar." Ummmmm idiot girl, that is not the ideal way to provide your body with energy. Since I was helping her track her fertility (uhh yeahhhhhh, we're way too close) she was keeping me in the know about the situation.
Her: Yeah, we did the rabbit thing the dates I was most fertile, so we'll see.
Me: Yeah, and as soon as you stop drinking all that Pepsi and drink a glass or 8 of water every now and then, you'll be good to go.
Her: I know, this time I decided, only water while I'm pregnant. Not 6 pepsi's a day. Maybe that's why my daughter is so hyper now.
This morning while I was riding my high horse into the building I saw my coworker from the picnic that had the child I had to chase down and return to her. She said she's going back to school. What does she want to be? A dang social worker. I wonder if it'll cause office tension when her coworker shows up at her house to take her own kid from her?
I'm going to be back to my job hunt for TheCount. Why? Cuz his cheap tail is gonna make me kick him in his teeth too. Since you so stressed about me spending $17 at The Gap on 2 pairs of pants, why don't we get you a job making some more money, cuz I aint leaving my job no time soon in search of greener pastures. He cracks me up and I stress him out. We are not struggling by any means, but he is so serious about stuff that he doesn't leave any room for fun (if you call work pants fun). For the month of June, I'm going to appease him though and not spend money. Let's all join together and pray for a better paying job for him so I'll be able to buy some full price clothes one day!
My daddy friended me on Facebook. My mom I was ok with. Him? Not so much. I haven't accepted it yet. I hope he gets bored after a week and doesn't log back on, otherwise he's going to get on my nerves and I'm gonna unfriend him. I hope he takes a cue from my mom, who won't friend anybody under 30 unless they request her. She doesn't want to make anybody uncomfortable. I wonder will my dad's feelings be hurt when TheCount doesn't accept his friend request?
Alright, let me ride on out of here before somebody tries to trip my horse and I come tumbling down.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

While the cat's away...

TheCount will be out of town today through Saturday attending the men's conference at church. While I will certainly miss my hubby (well not the fact that lately he keeps waking me up by asking very loudly if I'm sleep. I threw a book and hit him in the face with it Monday night, so I hope that ritual is finally over) I am looking forward to partying hard in the apartment all by my lonesome. I am currently reading Prayer, by Miles Monroe which I will definitely enjoy reading in bed without some big head dude talking in my ear.
I also plan to make all sorts of fun foods for one, although I haven't decided what yet. Of course one day will be devoted to chicken and waffles from the carryout.  Anybody have any fun foods I should try? Speak now so I can make it before Mr. I'veNeverSeenItMadeThatWay comes back home. I'm already planning to try Kale Chips which the lovely Brittany of Clumps of Mascara suggested on Twitter the other day. I'm not going to lie, I kind of wouldn't mind eating shrimp all day every day. Shrimp tacos, shrimp and black bean quesadillas, shrimp pasta, regular ole shrimp in a skillet, shrimp nachos... I'd make fried shrimp, but TheCount is the designated fryer because I fail miserably at that task. I inherited a love for shrimp from my dad, I'm convinced it's in my genes. I also have 6 ears of corn waiting for my consumption. Anyway, any cool recipes or your favorite snack ideas that you guys wanna pass on, please do!
Since he's leaving mid day, I really don't plan on going to Bible Study that night (ohhh he's gonna fuss at me) but it's because I can't make the drive. Every Wednesday on the way to and from church I am knocked out in the car. I cannot drive between 6-7 pm, I will fall asleep, especially in traffic.
I have a project that's been on my desk since last week and I really need to make myself do it. I WILL have it done by noon today, because now I'm just being lazy. It'll probably only take me an hour. I'll start as soon as I finish looking at the grocery store sales papers...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All About Me

I hope you all had a wonderful 3 day weekend, I know I did! I hung out with my best friend and my family which is always good. Saturday was spent preparing for Sunday's cookout followed by TheCount's and my friends descending upon my parents basement to watch the game. I find it hilarious that my parents never complain when all of a sudden TheCount's friends just start ringing the doorbell and coming in. This happens quite often. This time my mom was happy they were there because we wanted to hook my best friend up with one of them. Unfortunately my  best friend, the die hard Lakers fan, acted a darn fool all evening. When we watch basketball games she really gets into it with the yelling and arguing, it's hilarious really, but not for TheCount's laid back friends. They were watching her argue down my 12 year old cousin and they were like ooookkkkkkk. So needless to say, that hookup will never happen.
Sunday we went to church and had a cookout at my parent's house. Despite the fact that my cousins get on everybody's nerves, we still enjoyed ourselves. It was hilarious to watch my niece in action. She's 11 and really shy, but she talks a lot, just very softly. She also has a mean streak which she developed by having 3 younger brothers that try and punk her. I went and got her my mannequin so she could play in her hair. As soon as I gave it to her my little cousin asked if she could play with it:
Cousin: Can I play with your doll?
Niece: No
TheCount: Tell her she can play, after you are finished playing.
Niece: I told her no and that's what I meant.
Me: Cousin, I just gave her that doll, she hasn't even started playing with it yet.
Cousin: Okkkkk
I was cracking up the entire time. When Niece and I went upstairs to get some food, she was like, "that girl is too grown, she doesn't act 9. My mom would have to tell her mom on her." It's funny because I always think the same thing.
We finally got our wedding album :) It is beauutttiiifuuulllllll. You guys have no idea! I am beyond excited. I wish you guys could see it. Even my hater aunties were like, "I've never seen anything like this before, this is beautiful TM." Of course QueenHater and grandmomma to MissTooGrown cousin had the nerve to say, "well where am I in the pictures? I guess I wasn't important enough." Duhhh, it wasn't about you! It was about me, and as you can see, I'm on every page, and the cover :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Let's Eat: Honey porkchops and Potatoes

Last night's dinner was soooooo good. You guys really have no idea. It was sweet and filling I enjoyed it greatly. We had Honey Pecan Porkchops and Kiss O'Honey Potatoes. The porkchop recipe I got from the Random Anderson blog. It's easy to customize this to make however many porkchops you need. Quick and yummy! The potato recipe came from my Get 'em Girls cookbook, that I left at home so I can't post the recipe but it was basically cut up some potatoes and put honey and salt and pepper on them and roast it in the oven for 45 minutes.
After dinner we went for a walk which is always fun. We found all sorts of mini parks (like 6) so we stopped to swing and play a few times (while I twittered the pictures, lol). We even almost picked up 2 little girls! We were walking past their house and they were strapped in their tree swings.
LittleGirl: Hi!
Me: Hi!
LittleGirl: What y'all doing?
Me: Just going for a little walk
LittleGirl: Can we come?
Me: Ohhh you guys are having much more fun in your cool swings, you don't want to walk with us
TheirDad: Good answer
LittleGirl: Okkkkkkk, well bye
Us: Bye!
Y'all know I would have let those little girls walk with us if their daddy would have went along with it, right? I love the kiddies, it would have been so much fun. When we walked away TheCount said that he half expected me to walk over to the little girls and scoop them out of their chair and tell their daddy that we would bring them back after our walk. I reallllllyyyyyy wanted too, but no good parent would go for that. We went looking around at houses for sale in the neighborhoods right behind our apartment complex, let's just say complete sticker shock. We saw one house that was completely lame in my opinion with a kitchen smaller than our apartment kitchen and it was listed at $429,000. Ain't no way we were gonna pay that for the house we saw. Next week we'll walk a different way and check those house prices out because I like the area, but not enough to overpay for a house.
Anybody have any big weekend plans? We have a few cookouts to go to and we are going to go pick up our fancy schmancy wedding pictures this weekend :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I like your style

Ever since I did my hair curly everybody has been  commenting on it. Folks that never paid me any attention before took note of how they liked it. People that call me Jackie or Jennifer (neither of those are my name) on a regular basis took note that I had a new curly do and how they liked it. I started to think that everybody has been sitting back with voodoo dolls just praying that one day I would do something with this pile of mess on my head and now that I have, they are eternally grateful. After getting a complement from the unlikeliest of people last night, I asked TheCount about this.
Me: It's crazy, but folks who don't pay me any mind have told me how much they liked my hair. It's like everybody hated how I looked before and they've been praying I would change it.
TheCount: God knows I've been praying and pleading that for once you would do something different.
Me: Whatchu just say?
TheCount: I said you look very pretty honey.
Me: Yeah okkkkkk
I guess I'll be rocking the curly do for a while, especially since it hides the fact that I need a relaxer, and it's super low maintenance. Let me go to you tube and see what other hairstyles I can learn...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is it naptime yet?

Why did I think today was Thursday? As I was talking to myself and Jesus this morning in the shower I was thinking about the weekend and such when I realized, oh wait, it's Wednesday slow down TM.
Since it was a lovely day outside yesterday I decided TheCount and I should have dinner in the park. I went to a local black family owned carryout to pick up our dinner because I wanted to do my part to support local businesses. It was nice watching them season and  cook my food while I waited because nothing beats fresh chicken and fish! The food was good, buy I must admit my dad's (who has a catering business) is better. Since he wants to open a restaurant someday I guess that's good. TheCount and I had a lovely time eating, then walking around the lake, then playing basketball, then one of us sneaking off to buy ice cream, then heading back home to watch the game. Good times had by all. We both fell asleep on the couch which always puts a smile on my face for some reason. I guess because it feels comforting.
We got a call from our photographer last night letting us know that our wedding book is done! We'll probably go pick it up this weekend.
I am exhausted even though I went to bed before 10. I think it's because I'm finally almost over being sick and my body's fighting extra hard to get the rest of this crap out. I wake up the upstairs neighbor every night with my coughing, it makes me feel bad because I hear him snoring so peacefully (random sidenote: this man must not have a tv or anything because I never hear tv shows or music only snoring and 2am business calls. I really wonder about his life a lot more than I should: end sidenote) then I start hacking and the snoring stops and I hear him shifting around, poor man. I would bake him some cookies, but who wants to eat food from somebody you hear coughing and dry heaving every night?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Help me stay cute

Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of yourself with 2 huge windows behind your desk? I was looking all shadowy and crazy in the pictures. Then I was looking silly trying to twist my body so nobody walking past my office can see what I'm doing. I did my hair in flexi rods again last night. I have a meeting (and lunch, oh my!) with all the head honchos today so I wanted it to be fresh. Anybody have some sleeping tips to preserve the curls? I cannot sleep pretty, I used TheCount's body the other night to help hold my head in place but I don't think he enjoyed it that much, lol.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

And on the Sabbath, I rested

Even though my body was determined not to cooperate, I had a wonderful weekend! Friday night I did my hair in flexi rods because I wanted to try something new. They came out very nice. On Saturday I slept in (as I always do) and then hubby and I went to my office cookout. It was so funny because hardly anybody recognized me. The ones that did had to do a double take. I had curls, makeup, and a cute outfit on, all things rarely done at work. I guess I'll have to really step my game up and put on some makeup at work because I really did feel pretty. The food was delicious as always and TheCount even tossed around the football with a few of the guys. I realized that one of my coworkers needs to be nominated for unfit mother of the year award. She has a one year old that she couldn't quite keep an eye on. TheCount was like, ummm, who is this little boy and why is he about to climb this hill alone. I looked around and didn't see any parents around so I went to help him. When his ma saw I had him she came over and was like, ohhh yeah, I'm supposed to be watching him. She said that about 10 more time during the course of the day. When TheCount and I were leaving we saw the little boy walking alone down a path. Then he starts running full speed at a moving vehicle. The workers were looking around for any parents, but were scared to grab him. I looked, saw his mom had no idea he wasn't with her and went running at full speed towards him. I tell ya, only for children will I run. The driver of the vehicle saw him and the worker was standing at the part of the path that led down to the stream so the baby couldn't fall in. I ran over scooped him up and began walking him back to his mom. When I got there, she was like, "I was supposed to be watching him! I was too busy running my mouth." I don't think she even knew where I picked her son up from. Good times. I fell asleep in the car and woke up at the mall. We went to say hello to his old coworkers at the jewelry store and one of them was like "ohhh Count, we got those earrings in, here, buy them for TM." LOL gotta love old people, he got them for me, they match the necklace I got for Valentine's day. After we left there we went to Best Buy. We always go through the laptop section and we were playing with a few when I saw another open box sign (that's how we got our big screen tv for $250). It was an open box laptop for $350. He brough it out so I could look at it and we played around with it for a while and TheCount and I provided comic relief for the store employees. He tried to bust me out on how I am the laptop killer and I couldn't do to much of anything because I was all of a sudden burning up and choking. I had to pick up a sign and sit down and fan myself. We ended up getting the laptop and as he was ringing it up, the dude was like, hey, it's actually $319! Woot woot! For a 14 inch, 2GB, 240 the-other-important-thing laptop, I was excited. I've been having a ball on my new computer, especially since I haven't been able to leave the house since returning from the mall. I couldn't go to church sunday because these every 5 minute choking episodes were not going to fly in the sanctuary. I have been sleep alllllll day long. I guess my body needs to rest in order to get this crap out. The pressure in my head and neck is really annoying, it feels like they are going to explode, but I have a lavender chamomile bead thing that goes on my head and it is wonderful and warm and everybody should have one. I've been so uncomfortable I've been sitting around in just undies all day. I seriously can't take anything else. Well I stink so I'm going to take a bath with my bath salts that I made last week and go back to bed.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Forget and Forget

This week will be banished from my memory once it is completed. Just like on the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond I watched yesterday, I'll "just remember the good times," and this week has not been it! In looking for the good in the bad,  I will say praise Jesus my boss was only in the office one day this week. That's great because I've been in and out between the doctor's appointment and not being able to get out of bed in the morning. Today I need to run out to Trader Joe's and Sally's and Marshall's (ok, that one isn't a need but it's right next door). I have a feeling Sunday will be a brawl about whether or not I'll be going to church. If I'm still coughing the answer is no, but I would like to be able to go down front and get the elders to pray for me. I think I'll send TheCount, and have him call me. He'll be there physically and I'll still get my healing, we are one right? I'm coughing and gagging every 5 minutes, I'm sure one of the ushers will come tap me and sit in the bathroom with me and politely suggest I don't go back in the sanctuary. Of course she'll come equipped with cough drops, peppermints, bottled water, and tissue to make sure I don't get offended. That's actually not a bad idea.
TheCount has been ughhhhhhh let's just move right on from that one. I'm sure if he had a blog he would say the same about me this week. Let's all have a great weekend guys, I'm going to need some happy fun filled posts to read on Monday.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Skinny by summer here I come!

ConcernedCoworker: Are you ok? You don't sound well.
Me: Yeah, I'm feeling a little ill, I'm going to call my doctor in a minute to see if she can see me today.
ConcernedCoworker: I heard there was something going around...
EvilCoworker: Yeah, it's called H1N1, get away from my desk.
I have been laughing since Tuesday off that one. Turns out it's just really bad allergies and she upped my meds and gave me some new ones. Yesterday I was sick to my stomach all day. Last night, my voice mysteriously disappeared. This morning my chest started hurting from the coughing and my voice hasn't returned. Unfortunately for all involved, when I lose my voice, I tend to think I can sing. I think, ohhh my voice will be deep and sexy, but when I start singing only every 5th sound comes out and it does not sound good! Oh well, my chest is in pain, your ears are in pain, we all have to make sacrifices in life. I haven't been able to work out these past few days due to the general feeling of misery, but I also haven't had an appetite. I can't tell you the last time I was able to actually finish my bowl of morning oatmeal. My sister and I always say the best thing about being under the weather is the guaranteed weight loss! She had a kidney infection last year and lost like 15 pounds, hey gotta look for the rainbow in the rain.
I told my ma I was still trying to lose 15 pounds. She was like, "why, so you can be nothing but a butt and a big forehead walking around. Girl shut up." Funny, that's the same thing my doctor said, well not verbatim, but she told me I  better not. I don't understand why not though, last year at this time I was 13 pounds lighter (yep, I finally lost 2 pounds, it only took 3 months, lol), Is everybody trying to tell me I looked a frail hot mess? My workout buddy and I decided I would focus on inches and not pounds since that's where I'm seeing the changes anyway. Now I just have to remember to take some measurements tonight.
Somebody just told me I sounded cute since my voice was gone. Funny, that's the exact opposite of what TheCount said. His version went something like "oh my God, shut up and go sleep on the couch."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I need to go home!

I have to send in my accomplishments today for my yearly review...yikes! I'm waiting for somebody to come in and read over it for me. Since I'm a contractor, the people here really like to help me since I'm not up for their positions and I work for a different company. That's the only reason I'm at work right now. I'm about to call Kaiser. Really sore throat, dizziness, nausea, and I think I just may have a fever. Lawd Ima be so embarrassed if I have the swine flu, lol. I couldn't even talk yesterday and I woke up all through the night in pain. I probably just caught something from on of the babies in the nursery on Sunday because I was wiping noses all morning. Pray for me y'all, I aint even trying to use my leave (that is so sad!) It's amazing though, I'm on time the day I feel like crap...amazing.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lush, Nails and Starvation

Ignore my little rant from Saturday, I'm feeling better now. How was your mother's day? I was about to drop kick some folks at church for trying to wish me happy mother's day, and saying that next year I can celebrate. No the heck I can't, I am not having a baby anytime soon! I was standing with another friend (young and married) and somebody said it to both of us, she was like "don't you put that on me Ricky Bobby," and I fell out laughing. If you've never seen Talledega Nights then you're missing out on a funny movie.
Anyway, MamaCount was out of town visiting her momma so we got to hang with my mom, as we usually do. We went and did a walk through DC and to a riverside restaurant. It was a beautiful day! My mom, who has been skeptical about believing I've been working out as hard as I say I have, finally saw it. She was walking behind me and came up and was grabbing on my side talking about, "oh my goodness, your body is changing, you are getting really skinny right here. It looks good." I was like, ma, I told you I was getting a six pack so I can wear a string bikini. She wasn't too happy with that part, but I just wanted to bring her some stress on her momma's day. I even had on some pants that were in my 'hmmmm gotta lose some of these hips before I can put these back on' pile. Not only did I have them on, I had room to breathe and move! Whoohooo, workouts are finally paying off. The food at the restaurant was good, but it wasn't enough. My mom, dad, and I were still so hungry after we ate. My parent's were fighting over the rib I had left on my plate, lol. My mom wanted to gnaw on the bones to get the meat I left on it, like she used to when I was younger. She didn't, thank goodness, but we did go get some ice cream immediately afterward. Do you know these fools tried to stage an intervention for me? Seems they have a problem that I always get cookies and cream. It's because it always makes me do a happy dance, and I love to happy dance, so why not? I cannot think of a single thing that is better than oreo's and vanilla ice cream. Not one single thing (keep in mind I hate nuts, and fruit flavored dairy, and peanut butter, and candy flavored dairy, and cake like things, so there's not too much left, lol)
I have some pictures that I need to load up, so maybe later on in the week I'll have a picture post :) I dragged my family to Lush because I had been wanting some goodies from there since we went last time. The lovely PJD went on Friday and got some things, and was kind enough to let me know what she got so I could have some things to reference. That store put me in sensory overload! So many things to see and read, I couldn't do anything but stand in one spot. I didn't even get to get all the stuff I wanted because I was that overwhelmed. Once I finish my massage bars and porridge stuff, I'll go back and get the other things she suggested. I'll have my list ready so I can hand it to a worker in case I panic again, lol. Seriously, I had to stop shopping in certain stores in the mall because all the colors and stuff made me dizzy. Stand outside and point inside for what I want my sister to get me, or just shop online. Surprisingly enough, my momma loved the store. She was sampling, and grabbing, and laughing. We walked out bags in hand feeling great!
Know what she didn't love? My bright yellow fingernails, lol. When I walked in, she was like, "oh my God, Count, why did you let her do this?" I didn't even know what she was talking about. She asked if it was part of my swag. I was cracking up at her. I think they're cute still!
So I ask again, how was your momma's day?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A woman so heartless

I've been in a foul mood today so I haven't been talking. I'm keeping to myself until I can return to my normal cheery self. Last night we went to a play and to dinner with another couple. I had fun, but by the end of the night I was kind of upset. TheCount kept calling me mean and the boyfriend in the couple we went out with kept saying I was heartless and rude. I really don't get it because, to me, the 2 of them do stuff wayyyyyyyyy meaner and ruder than I have ever done and they do it in people's face and laugh. I never do anything to hurt a persons feelings, so I don't get how I'm the mean one. We were talking about one of their friends who always has tons of girls fighting over him. They asked us (the girls) what was his appeal.

Other girl: I guess he dresses nice and he's funny.
Me: I don't know. There is nothing appealing about him that would make me want to date him.
Other dude: There has to be something.
OG: the way he dresses?
Me: no, his clothes are too tight for my liking and he needs to stop spending money on clothes and work toward his future.
OD: well he's funny
Me: and in order to experience that funny I would have to go pick him up. He's 23, just got his lisence and has no car. He's not in school or practicing a trade. He doesn't have a career, just a job. That's not funny or fun to me and he spends his whole paycheck on clothes and shoes.
OD: you are heartless
TheCount: told y'all she is mean

I honestly don't get what's mean about that. You asked me the question. If you don't want to know, don't ask. Maybe if y'all would stop acting like everything he does is ok, he would realize he needs to do better and wouldn't be living in his moms basement with no car, a job in the mailroom, and no education. I mean, I wouldn't go up in his face and tell him all his faults and what he needs to do with his life, but if you ask me, don't you want me to tell you? I wouldn't be rude, just honest. I'd expect the same from my friends, I can't do better if I don't know I need to make changes. I'm not saying I'm perfect and can fix you, but seriously, friends help friends and he needs to be working toward something before I would even consider entertaining him.

What do you think? Was I rude (note, he was not there!)? Be honest!

Friday, May 8, 2009

TM, providing a million smiles a day (or something like that)

I have had so much fun brightening days this week! I gave my coworker a pair of earrings, that she really likes :)
My workout buddy injured herself doing a 26 mile walk over the weekend. I kept telling her to soak in the tub to help her muscles. This chick was like, I don't have time, I took a hot shower. Dude, I didn't say go to a spa, I said sit your tail in the tub! So I made a mix of some soothing bath salts and put it in a pretty container for her, I named it "HerName, Take a Bath!" I hope she likes it, and that her body stops being mad at her.
I hadn't heard from my best friend from college in a while so I sent her a text. Found out she finally started a full time job, yay! I also learned she had to go to the hospital a little while back because she had a nervous breakdown. I'm going to beat her tail when I see her. She shuts people out when she gets sad, so she had been avoiding me because she knew I would have kidnapped her while screaming "Be Happy! I said, be happy!" Since she works 7 days a week, we can never get up cuz that is tiring.  I know exactly what's wrong with her and when it started, so I suggested perhaps she should get some therapy, because I don't think I would handle the conversation with her very well. All she needs a simple slap and a "get over it, you messed up, he's gone, and he's married now. He did you wrong in the end, but you did him wrong first. Move the heck on and YOU be happy instead of wondering why he's not sad or miserable. It's been 3 years, trust me, you have God's permission to be happy, that's what He wants, now come on, we have a great life to live." Since she needs a much more sensitive and helpful approach, I'll leave it to a therapist. Actually, as I was typing that, I was cursing in my head. I don't even curse, so I know that this situation is making me mad I'm making her a "BE HAPPY!" basket. She doesn't have time to go to church these days, so I got her  a good devotional book, and  Lisa McClendon's new CD because I love it! It's very mellow, which is what she needs right now, positive mellowness to come out of this. What you listen to and read really has a strong impact on what comes out of you, believe it or not. I also got her some cookies, bath salts, and bubble bath. I'm trying to figure out what else I'm going to put in her kit. Any suggestions? If you were going through a hard time, what would you like to receive in the mail from a friend? I  Ohhh, I find her some Lakers gear too :) How fun! I can't wait, I have to set a goal to put it in the mail by Monday, I'm really bad about that!
I brightened TheCount's week by doing a top to bottom clean of the apartment without asking for his assistance. I didn't even physically attack him as he messed up the stuff I was cleaning up. I cannot for the life of me figure out how 2 people accumulate so much dirt. I'm convinced people come and hang out in our apartment during the day or that The Borrowers are out to get me. There is no other explanation for all the strange spots in places we don't even go and the fact that I'm always seeing things, but nothing is ever there.  
P.S. the dishes are still in the work sink from yesterday. Now there are 7 additional glasses on the counter. I think I'll use the other kitchen today so I won't have to run into him again, because I don't think I could keep a straight face. I will not be brightening his lazy day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I was just in the kitchen washing my oatmeal out of my cup from breakfast. When "owner of the company's" dad walked in. We exchanged morning pleasantries and he walked out. Then he came back in and said, "sorry." I look up and was like what is this man talking about? He apologized for me having to wash all his dishes that were in the sink. I was thinking to myself, I aint washing nobodies dishes but my own! The sink had about 8 cups, 2 bowls, and a container with macaroni and cheese that has been in there all week. He was like, "it's almost therapeutic to wash dishes isn't it? You feel like you're getting something done. Anyway, sorry you got stuck with it." I smiled and went to back to washing MY cup. I thought, for a brief second, about putting all those dishes in the dishwasher for him, but when I opened the dishwasher it was full. Shoottttt. I spent all night cleaning my own house, I am not cleaning up here too, especially not somebody else's crap because they think they are at home with their own personal housekeeper. I wonder what he's going to think when he walks back in the kitchen and sees all those dishes still there? LOL I'm glad he has no clue who I am (and that I'm not actually employed by this company), because if he mentions it, I'll play dumb and act like it was one of the other black girls, you know we all look alike!
(I can't figure out how to get the highlight color off. So it's staying, lol.)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's the little things...

When I ride into work in the morning I like to try to write my posts in my  head so I can crank them out when I get to my desk. Today, I was mentally writing my post and I was mad and irritated and my post was about me being mad and irritated. Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye that made me do a double take. There was a white dude, about 16 or 17 in baggy jeans, a hot pink hoodie, and a black fitted cap, riding on a razor scooter down the side of the road. It was so unexpected all I could do was's the little things. I started singing along with the radio and then I noticed The Yolanda Adams Morning show wasn't really on and they didn't do the points of power or bishop secular at the time they were supposed too, and I got mad again, because I like listening to that in the morning. Then I felt something on my face I haven't felt in a week...sunshine! Ohhhh man I started cheesing, because it has been cool and rainy here for a while and I needed some sun, the little things and the joy they bring.
Take time to notice the little things today and choose to be happy! Off to do my work and listen to some more india.arie!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo is holiday time...

Last night we went to Copeland's for dinner. Oh my goodness it was soooo good. We had garlic crab claws as an appetizer and I had a shrimp po boy with fries for my meal. I didn't even get through half of that sandwich. We're already planning our next trip back! Since our favorite restaurant near our house closed, we've been looking for a replacement and my goodness I think this is it. TheCount got me a breadmaker :) I asked for earrings, which I knew he didn't go get, so instead, he appealed to the greedy side of me! I was dancing around the house singing songs about bread all night, I love me some bread! TheCount seemed pleased with the shirts I got him, but it was kind of overshadowed by the fact that I ordered myself a ton of clothes that also happened to arrive yesterday. PJD told me I was gonna get in trouble when I ordered them, but I didn't listen. Oh well, it'll be all right. I've promised to not spend any money this month and I seem to be doing well :) I might even extend it to June also, that'll really knock his socks off!
Anyway, I have to plan my Cinco de Mayo (is anybody else singing Joan's song from Girlfriends to folks today?) menu! I use anything as an excuse to celebrate! 

Monday, May 4, 2009

6 year anniversary

Today is TheCount and my 6 year anniversary!  I typed up a lovely post last night about it, and then our cable and internet went out. I am not typing all that again, but 6 years ago today TheCount came over to meet my parents so he could take me to prom. Six years ago today he called me and asked if I would be his girlfriend, and we've been going strong ever since. He's the best!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

'bout time

Hey, I updated the blogroll :) By no means are these all the blogs that I read, but it's a good mix and most definitely the folks I comment on regularly. Ughhhh Pink is a lazy blogger, she pops up every now and again.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Any goals for May?

I did not realize it was the beginning of a new month today! I can't start off the month complaining about the construction in the apartment. About how one day we only had cold water, the next we only had hot water, and one day we didn't even have a working toilet! I also won't complain about the stains on my carpet from people in and out, or the sawdust covering my kitchen and dishes. Nope, won't complain a bit! Instead, let's talk about our goals for May. I want to go ahead and make this a great month! So this month I will:
1. Participate in a fitness bootcamp. It starts Monday on and I think it'll be good for me. I do my monthly weigh in today and I honestly don't think I've lost any weight these past 2 months despite all the exercise I've been doing. I do see a lovely set of abs forming, so I guess I won't count it a loss.
2. Eat more vegetables. I always get my fruit on, but I leave veggies out too often. I need to repeat to myself, salads are your friend! Last night we had "A Trio of Salads" as our theme for dinner. We had regular old salad with broccoli, cucumbers, and carrots. We also had Rotini with Pesto, I didn't like it, I've never had pesto before so I don't know if I made it wrong, or if it really tastes like that, either way, I didn't care for it. For dessert we had fruit salad with blackberries, strawberries, mango, and pineapple. It was delicious!
3. Brighten a day, everyday! Y'all I love giving compliments. Now, I don't lie to someone just for the sake of saying something nice, but I do need to tell folks when I like something. The other day in Baja Fresh this chick had on a cute skirt and I told her so, you could tell it made her feel a little better :) So everyday I will make sure to try to brighten somebody's day. I'm going to try and keep track because I think it will be fun.
4. Give something away at least once a week. On my computer monitor at work I have this posted, "If you continually give, you will continually have." That was the best fortune ever in a fortune cookie, and I believe it. I'll keep track of these too. Not necessarily to brag about it, but I think it'll be interesting to see what I come up with. I already plan to give my coworker a pair of earrings, my workout buddy and I need resistance bands for our next month workout, so I bought each of us some yesterday, and there are some homeless people by my gas station that I want to cook a meal for :) and a pile of clothes for goodwill.
5. Be consistent with my prayer time/bible study. My morning Bible study emails aren't really appealing to me anymore. I'm working through a joy book that runs parallel with the book of Philippians that I like. My mother-in-law has a book by Myles Monroe (that man is tha bomb!) on prayer. I plan to borrow it with or without her consent. We are believing God for a lot of things *coughlaptopcoughnewcarcoughloanspaidoffcoughlasik*, and I need to remember that I have to have the faith, and the works to back it up.
It's a dreary day today. Since I didn't carry my bright yellow purse to bring a smile, I decided to bounce while I walk. 3 people in the office just joined me because I looked so happy :) Try it! Bounce while you walk, it'll make you smile!

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