Monday, October 24, 2011

Help Me, 5 Months, and GO HOME

I'm so happy we've been making actual progress in the house. I'll have pictures soon :) we need to clean up first. I'm going to make a cleaning schedule and post it because it's quite ridiculous. I washed clothes two weeks ago and they're still sitting at the foot of my bed.
My sweet baby is 5 months old today! He's 10.2 pounds now, so he's holding steady with his one pound per month weight gain. I've been recording him since he thinks he should talk/screech all the time now . I'll be posting some videos as soon as my silly self learns how to upload things properly. We just started him on solids. We were doing the rice cereal but he was so unenthused about it, I decided to go ahead and give him some sweet potatoes. He loved them so much we had to restrain him to keep him from jumping us to eat them. We're going to give him bananas today. I'm only giving him a tablespoon mixed with some bre.astmilk once a day and we'll eventually move to twice a day and then I'll up the quantity. I love making baby food, it's quick and easy. Judah is trying to figure out how to be mobile. We put some toy in front of him and placed him on his stomach and he really tried to figure out how to get to them, before, he would just look at us like "I'm not here for your amusement, I will not perform for you." He really enjoys sucking on his fingers/fist/wrist as well as my collarbone and yesterday he tried to eat my leg. He passes out smiles all day long and he loves to stare at his pretty momma. He's beginning to reach out if you hold out your arms to pick him up, and if it's me, he'll actually move his body to get closer to me so I can take him from whoever has him. He's been trying to like my dad, but that man makes it so dang difficult. As soon as Judah wakes up from a nap my dad is in his face talking. Judah likes to take some time to look around, then flip over, then talk to himself and eat his hands before interacting with people. Oh well, one day they'll be able to peacefully coexist.
I need some recommendations from you people. Do you like your dryer? Do you like your fridge? What make and model is it? If you have one that you hate, mention that too please! Also, do any of y'all use cast iron cookware like this? I think as I replace our pots,I want to go with cast iron, but probably not the Le Creuset brand because those prices are ridiculous. I'll build my collection one pot at a time so maybe by 2015, I'll have a set!
I came into the office today because I really wanted to work, buttttttt I haven't done one report yet. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. My boss decided to actually come in today too, and she won't go home, so I can't go home. I'm going to be so sad if I have to stay until 4:30. GO HOME!
Right now my focus is on Operation Lactation. The goal is to get a freezer full of milk for the baby so I won't have to be a slave to the pump or this baby during the holiday season. Last week I had to use all of the milk I had stored up (and by all the milk, I mean 10 ounces. I'm pitiful) because I was going to be gone for 3 feedings. I was panicking thinking I wouldn't have enough for him to eat and that I would have to give him some formula. As part of Operation Lactation I'm taking Fenugreek capsules to get my supply up and I baked lactation cookies (basically take any oatmeal cookie recipe and add brewer's yeast and flax meal). I haven't had an increase of milk yet, but I have been thirsty as all get out because of all the extra pumping. My plan is in effect until at least Thanksgiving. Y'all probably don't want updates on it, but I'm going to give them to you anyway!
I showed my ma pictures of my friends 10 day old baby and she said: "ohhhh. He's funny looking." Ma, I didn't say he was cute, I said he was here and he was sweet. Newborns are supposed to be ugly anyway, so it's ok, I'm sure he'll get cute just like Judah did :)


Jameil said...

We need to make some progress up in this house, too!! The space issue makes me batty!! Happy 5 months Judah!! If only your mom would post some videos of you... it's not that hard... I looooove Le Creuset! If people give them to you as gifts as well, which people do for me, then you can build up your collection quite nicely! Also check TJ Maxx for some LeCreuset. It may only be the stoneware but they have some. There are also outlet stores.

Nerd Girl said...

If it makes you feel better (and it shouldn't) I haven't done anything to my house. In eight years...

Yay Judah! I made LG's baby food - so quick and easy, I honestly don't understand why people bother with the jarred stuff.

I hate my refrigerator. The water line from the freezer to the fridge drips incessantly. I'll try to remember to see what kind it is when I get home.

Good luck with your pumping. Have you tried the Mother's Milk tea? It's probably just fenugreek as well...

BK said...

Ha! I want a new stove, refrigerator & dryer.. but I am trying to find a way to plead my case since mine haven't died..

I look forward to making baby food for Princess J.. it was so much fun and easy when I did it for bruce leroy & lil debbie.

I'm trying to get my lactation game up too cause that great day of pumping I had has been followed by WACKNESS lol and I'm back to work and this pumping in the office sucks!

we must set up a playdate for Judah & Princess J

InnerDiva said...

Check out for a good cleaning schedule--they're really helping me become a domestic goddess, lol. What is it about sweet potatoes? Carnival Baby nearly dove into the bowl. Have you started smelling like maple syrup yet? That's when you know the fenugreek is working.

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