Friday, November 28, 2008


This will be your only warning. Do not invite us to your house, we will not leave! TheCount and I are taking over my parent's house. It's been great :)

Wednesday: Noon
Me: Mommy, we spending the night at your house tonight, ok?
Ma: No! I just cleaned up, y'all are messy
Me: Ok, see you after church.

I got there about 10:30pm, TheCount got their at 11. He parked in the driveway blocked my mama's car in when she was trying to go to Thanksgiving morning service.
Ma: Tell your husband if he has the balls to park in my driveway again, I'll break his neck

Thanksgiving night around 9pm
Me: Ma, you wanna go to the outlets, they are having a pajama jam at midnight!
Ma: Girl please, go home.
Me: Ok, come with me, spend the night at my house since the mall is 2 minutes from my house. TheCount can spend the night with daddy.
Ma: Shut up, just go downstairs and go back to sleep. Get me up at 3:30

Later between my parents:
Ma: You going to work tomorrow?
Dad: Yeah
Ma: Then TheCount will be here by himself
Dad: So, he has a key
Dad: Please, them kids here more than we are

Daddy: Ummm, y'all only rented this room for one night. Why are you still here? Do I need to give you the extended rates?
Me: No daddy, we are leaving when TheCount gets done at the barbershop

I fall asleep in the bed with my mom watching tv. I wake up 2 hours later and TheCount is beside me, not my mom. At 9:30pm I go upstairs to talk to my mom.
Ma: Y'all getting ready to go?
Me: Yeah

It's midnight and guess where we still are?

I have lots of Thanksgiving pictures and the Black Friday loot to post later!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Re: Yesterday's post: Everybody has jokes! LOL
Moving On:
Since I was on time to work on Monday and Tuesday I decided I could be late today :) Well the fact that I refused to get out of bed because I woke up in the middle of the night with a headache and I needed to make up for that hour of lost sleep. And the fact that we are spending the night at my parents house tonight and they are spending the night at ours on Thursday so I had to make sure the house was spotless and the fact that the right side of my hair which is normally the good side went all crazy on me. All that said, I got here 1 1/2 hours late, it's all good though as soon as I finish this I'm going to get my breakfast and finish the rest of the day by doing nothing.
Anyway......It's holiday time! I love Thanksgiving/Christmas time. I get all super cheesy and emotional and I love holiday traditions.
On Thanksgiving morning TheCount goes and plays football with the church. I've been going to but only because a couple of years ago he fractured his leg and kept on playing. Ever since then I've been the girl on the sidelines trying to beat up other players that get too close to my baby. We always go to at least 3 houses to eat, cuz we are greedy like that.
My mom, my sister, and I always go shopping on Black Friday. Well my sister won't be coming home this year but TheCount is joining us. He went with us a couple of years ago and he aint been right since, lol. We took him to Wa.l Ma.rt that dude still hates that store to this day! He has nightmares and flashbacks of the people, the lines, oh the horror! I promised him I would never make him do that again. We will probably split up, him and my dad go to Circuit City to get the t.v. and my mom and I go to JCPe.nny,'s, Target, Loe.manns (or however you spell it), Ul.ta,, and anything other than that will just be bonus shopping. Those are the stores I must hit.
Saturday I plan on slleeepppinnnngggggg till I feel like getting up. Hopefully TheCount will be so worn out he'll keep his early bird behind in the bed too. He always gets up all early talking 'bout "this chick is the most sleepingest girl ever," or "Babe, what you doing?" Duhhhh I'm sleeping get out. When I finally roll out of bed he be on the couch pouting, lol, telling me that I'm not a bear and it is not cool for humans to hibernate. HATERRRRR!  Just cuz you can't enjoy a full 14 hour rest don't get mad at me!
What are your plans for Thanksgiving?
(ohhh are emails aren't working today! You know what that means? Extra no work! Let's all go home!!)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear People of the World

The following people owe me an apology:
TheCount's 2 best friends
Why? Cuz I am NOT pregnant! Whooohoooo I so failed that test this morning :) I told y'all I am not having kids for another 3 years. I will continue to take my birth control every day and I will continue to not be pregnant.  Also, between the 6 of y'all somebody better come up with $8 to give me for making me waste my money on that test, lol.  I really am just sensitive to smells, lazy when it's cold, and get sick from doing stupid things like eating an entire pan of cheddar garlic biscuits.
On another note, how about TheCount and I got a random check in the mail for $150 yesterday! I was praise dancing all around, lol. Keep it coming :)
Now, let the apologizing begin.

Monday, November 24, 2008

TheCount's 23rd Birthday

We had a lovely, lovely day on Saturday :) We woke up around 9ish and I fixed him Cinnamon pancakes and eggs. Then we went up to the movie theatre (we are old, we like to go to the movies early on Saturday's, cheap tickets and no people!). We went to see Role Model. It was funny. There was only about 10 other people in the theatre and they were all old, except the people behind us which were parents who brought their daughter (in college) and son (in high school). It was awkward because I'm sure their kids wanted to laugh at some stuff but didn't want their parent's looking at them sideways, lol. Shoot, I was laughing so hard at some parts but I didn't want all the old people in the theatre to go complain about the loud black girl so I was doing my silent laugh, which only made it worse. I had my head on TheCount's shoulder and I was shaking so hard from laughing. We had fun, it will probably be funnier when we rent it and watch it with our friends. It's always more fun when you have people that crack additional jokes as the movie is on. **Sidestory: We were walking up to the movie theatre ticket box and I saw this older lady walking up from the other direction. I like to do this thing where I race people to a certain point, even though they have no idea we are competing. So I said to TheCount, "hurry up, let's race her, she's trying to beat us." He shook his head (as usual) and was like "baby that woman aint thinking about you." So I'm looking at her and racing and she looks at me, figures out what I'm doing and breaks into a full on run! I am not kidding she had to be at least 60, lol. I was in disbelief and started cracking up. When I got to the ticket counter (behind her) she turned around and mugged on me! TheCount was like, well dag, bet you won't race old folks no more!**
So after the movies we went to the mall to get our niece and nephew a birthday present. Limited Too was having a buy 1 get 1 free sale! I was having wayyyy too much fun in there :) After we procured their gifts we went to lunch at That's Amore in Columbia. Service was so-so, I think it was because they were having a banquet on the other side so all the attention went to them. I ordered this pasta with shrimp, scallops, clams, mussels, and calamari. It was good but after a while the smell started getting to me so I had to stop. I haven't been able to make myself eat any of the leftovers. It didn't help that TheCount was making faces at me every time I picked up the baby octopus, yeahhhhhhh I just made myself sick all over again, lol.
After lunch we drove all the way from Columbia to Waldorf for the kids' birthday "party". A party it was not! But it was fun. It can't be considered a party if the only people their are your siblings and aunt and uncle, in my opinion. But we played with the kids, watched Muppets From Space (y'all TheCount keeps making me watch that movie and each time he says he's never seen it before, I think he's embarrassed. I've seen that thing at LEAST 4 times with him, lol). After we watched the movie we decided to walk the kids' dog since that poor nappy headed thing hasn't been cared for properly in a long time. The kids all decided they should come with us so TheCount and I bundled up 4 kiddies and went walking around the neighborhood. It was a lot of fun. The kids have been asking to come up to the apartment (there have even been requests to come live with us, another story, another day). So we're trying to find some time for them but it's hard because they live an hour away and every time their mom says she is going to do something, she doesn't. After we left their "party" TheCount's friends took us to Outback ( I need to do some post's about them too). That was fun too, and tasty! After dinner we went and watched 88 minutes. Ughhhh I am not a good thriller movie watcher. I try to kill everybody because I get so frustrated when people act stupid. I kept hollering "just shoot her, come on, kill her, nobody will tell." Anger management was recommended for me, lol.
On Sunday we went to church and chilled at my parent's house. My mom decided she wanted to get on facebook, lol, so I helped her get her page up because my dad and my sister couldn't do it.
Me: Mommy what's your password?
Mom: Retired
Me: That's what I keep doing.........Mommy, spell retired.
Me: No ma'am, that would be incorrect (I typed it in it still didn't work)
Mom: Move, y'all are stupid, let me do it. (she types it and gets in)
Me: Write down what you typed
Me: Are you dyslexic? That's retried, as in try again, you spelled that soooo wrong!
We were laughing her out, and she had to go tell my dad that the reason he couldn't log on to any of their accounts lately is because she spelled the password wrong, lol.
Great times with family. It doesn't get any better than that! How was your weekend?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This post is not about me

Did you read that title Pink? This is not about me, lol.

This happened to one of my friends this week. Three people are involved. Friend, Friends Mom, and Friends Grandmom. Got that? Follow along kiddies:

Mom: Why are your boobs so big? Are you pregnant?
Friend: No mom.
Mom: Yes you are, your boobs are getting bigger
Friend: Ma, please

A few days later

Grandmom: Is friend gaining weight? She's looking a little bigger. Don't say anything, I don't want to hurt her feelings.
Mom: gets to thinking. Hmmm her brothers have made me an illegitimate grandma 4 to many times. This girl better not be lying to me.

A few more days later. Friend is in the bathroom

Mom: bursts into the bathroom
Friend:Ma! I'm using the bathroom
Mom: Girl pee on this stick. You better not be lying to me, pee on this stick now
Friend: I already used the bathroom.
Mom: locks the bathroom door and stands in front of it You aint leaving till you pee on this damn stick!
Friend: I'm not pregnant ma!
Mom: Then pee on the stick

Friend pees on the stick. Guess what boys and girls? Duhhhhh she is soooo pregnant, lol. Well I shouldn't say sooooo. She is 20 days along. In 20 days her momma and grandmomma with Alzheimer's noticed she was getting big. IN 20 DAYS!

The story cracked me up, her momma is pissed though. She called MamaTM cussin and fussin. Told her husband then ran out the house. Lord, it's going to be some interesting times coming up.

I still have one question though. How do these little high school girls hide a pregnancy for 9 months (My friend no where near small, how did they see she was getting big)? These high schoolers live with their parents and interact with teachers and peers every day and nobody notices they are pregnant? My friend got busted in 20 DAYS! Unless somebody is lying about a timeline, these other parents got some splaining to do![you must read that part in the voice of Ricky Ricardo, go back, read it again, then comment, lol]

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sleeping In

This morning I decided I didn't want to get up, so I didn't. I'm supposed to be at work at 8, I got out the bed at 8:45. Strolled my happy tail into work at 10. Then I realized I left my lunch and all my snacks at home :( I had planned on going out and running all my errands today anyway, but then I looked at the bank account and it looked a little different from what I was expecting, lol. So now I will be eating whatever I have in my desk drawer which turns out to be a granola bar, oatmeal, cashews, and my emergency stash of easy mac! All good things to have on hand because you never know when times are going to get a little iffy. It's going to be alright though, I'm not too worried about it. 
Ohhh you know how yesterday I mentioned the maintenance worker came and "reseted" our plugs? Well how bout that sorry sucker didn't check to make sure they worked!? Ugggghhhh don't half do a job! This morning I went to curl one side of my hair (the right side came out looking fierce! The left side was all bushy) in the bathroom. I plugged in the curling iron and nothing! It didn't even work. Then I wanted to check the plug the worker replaced in the kitchen and they fixed it off center so you can't even put anything in the socket! For real? Y'all gonna do me like that? Needless to say, TheCount will be going back down there so they can come fix it correctly. 
It's funny because a wholllleeeeee lot of things have been happening lately that seem to be trying to frustrate us or throw us off course. Somebody's mama is doing some major hating and throwing salt in our plans. Things are coming up that were really unexpected. And crazy health issues keep popping up. Something great must be about to happen for us if Satan is working this much to steal our joy :) I can't wait until we find out what it is so I can share it with everybody, all I know is it must be great cuz everyday I'm falling to my knees praying so I don't get discouraged.
Let's change the topic shall we? Let's bring some happiness to this little blog o' mine. We went to the gym last night (ohhh and I made some great garlic parmesean potato wedges!). Aside from me hollering out "I'm going to die" every five minutes it was fun. I saw my best friend's daddy. But I don't particularly care for him and I didn't think he would recognize me so I didn't speak. Now I gotta see this sleezeball man a few times a week because he is a gym nut and when he isn't out cheating on his wife, he's in the gym. Ooops did I say too much? Ok I'll end this now then.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We are a raggedy pair

Y'all, TheCount and I have been super raggedy as of late, lol. We need to be locked in our apartment so that the masses don't have to be tortured. TheCount is sick, thankfully he doesn't whine and carry on (he leaves that to me!), he simply requests hot food and tea, I love it! When he whines I know he is on his death bed (it's only happened twice in the last 5 1/2 years) so this is just a mild cold, but good gracious he is looking all types of sick, lol. He moves all slow and has his mouth hanging open, lol. Lest you think this is just a "make fun of my husband post" let me get on myself!
Our outlet in the bathroom wasn't working. I washed my hair Friday night but it wasn't dry yet when TheCount was ready to go on Saturday so I had to blow dry it and flat iron it. Why was my raggedy behind using the magnetic locker mirror on the side of our fridge. That thing was so small I couldn't even see my whole face. Let's just say this is a bad hair WEEK! That Saturday it rained hard as crap which didn't help my hair at all! Yesterday I had to go  up to the mountains for work (Frostburg for folks in the area). On top of it being a 3 hour drive it decided it should snow! Oh good Lord if my hair wasn't jacked up when I got there (which it was, lol) it was even more jacked by the time I lugged those huge boxes across campus in the snow! {Sidenote: Why does my boss keep mailing these HUGE boxes of materials to the work sites. I drive a flipping Saturn, I don't have room for that mess! And my arms are bony as all get out, I could barely wrap them around the box, we stopped every 5 steps to readjust} We rectified that mirror situation on Saturday and now I have a full length mirror in the bedroom and our maintenance person came and "reseted" (their word not mine) our bathroom plug.
Lately I've been getting these blinding headaches and my vision in my right eye goes blurry at various points of the day. Well last night I noticed my eyelids were swollen too. Woke up this morning and they still were. So now I have on my glasses that are broken. They aren't taped or anything, don't want y'all to think I'm that raggedy but let's just say if I bend over, they will fall off my face, lol. It's already happened twice today.
No need to even mention the bandaids on my sliced up fingers, lol.
On a bright note to all this busted-upness, TheCount and I joined a gym on Saturday and we are going tonight. I was talking to a personal trainer yesterday at the health fair in the mountains about how to get a Beyonce body. He was cracking up, I looked at him like, I'm sorry I missed the joke. I'm dead serious right now. The problem is I can't do high impact exercises (jogging, treadmills) because of the lupus. He was really helpful with telling me moves that would keep my hips and knees from getting any more damaged. Operation Beyonce is in full effect!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Me? Embarrassing? No Way!

So apparently TheCount thinks I'm embarrassing, lol. The nerve of him! It started when we went to Chevy Chase to get me added to his bank account. We were sitting down waiting for our turn and it was taking forever. I was trying to help so I pulled a pack of Uno cards out of my bag. Y'all he looked at me and asked, "why the heck do you have Uno cards in your bag?" I thought it was obvious, "you never know when an Uno attack will happen!" He made me put them away though, so I sat patiently waiting. When we got in there we were making small talk with the bank worker. We found out all about his upcoming wedding, that his wife went to the same college as us, and that he and TheCount have the same birthday. I asked about picking out a check design since I was informed by both men that CareBears checks would no longer be acceptable. As I was looking I couldn't find anything we could agree on. TheCount suggested Superman and for some reason bringing that up made me realize there were no black characters on any of the checks. Instead of coming out all crazy I simply asked:

Me: Umm are there any black super hero's?
TheCount: looking at me like ohhh here she go Well the Green Lantern is, at least on the Justice League cartoons
Me: Who is this Green Lantern? Is he a real super hero? Who he hang with?
Banker: Yes, he's real
Me: Well why doesn't he have a movie? Who's his homies? Batman? Superman?
TheCount: Girl, shut up he's not with anybody
Me: Well he's in the Justice League. A league is a group, he has to hang with somebody!
TheCount: Baby, let it go
Me: NO! I want green lantern checks
Banker: We don't have those
Me: What about Obama checks?
TheCount: Baby please! Let's just look at these quotes and pick one of those.
Me: Ohhhh I like this one: Ask me about my grandkids
TheCount: Whatttttt?
Banker: They can ask, and she can tell them she doesn't have any!
TheCount: hangs his head in shame, especially when I pulled out my box of milk duds because I was ready for a snack.

Later on we were at the mall:
TheCount: What about this picture for the kitchen He holds up a plaque that read Bon Appeteit with a fat italian man holding food
Me: I don't want that fat white man in my kitchen!
TheCount: BABY!
Me: Sorry, you know I didn't mean it like that. I'm just saying, maybe if one of us was Italian I would see it differently because I would want to honor your heritage too. But that one, ummm negative
TheCount: So what we gotta have all black art in the house?
Me:No, but that fat italian will not be in my kitchen It was at this point I saw this lady cracking up at our interaction

Today in church:
PastorC: What is your expectation from God? (she was asking the congregation, not just me)
Me: Manna from heaven!
TheCount: Whattttt?
Me: I'm hungry. Shoot God dropped bread from heaven in the Bible time, he can do it now. I need to eat.
TheCount: Oh my goodness you are so embarrassing!

All this weekend he has been shaking his head in shame at me. Oh, I've also been banned from handling knives in our house! These things are just too sharp! While washing dishes yesterday I cut myself twice within 5 minutes. The second time I cut a chunk out of my pinky. Oh my God! I screamed and cried like child, it hurt so bad. TheCount had me in a bear hug because he realized I was about to spaz out and start throwing things across the house. So I stood in the kitchen bleeding and hollering and not able to move. When I calmed down he took me into the bathroom and cleaned my hand up and finished the dishes. If anybody needs good knife recommendations, I can provide one, just wear protective gear!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bring em out bring em out

There is a certain blogger that thinks it's cute to just go missing. I'm not naming any names but she is located in the scroll bar and her name does match one of the colors on this blog. And I will hunt her triflin tail down and beat her into submission. Gonna come out talking about a date and stuff and then not post for darn near a week. This has become a pattern of hers lately and I'm not sure I like it. Ms. Pink, I'm calling you out!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let's Eat!

Yesterday was TheCount and my one month anniversary :) I love to celebrate anything so now that we're married I'm starting the month celebrations all over again. When TheCount got home from work I had fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and homemade hot chocolate waiting for him. He ate that while I cooked dinner and he watched t.v. Y'all let me tell you about that meal I cooked :) Oh my goodness! I took pictures, but since I'm emailing this blog in from work, I can't post them now. I made Sesame Chicken. The recipe came from the Everyday Cooking Blog by Darius T. Williams (again, can't link it because this is an email). This dude right here is tha truth! He said the recipe was easy, he didn't lie. He said it was good, again, he didn't lie. A word of advice would be to make sure you have all the ingredients before cooking. Don't try to make sesame chicken without sesame oil or sesame seeds. A certain blogger **coughmecough** thought that would be a good idea. I'm glad before I got back in the house from running errands I had a surge of brain power that reminded me that SESAME chicken probably needed at least sesame oil, lol.
Anyway, I made that paired with a salad (lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, Parmesan cheese). My baby came in there while I was cooking and was looking at all the stuff I had out and I'm sure he thought this would be another disastrous creation. Let tell y'all some of the stuff he said during our meal:
"Oh my God baby, this is so good"
"How you make this? Is this honey?" (No honey was in it FYI)
"Ummm, you should, like, make this and take it places"
"Noooo don't tell yo' momma about this. Keep this as your secret weapon."
"If we weren't married I'd ask you to marry me off this one."
I'm not lying it was that freaking good. We both took it for lunch today. I have another recipe from the Everyday Cooking blog that I'm going to try tomorrow, Macaroni and Cheese (my sister and my favorite food). I'm trying to find my staple recipes for things we like so I can have an arsenal of good food at my disposal. Then we can have dinner parties and maybe even host a holiday event! We made macaroni and cheese a couple of weeks ago but it was Paula Deen's recipe and I thought my arteries were going to clog from just one spoonful of that butter, egg, and cheese mixture (really Paula, sometimes you take it a bit too far!). Anyway, if you're looking to cook a meal that everybody will love get that Sesame Chicken recipe from Darius' blog.
Anybody have any special recipes they want to share with me? I love cooking! I love eating even more!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Christopher Columbus must be my cousin

Y'all better be glad Laughing 808 saved your sorry behinds, with your non suggestion giving selves. I shall be moving on from that subject. (If you're confused, read the post under this, SUGGEST SOMETHING and then come back and join us please)

Want to know what I spent my day doing? Getting lost. For work I had to go to a wellness fair at the social services office. Well first my dumb butt went to the social security office (it was on the same street). Ughhh I was soooooo embarrassed when the lady told me in front of that room full of people that I was in the wrong building and she didn't even know what I was talking about. Then I drove down some and saw a social services building. After fighting through the parking thought I thought, "surely this is correct, it's so crowded." I got out of my car only to be told to go down some more. I drive down and don't see the appropriate number, but I see big complex. I go in and in the back I find the right building. I once again get the box out of my car and I see my boss arriving as well. We go in only to find out that we are at the wrong location again! We go down the street and finally find it. Geez! I had a good time though. The nurse that was helping me was a 25 year old black chick from p.g. too. Good times we had! She's doing some of the other fairs coming up with me too so I'm excited. Anyway that was done at 2 so I was on my way back home to go to the social security office to change my name. I drove up and down the same street for 20 MINUTES trying to find this place. It was hidden in the back of a shopping center. I did that and got my name changed. I'm officially Mrs. Count. I change my drivers license Friday and get a new bank account Saturday.

After leaving there at 4, I try to find the Food Lion. Good Lord! I found: Giant, a random field, a firehouse, Columbia Mall, and a nice housing complex during my 30 minute trek to Food Lion. I was so frustrated. Found it, wasn't too impressed with their prices either, got my stuff and got out. Then I remembered that I had to go to the bank. Spent another 30 minutes lost trying to find that. Got there and didn't have the darn checks. I broke down crying and screaming outside the bank.

Want to know the real sad part? I had a darn GPS system and google directions and map pulled up on my phone! How dumb can I be. Ughhh, I need a chauffeur.

(get the title? If you don't please enroll yourself back in Elementary School, or go ask a 5th grader)

Friday, November 7, 2008


Perhaps y'all didn't hear me yesterday. I asked you what can I do for the Count's birthday on the 22nd? (Those sentences must be read with much neck rolling and pursed lips) Now, I will ask this question every day until I get sufficient results. You may begin with the suggestions........

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I gots nothing

I don't have a darn thing to post about. Yesterday morning TheCount tried to drag me out of bed though. It failed, and I got to work around noon, lol. I ended up upset and crying at various points during the day but then all at once I stopped. I don't know what happened but I just got happy :) Then we went to church last night which was good as usual, came home and discovered once again our cable didn't work. It said our box wasn't authorized for use. I called and I was so upset because I keep paying for a service that I have problems with every week. Y'all I wanted to fuss but it was 11:30pm and the rep on the phone sounded so tired. She was all yawning and lackluster. Good Lord I felt bad for her. If it doesn't work today I will call back and fuss for extra good measure and then waste my Saturday afternoon waiting for Comcast. Well at least that means I'll have time to do more than wash and wrap hair. I haven't blow dried or curled my hair in a month I think I'll rock some curls for at least the next  month.
I need some ideas. TheCount's birthday is Saturday November, 22. What should we do? I want to go somewhere (not far or expensive) like camping or some cool town nearby. Ohhhh we should drive up to Philly and eat cheese steaks :) Or go to Pittsburgh find the Steelers players and stalk them (although that would be more fun for me). He's been wanting to go play paintball but I'm probably to lazy to organize his friends to go do it. Anyway, help me out people. What can we do to celebrate TheCounts 23rd birthday?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can you believe it?

We did it. Praise God, we did it. Who would have thought? Not me. But we did. How awesome is this?

It's time to celebrate

I voted! I waited in line for about an hour. TheCount had a different polling center it took him 2 minutes, lol. He was quite pleased with himself. I saw my neighbors and many many of my old customers fom my CVS days. It was a beautiful thing. My Momma was working the polls. She called me a little while ago proclaiming "if I see another black face I don't know what I'll do!" At that location there are 1400 people registered to vote. About 1000 have already come through. My mom was all excited talking about "all the drug dudes came through. They rode together, lol." It made me smile. After I voted I went to my parents house and stole some fried chicken and grapes. Yummy! Then I went grocery shopping while everybody else was still at work. This dude at Safeway was just a taste smitten with me. He kept checking on me while I was shopping. When I got in line he came and got ME and only me out of the line to ring me up on a different register, no wait. I thank God he mad me cute, lol.

I'm cooking my husband his favorite meal. I wanted to make him chili, since it's Barack's favorite food to cook, but he reminded me that Barack would not be in this house tonight so I shouldn't cater to him. Now we're having lasagna, mozzarella garlic bread, and cran-apple juice. I have the sparkling cider ready for tonight. I am soooo excited. Hopefully I'm done crying. I didn't cry when I voted but when I got in the car I kept hearing his speeches and gospel songs and I couldn't help it, I was bawling. Tonight, I celebrate. I'm ready guys. I just know it's going to be a great night!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm a cool kid now!

Ohhhhh I have the new google phone. Me likey! I'm trying to see if I set this thing to post from my phone correctly. The real post is below.

And so it ends

Yesterday TheCount and I went out to dinner with some of his friends. During dinner TheCount said something that really hurt my feelings. I got silent and just sat there. As we all got up to leave everybody was deciding where they were going and TheCount told his friends that he couldn't go with them because he had to run me to some stores. As soon as I got in the car I started crying. TheCounts reaction to me crying only made me cry more. As we went from store to store we didn't speak to each other. We went to my parent's house to pick up a tv because ours died earlier that day. We didn't speak then. I wasn't feeling well after we ate so that didn't help. We got back home around 7. Y'all I cleaned from 7pm to 1am. I am proud to say our apartment is immaculate! The boxes of clothes that took up an entire wall in the bedroom? Done. The boxes of toiletries that took up all the space in front of the closet? Sorted, tossed, and put away. The boxes of wedding gifts in the dining room? Put away. Every dish, piece of lint on the floor, the hall closet, the bathroom. Finito! All of TheCounts work clothes ironed and put away. It makes me happy when I clean, it's peaceful. When I finally fell asleep last night I had a dream I got a raise at work.

This morning TheCount and I still did not speak. I said goodbye, he said the same. All day, no phone calls or texts. I got home at 6:15, no Count. Oh well. A few minutes later he comes in. No words. I get on the phone with my sister and I hear him in there putting something in the oven. When I finally come out of the bedroom I see he bought me the magnetic calendar I tried to find yesterday. I also see he bought a wireless router. I still don't speak to him but I do tell my sister that he did something nice. A little while later I bite his but. A little while after that he sits down and makes me fall and he laughs. Then the commercial comes on for the redskins-steelers game. He's a die hard redskin fan and I'm a steelers fan.

Me: Oh yeahhh the steelers are going to win
Him: Yeah right

And so it ends. Talking like old friends.

Him: What was wrong with you?
Me: you hurt my feelings....
Him: That wasn't my intention.....
Me: Yeah I know.

All is well :) We're about to watch my team beat his, he's hating already. Let me go get my jersey. I'm ready for some football!

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