Monday, March 12, 2012

Wedding decorations

Thanks for all your help with the menu! I met with the caterer yesterday (ok, it's my dad. He has a catering company as a side hustle) and I'm waiting for the formal proposal. We had to make some changes so once I'll run it by the bride, I'll post the final menu.

On Saturday I went with the bride to try on wedding dresses. Her mom passed away in 2010 so it was just her Aunt and me at the shop. Her aunt volunteered to contribute to the dress. When we got there she said she brought $500. I was doing my thing at Da.vid's Bridal and we picked and ordered a dress. I had so much fun pulling out accessories and giving her ideas and then smiling and nodding when I didn't agree with her but I knew it was her decision. She went with my favorite in the end anddddddddd the $499 dress was on sale and the grand total came up to $486.54!

These are the ideas I'm working on for decor. Over the next few days I'll be pricing all the materials to make sure we can afford it.
gift table for a wedding suitcases

I like the bouquets and the signs in these pictures. I'll be replicating both of those things. Wood, burlap, lace, and twine will be used throughout the ceremony and reception but I'll be incorporating more color.

All of these pictures came from these two sites:


Monique said...

These all look great! My bff and my mom did my baby shower and ordered tons of customized things from this site

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