Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Post 700- Let's be random

My last day at my current job is May 31st. I have a lot to do before then, and today they tried to give me something else. I looked at each of them and said "nope, I cannot do that. I will try and finish the audit, but you can't dump everything else on me." I meant it too. I also have leave I need to take. Judah's birthday is the 24th and I'm planning a wedding that's June 9th, I have a lot to do and they are not going to stress me out. I will work diligently during business hours but at 4:30 everyday I'm shutting it down and focusing on birthday/wedding/job hunting.


I'm going to have to start tackling one party/wedding task per day or I'm not going to get it all finished. I've started purchasing for both events already, but there's a lot of hands on things I need to do. I may have to pick a day to stop pinning ideas because I keep taking on more and more. Judah's party is The ONEderful World of Dinosaurs and we're having a dino egg hunt, maybe a dinosaur dig, a sandwich bar, and an ice cream bar. If you're in the area and want to come, it's May 27th from 3-6. I think I want one more activity, maybe a coloring table? I also need to find some serving platters to use for the tables. As far as decor, I'm going to keep it simple. I have some dinosaur wrapping paper that I got from Dollar Tree. I'm going to wrap my tables in it and also use it as an ice cream cone wrapper. I was going to make party hats, but I think I'll wait until Judah's old enough to care. I'm going to have to make his outfit because they don't really sell "I'm turing 1" clothes in a 6 month size.

For the wedding, I bought 20 yards of light brown burlap and 3 yards of dark brown burlap. That will be used as a strip down the center of the picnic tables. I also bought 20 yards of muslin (plain tan regular fabric) to place over the hay bales so that when you sit in your pretty sundress, your legs won't get all itchy. I'm getting a 240 yard roll of twine and I'll wrap it around the muslin/hay bale to bring the color in. I still haven't figured out what we're going to line the aisle with. I don't want a runner, and we can't have petals because they'll be a nightmare to clean up. It won't be dark enough for any candle type thing. I'm stuck. I also need to figure out sticks for the s'mores. I think I'm going to walk my neighborhood and pick up real sticks. Also, I can't figure out what I want to do for cups or napkins. These are our plates/utensils:

I want to somehow tie in the cockatoo color (think aqua) but I think aqua colored napkins or cups would be too jarring. Any ideas?

I've been trying to post video's of Judah, but blogger won't let me. He's 11 months old, and finally sleeping through the night. He likes to hold out his hand when he wants you to get him or if he wants to touch something. He loves lights and trees and his first word was light, pronounced "a-yite." He had his first weekend away from Mommy last week. I had pink eye so I sent him to my parents. They said he was absolutely delightful, and that made me a proud momma. He didn't cry and the only time he got upset was when MrC stopped by to drop off some more milk and left without him. He said as he left, Judah was in the driveway holding out his hand at the car as he drove off. Growing up, I had a best friend and her mom was so sweet and I used to call her ma and we were really close. She met Judah on Sunday and my ma said Judah reached for her and sat with her for a long time. It's really interesting to watch him respond to certain people. I've long believed children/kids are more spiritual and have the ability to descern more than adults give them credit for. There are a few people that I don't consider nice/enjoyable/pleasant people and Judah won't go to them. I've seen him grab a persons hand and literally throw it away from him. He's finally made peace with my dad and actually enjoys spending time with him. It's funny because Judah has made my dad a much more enjoyable person. He's changed a lot for the better.

We've been doing  a lot of painting. After Thursday, the only room that will still need to be painted is the kitchen. Once I secure another job, we'll get that done. We also have a great landscaping plan, but we had to put it on hold until a new job comes. One thing that cannot wait is new glasses. I'll be getting those this week. The coating on my current pair is peeling so it's like I'm looking through dirty lenses. It's awful.

Tomorrow's (ok today's) wedding/party task:
Order plates, twine, utensils
Write out Judah's party menu


Jameil said...

I love muslin! More than once I've wondered if I could get a dress made in it. Maybe it's the color I love. I don't know what it feels like. For the aisle you could just string a thick ribbon or garland along the aisle seats. For some reason I envision the seats arranged with almost in a pyramid where the aisle is wider at the mouth and narrows diagonally toward the altar. You could also put something on every other aisle seat if they're actual chairs. Are the hay bales in lieu of chairs? If there's any other color on the table other than burlap, the bright napkins will be pretty. You're gonna need some other colors in there anyway and I can't remember what you've said on the subject. I'm sure you must be able to buy skewers or smores "sticks" somewhere online without resorting to nature. I wouldn't want to eat your neighborhood stick marshmallows. IDK about cups either.

InnerDiva said...

Agreeing w/Jameil on the neighborhood sticks--try BBQ skewers, they sell them at Party City. I'd go with clear cups and aqua napkins.

I'm so jealous that Judah sleeps through the night. We're still doing the 2-3 hour wakeup over here.

MrsTDJ said...

Yup, I'd go with BBQ skewers, like the kind you use for shish kabobs. At Giant, they are actually sold near the meat counter. I'm sure you could them in bulk online though or like ID said, Party City. I'm stumped on the aisle runner - lack of sleep equals no creativity. Glad to hear that Judah and your dad are good now.

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