Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wedding Countdown

I'm almost at the finish line for the wedding. My ma is decorating for her friends vow renewal Friday so it's been double duty wedding work (all those roses are hers). I don't have much more to do except finish the program and figure out the ring bearer pillow situation. The rehearsal is Friday at 6 and I'll be there 2 hours early to make sure I have everything in place and figured out before the bride shows up. I have a few arguments I need to have with the lady that runs the orchard and I don't want my clients to have to be part of that.

MrC was supposed to be coming up with a name for me so I can seem like a true professional. If I decide that I enjoy and am good at this I want the focus of my business to be wedding and party planning. I want a cool name like a certain blogger that runs The PH Balance ;) but I can't think of one.


K. Rock said...

So what are the final deets? Bonfire? Did you get all the smores sticks? Etc? I am hoping we will get a thorough recap after the wedding. Good luck on your first gig.

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