Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sibling Love

Judah and Alaia are very affectionate with each other and it makes me so happy! People always ask how Judah is adjusting to having a sister and I'm glad I can honestly say he loves it. One of my twitter peeps (Heyyyy Disco Diva) sent Judah a book entitled "I'm a Big Brother" and it really helped him understand the transition. He frequently quotes lines from the book and he always reminds us that he's the big brother.

Yesterday Judah was sick so he stayed home with MrC and I took Alaia to my mom's while I went to work. When I got home yesterday Judah ran to the steps to ask where his sister was. When I took her out of the seat his face lit up and he exclaimed "Hey Laia boo! How you doing?" In turn, her face lit up and she started squealing. I sat on my bed with both of them and they talked and smiled at together like they really missed each other while they were apart. I know sibling arguments will soon come, but I pray they always have moments of closeness and joy like yesterday.


Anonymous said...

So glad he is enjoying the book!

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