Monday, May 14, 2012

There's a party going on 'round here

Last week I did a lot of work on the wedding and Judah's party. The flowers are the wedding centerpieces. I showed the bride and she loved them. I also purchased the guest book ($7.50), what we're using down the aisle, and figured out the altar decor. Today I have to email the bride her to-do list.

I worked on Judah's party invitations yesterday. I'm mailing them tomorrow, so last call if you want to come. I've gotten a lot of his party stuff from dollar tree. The dinosaur bubbles will be his party favors. I think in the dinosaur egg hunt I'll put dinosaurs (also from $1 tree) in some and money in others. I think I also found some dinosaur cups for $1 and the kids can take those home as well. At Hobby Lobby last week they had 1st birthday decorations on clearance so I snatched them up. Polka dots and dinosaurs will be taking over the house on the 27th.


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