Tuesday, October 4, 2011

4 months old

My sweet pea is 19 weeks old today. At his doctor's appointment last week he was 23 inches long and 9.2 pounds. All the men in my and MrC's family are over 6 feet tall and the doctor said Judah will be too. In the past month he has gotten so animated. When I say good morning his face lights up and he's ready to greet the day. This past Saturday he started laughing at my sister. It was a crazy loud and wild laughter and he would only do it for her and he hasn't done it since. He really loves my sister and always has. I wonder what it is about her that makes him smile and laugh so much? When he first started smiling he wouldn't do it for any outsiders except her. He's consistently doing 6 hour stretches in his crib at night and then a 4-6 hour stretch after he eats. I'm thinking about starting him on cereal soon, but I need to do my research to see what kind I want to make. He's doing really well in his crib at night, but doesn't really like taking naps there during the day. I normally just let him nap in his play pen downstairs or on my bed. He's still taking 3 naps a day, two 30 minute naps and a 2 hour nap. I think he has a lot of my personality. When we went to lunch with Jameil and others he was so quiet and ended up taking a nap. As soon as we put him in his car seat he started smiling and laughing. When we went to the wedding he just stared at everybody. People were talking to him and trying to make him laugh, but he wouldn't respond. As soon as my sister and I got him back into the room he started talking and laughing and kicking. I can't blame him, I don't really like outsiders that much either. He'll go to anybody as long as they're calm. My dad is always to hyped up and irritating so he still doesn't like him. One night my MIL was over and she was fussing at my niece about procrastinating and was all worked up. She was holding Judah and he was wailing because she was too amped. MrC told her she had to calm down if she wanted Judah to chill out. She looked at Judah, took a deep breath, apologized to him for being upset, put her hand on his head and said "peace in the name of Jesus" and he instantly rested his head on her shoulder and was silent. It was so funny. He's been trying to sit up lately. This morning my ma had him in his Boppy pillow and he was really trying to straighten up like a big boy. Yesterday we were doing his leg exercises and he was pushing to stand up all on his own. Normally I have to give him some assistance to get him straight up, but he was doing it without any pulling from me.
Now that we live in an actual neighborhood we're thinking about participating in Halloween. I want to pass out candy with Bible verses (my sister said find the scariest verse in Revelation and put it on there) to all the cute little kiddies. I also want to dress Judah up as a lion so he can be the Lion of Judah! (Can y'all tell I'm a church kid that never got to participate in Halloween growing up!?)


Nerd Girl said...

Hail, hail, Lion of Judah! Love it!!!

Isn't it awesome to watch them grow and develop? One of the biggest blessings ever!

Give sweet babe a hug for me!

Adrienne said...

Awww can't believe its been 4 months already!!!!

Jameil said...

I love the Lion of Judah!! I didn't mind quiet Judah b/c he gave me two smiles when I bounced him on the table! Awwww! Cuuuuute! Also shout-out to him for 6hour stretches!! Wootwoot! J'adore that little baby!

sayitlikethis said...

It's really been four months? It's like yesterday you were just posting on Twitter that you were expecting.

And I STILL have your gift in the trunk of my car. #Loser

Oh, and the reason Judah laughs at your sister so much is because she looks like a gummi bear to him. No, really.

Monique said...

He's 4 months already? He is so precious.

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