Monday, March 31, 2014

I will be exactly where I need to be

Last week I started looking into teacher requirements. I'm going to take a practice praxis test this week without any studying to see how well I do and that will determine the date I register for the test.
Last week we had a field trip with all the CRI students at the local high schools. I ended up seeing a woman that was one of my moms closest friends back in the day. I went over to speak to her and she was so excited to see me. She teaches CRI English at another high school. I told her I was thinking about becoming a teacher and she gave me so much information and offered to help me. I've found myself a mentor! When I told my mom about running into her, I expressed that I was surprised she knew who I was right away because I've only seen her once in the past 10 years or so. My ma replied, "you know she used to pray that you would marry her son right? She told me to pray that prayer every time we hung out, so I spent years praying against that. You owe me." I would rather spend a lifetime in celibacy than be married to her son, but I'm glad she's willing to help me!
I was talking to my connection at the board of education yesterday and telling her about my desire to move up and how I'm going to be taking the Praxis and I asked her what classes I need to take to become certified. She said that I could take the classes on my own or I can do the resident teacher program. If I do the resident teacher program then they will pay for my master's degree and I have a 3 year commitment to the county. I planned on sticking in my county anyway because we need good teachers, so the resident program sounds perfect. My MIL and ma have been hounding me to go back to school anyway because I'm so brilliant (or something like that) and I always said I would if somebody else paid for it. I'm going to request my SAT scores because I can't remember them and a certain score will mean less testing.

Fear started creeping in when I realized I was moving forward in my  plans to become a teacher. I like my school because it's the perfect location and I get along with all the other staff. What if I move to another school and the people aren't as nice? What if I have a difficult commute and it doesn't work well with dropping Judah off at school next year? I started speaking my verses on conquering fear and the Lord said "you will  be exactly where you need to be." I started thinking back on all my jobs. Anytime I was in a bad situation and I did what I was supposed to God either moved the problem or He moved me. It always works out well for me in the end. When my boss was stealing Viagra from the pharmacy and nobody believed me when I said it was him? God moved him. When that SAME BOSS showed up as a manager at the next company I was working for a few years later and stole $300 from my drawer and said it was me? God protected me and he was arrested. When I had a boss that called me a pickle head and made ridiculous requests of me daily, God moved her. He works on my behalf daily, so I know when I move into a new position, He will be right there placing me exactly where I need to be.


NONSuperwoman said...

How exciting! Looking forward to what great things God has in store for you. Rooting for you :)

Anonymous said...

This is exciting...teaching is a great profession.

Picklehead though?

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