Thursday, March 31, 2011

So much to do!

It's been a busy week for me. Open enrollment  started for my client on Monday. They were terminating their contract with us, so we weren't doing anything with the enrollment meetings. On Monday we got a year extension on our contract. Which meant that we now had to staff and attend 120 open enrollment meetings over this next month. I'm in charge of open enrollment, so I've been emailing, calling, ordering, and meeting all week. I'm glad this happens right before my review :) Any slacking I did throughout the year is forgotten because of how awesome I am at open enrollment. 

I'm working from home today because it's so dreary outside and I don't fell like being in the rain. While I'm here, I'm going to trim my ends, make a shampoo, deep condition my hair, and finish researching these shower favors. This lady at church wants me to teach a 30 minute class this Saturday on re-dedication. She told me last night. Between work and getting my own self together. I don't think I have time to put together a class. I need to email her and tell her that. Two days notice is not acceptable.

I'm revamping my hair routine again. I think I figured out which products are making my hair act a fool. Now I need to narrow it down to which ingredient it is that makes my hair so freaking dry and off balance. I am tired of the splits :(

I just put a load of delicates in and I started laughing because I thought of Inner Diva and Jameil. The load consists of 2 pairs of sweat pants, 1 pair of yoga pants, and 2 bras. Gotta take good care of my favorite clothes :) I bet if they could they'd sneak in my window and dump bleach in my washing machine.

Alright, it's taken me 2 hours to type this little bit because I keep stopping to do my actual job, let me go finish being productive! I hear Winterset trying to get my attention. The washing machine is by their tank so maybe she's intrigued by the sound, either way, when I walk over there everybody better be in that tank!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Is it lunch time yet?

A huge THANK YOU to SimplyB for sending me a spa finder gift card! I really, really appreciate it :) I got it yesterday and squealed with delight. I shall put the gift card to great use this weekend.
You know that person at your office that you think is going to ruin casual Friday for everybody? Yeah, that's me. Funny thing is, we don't even have casual Friday. A bunch of people just randomly decided to wear jeans on Fridays so now we have an illegal casual Friday. Today I decided that if I have to work on putting a bunch of presentations together, I deserve to be comfortable, so I wore sweat pants. At least they're black. Every single day I wear tennis shoes to work. I also wear jeans on days that aren't Friday. Like Tuesday, and Thursday. Nobody has ever commented on it though, I wonder if they even notice? I can easily get a doctor's note if somebody has something to say about my non professional foot gear.
We were going to go take our maternity pictures this Sunday, but it's supposed to snow. I don't know if I see myself posing by the cherry blossoms with snow falling. I guess we'll have to do it later in the week, but I really wanted my sister to be there and she'll be out of town next weekend. We'll see what happens.
At my last ultrasound they took a picture of BabyC that is so dang creepy. He looks like he's smiling which should be an "oh how cute moment" but we were both freaked out.
We're going to a children's consignment sale in the morning to see what it's like. By we, I mean I'm forcing MrC to go to a consignment sale with me on Saturday because my sister is busy and I want to go and it's by the Amish market and we can go eat pretzels after and then I'm forcing MrC to go to MAC so I can get a new lip gloss and see if they can give me some eyebrows since God won't let my eyebrows be great. If MrC looks at me and screams "you ain't go no brows man" one more time I'm going to shave his off in his sleep. He thinks it's hilarious that I go get my brows done because he said he can't see them anyway :( It's a shame because I feel so fly after I get them done and then he pisses on my joy, lol.
You know how Ludacris yells out "Luda" in his songs? (or how he used to? Does he still rap? Well that's not really relevant to this story anyway.) The same way he yells Luda is how MrC yells Judah. I'll be in the bed and MrC will get the urge to talk to his son and come in the room hollering JUDAH! Then he gets right next to my belly and has the loudest conversations ever. I'm trying to teach him to kick his father in the face when he comes in disturbing us.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Good Job!

Nerd Girl was the first one to correctly guess BabyC's name! MrC and I had an interesting time picking out his name. We finally reached the agreement that if I let him name our first child, I get to name all the rest. Then the middle name war started. For weeks I tried to convince everybody that his middle name should be Jetswifter. Would you believe not one person agreed with me? We ended up deciding on MrC's middle name for the baby too. That's how we arrived at Judah Emmanuel. 

Thanks for playing guys! Now I need to figure out what I'm sending Nerd Girl as her prize.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Let me spell it out for you

Somebody has to get it today. Read the clues from the first 2 days, combine it with this and remember your Sunday school lessons.

His name is a person, a people, and a place.
Person: didn't want his brother die, decided to sell him instead (well that sounds bad, lol)
People: Hebrew
Place: kingdom

THANKS for playing guys :) I really think you only need one guess today, but try not to exceed two.

PRAISE the Lord, it's Friday and it's going to be 75 degrees here. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Try again

Nobody got it yesterday, let's try again. The name is mentioned 797 times in the old testament and 11 times in the new testament. If you go to church or read your bible at all you've heard it. Before MrC suggested it as BabyC's name, I had no clue who this person was, even though I knew the significance and what the name meant. The name is not a book in the Bible.

Jameil tried to help me make an easier clue but I wouldn't listen. If nobody gets it today, I'll post her clue tomorrow. Two guesses folks!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guess BabyC's name

Alright! You get 2 guesses today. If nobody gets it today then I'll post another clue tomorrow.

BabyC's name is in the Bible. It can be found in the old and new testament, but it's seen more in the old.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Contest tomorrow...

I think I want to play "Guess BabyC's Name" tomorrow. I'm probably going to make it a give away. Dean Braxton came and spoke at our church last night and he was really good! I was going to buy the CD or DVD of his message and use that as the giveaway, then I realized that would mean I had to remember to buy it after church and actually get to a post office. That could take me 6 months, lol. He wrote a book too, I'm going to see if it's online because buying and sending directly without having to actually move is more my style. So tomorrow morning I'll some clues and the rules posted. (Rule #1 Jameil il Fabulosa you can't play!)
I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and at least one apple every single day. I almost fixed one for breakfast this morning but I was running late. When I get home though, PB&J will be consumed!
Booking spa appointments makes me smile. It makes me smile so very much. Booking them while they're discounted makes me smile like a wild banshee. Oh spa week, I love thee! I especially like that I informed MrC of my appointments when I know he didn't feel like listening so he wouldn't ask me any questions or tell me I didn't need to go. When he realizes that between now and the time I have this baby I plan to go to the spa at least once a month, it'll be too late. I firmly believe pregnant women need spa days, when my sister has her baby, I'll make sure I treat her to regular spa treatments.
The other day MrC was being belligerent, so I ran in the bedroom and got a belt and started beating him while he was trying to fix his dinner. Do y'all know he hit me in the face with a tortilla? I wasn't spanked as a child, but I don't think that's how it goes. I thought I dished out the punishment and he was supposed to stand there and take it. We looked so crazy because we were both laughing and I was still trying to hit his legs with the belt and he kept hitting me with that tortilla (that he still ate).
At our church, the ushers seat you and they just fill in the rows as you come in. Since I'm now a VIP member of the bathroom, I need to sit near the end of the row. The usher last night was telling us to sit smack dab in the middle of the 5th row. I would've had to cross over at least 10 people every time I needed to go to the bathroom. I told him there was no way I was going to sit there, it would be a bother to everybody. He kept saying he wouldn't seat me anywhere else. In a sanctuary that holds 2,500 he wouldn't point me anywhere else. I don't argue with folks so I said ok, and walked away and just go to another usher because clearly this old man was feeling some kind of way last night and I know most of the ushers aren't like that. Honestly, if I was a visitor, I would have walked out of the sanctuary and went back home. I asked another usher if I could sit close to the end of a row because I pee a lot in the evenings and don't want to be a distraction. She hugged me, said "mama, I don't want you to have any accidents on my watch," grabbed her stuff, and gave us her seat right by the door. I promise y'all I wanted to thank her each and every one of the 5 times I had to get up during service to pee. BabyC must have found the speaker just as interesting as I did because he was super active during the service. His karate chops combined with me laughing was too much for my poor bladder.
Last night I realized I can recognize the kids I teach by their cries without turning around and for most of them, I know what's wrong. I need to save this skill for my own dang kids, lol. Even MrC was impressed with my accuracy.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I forgot my earrings...

Don't worry, I didn't leave home with my hair like this. I don't feel like I'm getting bigger, but from every body's comments, you'd think I was suddenly 850 pounds. If it wasn't for the nice sales ladies at the mall the other night telling me I'm small compared to when they were 6 months pregnant, I might have had a self esteem issue by now. I still think I'm cute so I'll just be ignoring anybody that tries to tell me otherwise!
 Thanks everybody for your help with my outfit selections, I'll be ordering my clothes tonight. If y'all didn't help me, there's no telling what I would have thrown on!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What do you think?

duo™ Skinny Jean or
Last night I went to the mall to try on sundresses. I posted the pictures on twitter, I won't be putting them here! In dresses, I look twice my size because I poke out in the front and the back- not cute! I think I'll be going with something a little closer to what I feel comfortable and know I look good in. What do y'all think of these colors/items?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feels good... be completely up to date with everything. I don't have any pending things on my desk at work. There aren't any dishes in the sink, no crumbs on the floor. Everything is clean and in order. have all our food for the week cooked already. I got a 4 pound pack of ground beef last week because I wanted spaghetti and the big pack was on sale. Yesterday I decided to cook it all and make our meals for the week all at once. I made spaghetti,sloppy joe's, chili, and tacos. I put a label on each container so MrC would know the appropriate side dishes to pull out and dinner/lunch will take less than 10 minutes to prepare every day. Maybe I'll do the same thing next week with chicken breasts. be planning my baby shower. My family is finally listening and doing what I want. I'm not a fancy person, I just love cookouts and hanging out. I wanted my wedding reception to be a cookout at a park and my bridal shower to be a picnic in a backyard (they tried but a tornado decided to show up that day.) My baby shower is going to be a big cookout at my parent's house. Drop in for 15 minutes or 3 hours, it doesn't matter. Bring your husband and your kids, all are welcome! The guys will probably be playing video games, kids can play outside, and the gals can chit chat and hang out. I'm definitely not having a bunch of games, because I don't like them. I will have a station set up so that you can pick a holiday out of a bucket and then design a bib and onesie that correlates with your holiday. If anybody has any more ideas like that, leave them in the comments! It's a safari themed shower on April 16, if you're in Maryland then and want to stop by, let me know! have my March spa appointment (manicure and pedicure right before we do our pregnancy pictures) scheduled and my April appointment will be scheduled next week. I felt like God was high fiving me when I realized spa finder wellness week is the week of my pictures and Spa Week is the week of my baby shower. I shall be beautified for each event! know that at the end of each day MrC is waiting to give me a massage so I can sleep comfortably. know that God supplies all my needs :)
What about you?


Monday, March 7, 2011

Help me please!

We're going to do our pregnancy pictures at the National Cherry Blossom Festival.
I think the backdrop will be so lovely, so I'm really excited. I really want to climb up in a tree but that's probably illegal and it's definitely unsafe. Neither of those things will stop me from attempting though.
Cherry blossom trees
Now I need to decide what to wear. I'm not a fashionista by any means, so I definitely need help with colors and accessories. I'm going to post some of my ideas and please, please, help me out! I prefer fitted clothes on me because I have a big butt and now a growing belly and loose clothes just aren't flattering. I saw myself from the side in my bath robe and I realized why MrC calls me Big Bertha. I need to stick to things that offer me some shape!
Maternity Flutter Sleeve Tunic Top I like this Ann Taylor top, but I don't think a gray shirt is the way to go. But this style is pretty cute, I think.
Or I could get a fitted tank top and wear a pretty jacket or cardigan over it. I have 3 weeks to get my outfit together, so I'm pretty flexible at this point.
If you happen to see something you think might be cute (shirt (small), pants (medium), shoes, necklace, earrings) feel free to email me or leave me a link. The shirt doesn't have to be a maternity top, I've been wearing my regular shirts and if it's too tight I can always just get a medium, but the pants do have to be maternity because I promised BabyC I wouldn't have any more zippers cutting into my belly.
{Y'all know I'm obnoxious. If nobody helps me I will post this every single day until I either get help or have no more readers. Please don't make it come to that.} 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm procrastinating...

Here's the latest creepy 4D picture of BabyC from our appointment yesterday. MrC got a chance to come with me and he had a good time being able to see the baby move around. Normally when he comes to the visits we don't have time to play around with 4D, but I got the cool sonographer yesterday and she loves to see 4D as much as we do, so she took some time to show us.
This morning Marberry decided he had enough so he was busting out. That stupid little turtle scared the crap out of me. I was super jumpy this morning because the lady upstairs was making so much noise while I was in the shower and I thought somebody was breaking in our apartment. I got out, did a quick check then went into the bedroom to lotion up. Then I heard yet another crash. I stuck my head out the room door and saw the front door was still locked and decided to walk around and check the windows. I walked by the tank and saw Winterset acting all crazy and then I realized- there's only one turtle in here. I looked down and saw Marberry under the tank. I tried to tell MrC that he had too much water in there, but he didn't want to listen. I used MrC's tshirt to help me pick him up because animal scratches probably aren't safe when you're pregnant and then I dropped him back in the tank. He was surprisingly heavy.
Excuse my always messy bathroom. I took a quick belly shot this morning for my journal.
I tried to snap a picture of my beautiful smiling face along with the coils, but it wasn't working out so I fixed it. No face, just hair. This weekend I'm going to pull the coils apart and wear a coil out. We'll see how it turns out!

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