Monday, February 10, 2014


I've been saying confessions over my family as I drive to work in the morning. I do it while Judah and Alaia are in the car so they can get used to hearing positive things spoken over their lives from an early age. I also notice that I don't worry nearly as much since I've been doing the confessions. I say a lot of the same things like: my family is safe, we're protected, we're healthy, God holds us in His hands, my children are obedient, we are successful at work, all of our needs are met, we are wise, and we don't walk in fear. The not walking in fear is a big one for me because I've struggled with that since I was young. Yesterday something happened that would normally have me completely unnerved, but when MrC told me about it, I didn't even flinch. He and Judah were almost in an accident. Twice.

Picture it: Sunday night, the roads are dark and wet, MrC is pulling up to a stoplight. MrC stops at the light and a Camry is stopped next to him. Coming up behind MrC is a Benz and a truck is pulling up behind the Camry. MrC hears tires screeching and realizes the Benz can't stop in time. For whatever reason, instead of plowing into the back of MrC, she swerves and plows into the truck and the truck gets pushed into the back of the Camry. MrC pulls over (and leaves my child in the car) and checks on everybody. The lady in the Benz said she didn't know what happened but her foot got stuck. Everybody seems to be fine and they're all standing around assessing the damage and getting ready to exchange information. MrC walks away to go check on Judah. Since Judah is fine, he starts walking back to the accident to see if anybody needs anything before he leaves and he sees a Honda slamming on his breaks before ramming into the Benz. This sends the Benz flying off the road and up a hill and pushes the truck right toward MrC. Since he sees it coming he jumps out the way and then he sees that 2 of the people have been knocked to the ground and are bloody from this second accident. MrC ran over to help them and the lady in Benz gets up but is really wobbly and wants MrC to help her find her wig. The man from the truck has cuts all over him from the broken glass, but he seems to be ok. MrC called 911 to update them and tell everything that happened since he saw everything.

I'm so grateful that our car and my family were spared in the accident. I'm glad nobody was seriously hurt. We are so blessed.


Single Ma said...

I'm glad your family is safe and no one was seriously harmed. But I'm mad ole girl asked for help to find her wig. Lol

NONSuperwoman said...

God is good!

unityfalls said...

Thakful all is well. The power of prayer can never be under estimated.

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