Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pass the salt, butter, and steak sauce

Last night was MrC's company's holiday dinner. There  are only 5 of them in the Maryland office, so dinner had a grand total of 10 people and 2 of us were wives of employees. We got there 45 minutes late because his ma was 2 hours late coming to watch the baby. I was so mad but I remained the pleasant daughter in law that I always am. Dinner was at.Clyde's of Columbia and it was such an underwhelming meal. Not one person ate all of their food. The cooks clearly did not believe in salt or butter. My side dish was green beans and shredded carrots. Y'all, who serves shredded carrots on a plate? That is a salad topping not a side dish. I couldn't even get them on my fork so I only ate 2 carrot strings. Not a lick of seasoning was on either of them. Aside from the most bland meal I've ever had, the night was fun. MrC has only been on the job 3 weeks but 2 of the people are from his old company so they've known each other for 3 years. MrC is the only black person and when I say they love them some MrC, I really mean it. His coworkers wife knew all about us because her husband always talks of his travels with MrC. The other dude was telling everybody how MrC always picks the best restaurants and how he texts me a picture of his plate every time. They knew my name, they greeted me with hugs, and MrC got $100 in his holiday card. For 3 weeks of work, I say this company is a winner. MrC and I have had 2 date nights 2 weeks in a row, we getting real fancy around here!

(time to go back to bed now.j again, excuse any delirious typos)


Adrienne said...

LOL @ shredded carrots. Ewww

Anonymous said...

Bwaha! Shredded, cooked carrots??? Nah man. Only on a salad, in a veggie wrap or baked in a cake!

I was underwhelmed back in the spring when I went to the Clydes at Gallery Place downtown. Won't be going there again.

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