Tuesday, November 30, 2010

get it together

Woke up at 10 a.m. I'm supposed to be at work at 8. That was some good sleep though! I went into the bathroom to get ready and I realized we don't have enough toilet paper, paper towels, or deodorant to get through the week. My housekeeping skills rock :)
We also don't have any groceries. Our fridge smells horrible and we have to throw everything out. Unfortunately, I learned that the hard way. I was eating some baby carrots yesterday morning and didn't really think it was a big deal that the bag was open when I took it out of the fridge. Six carrots later, they came right back up. I guess the fetus doesn't like rotting produce! Thankfully, that has been my only experience with any type of sickness this pregnancy and it was over so quick, I disposed of everything and my office mates never even knew.
I only took one test yesterday and one so far today. I have 4 more to go. Guess I should get to work and stop blogging.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Back in the swing of things

I need to get back in the habit of daily blogging. I have seriously fallen off since my discovery of twitter. Let's do some randoms to get back on track.
I had a lovely Thanksgiving. My dads side of the family rented some condos in Myrtle Beach so we all went down there for the holiday. I didn't think I would have as much fun as I did, but after 2 days, I was ready to go back home. Some of my family is really crazy. It makes me sad how crazy they are.
 One of my cousins, D, always asks to play with your phone. When you get your phone back you see that she's been on you tube watching videos and texting all your friends having conversations. To me, you get one time to prove you aren't trustworthy. She proved it when she lied about what she was doing on my phone, so she is no longer allowed to touch my phone.  My other cousins/aunts had to learn it the hard way. She had a 20 text conversation with my 40 year old cousins friend and when my cousin asked what she was doing she said "playing sims." Hmph. Bold faced lies? Unacceptable.
I had another little cousin that asked for a KK donut at 10 p.m. It was me, my sister, 4 aunts, my mom, and my cousin at the table.
Me: Absolutely not.
Him: But my grandmother would let me have it
Me: But I will not.
Him: I'm going to go ask my grandma
MySister: If you walk down there, you're staying.
MyMom: No, an adult already answered you. You have your answer.
*he proceeded to ask every adult at the table if he could have a donut and they each explained why he couldn't*
Me: I have already answered him. Don't y'all explain to him any more why he can't have a donut. This conversation is over.
Him: But I just want a donut, I'm going to go ask my grandma.
Me: Obviously you're tired and having a hard time listening. It must be time for bed. Open your mouth one more time about a donut and we're putting you in bed for the night. The answer is no. I was going to wrap one up for you to have tomorrow, but you just lost that privilege for yourself.
MyMom: *whispering* I'm scared of you.
I'm not going to spend my night arguing and debating with anybody. Vacation normally means relaxed rules, so I probably would have given him a donut but he had Dr Pepper and ice cream with dinner. Has nobody heard of juvenile diabetes but me?
I've been in quite the funk the past few days. When we were growing up and having hormonal attitude days my ma would make us sit and repeat "I will not let my hormones get the best of me." I've found myself doing that lately. I have wanted to lash out since Saturday, but I can't figure out the exact reason.
Crap. My pharmacy tech certification expires tomorrow and I still have 12 credits to complete. Didn't I say I wasn't going to procrastinate this year. Let me get to work :(

Friday, November 19, 2010

Weekend plans

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Tomorrow morning I'm going to breakfast at a friends house. I think I'm finally getting a circle of friends that I like being around. There are quite a few young married couples at our church. For the past 3 years, at least one of us has been pregnant. I think I see our future for the next 10 years. I bet there will always be one of us pregnant. We're going to tag team this thing! My friend whose baby is due next month organized a breakfast for us so we can get to know one another better. That makes me happy.
MrC's birthday is on Monday so we're going to have some people over to my parent's house on Saturday evening. I only invited over 2 other couples because I don't want to have to do a lot of work (how trifling of me) cooking and entertaining. I figure it's easier for 6 people to decide on a movie choice than 15 people. The menu is lasagna, salad, breadsticks, strawberry shortcake and yellow cake with chocolate icing. I want to attempt to make yellow cake from scratch, but I'm scared since other people will be there. If it's nasty though I have no problem snatching it from people and toss it in the trash.
Sunday we are supposed to be house hunting again. It's in a totally different county from where we are now. I really didn't want to leave our current town, but MrC really put some research into this area and it seem comparable. The houses are around $100,000 less than where we are now. That makes me very happy and willing to entertain the idea of this town. We'll see.
I guess at some point I should get MrC a present. Oh what a wonderful wife I've been lately :(

Thursday, November 18, 2010

How you doing?

Apparently, when you're pregnant, all of a sudden people care how you're feeling. I haven't figured out if it's genuine concern or just nosiness yet, but the new found concern for my well being amazes me. Whenever I say I'm doing well with no morning sickness people seem surprised. Do they just want to see me miserable? Cuz I'm not going to do it. My dad calls me at least 3 times a week now just to ask how I am, my coworkers ask if I need anything. For the record, I feel great and I don't sit around and complain- except to MrC and my momma because they won't act right!
MrC: What you been doing all day?
Me: resting
MrC: You know what, you ain't been doing nothing for the past two weeks, I'm thinking about putting my hands on you (it's a joke people, I think from the Kevin Hart DVD- please don't call the police, lol)
Me: You know what I've been doing for the past 9 weeks? I've been using all my energy to grow a healthy baby! That's what I've been doing *places hand dramatically on belly while sighing deeply like I've actually done something*
MrC: Here we go!
Me: And we're going to keep going till I get what I need from you to raise your kid (also a joke, from Save the Last Dance- we need to grow up)
MrC and I have at lease one conversation a day that turns out like that. This morning we had this episode:
MrC: *opens container of whipped shea butter that I made only to find it empty* You need to get back in the lab, you've been slipping on our beauty products.
Me: Wanna know why? Cuz I've been too busy trying to grow a healthy baby!
It's hilarious. It's also hilarious that he thinks I'm going to wash all those dishes in the sink. Because I'm not.
My momma refuses to allow me to turn into a helpless pregnant woman. I guess that's a good thing, because nobody likes a brat, but what's the point of being pregnant if you're not going to milk it for all it's worth? We went to my parent's house after church last night and I had every intention of convincing my daddy to make me macaroni and cheese and pina colada's. It was the easiest task ever. I walked in their bedroom:
Me: Is that mac n cheese on your plate?
Daddy: Yeah, I made it yesterday, there's some in the fridge
Me: *runs down the hall like a maniac singing and screaming for joy to warm up my food*
Dadddy: *comes in kitchen*
Me: Ummm, daddy, don't you want a pina colada, cuz I know I do
Mommy: Girl, shut up and go home. Are you going to clean up after him? Go do those dishes
Daddy: *pulls out blender, pineapples, and pina colada mix and makes his baby a fruity drink*
See? Why can't everybody be as nice as my daddy? I'm only growing a human in my belly ;)
Yesterday when I went in my parent's kitchen I took out the macaroni and sat it on the counter. My mom came in with the headbands she was making for me. MrC was in the kitchen going through the fridge when I took the macaroni out, but he went and sat on the couch. My ma and I sat in the kitchen for 5 minutes arguing over the headbands, because she wouldn't do what I wanted and then tried to force a small headband over all my hair. The macaroni was still on the counter. MrC was still on the couch. We finish the headband argument (I won) and I got up to warm up my food. MrC asks "is that for me?" Umm no it's not for you! You have had ample opportunity to warm you up some food. So I warm it up, and then decide to be nice and take him the bowl. He refuses it and calls me mean! I almost stabbed him with my fork. My ma (who never takes my side) was like "what? She just brought you the bowl and you said no." He claims I only brought it because I felt guilty. Dude please. So I sit down and start eating. Halfway through, he comes over, takes my bowl, and goes to sit down and eat it. I don't think I've ever snatched something so fast in my life! "Baby, have you lost your mind? You can't take the food I'm already eating!" My ma found this hilarious. He finally warms up his food and I get up to get seconds, but I can't find my fork because MrC is using it. I don't know what that dude was smoking last night, but I'm pretty sure there is a rule about not taking a pregnant woman's food. He found this all hilarious, I did not. Somebody better pray for him, because I'm going to cut him before the next 7 months are up.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Spilling the beans

I couldn't get logged onto my work computer until 2:30 p.m. today. I've been here all day looking a dang fool as IT failed at figuring out what was wrong. Geez, let's talk babies now! I always had all these funny ideas as to how I would tell people I was pregnant- didn't follow through with any of them! MrC already made it clear he didn't want me to do something "cute" or funny. So I didn't! I found out I was pregnant on October 18, when I was 5 weeks. I got a test because I was tired, nauseous, and my boobies were hurting like crazy! This is how I told myself:
*sits down to pee on stick*
Me: Girllll, why did you waste your money on this test?
*takes test and sits it down on counter next to toilet*
Me: This is so funny I'm not...*looks to the right at test* I'm pregnant!?
Then hysterical laughter. That thing popped up pregnant before I even got up off the toilet. Then I got mad at myself for buying all new winter shirts in a size small the week before. Yeah, even though my belly just looks like I ate too much, when you wear fitted shirts all the dang time, and you went from flat tummy to pudge, it makes you quite self conscious. Saturday MrC's friend actually asked if I was pregnant because he'd never seen my stomach protrude before. Dude, I'm 9 weeks! You shouldn't be able to tell. I also can't button my pants without it pushing my stomach up and making me look sloppy as heck in ill fitting clothes. Most of my clothes fit to a T (tee? tea?). I've never owned a scale until now because I tracked my weight by whether or not my pants buttoned. So yeah, I'm sure everybody just thinks I'm eating too much. I'm embarassed I already have to rubberband my pants closed so I don't look stuffed in them.
How I told MrC:
*MrC walks in the door from work*
Me: Babe, I have something to show you.
MrC: What?
Me: *walks to the bathroom to get tests* This
MrC: *looks down, looks up* Nope.
Me: Nope? You can't say nope, I'm pregnant fool
MrC: You believe those tests?
Me: Yeah, it's a pregnancy test. It tests for pregnancy. It's kind of what they do.
Why is my husband so strange? I don't think he really accepted it until 2 weeks later when we saw the baby's heartbeat.
How I told my momma:
Momma: Did you put an offer on that house y'all liked?
Me: No, we're going to keep looking. It's not going to work.
Mommma: Why not? You can't keep looking forever. What didn't you like?
Me: It's just going to be too small now
Momma: *getting frustrated. Asking me 8 million questions like she's buying the house*
Me: Dag ma, I'm pregnant, ok!
Momma: *stunned silence* How you gonna say something like that *pulls knife out of drawer* Are you serious?
Me: Yesssssss *backs up slowly*
*my sister walks in the kitchen and sees the awkwardness*
Sister: So when are you due?
Ma: You knew?
Sister: No, what else could be going on in here that would have you staring at her like that?
Next time, I'm not telling anybody I'm pregnant. These fools don't know how to act. I'm going to put Baby C in a shirt that says "I'm going to be a big sister" and let them threaten the baby while I hide out in safety.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Don't Worry

Luke 12 Do Not Worry
22 Then He said to His disciples, “Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; nor about the body, what you will put on. 23 Life is more than food, and the body is more than clothing. 24 Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap, which have neither storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds? 25 And which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature? 26 If you then are not able to do the least, why are you anxious for the rest? 27 Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; and yet I say to you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. 28 If then God so clothes the grass, which today is in the field and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more will He clothe you, O you of little faith?
29 “And do not seek what you should eat or what you should drink, nor have an anxious mind. 30 For all these things the nations of the world seek after, and your Father knows that you need these things. 31 But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you.
32 “Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. 33 Sell what you have and give alms; provide yourselves money bags which do not grow old, a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches nor moth destroys. 34 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

2010 has proven to be a year where I learn about faith. Throughout the course of the year I've seen my faith grow to a level where when situations arise faith and not worry or doubt is my automatic response. It's a great feeling but it doesn't mean everything is always easy. The past few months have been quite prayerful. Y'all know we're on a house hunt. We need $10,000 cash before we can even go to closing on a house. Do we have it all yet? Nope. Will we have it when we need it? Yep.

Last month I found out I was pregnant. Whoa! We aren't ready for a baby yet. We're still in a one bedroom apartment, we don't have money for daycare, this list goes on and on. But God said He would take care of ALL my needs and He hasn't failed us yet, so I doubt He'll start now.

Yesterday my car started acting up. We took it to the shop. We got a call today that my transmission needs to be replaced, and it's $3000. I'm not going to lie. I immediately started crying. I went into the bathroom and let the tears flow. As I sat there crying the verse "and my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus." Then I started singing a song in my head. After a few minutes I was smiling and drying my tears.

We're going to be alright, it will all work out for our good and every single one of our needs will be met. No doubt, no fear, just faith :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Unexpected Blessings

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