Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm ready for a nap

We did the registry this weekend! I should be ashamed for taking this long, we can walk to Target and Babies R Us from our apartment. We did Target (because that's convenient for everybody) Babies R Us (I love that place!) and Amazon (that's where I put all my cloth diapering supplies.) I figure most people will do Target anyway and if it goes anything like our wedding, they won't even use the registry, but it's all good. I was in the store balking about prices and hollering things like "this is absurd!" and "are they crazy?" I think I saw a sign for a second hand baby sale today on the way to my appointment. I'm going to go check it out and if I find stuff cheaper than what I registered for, I'll just buy it myself and take it off the registry. No point in anybody overpaying for baby stuff. Thank God I plan on having 4 kids and I'll make sure to get our money's worth. But those $400 cribs? Heck no. We went over to the cheap section and picked the best from those. Our furniture for the living room didn't cost us that much, no way a new baby needs something that expensive.

There's a picture MrC snapped of me as I was trying to get off the ground at the store. My oh so loving sister is standing next to me completely ignoring me and he was busy laughing and singing "make way for the big girls." They both keep making fun of me. When they heard me coming down the steps my sister said "here comes the big one" and MrC proceeded to yell "boom, boom, boom" with every step I took. I think MrC is just glad he can pay me back for all the weight jokes I made about him in middle school (he lent me his shirt one day during gym class and it was a 4x! We were 13, it was hilarious to me). 

This morning my car wouldn't start. My tank was on E last week and I didn't drive it all week. Oops. Thankfully MrC was home and he handled it for me. Now we're sitting at the dining room table working from home together. Well he's working, I'm doing the same thing I do at work.

There's a tornado watch going on right now. They said 70 mph winds were coming. I don't have time to be blowing away.

My sister did my hair in coils last night. My big head took 3.5 hours to do. We were all ready to curl up and cry by the time we finished at 1 am. It's cute though, I'll try and get MrC to take some pictures for me.

Does anybody have any snoring remedies that work? For the past two nights I really wanted to do bodily harm to MrC. I almost pushed him out the bed the other night. He volunteered to sleep on the couch tonight, but I don't want him to be uncomfortable and that's not a good solution.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Buying for baby...

Of all the things to worry about, I pick a dang registry. I've really been putting off doing my registry (as some of y'all have realized!) First I was waiting to figure out where the heck we were going to put the baby. Since we're buying a house and he'll have a room, I got ready to move forward. But then I thought about what to put on the registry. Some of my family thinks I'm stuck up and that I think I'm better than them. Of course that's not true and it's mostly my HaterAuntie that feels this way, but some of the things I want to put on the registry make me feel stuck up. MrC and I use all natural products on ourselves, so of course we want that for BabyC. But most folks buy Johnson's and Baby Magic and I don't like the ingredients, so I don't have plans to ever use that. But natural products cost more and I don't want people to look at my registry like "who the heck does this heffa think she is?" I'm also considering doing cloth diapers (and making baby food), but I don't even want to mention that aloud because I don't feel like hearing "girl please, you'll get tired of that and put your baby in disposables like everybody else" or any other opinion I didn't ask for. I know I can always take back any unwanted gifts, but does that make me seem ungrateful? People give out of their kindness, I don't want them to think I don't appreciate it. Am I over thinking this? Maybe I should do the registry, let y'all see it and tell me if I'm a stuck up poodle and then I'll redo it if necessary.
What are some must haves that I should register for? The only thing BabyC has right now is a robe and washcloths (courtesy of TiffanyinHouston.)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Special Attention

I have a "special attention" pregnancy, not to be confused with high risk. If you call me high risk, I'll probably kick you in the shin.  I've been closely monitored by my team of doctors this entire pregnancy. When I was 21, I was diagnosed with Lupus. I had the symptoms since I was about 15, but my pediatrician was too worried about STD's to take the time to listen. When I was 23/24 I switched insurances and started going to a different doctor. He wanted to run his own tests on me to see exactly what was going on. Turns out, I didn't have lupus. He diagnosed me with Sjogrens. When I found out I was pregnant I had just switched insurances the month before and had to find an entire new set of doctor's. I went in to get my pregnancy confirmed and  when the doctor saw I had been diagnosed with Sjogrens she set me up to go to the hospital and meet with the Maternal Fetal Medicine team. MrC and I went in and had a long meeting with the director of MFM about how they were going to handle my pregnancy. They ordered an EKG, an eye test (that I never did because I got confused about opthamologists versus optometrists and then I didn't know which insurance to use and eventually so much time had passed and she didn't bring it up again so I said forget it), and made me collect my urine for 24 hours so they could test it (that was so gross!) All of my tests came back in the clear. Their main concern has been with BabyC's heart. Sometimes the fetus can have a heart block which leads to a slow heart beat which can be fatal. Because of this from weeks 15-25 I've had to go get a weekly ultrasound where they check BabyC's heart. Starting at week 25, I go every other week. I'm currently at week 23 and there haven't been ANY issues and I know there won't be (well one week they could tell I forgot I wasn't supposed to have caffeine and I had 5 glasses of iced tea the day before my appointment. BabyC was off the freaking hook for two days, but it definitely wasn't a slow heart beat. Oops!)
The other thing the doctor was worried about was me having a Sjogrens flare up. I very, very rarely have any issues concerning Sjogren's I'm actually convinced the doctor's made this all up, but that's not the point. It can affect a lot of different parts of your body but the only issues I've ever really had are swollen painful joints (knees and toes for me) and fatigue. If I'm tired, I just go to sleep (even at work) and if my joints are swollen I whine for 30 seconds, then pray, then sit my too busy behind down so my body can recover. I was prescribed medication a few years ago but the only times I ever took it was when I knew I was going to be doing a lot of walking for multiple days. It's really not that bad, so I just deal with it. The doctor said that if I started having flare ups, they would need to put me on steroids so I won't pass any antibodies to the baby. She told me that toughing it out was not an option as long as the baby is in me. That's something I really don't want to have to do, so we prayed about it and kept it moving. Another thing that all the doctor's are insistent upon, that I don't like, is that I have to deliver at 38 weeks. I tried to manipulate them and put them against each other to get to go longer- but those ladies won't budge! They all said the same thing "once we get you to full term, we want to just get the baby out alive and healthy." In my mind I'm determined to make it to at least 39 weeks since these heffas with their fancy book learning and knowledge don't want to let me. They didn't say I have to have a c-section, but on the day I'm scheduled to deliver, they will give me medicine to induce labor if I haven't started. I'm already going to have a talk with Jesus and BabyC so we can kick start this labor on our own and not have to deal with unnecessary medication. The day before I'm scheduled to go in though I'm going to pamper the heck out of myself. Manicure, pedicure, get my sister to do my hair, and get a wax because I'm hoping the pain will jump start labor (If I have the baby during my wax appointment, can I get my insurance to cover it????)
 I don't really tell too many people what's going on because I don't have time for people that add their worry and doubt to a situation. My faith has this covered. I told a few of my friends when the doctor's were first running their tests. Every single one of the friends I told immediately grabbed my shoulder and my belly and prayed for peace and health. I was so grateful for that, because in the very beginning, I was a little overwhelmed. I even had a twitter friend that would email me encouragement. A totally unplanned pregnancy along with all this extra stuff was a lot to process. It took me a few weeks of praying and talking to faith filled people before I got myself together, but now it's nothing but excitement. I always knew I would enjoy pregnancy and I'm glad this experience has been so pleasant. I get to look at BabyC wiggle and squirm evey week and it's so much fun that I'm glad I have over dramatic doctors that insisted upon all this monitoring.
Anyway, I just wanted to share after Jameil wondered why the heck I was tweeting from doctor's offices 2 days in a row. Once a week at the hospital, once a month at the OB/GYN. BabyC weighs 1 pound and I'm up 8 pounds. We're almost in the third trimester! 

Monday, February 21, 2011


I haven't been to the grocery store in awhile because I didn't want to carry the bags. I got some produce from the Amish market on Saturday because I was suffering from fruit and veggie withdrawl. Now it's time to get some real food in here so MrC is taking me to the store right now!

Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm looking forward to...

*Having a real mirror in a room with real lighting to take pictures in front of so I can stop with all the bathroom pics.
*Giving myself a much needed manicure this weekend. Teal nails have been calling my name!
*Sharing the story from beginning to end. Very soon.
*Letting my ma and sister feel BabyC move this weekend. He has some force behind his movements now. I feel him all the time. It's so much fun.
*Having pizza for lunch. I love pizza more than I could ever begin to describe!
*Finally getting groceries! We have pineapples, tortellini, and condiments in our fridge. The snack cabinet consists of lorna doones and nutella. I'm so ashamed, lol!
*Hearing that they accepted our offer. God, can you make that happen today please? Thanks.
*MrC getting a new job. He's been diligent getting his resume out there, it's time for things to happen. Hey God, let's add that to your to-do list for today too!
*Getting some pants that fit this weekend! I can still put on all my clothes but I can only zip my size 8 pants and I only have 2 pairs of those. Most are size 4 and 6 and they don't even begin to zip up anymore. I have a belly band but that thing doesn't seem to like my butt.
*scrapbooking with my sister this weekend. I need to get my pictures printed out!
What are you looking forward to?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We Picked...

House #2! When we first went to house #1 we really liked it, despite the filthiness. You guys should really thank me for not taking a picture of the bathtub or the cobwebs that were everywhere. We thought house #1 was going to be it even though the small rooms concerned me. But when we went to house #2 there was just something about it that said "this is it." My family went to each of the houses to check them out when I told them that these were the final two contenders. They wanted us to have house #1. My dad hated house #2. We invited them to go with us when we went to check out the interior of both homes since they had only seen the outside. My sister was disgusted with the interior of house #1 especially when she realized cobwebs were sticking to our clothes. The only real high point was the two car garage and the dining room off of the kitchen. While we were looking out of the upstairs back windows we noticed both of the neighbors had chaotic backyards.  My mom was planning on visiting the neighborhood several times to check out the neighbors to make sure everything would be ok. We had our share of bad neighbors growing up and I didn't want to move right into a bad situation (ever had SWAT and the other scary police  teams surround your next door neighbors house? I'm talking trucks, vans, and helicopters! He was an ex boxer turned drug lord or something. My parent's current neighbors have pool parties that last all day and night and they blast music and holler. I pulled up around noon one Saturday and this dude was dropping f-bombs and drinking like kids weren't present.)
Anyway there was a peaceful calm about house #2. After my dad did his walk through he said, "y'all are right, this is it." My favorite part of the house is the kitchen. MrC's favorite part is the backyard. While we're passing the time waiting until our offer is accepted and all that jazz, we're gathering design ideas. I'm not a fly by the seat of my pants type of person. I research and document and take notes and know what I want the end result to be before I buy a single thing. When we were deciding on which town to live in MrC and I spent days in front of the computer investigating schools, crimes, parks, community activities, shopping centers, ordinances, and their 4th of July celebration. You can tell a lot about a town by the way they celebrate the 4th. I'm pretty sure we're going to end up with a book of design ideas before we even go to closing.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fwd: House Hunting: The Finale part 4

Bedrooms were a huge part of deciding on a house. The last house we wanted to make an offer on only had 2 bedrooms upstairs and then I found out I was pregnant the day we were going to put our offer down. After that,we established that any house we look at has to have at least 3 bedrooms on the same level. Another thing that I knew early on was that closets are important to me. I've outgrown the closet here and now I have clothes hanging on the doors.  

House #1 has 3 bedrooms (the first 4 pictures). It's a split level house so when you walk in you walk into the burgundy living room/kitchen room and then upstairs to the bedrooms. At the top of the stairs to the left is the linen closet and a full bathroom. To the right of the steps is the room we'd make the guest bedroom (first picture). Straight ahead would be the baby's room and to the left of that would be our bedroom. The rooms in this house are small and the carpets are filthy (cleaning is not a priority for them). I don't know if the walls need to be painted or just washed. I guess we wouldn't know until they cleared out all their crap. The master bedroom only has one closet and it's not bigger than what we have now. Working out a clothes situation might lead to a family war. They did make the shower very pretty! 

House #2 has 4 bedrooms (these pictures are in random order). In this house you walk into the main level and then walk upstairs to the 4 bedrooms. At the top of the stairs to the left is the room we'd use as an office/tv room. Right next to that is a full bath with a small linen closet. The lime green room with pink carpeting would be the guest room, it'd also be immediately painted! In the hall is a really big shelved closet. My label maker and I would have a lot of fun assigning storage areas.The teal room would be the baby's room. The carpet is still nice in this room so we'd just need to paint and get a door (according to MrC, baby's don't need doors on their rooms. So I'd be getting a door for my baby's room.) The master bedroom is a nice size, I just couldn't get a good picture because she had an exercise bench in the middle of the floor. There are 2 closets in this room and they're bigger than what we have now. I just realized both master bathrooms have windows! Yay for some natural light. This master bath is the same size as house #1, but without any bells or whistles. 

So, which house would you pick? Which house do you think we picked? We put in our offer today!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Would help if I used words!

Top pictures are house #1. Lovely burgundy carpet and a bathroom in the middle of the laundry/storage room. We would have to put up a wall cuz that was insane. If we got this house, this is the area we would work on first because it's ugly. I do like the built in shelves. Sorry P, is the house with the kitchen you liked.

House #2 just requires some paint. This room is right off the kitchen which I like because the room we hang in is right next to where food is. All the light from the windows in this room made us really happy. I prefer this fireplace over the other house.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

House Hunting: The finale part 2

Today we're just going to do the kitchens and dining rooms. The kitchen in House #1 doesn't really need any work. It's an eat in kitchen with a formal dining room and it has hardwood floors. The first picture is the dining room. The doors lead out into the backyard. We could even use this room as a little toy/sitting room since we probably won't be purchasing a dining room table anytime soon. We could have a little tv and some recliners and BabyC's toys, it would make cooking dinner a little less lonely!  I think we would probably put an island in instead of a regular table in the kitchen because I need more storage and cooking space. The stainless steel appliances are pretty new and only the dishwasher would need an eventual upgrade. I'd finally be able to retire my Brita pitcher because I'd be able to get water straight from the fridge and we could finally have ice! There were two things I didn't like about this kitchen: the counters are tiled and the oven is a flat top electric. I prefer gas in kitchens and I can't stand flat top stoves. My mom already told MrC that I would need adult supervision if we kept that stove because I tend to try and use flat top stoves like griddles, lol. I like the color of the kitchen too, so that's one less thing to have to worry about.
House #2 is not nearly as updated as #1. The floors are tiled in the kitchen and there's laminate flooring in the dining room. I'm not a fan of the peach color on the dining room walls so that would need to go. This stove is gas but it's old like the fridge and dishwasher, but they all work. We liked the hanging pot thingy but we don't have any pots that look good enough to hang up there, so it'd certainly be empty for awhile. This kitchen has a lot of cabinet space and the pantry has pull out shelves which was a nice feature. The sink and window were my mom's favorite part of the kitchen. This kitchen is big and leads right into the family room, so it's not as cut off as the other one. I feel like the dining room area would kind of be wasted space though. It's right off the front door so we'd want to have something in there, but not necessarily a big dining room table yet since it'll be quite a few years before we have enough kids to fill it up. The kitchen has sliding glass doors that lead right out into the backyard just like the other house. The white door you see leads to the laundry room and that's also the way you'd come in from the garage and it has a door that leads to the backyard. I liked that little space because not only would the dog be able to sleep there, we could use it as a little mud room if BabyC got dirty playing outside and the mess wouldn't be tracked through the kitchen. The lighting fixtures look better in house #1 (except the dining room chandelier, that has to go) , but house #2 has a fan in the kitchen for clearing up any smoky mishaps! Almost all the lights in this house have dimmers, including the kitchen, which made me happy because it reminded me of my bedroom growing up. {SN: My parent's had to install a dimmer in my room growing up because I used to see turkeys dancing at the foot of my bed. Even in our apartment now we've had to get a nightlight for my late night bathroom trips because I keep "seeing" little gnomes running in the bathroom to get me. I swear you'd think I had a traumatic childhood with all the crazy things my brain thinks up}
The only thing we'd immediately choose to do in house #1's kitchen is change the chandelier and get an island. We'd eventually change the countertops too. In house #2 we'd change the knobs on the cabinets (my sister went out of her way to point out they needed to go), change the light fixtures, paint, and put shelves in the under stair storage area so I could store all my bulk stuff there. Eventually though we'd have to replace all the appliances and we'd probably upgrade the counters at some point.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

House Hunting: The Finale part 1

The pictures my dad took were so dang crappy! It was like he was trying to take pictures of the woman's stuff instead of the rooms! Thankfully I have some cell phone pictures. We've decided which house we want, but I won't tell you which one we picked. I'll try to be unbiased in my descriptions, lol.
Today we'll compare the exterior of the homes. House #1 is lovely on the outside. I really like the covered front door and the two car garage. There are crepe myrtle trees in the front yard, I love crepe myrtles! The back yard is very large and has a deck and a shed and at least two large trees and I could see myself napping in the hammock while my minions cook dinner. It was cold outside so I didn't go out there and apparently didn't take any pictures either. The backyard wasn't completely fenced in, so that's something we'd have to do. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the neighbor's house. Let's just say the shutters are painted ketchup and the garage is painted mustard. I wanted to burn it down.
House #2 only has a one car garage but the driveway can fit 4 cars and it has a very large front yard. Andddddd the mailbox is attached to the house. I've always dreamed of such a joy! There would be no running down the icy/wet/cold driveway to get the mail (I've had some serious mailbox trauma- for real.) The tree in the front yard is a bit too big. The lady said it covers the cars in the fall which would be a real pain. It would also be a pain if it came crashing through the window- cuz that would be the baby's room. We really like the backyard on this house. There's no deck, but there's a stoned patio and a pergola and a swing! There are also baby toys already back there and the lady said she would leave them for us. MrC is scared that if we bought this house I would hang an insane amount of wind chimes back there and end up going to jail for disturbing the peace. He's probably right. The yard is completely fenced in and it looks like when the trees get some leaves we'll be able to have a bit more privacy from the neighbors back there. MrC got really excited about the little pond thing. He said he would get a heater and put our turtles out there. I think that would be pretty cool and Winterset and Marburry would probably enjoy the upgrade too. There are a lot of trees/bushes planted back there. Some of them might don't make it because I've been known to kill things quickly. I'm curious as to what it'll look like in the spring though.
Alright, tomorrow we cover kitchens and living/family rooms.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ready for bedtime

House hunting went VERY well on Saturday. My mom, dad, and sister showed up to look at the final two houses with us. We came to a unanimous decision on which house we liked better. From the pictures we initially showed them and from the two times they went driving by the houses to look at them, they initially hated the house we picked. Once we got inside though everybody was smiling. I like it because it's my style and I see lots of little ways I can make it our home. Let's all take a moment and pray that the process goes smoothly and quickly. I'm having a baby in 4 months and he needs a bedroom :)
(pictures to come, my daddy hasn't emailed them to me yet)
We went to the Amish market after the house hunt. My sister came with us and we had a grand gluttonous time! I got some fresh made strawberry lemonade (after I drank it all I saw the small sticker that said unpasteurized. I said a little prayer over BabyC and kept it going), a donut, a caramel apple, yogurt covered pretzels, a steak and cheese pretzel (MrC's selections)and 6 regular pretzels. I love soft pretzels so very, very much :) We were in line and I knew my sister was going to want one and I wanted to have some to last me a couple of days:
Me: Ok, I'm going to get a half dozen pretzels
MrC: No you're not! (all forceful like he was my daddy)
Me: Yes I am. (all soft like I was being a defiant child scared of a beating)
ManBehindUs: *Snort, chuckle, snort*
I'm used to being the one embarrassing us in public, how dare MrC try and tell me what to do! LOL
Oh Steelers. You made it quite obvious in the first quarter that you didn't want to win, so I barely paid attention the rest of the game. We went to a friends house for the superbowl party. Tell me why come I ended up cooking the turkey sliders, salmon sliders, baked beans, and frying the chicken. It was the 3rd quarter of the game and I was still frying chicken! Thankfully she had a little deep fryer so I could sit at the table and party as the chicken cooked.
We ran out of toilet paper and qtips this morning. We've been out of mouthwash for almost two months. I think we'll get that handled today.
I'm also going to have to buy a maternity pillow and some this week. My body voices it's displeasure loudly when weight is gained. Right now my back is asking why I'm being so cruel, so I'll treat her to some comfort. I've been hogging all the pillows and poor MrC had to share a pillow I already had my head on last night because I refused to let him move anything because I was finally comfortable.
I think I'm going to start acting like my 5 year old godbrother. He's so bold with what he wants to do and it cracks me up. He was at school a few weeks ago and they just had lunch.
GodBrother: Man, that was a good lunch. I think I'm going to take me a nap. *gets up from table, gets on the floor and falls asleep*
I laughed so hard when my ma told me that story I thought I was going to shoot BabyC out. Right about now I think I'm going to climb up on my desk and take me a nap too.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ma'am, we aren't that close

Now that I'm pregnant, people that didn't really talk to me before suddenly have things to say to me. Some of this has been fun because I learn new things about people (word? you didn't know you were pregnant until you were 5 months? that's insane!) Some of it is not fun because some people don't know boundaries. Last week I went out to dinner with about 30 people. There were 18 at our table, I sat by my mom and sister and across from an older lady that I don't really care for. I was starving because I didn't have time to eat properly that day since we had just left from church. I was eating the bread on the table:
Ma: Girl that's your 2nd piece of bread
Sister: cough3rdcough
Lady: You better stop eating all that bread
Me: *side eye, dips bread in olive oil*
Lady: there's no such thing as eating for two. You better not eat that bread.
Me: *Looks at bread, puts it in my mouth, chews and reaches for another piece out of spite while staring her dead in the eye*
AnotherLady: Don't pay them no mind do what  you want
Me: You see I haven't even paused right? They don't have to see me naked, I don't know why what I eat is any of their business.
Later on we were getting ready to order more food since it was all you can eat family style. The hostess said to put the food we hadn't yet eaten on our plates so the waiters would bring out fresh stuff and we could just box up the stuff on our plates at the end. So I put a couple of pieces of chicken parmesan on my plate so they could be boxed up later and we could get a fresh platter brought out:
Lady: You going to eat all that?
Me: *rolls eyes* I thought we covered this already. How about everybody look at their own plate and worry about what's in front of them.
Lady: *notices somebody else doing the same thing* you going to eat all that?
Me: Didn't I just say everybody is only paying attention to their plate? Focus on you!
This lady also proceeded to ask me if I was having a natural childbirth and if I planned to breastfeed. If we aren't close enough to be sitting on my couch sipping tea with our shoes off wrapped up in blankets then we aren't close enough for you to inquire about what I'm doing with my va.gina and bre.asts.  

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Proud member of...

It was so obvious on the ultrasound that I didn't even need them to tell me it was a boy. I get weekly ultrasounds (more on that later...maybe) and at week 17 I was like heyyyyyy, I never saw that part before! MrC is beyond excited, but almost everybody thought it was going to be a boy anyway, so we weren't surprised.
Now let's talk about me :) I've finally started the weight gain. At my appointment last week I was up 2 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight. Now that I'm finally gaining and have a crazy appetite I can start my light exercising again. For now it'll just be walking on the treadmill, but once it warms up, I'll hit the parks and lake. I feel quite awesome, but my back is not used to this belly thing. I've gotten quite friendly with heating pads and back rubs from MrC. I've been trying different stretches to try and help get this under control. Any suggestions for stretches or what can make sleep more comfortable or what can make sitting at my desk more comfortable?
I am so glad BabyC has gotten over this pickles phase and decided that momma should eat real food. All of a sudden, I was just hungry all the dang time! I've been eating a lot of spinach salads, but they aren't very filling and I don't like adding too many ingredients to my salad, I'm a simple gal. You know what I could eat every day? Auntie Annie's unsalted pretzel with cheese dip, chips and sour cream & onion dip, chinese food, and fruit. Do you know how hard it is to convince MrC that we should drop by the mall so I can get a pretzel? Very hard. I've succeeded once. We were going to the mall to get his watch fixed one day and I was just grinning in the car and he was like
Him: what the heck are you smiling so hard for?
Me: I get a pretzel when we get to the mall!
Him: Big Bertha, I need you to calm down. A pretzel shouldn't make anybody that dang happy.
I can't forget to mention this: I have discovered the joy of nutella. My coworkers have turned me into an addict.
WorkFriend: Have you ever had nutella?
Me: Nope, I was too scared to try it
WorkFriend: Why? It's delicious! You will love it. You will proclaim your love from the heavens.
Me: Hmmm, I've always considered it your people's type of thing (she's white, and used to me teasing her about food)
WorkFriend: Try it! *opens fresh can of nutella, sticks in a knife, and hands me some*
Me: Hmmm, it's good, we'll see, I'll try it with my apple later.
*an hour later*
Me: Dear God, this is delicious! Why didn't your people tell me about this sooner! Y'all always trying to keep us down!
(Don't worry, MrC already told me I'm going to get fired for being ra.cist one day.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Which team?

What do you think? Is BabyC a member of team pink or blue?

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