Monday, January 13, 2014

Party Time

Judah went to his best friend's birthday party on Saturday. Because of the holidays and him being sick they haven't seen each other in a few weeks. They both screamed with delight when they saw each other. The party was at My Gym and those kids had a ball. If it wasn't $70 a month I'd totally sign Judah up for classes. My sister is supposed to be taking him to swim classes next month and hopefully after that I can get him in a gym class. I need to work on his ability to follow directions before sending him to school in the fall. The facilitator at My Gym was giving instructions and Judah was running all over the place. He still looks at things as general suggestions and not commands. Many times when I tell him to do something he'll reply "ummmmm nope" and run away and then  I have to get strict. Today he's supposed to go to story time at the library with his best friend and a friend from church so I know he'll have many stories for me when I pick him up today.


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