Monday, June 20, 2011

First father's day

As you can see by the bright eyes in the picture, Judah's eye infection healed up. We've been making him wear mittens most of the time now until he learns not to put his fingers in his eyes.

MrC and I went to the Wharf with my dad yesterday morning and got a bushel of crabs for a father's day feast. MrC had never been to the wharf so I knew my dad would delight in going with us and talking MrC's ear off. Then my dad showed MrC how to steam crabs. MrC got dressed for war. He had on his work boots, a work out shirt, and he folded his pants up like he was really about to do something intense.

My SIL and niece came over to bring MrC a strawberry shortcake and stayed to watch How to train your dragon. They both lost their fathers, so I think they just wanted to be with family yesterday.


goaldigger said...


Product Junkie Diva said...

Lovely baby- thanks for sharing! Yes, I often see babies with those mittens on so that is a great idea.
Take care

kisz4tj said...

What a beautiful baby! Happy Father's Day MrC

InnerDiva said...

Aww, he's adorable!

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