Monday, February 13, 2012

Blue fail

This was supposed to be a picture of Judah sitting up, holding his blue lid with his cheerios showing the blue feet with his blue sippy cup. Judah decided to shovel the food in his mouth like a glutton. Maybe he wanted to show of my blue pajamas, or daddy's blue jeans. He learned how to feed himself last Friday. It's amazing, Thursday he couldn't get one piece in his mouth successfully and on Friday he did it with no trouble.

here's a blue fun fact: my ma thinks I'm colorblind because I can't tell the difference between blue and green a lot of the time.


Adrienne said...

He is so cute lol

InnerDiva said...

Question (because I wonder about my own kidlet): how's he doing with the Cheerios and no teeth? Is he able to mush them up in his mouth, or does he gag?

Jameil said...

you seem pretty color blind to me! heeeey judah!

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