Monday, September 29, 2008


Seasons changing time for a wardrobe change.

I am very very basic when it comes to my personal style. Those 2 pictures made up my summer wardrobe. A $4.80 shirt from forever 21 that I have in every color and Old Navy Flirt jeans that are the best! I don't like to stress about what I"m going to wear so this really worked for me. I dressed it up with a necklace or I would change my shoes for a different effect. Now I'm trying to decide on my staple shirt for fall. I don't know what I want to do.

I want something inexpensive that I can order in every color, I'm very simple minded like that, lol. I have enough jeans to last a lifetime so I'm not worried about that. I have a hard time with long sleeves because my arms are lonnggg and skinnyyy. Perhaps this will be my style:
The first one is a Target sweater for $12.99. The second is an old navy sweater for $25. I like the Target one better and it's more likely that they will go on sale and then I'll buy every single one!

What are the staples in your wardrobe? Do you have some suggestions for what should become my fall go to item?

Friday, September 26, 2008

That's a lie, that's a lie

(you have to read the title like Effie sang it in Dreamgirls)

I'm watching the debates and I'm getting excited. I have never watched anything like this. I'm in here getting hyped and jumping up and down like I'm at church, lol. Here are the thoughts from TM.

"I don't mean to go back and forth...."
Fool, isn't that what a debate is?

Why are McCain's arms so short? You can tell when Obama wants to look at McCain and ask "dude are you serious?"

That's not true John, that's just not true"
Get 'em!

"I have not been elected Ms. Congeniality...."
Dude, you said that already. Did you forget? A joke is funny once....and that one wasn't. And how are you a Maverick if you were only different 10% of the time in the last eight years.

These dudes just keep talking over the moderator. It's funny. They should just duke it out!

"That's not true, that's not true"
-Obama again.
Note to Johnny: You shouldn't lie about a person that is standing right next to you. He can hear you dude. He will defend himself. SET IT STRAIGHT!

You have to know a lot of stuff to be President. Seriously they are spitting out names and facts like they are talking about what they ate for lunch. Even if one of them is quite inaccurate with the details, he can't help it, he's old. Those arms are distracting man! They are little. McCain is taking it back with some facts from 25 years ago! I told ya, you gotta know some stuff. I would not be able to remember everything I voted for in the last 20 years.

Want to know how to tell if somebody isn't telling the truth? Their voice changes completely. It gets very soft because they are trying to convince you to believe their lies.

All right babay! It's over, can't wait until next weeks debate with the vice presidents. That should be very interesting. Did you watch? What did you think?

Piercings and weaves

I got my hair done last night and I love it! I really love it. For the wedding I'm getting some tracks sown in the middle to make it more full but I didn't do that tonight :) These are looking up folks! Hair is no longer a big cry fest of drama! This is what it will look like:

I'm getting my hair like Tamara (left) my sister is getting her hair like Tia (right). Then we are going to take this exact picture, lol. I also got my hair dyed last. It is a very dark brown because TheCount wanted black but MamaTM shut that down with the quickness. It really does look black though, but I like it.

Question. Do you think it would be tacky if I painted my nails dark purple instead of the traditional french manicure or light colored polish? My wedding colors are dark purple and silver. Be honest! It's a dark dark dark purple. The shade I have now is "The Deepest of Violets" by Sally Hansen. It really does look good against my skin. Also, my dress isn't white, it's diamond white, kind of like champagne. I'm not sure if that has any effect on your decision.

So, whatchu think? Can I wear dark purple nail polish on my hands at my wedding?

Oh, one more question. I have this piercing:

Do you think I should take it out for the wedding? I have a vote for yes and a vote for no already. Whatchu think?

15 days until the wedding! Yikes :)

Why is TheCount on my bedroom floor snoring? Hmmmm, why isn't somebody sleeping at that apartment we pay rent at? Hmmmm???? Oh well, off to dream of my baby as he provides the soundtrack, lol.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Does she think they are going to go out of business?

The lady I share an office with was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last month. She has been undergoing treatment and is responding well. This last treatment that she is going through is radiation ( I don't want her to google it and end up here, lol). For this process she has to go on an free diet. They gave her a huge cookbook with a list of things she can and cannot eat. I don't think she gets it. She can't have processed foods, anything in plastic, anything with iodized salt, can't have soy, the list goes on and on. It seems to me like on the diet you can have things that you make yourself and plenty of fruits and vegetables. I knew it would be hard for her because she eats McDonalds (at least) once a day. Most days it's her breakfast and lunch. She is trying to do better but I don't think she gets it. On that extremely restrictive list I don't see how a can of pepsi can be on there. I also don't think packets of instant oatmeal were what they meant. They said she could have apple cinnamon oatmeal and included the recipe. Doesn't that mean they want you to make it yourself? As in get the huge thing of oats and make oatmeal. It seems like a big duhhhhh to me, but maybe her doctor told her things I don't know about. NO PROCESSED FOODS. Means just that, in my opinion. The other day she came in with a glass of orange juice and a glass of milk or rather plastic cups covered with plastic wrap. Now I know I read on there that she can't have bread that has been wrapped in plastic and that if she makes something she MUST put it in aluminum foil, meaning no plastic bags or saran wrap. Am I missing something? How the heck are you going to put your drinks in plastic if you can't put your food in it? I think I'm going to start saying little things to help her out like, Don't they consider instant oatmeal processed? You're allowed Pepsi? or better yet, why the heck does your husband keep taking you to McDonalds every morning when you aren't allowed to eat it? Today she only got a juice, but I'm pretty sure whatever that cup is made out of is on her do not do list.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Finally a happy one!

Does anybody else watch Making the Band? I love it! I love it so much, lol. My sister and I call each other recapping and laughing about what happened. Tonight as I watched the show tears were just streaming down my face. Why? Dawn and Q. Ever since the episode last March when Dawn and Q sat at the piano and were sharing their feelings I have been in love with them! I think it's because they really remind me of my relationship with TheCount. On last nights episode their interaction was beautiful. It really lifted my mood and I'm looking forward to the rest of wedding planning stuff now. Y'all are probably like, TM is tripping of some reality show? Well yeah because that's how TheCount and I interact when I'm not stressed-out-evilina-bride-to-be. And I soooo miss it. I mean normally TheCount and I are geeking off each other. If you watched it, when they were on the phone talking and Dawn had on her soft cheesing voice I was like oh my goodness that's me! I can't remember the last time that TheCount and I had to go more than a day without seeing each other and I definitely don't remember the last time we went more than a day without talking. I do remember when I would go somewhere with my family I would always be on the phone all night with him. Even now, we call each other on our lunch breaks to talk. I love that dude so much!! I'm watching the episode from last season (I schedule my blogs to post now so it's really 1:30 am while I'm typing this) when Dawn is telling Q to go out and be free, enjoy life and I remember having that same conversation with TheCount 5 years ago.

I am breathing a deep sigh of relief. Thanks Dawn and Q for reminding me of the love I have with my baby. Time for me to finish crying while watching this old episode. Seriously the part where she is singing "God is my all and all" and Q is around the corner watching her makes me cry every time. And then I rewind it and cry again. I've had that moment with TheCount before, love is a beautiful thing! Have a great day ladies! Hold out for your Prince Charming :)

Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm really distracted from blogging simply because there is so much to be done! My mind is going 10000 miles a minute and even when I think of something I want to blog about I get distracted before I even get to a computer. I had a purpose when I started typing this. I thought to myself, self, write your blog for tomorrow. And what did self do? Forget! I will say that I think Lobster is overrated. We had it for dinner tonight, I had 2; and I am starrrrvinnnggggg. All that money to not be full? Ugghh I don't get it! I really love Jon and Kate plus 8. It makes me smile a lot. I'm about to eat one of my favorite snacks, popcorn and milk duds. Yummyyyy. Tomorrow I'll be the only one on my team there because they are all going to one of the managers of our client's funeral. I don't do funerals. AT ALL! Funerals really mess up my grieving process. If my last memory of a person is pleasant then I prefer to keep that memory of them instead. So while at work I'll write out some blogs to get me through the next couple of weeks. The wedding is in 18 days!!!! This is a huge jumble of words. Oh well, here comes TheCount with my popcorn. Gotta go! Yeahhh, never mind, I knew he was going to pop the wrong kind! We have buttery garlic, salt and pepper, kettle corn, and butter. I asked for butter, I got kettle corn. Oops oops. See why he doesn't deserve that tv Jamila? LOL, let go be with my baby:)

Say What??

This weekend was spent full of laughter! Oh the random conversations!

This one happened as soon as I walked into MamaCount’s house:
NieceCount: “TM!!!!!” Followed by a huge hug, “When are you going to have children with my Uncle J?”
Me: “When you are 11. Wait, how old are you now?”
NieceCount: “I’m 7.”
Me: “When you are 13, provided you do all the babysitting for us.”
NieceCount: “I will babysit.”
Me: “Well then, let’s get this thing on paper! Have you ever signed a contract before?”
NieceCount: “No”
Me: “Great, let’s get to it.” It reads I, Niece Count agree to baby sit any and all of TM’s and Count’s Children. My duties will begin on my 13th birthday. I agree that the only compensation I will receive is whatever food is in the kitchen. And yes, I made her sign it. Yes SisterCount was all in the background screaming telling her not to sign it. Oh well, I have it on file and I will drag her butt to court if she doesn’t watch my kids!

TheCount and I were in Target:
TheCount: “Ohhh, Baby come here!”
Me: I look over and see this excited look on his face. He’s in electronics so I’m thinking the stereo system he showed me last week was on clearance. I put my magazine down and walk over, “Yes honey?”
TC: “Look,” he tells me, while pointing to a TV.
Me: “At what?”
TC: “This TV, It’s perfect.”
Me: “This $500 TV? This TV that isn’t even on sale? I know you didn’t call me over here for this!”
TC: “But we need another TV for when Comcast comes on Monday.”
Me: “In the interest of saving our marriage, I’m going to walk away and pretend this conversation never happened.”
Y’all TheCount got so sad, like we were really about to buy that TV! We don’t even have a bedroom set and this fool wants another TV? I could have slapped him, lol. He pouted for like 5 minutes. I’m still praying that he was joking.

My dad had just gotten out of the shower and decided to sit on my bed and talk to me, while wrapped only in a towel:
Me: “If you don’t get your naked butt off my bed!”
Dad: Sooo, y’all getting cable installed on Monday?”
Me: “Yes, get off my bed.”
Dad: “Well are y’all getting hi-def and stuff?”
Me: No, we don’t have a hi-def TV. The shows are the same, why pay more? Get off my bed before I kick you off.”
Dad: “Well, how much are y’all paying?”
Me: “$66 for cable and internet each month for 6 months, then $100 a month. GET OFF MY BED!”
Dad: “Woowww, that’s expensive.”
Me: “Daddy, shut up. I guarantee, it’s cheaper than what you pay and go put some clothes on.”
Dad: “We are paying $100 for hi-def, 3 dvr’s, and fios internet, come on let me show you.”
Me: “You show me you in some clothes and then we’ll talk. Get off my bed!”

After he finally put a darn robe on, we went to go look. This fool is paying $180 a month for his cable, internet, and phone. I looked at him like you big dummy, I knew you didn’t know what you were talking about. He was like Mama TM, is it this much every month (you see who pays the bills in the house, lol)? She looked at him like, “I know this fool is not serious.”

And of course the funniest conversation of the weekend was between my mom and dad. My dad kept on asking my mom stupid questions that he could fix himself. “Where is the garment presser (this HUGE iron like machine that you can’t miss if you actually look for it)?” She told him to go look before asking dumb questions and then I swore I heard her mumble “this man is going to make me divorce him” but she denied it. Sunday evening he took it to another level when he couldn’t find the cord to the griddle. He was yelling downstairs at my mom to come find it since she put it away. She yelled back” well put it away your own darn self and we won’t have this problem, I’m going to throw it away next time. I can’t even reach the shelf!” A few minutes later I found my mom walking around muttering “this man is going to make me divorce him.” The Count and I were screaming laughing!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good Idea....Bad Idea: Let's Eat!

I was going to do my favorite cleaning stuff this week, but eating is so much more fun! I am a very picky eater but I like to try all different types of restaurants. If we are driving past some little hole in the wall then I beg to stop! When we are going out of town I refuse to eat at any place that we have back at home. This week I ate out a whoolllleeee lot. So here we go, Good Idea, Bad Idea the restaurant files.

The Fish Market- It's located in Old Town Alexandria on King Street. The ambiance is very nice. My mom and I ate outside and while the quarters were cramped the people at the table next to us were very nice and the people out walking were very entertaining. The food was excellent....EXCELLENT I say! Seriously I got Combination seafood pasta which was shrimp, scallops, fish, and broccoli in a light cream sauce. The only thing that would have made my meal better was bread to help offset the buttery sauce. My mom had the broiled seafood trio which was scallops, shrimp, salmon, hush puppies, roasted potatoes and cole slaw. She would not stop eating! It was really good. It wasn't expensive at all, our bill was $40 and I still have half of my dish left.

Houlihans- The place looked cool and I thought I read somewhere how good it was (maybe I was dazzled by the website). I think it is overrated. I prefer Fridays, lol. I felt as though it was overpriced. I had Fried shrimp and french fries. Ehhhh, take it or leave it. The fries were dull as can be. I am a fry junkie but those weren't even as good as the ones I make at home. They didn't even throw on any Lawry's or pepper, or garlic, or old bay, or something to make it unique. The Count had stuffed chicken with green beans and mashed potatoes. To me the chicken was bitter as crap but he liked it. The green beans were worse than the fries. It was definitely a bad idea.

Pasta Blitz- It's just like 3 brothers. My cheese pizza was good but that may be because I thought the garlic was Parmesan cheese and didn't realize it until I had spread it all over my pizza! I love garlic so it was cool. The Count had stuffed shells. He seemed to enjoy it. Not a bad idea, but it's not a place I would beg to go back to.

Krispy Kreme- Tuesday was my first time ever going in a Krispy Kreme. I had to see what the hype was about. I still don't know, lol. We had a donut that was hot off the machine and yeah it was soft and stuff, but I guess that's just not my thing. I won't be breaking my neck to get there and get some. I like my home made donuts better.

Rocky Run Tap & Grill or Berts (depending on where you live)- Yuummmmyyyyyy. There menu is so diverse and the food is good. I had Old Bay Pasta which is shrimp and scallops in this old bay type sauce. It was seriously delicious. I've been with The Count, my momma, and my best friend. Each time I was satisfied. This is one of my must returns! It is a very laid back saloon type atmosphere, so if you're looking for romance or class, you won't want to be there, lol. It's also 1 mile from my new apartment so you can be sure over the next year I will be tearing it up!

That's it for now. I'm holding off on blogging from work for a little while. The IT man told me to be careful because they are watching the network due to excessive you tubeage, lol. I still read everybody's blog in my google reader though and I'll try to still comment at night.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: The Solution

I have just decided what to do. For the rest of the week I will not do anything wedding related. Yes, I will go to my fitting, and I will schedule my hair appointment. But if somebody has a question about how something should go, it will be up to The Count and my momma to handle it. Music, decorations, programs, aisle runner, ushers--all Count and MommaTM. I feel it's the only way to keep my sanity. Sunday, we meet with the wedding coordinator and I will answer questions then. Not a moment before. I feel at peace just typing this. Seriously I have relaxed tremendously by freeing myself.

On a happier note, why did this lady at church come up to me and say "Ohhh sorry I missed the bridal shower, but I got you something really nasty to make up for it. It's basically a string and scriptures from Song of Solomon will cover your nipples and 'gina." HAHAHAHAHAHA Knowing her she probably did it! She's going to give it to me tonight.

Wedding Wednesday: The Breakdown

At 2a.m. I was walking around the house in a bonnet, cami, boxer briefs, and rain boots asking my mom if I could put my new magic serum on her face. What brought this randomosity about? I had a freaking breakdown a few hours earlier. I am having major hairdresser drama and can't seem to find somebody I'm willing to let do anything chemical to my hair (one lady told me to buy the dye and then come to her. Ummmm ma'am, it's your job to mix the color, if I was going to buy it myself I would do it myself) and it is stressing me out. I was at the apartment with the count and I don't know what came over me but I was sobbing and repeating, "I'm just so tired of all this, I don't care anymore, whatever will be, will be." He was holding me and trying to calm me down but I just kept on sobbing. When I got home my mom tried to talk to me about something wedding related and I spazzed out again "I don't care, it doesn't matter, do what you want." Hey, the wedding is 24 days away so I'm glad that I made it this far without really freaking out.

Oh well, the apartment is coming along nicely. I finally got my orchid plant I've wanted for years. I got it on Monday but I had to take it back home with me because TheCount told me he would kill it, lol. Then last night I came in the house with a bunch of lilies. My mom looked at me like, "ummm are you trying to start a greenhouse?" She was just hating because my baby bought me some flowers. I'm going to fix my breakfast now, the tummy is growling. I think I'm going to try and cut back on bread and potatoes from now until the wedding. I would cut out meat too but the last time I did that I lost toooo much weight because you guys wouldn't believe how much bread, potatoes, and meat I eat. So yeah, sounds like a plan. Matter of fact no fast food except for once per week. Good plan :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dude, are you serious?

Coworker: "Can you count this for me?" Placing a stack of papers on my desk with a plastic thimble.
Me: "Excuse me?"
Coworker: "Yeah, like 1, 2, 3."
Me: "You don't know how many you printed?"
Coworker: "It's supposed to be 250, but it doesn't look like it so can you count it?"
Me: "No, I'm not counting that."
Coworker: "But it doesn't look like enough"
Me: "Then print some more"
Coworker: Walking away, "this could all be avoided if you would just count it"
Me: Hysterical laughter


Getting ready to go to the doctor's office. I'm trying to calm myself, I've really worked my nerves up, lol. Ate my oatmeal and drank my tea, same as every day. Today will be a good day. Today there will be happy news. I will feel better, I will look better, I will be better. Yeahhhh, I like the sound of that.

Monday, September 15, 2008

All grown up!

Moving on Saturday started stressful (see random rant below) but it ended up being alright. We had quite a few speed bumps along the way but it all worked out in the end. My dad went with me to the furniture store to get our living room set. The man wheeled it out and my dad pulls this line "Thera, get up and help him, you know my back is bad." Everybody stopped and stared at him! The furniture store worker looked at me and said "no, it's ok, I'll get another man to help." I was so grateful because there is no way I could have picked that stuff up. You know those starving kid commercials? Yeah, that's what my arms look like. They are soooooo skinny. I wouldn't leave the house without a jacket on until I was like 18 because I was that embarrassed by my arms, lol.

When we finally made it up to the apartment there was money order drama but that was quickly resolved. We borrowed my cousin's truck to help us move and TheCount was driving it. Well, when he was backing up we heard a huge pop and thought he hit something. He didn't and we kept it moving. While TheCount and his friends moved stuff in the apartment I left to go talk to the leasing agent because I had no intentions on helping. While I was in there she was like "girl, when maintenance saw who TheCount worked for, they got scared, lol." Why you ask? His company does inspections of apartments and homes, lol. They check for lead paint, asbestos, and any other potential problems. TheCount could have gotten them to shut this place down (well probably not, but you never know)! What was the result of maintenance's fear? A completely renovated corner apartment!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm talking new cabinets, stove, fridge, dishwasher, washer, dryer, blinds, ceiling fan, carpeting, bathroom sink, and toilet! It was so nice and the fact that the only noise we have to worry about is from the people above us? Extra nice! I finally showed back up at the apartment when they had moved everything in and we positioned the furniture and they put the dining room set together. We were almost finished and my dad left because he was driving the borrowed truck back. Once he left, MamaCount was preparing to pray over the apartment. Just as we gathered together, my dad knocked on the door and proclaimed "The truck is messed up!" Grrrrrrrr, we walked out their and the entire front wheel was pushed under the truck ( I guess that's what popped)! Then doom and gloom daddy was like "That's why I don't like borrowing stuff. This is a 4 wheel drive, it will take a couple of thousand dollars to be fixed. We have to get it towed, blahblahblah." What happens next? This man gets in the van and leaves! MamaCount and Count and stayed in the apartment praying and when she came out she was like, "where is your dad?" I was so embarrassed when I had to say he pulled off. She asked if he called the tow truck and I told her "no, he said he's going to get my mom to call our cousin and tell him what happened and then we'll deal with it." Everybody looked at me like, whhhaattttt?

We kept our plans to take everybody out to Cheeburger Cheeburger as a thank you for helping. We had a lot of fun, if you've never been, you should really go. By the time I got home my dad and cousin had left to go up and look at the truck. Anybody wanna take a guess how much it cost to get fixed? Go ahead and guess.............................................twelve dollars! Some screws my cousin put in 2 years ago had popped out and they just put new screws in and it was done!

The next day my mom and I went back up there to finish moving stuff in. We got all the way up there and guess what? I left the keys at home! I was so embarrassed because TheCount had to stop watching the game and meet us halfway. I was even more embarrassed because I did the exact same thing last year when my mom was helping me move! She looked at me and was like, baby, are you blonde or something? I felt horrible, but she wasn't mad or anything. My sister called and was like "daddy told me you left your keys at home, you're an idiot, hahahahaha!" And I was like "well you're stupid because you lost your bank card last week, got a new one that the atm ate today, and you have no gas!" So that ended her clowning me!

My mom loved the apartment. She was just cheesing and proud of her baby. She was hating because TheCount's mama gave us silverware that's better than hers. We were washing the dishes and she was on the phone with my sister talking 'bout "why am I in here washing silverware that's nicer than anything I own and I'm 52?" Hahaha! Should have married better mommy!

Anyway, I'll post pictures once I stop being lazy. How was your weekend?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oh what a day!

Don't complain about something if you aren't going to fix it or do it yourself. I'm trying to make it through the day without slapping somebody, but I don't know. Yesterday you all whining about how you want to get started all early but since I couldn't go pick up the dining room table that is right by your house and now you have to do it, the schedule is messed up. Guess what guys? The table could have been picked up 1 1/2 hours ago and you're still at the house whining that the truck I got us is too small. WELL THEN DO IT YOUR DARN SELF!!!!!

I am mad, that is all.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Good Idea, Bad Idea: The Beauty Edition

One thing MamaTM and TheCount are always fussing at me about is my willingness to try anything.

Me"Ohhh I saw this thing in the store the other day, I'm going to get it."
Them:"Well, what is it?
Me: "I don't know but it sure looked cool."

I think I have an addiction. Of course I've found some really great products, restaurants, food brands, and other things from my willingness to try things, so here is some of my best ideas and some of my worst:
Band-Aid Blister Block is the BEST. Seriously if you have to wear heels to work and they are uncomfortable just spread this stuff on the uncomfortable area and it makes it all better. Don't wait until your feet start hurting. While you are getting ready in the morning apply it. It's like wax for protection. I love it!
I just tried this. Check out the website for more details on it. I really can't say whether I liked it or hated it. Flexi-Strand is where the cornrow the weave into your head instead of sewing or gluing it. I will say this, if you get it, get a partial weave and not a full head. The top piece is like a wig cap if you get the full head and it doesn't look natural. It was very fast though and not very damaging to your hair at all, which I like. It was quite expensive and I only left mine in for a week because I hated the top piece so much (well that and I need to find a wedding hairstyle ASAP!) If you are a weave wearer, I think it would be worth checking out. If you live in the area, I can give you the lady's info, but she does not cut or style (which for $250 I would expect that she would be able too) but she is very nice!
Carol's Daughter hair products. Womp womp. They did nothing for my relaxed hair. I will say the leave in conditioner did work well with TheCount's niece's hair which is curly and natural. Perhaps it's just my hair type, but that was a royal waste of money. My hair started breaking off and everything! Just a sad sad time :(
This line is the BEST! Prior to me trying this line I always found myself scratching my scalp like crazy after shampooing. Eventually I realized I was probably allergic to something in the shampoo. I switched to Aubrey Organics and I love it! My sister who has very very thick hair doesn't really care for it, she says it doesn't lather enough (I will interject here that she is very lazy and if you don't stand over her and scream at her while she washes her hair it is still just as filthy as when she started) so her opinion probably shouldn't be taken into consideration. The conditioner is a protein conditioner and I really think this line has helped my hair get much healthier.
That's all for now. I have a ton of new cleaning products that I'll be trying out when I move TheCount into the apartment tomorrow so next week will be the cleaning files.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

30 days?

If you are not a fan of weddings, love, God, or happy people you may want to avoid my spot for the next month! You've been warned :)

I'm getting married in a month. 30 days. 4 weeks. What the heck???? Where did the time go? People keep asking if I'm nervous. Not just about pledging the rest of my life to the Count but about the wedding in general. I always reply no. They look perplexed and ask me if I know it's crunch time and do I have everything together. I still tell them no and then they wonder why I'm not panicking. This is why: I am far too lazy to panic. If I stress about it that means I have to do something about it. Which I have no intention of doing. I assign myself a task a day and if it doesn't get done, oh well there's tomorrow; and hey, I always know my bridesmaids are up for a week of all nighters getting the job done. I thrive under pressure. Every single semester of college I spent the final week getting no sleep. The Count and I became mad men studying, researching, and writing. My last semester I stayed at home and my mom was in awe. She would come down at 4 a.m. and see me asleep at the computer desk and tell me to get in my bed so I can be rested. I pop up, proclaim "that was a power nap" and get back to work. Read an entire semester's worth of books. Researched and wrote 15 page papers on topics I never even thought about. And studied for tests for classes I hadn't attended since the midterm. And I rocked every single assignment. Want to know the secret?

God loves me a lot! Hahaha, he knows I am crazy as can be and He always has my back. Seriously there is no way I should have passed college. I brought C's and D's up to A's with my finals. This next month I will definitely be focused on God's love because I am certainly going to need him to calm me down and give me strength. He's hasn't let me down yet, and I don't think He'll start now, He's awesome like that, ya know?

Today's tasks: Writing thank you cards for the bridal shower, ordering unity sand and floating candles, making my hair appointment for Tuesday, and getting my eyebrows threaded this evening. No more, no less. It will all get done.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

MamaTM on naughty shower gifts:

Funniest conversation ever:

Auntie: "Therapeutic is just going to have to get over her shyness."
MamaTM: Why? Because she doesn't want everybody knowing what fabric is covering her butt?"
Auntie: "Well no, but everybody was scared to get her anything too bad at the shower because they didn't want to embarrass her."
MamaTM: "What like a whip and handcuffs? Who uses that stuff anyway? And if they do, they shouldn't. I wish somebody would try to beat me! I would be DI-VORCED"

HAHAHAHAHA! MamaTM always makes me laugh.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Pictures of the shower!!!

These are the pictures from my Together for Eterni-Tea Surprise Bridal Shower:

I had just gotten downstairs and was greeting my sister. I was probably squeezing the life out of her, I was so excited!

MamaCount and MamaTM had to get up and "shake what their mama's gave them." It was sooo funny!

The spread at the beginning of the shower.

This was after everybody had eaten (notice the empty stands, lol). In the orange is SisterTm and in the Burgundy is SisterCount

This is the tea bar. There was ginger ale tea, mango tea, strawberry tea, regular tea and my cousin brought orange spice tea later.

Do you need an ambulance....Surprise....You won the lottery....and TM made a sex joke!

Well TheCount and my weekend got started off with a BANG! As we were going to furniture stores on Friday evening it began to rain, meaning what? The roads are slick. While we were driving carefully others were deciding the rules didn't apply to them. Which led to us getting in a car accident. Wait, it gets was with a police cruiser. Yeahhhhhh, lol. It was the officers fault though. He pulled out in front of a tractor trailer and then stopped. IN THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC! He saw the cars coming, realized he couldn't go and stopped, but he forgot the part about getting out of the middle of the street! So we hit him. He was cool about it because he knew what he did and he kept trying to call an ambulance for me. I was texting Sister TM and she was like "ummm I think you're in pain and what I mean by that is you need you wedding paid for so get to acting!" Apparently it's not a good idea to joke to your future husband that now our cars are twins because the front of my car and hood are messed up from an accident I had 4 years ago that I never fixed, now TheCount's is too. Yeah, The Count didn't find it funny either.

Saturday I slept in. When I got up I tuned into the Smart Guy marathon on BET and was lounging in bed. My mom came in and told me that my Godfather had a bushel of crabs at his house because somebody's cookout got canceled and if I wanted to go with her even though it was raining like crap. I agreed because I'm greedy, lol. I got ready and we went over. Once we got there I regretted it because they always have all these people over and I'm not really that social. I stayed upstairs and was helping make the tea and stuff, planning to sneak down later. My aunt hollered up for me to bring her a spoon. I get to the bottom of the stairs and hear: SURPRISE!!!! Y'all why was it my BRIDAL SHOWER!!!!! Hahahahaha! They really got me :) I was standing there stunned and then the best part happened: My sister came running from around the corner!!!!!!! I instantly teared up, I was sooooo happy. My mom took me upstairs to change my clothes and then I came back down and they had a chair for me complete with tiara and wand because I was the princess for the day. I was waving my wand around giving commands. My aunt was looking at me shaking her head wondering "who gave her this power?" It was great.

I actually liked the games, normally I don't. The first one SisterCount told the guests to each write down something crazy they wanted to see me do. So everybody wrote down their things and turned them in. Then SisterCount was like "Y'all didn't really think I was going to torture TM on her day did you? Everything y'all wrote, you have to do!" It was great. Of course the first one was dance like a monkey while rapping. Have you ever seen a room of grown old women do that? Well I'll send you the dvd! It was great. There were some that I actually did like a ballet dance and tap dance. A lot of people wanted me to sing a song, I made them do most of them which was hilarious! I did end up singing the song to my mom because my bridesmaids did it with me. We tried to sing Boyz II Men, "mama" but yeahhh we only knew every other line so we made it up. We also sang a Corrine Bailey Rae song because it was on at the moment an once again, we couldn't get the words right!

The gifts were actually kind of tame. Of course it was lingerie piece after piece. But nobody got me a whip or anything edible that would have made me faint. I kept hiding the panties from the outfits and they were all like "Thera, what's that little black thing you're putting back?" My best friends were sitting there embarrassed with me! One piece that SisterCount got me we couldn't even figure out how to hold it. I was like, is this a lace headwrap? The shower was great and I am so grateful for the people that helped plan it. I'll try and post pictures of at least the layout of my "Together for Eterni-Tea Surprise Bridal Shower."

On Saturday my dad's number hit in the lottery. Go figure. It wasn't the jackpot or anything but it was $2,500 the Musings family sure did need :) [sidenote, I'm not a fan of lotto playing but this was still very interesting]
On Sunday night my family was being ghetto and greedy and MamaTM, SisterTM, TheCount, and myself were sitting in the middle of the floor eating chinese food and crabs and I made a sex joke! I don't know if I ever told you guys this or not but TheCount and I don't have sex (no sex before marriage guys-told you it was impossible for me to be pregnant Pink!). I'm not saying over our 5 year relationship we haven't slipped up, but seriously we've been doing so well that if I was pregnant it would be a toddler in my stomach by now. Anyway my mom was trying to figure out why TheCount and I were always kicking and screaming at each other (it's all jokes folks) or throwing each other to the ground. As she was shaking her head saying "I just don't know about y'all" I told her, "Ma, it's all the sexual tension!" Everybody was so shocked that I actually said it. My ma was like "oh ok, then keep fighting!"
It was a great weekend! My sister's plane just landed back down in Florida, my boss won't be in today, and I'm feeling good feeling great :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Idiots Guide to Living with TM

People, this is a joke! I would never seriously express myself this way. I am going to give it to him though to see how he reacts. If he gets past number 1, I'll let you guys know how it goes. He'll probably be like "hmm, I see you want to be living alone forever huh?" Here goes folks:

1. If I am sleep, whatever it is can wait. Obviously I was tired if I went to sleep. This is not the time to start up a conversation, grope, grab, or fondle me. It will make me lash out and say mean words which will definitely not get you toward your desired goal.
2. If I am sleep and you wake up, that doesn’t mean I’m ready to get up. So it’s 2pm on Saturday and I’m still asleep? Ohhhh well buddy, I must have been tired. Maybe if you didn’t keep talking last night while I was trying to rest I would be up!
3. The best way to wake me up? It’s definitely not with words, music, or tv. Cook some food. Yup yup. Go in the kitchen and start cranking out chocolate chip waffles and I will probably be up showered and ready to roll before you know it.
4. When getting up to get ready for work or church I like to ease into my day. I don’t wake up talking and rushing around. When I rush in the morning I get nosebleeds, the same happens when I’m startled awake. Wherever we have to be will still be there when we get there so just chill!
5. I do not scrape dishes. I do not stick my hands in dirty dishwater. As I cook I clean, follow suit. If you eat off of a plate and put it in the sink without fully rinsing it (get the sauces off, the cheese off, other things that cling to glass) then it will stay there until you wash it. You know I’m not playing; it will stay for a day, 2 weeks, or a year. I’m stubborn; you know I’ll do it, lol.
6. If you hear me scream, just come running (when I was younger the Christmas tree fell on me, I screamed nobody came. One time my dresser fell on me, the neighbors heard me, but my own darn family didn’t move). It’s probably a bug so come kill it. It’s not the time to give me lectures on how I shouldn’t be scared of bugs. Clearly I am. Kill it and move on.
7. Dude, the fastest way to make me poison your food is to leave the bathroom dirty. Toilets are cleaned at MINIMUM once a week; if I lift up the seat and see pee stuff I will throw up and then go poison your food. The sink should be wiped out as often as necessary with the disinfecting wipes that will undoubtedly be sitting right there in the bathroom. Don’t get me started on the shower!
8. The closets are broken down as such: Dress bottoms (then arranged by color), dress tops (then arranged by colors), regular shirts (arranged by colors), jackets (arranged by event type [dressy, chill, workout]), and lastly sweaters (arranged by dressy or chill and then color). I fall on the ground twitching when I go to a closet and there is no order.
9. Only Tide detergent can be used unless you are going to run me back and forth to the dermatologist and other doctors. Dryer sheets cannot be used. Only unscented plain Tide detergent (in the white bottle with green writing) can be used on the towels. Bras do not go in the dryer. Jeans must be immediately taken from the dryer and folded to be put away. Why? Because I don’t believe in ironing play clothes so unless you are going to iron it for me, I suggest you don’t let it get wrinkled.
10. You will not allow anyone to disrespect our home. I don’t care if it’s your great uncle Sammie J, we don’t allow drinking in our home and even if he’s had a beer every night for the last 86 years. He better take that mess somewhere else. The smell sickens me and if we allow one person to drink somebody else will try it and make me throw them off the balcony. Also if somebody smokes (clears throat this is to you myBFF) they are not to sit on anything cloth. They can sit at the dining room table and if they smell really bad they will stand on the balcony. Under no circumstances are they to enter the bedroom. Just a bonus: if one of your friends EVER throws up near where I sleep again. They will be shot on site. Those dudes better be glad my sister pleaded for their lives that time we were on vacation and one threw up in the bedroom door and the other in the master bathroom. Seriously, not cool at all! No questions asked, shot on site! Have the flu? Stay home, or I'll save you a copay because you will be SHOT ON SITE!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I laugh at myself way too much

Remember this post? Well hear ye, hear ye: WE GOT IT ALL BABAAAAYYYY! On September 13 The Count will be moving in to our apartment, the rent was cheaper than I expected and the apartment was bigger than I expected. It makes me smile :) We have assigned my mom with the task of sitting at the apartment to wait for all cable guys and furniture people, thankfully she agreed. Shoot, I didn't live in my last apartment long enough for the comcast man to come out! I won't be moving in until after the wedding, so that gives The Count a full month to make sure the apartment will be TM approved :)

Since all these people that weren't invited to our wedding are RSVP'ing do I have the right to expect huge loads of cash or great gifts from them, lol? No, seriously! Yesterday this lady RSVP'd 5. We saw her at church and the count asked who the other people were, you know to keep an accurate count.
Lady: Oh, me, my 2 sisters, my son and his wife.

We know her son and his wife so that was expected. However, I have never met these alleged sisters and I'm sure their names weren't on the invitation.
The Counts aunt offered an interesting solution to our problem with too many people at the reception and uninvited guests showing up. She suggested we have the pastor make the following announcement:
Pastor: Guests, there is an invitation only reception following the ceremony. If you did not receive an invitation, there are plenty of eating establishments up and down this street. Please patronize one of them. Thank you!
Am I the only one that found that funny? I was cracking up.

Last night at church we were passing out invitations.We looked so silly. We were being all secretive because we really can't handle any more people asking to come. We went to give this man one, and I was like "this is top secret." Why did he unbutton his shirt and slide the invitation down there. He was all "your secret is safe with me!" For this girl we went to high school with I walked over and slid her purse off her arm because she was talking to a group of people. And the count stuck the invite in. Then we backed away slowly whispering "this never happened." She was like y'all are funny, and then we disappeared into the night.

I'm done with the wedding talk now until next Wednesday. Ohhh why did I find out this other dude got fired when bosslady did. How I found out was hilarious. I was in a meeting with the new boss and the team that dude used to work for. NewBoss was asking about what type of reports I work on. I was explaining a report trying to see if that's what she was asking about and this happens:

FiredDude'sBoss: "Well if you used to get the report from FiredDude, you won't be getting that anymore!" Then he laughs so loud and hard! I sat there looking perplexed like, what was that all about? This man was seriously cracking up, I thought he would fall out of his chair.

After the meeting I went and asked my workhomeboy (I'm getting out of control with all these nicknames, lol) and he was like yep. He got fired too, same day as Bosslady. I'm going to need a roster of everybody that is gone because I can't keep having all these surprises!

I'm working on a list for tomorrow's post. Since Top Model just started (didn't watch it yet though) I wanted to pay homage to Furonda from a few seasons ago. Remember when she moved in the house and handed the girls a list on how to live with Furonda? I'm making one for The Count. Stay tuned!

Oh and last night, I got up to go to the bathroom around 4. While in there a heard a bang. As always I was convinced somebody was breaking into my house so I froze there on the toilet. After a few minutes I realized how embarrassing it would be if I had to run from the burglar without even wiping myself so I did and then got up. I didn't have my contacts in or glasses on so I couldn't see anything. I was creeping around the corner and then got scared and ran back into the bathroom. It took me like 15 minutes to get to my room. I checked my windows then locked my room door once I was sure the burglar didn't enter that way. Then I found my glasses and did a search of my room. It was then I realized I never washed my hands but I was too scared to go back out. I laid in bed for an hour praying that nobody was in my house. This morning I asked my parents if they heard it, which they didn't. I'm going to be mad if I imagined that darn sound and messed up my night of good sleep!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wedding Wednesday- Wow! I'm getting married next month!

Ummm, I just don't really care anymore, lol. People make suggestions and I just agree. As long as my brain doesn't have to process it, go ahead and do it! We met with the decorator this weekend and she kept asking me stuff and I was like if I don't like it I'll say so, otherwise just keep talking I'll probably agree. The basic stuff that I wanted will be there and all the other stuff is just extras.

Guys, the count is a mean son of a gun! People keep asking/demanding to be invited to the reception and he is just like ummm no! People were calling his mom asking why they weren't invited and he was like man forget their feelings. If they get offended they didn't really love us anyway. His mom is much nicer and explained it's mostly family and that really we couldn't afford to have more than 250 ppl there. It's kind of funny because nobody is RSVPing no. Everybody says they are coming and bringing more people than we intended. I told my mom to set up some tables outside too. Anybody that brings kids must eat outside!

I finally started the hair trials. I think I'll do a separate post on that, but it's cute! I'm going to get my friend to come over this week and try it.

I have come to the conclusion that I will have to make my own socks to wear during the reception. I'm going to be sewing (as in piecing together socks, not from scratch) and embroidering them because the online selection sucks.

Furniture count for the apartment: Bed, Dining room table, leather love seat, and a desk. So far we've only spent $300 because the bed and love seat were given to us. And it all matches! Yayyyy us. We haven't gotten the official ok on the apartment yet but we should today or tomorrow.

We haven't decided on a song for the recessional (walking out of the church) or a song to walk into the reception to. I'm open to suggestions but keep in mind we are church folk and I'm a prude so I don't want any crazy suggestions!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Say What? Awards

Today ladies and gents of this lovely blog today we are going to have an awards show! *insert applause*

This awards show will feature people's comments from the last week that said something they probably shouldn't have said. Let us begin:

The first nominee is: Papa TM

Over the weekend we my mom's cousin and her crack baby foster child-almost adopted baby were staying with us. The little boy doesn't respond to words, screaming, clapping, people in general. Well when his "mom" was trying to discipline him my dad kept interfering.

"Mom": "Elijah, get back from there." she gets up to go get him

PapaTM: "Boy do you want me to take my belt off?"

"Mom": "Come on Elijah it's bedtime"
PapaTM: "Boy don't make me come in there"

Ummm daddy, she is handling her child right now. You can't threaten him with a belt if she doesn't do that, I mean poppping hands is one thing, but a darn belt?! I wish somebody would do that to my child!!! She is currently handling the discipline so you shouldn't talk over her, that's rude. She should have taken off her belt and beat you! And another thing, we think the boy has autism, sooooooo seriously threatening to beat a 2 year old with your belt is really pointless because he clearly isn't responding to you threats. Did I mention my father was standing there talking to him instead of going to get him and he fell down the steps? Dude he doesn't respond to words so just go get him as you're talking, don't just let him get hurt because you feel he should understand you!

The second nominee is: Auntie that doesn't like me a.k.a. HaterA

My mom and I were getting ready to go out. HaterA was walking up our front steps to come in the house. HaterA then makes the following statement: "Ohh look at my sister losing all that weight," she then looks at me and says "and look at you, are you gaining weight?" Then this chick has the nerve to pinch my cheek! What is my number 1 rule: never ever touch the face!!! Did she forget the day I punched PapaTM for touching the face? You insult me then defile rude. I just stared at her with the most blank face ever. She kept talking and I just kept looking at her, no emotion, no response. That evening she came in my room and laid on my bed and put her head on my pillow. Not my guest pillow that is green. But my white pillow cases that I don't let people lay on or touch because that's what my face goes on! Didn't ask, just climbed up and got in the bed. Since I wasn't talking to her I didn't say anything, just continued to stare blankly as she talked.

The third nominee is: My mom's friend Mary

We took mom's cousin and baby Elijah to a cookout on Saturday. My mom had been talking to Mary about how her cousin is 60 and can barely walk and is trying to raise this 2 year old. She wanted mary to get a full assessment before commenting so she let her watch the lady and the baby for about 2 hours then went and asked her what she thought:

Mary: I think she's too damn old for that baby, hell TM is too damn old for that baby. He needs his hyped up crack momma to chase after him!

I shouldn't have laughed but I was screaming laughing over that! Seriously my body is so sore and I am so tired from chasing after that baby! Since he doesn't respond when you call his name you have to go get him each and every time. The Count even screamed (Big booming voice man scream) his name in the car and not so much as a flinch even though I jumped out my skin (he was just checking to see if the boy could hear). The thing that makes me mad is that she won't even go get him checked out. No speech therapy or anything. He says NOOOOOO words. This is his vocabulary: "Ahhhhhhh" which means this is great fun and I'm happy. "UhhhUhhh" Which means I am not happy and "EEEEEEEEE" which he says when he's not saying the other 2. We think she's scared they will take him from her if they think he's not developing properly. All she has to do is watch an autism documentary and she will see all the signs. If you love him, you will get him help. Sooner rather than later. Waiting only makes things worse! Matter of fact she needs to be nominated.

The fourth and final nominee: "Mom"

For saying she won't get her foster child's developmental delays looked at until he is 3. Which will be September 8, 2009. It makes me mad, really mad! Why wait? The state will pay for the visits and her transportation. I'm going to be pissed if it was something doctor's could have been helping with but her fear is keeping him back. Also, take that darn pacifier out of his mouth! He doesn't even want it. He was sitting in the car looking out the window and she reaches back and gives it too him talking 'bout "I just want him to be happy." He wasn't even crying!!!!!

Sooo, who do you think should win the Say What? Awards?

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