Monday, April 16, 2012

10 1/2 months

Judah is 10 1/2 months now. I didn't even bother writing a 1o month post because it would've been just like the 9 month post. It seemed like he was doing the exact same stuff. I guess he was saving it all for this past week because he started doing all sorts of stuff over the past week. He slept through the night 3 times last week :) He also woke up at 5 a.m. babbling and refusing to fall back asleep many times last week :( He hasn't said any words yet but he's constantly "talking." We were having a conversation in the store the other day and this woman came over and was asking if I always talked to him because it sounded like we were having a real conversation. He's also started mimicking people. My sister kept saying to Judah he was going to get "knocked out" and he was trying his darndest to repeat it. Yesterday MrC sneezed and after Judah finished laughing, he started fake sneezing every time MrC sneezed. I also think he's teething for real now. He has gnawed on my chin, nose, bottom lip, eyebrow and collar bone. Sometimes it's quite painful, but also very funny. Judah has turned into quite the adventurer as well. He will roam from room to room trying to see what he can get into. His favorite places are the fridge and my shower. He's learned how to open the kitchen cabinets and my shower door which means halfway through my shower half my attention is spent trying to keep him from actually climbing in with me. He completely changed his crawling style as well. He's always done the army crawl on his forearms and stayed low, but now he's on his hands and knees trying to escape when he knocks something over. He also started to scale the walls so he can "walk" wherever he needs to go. Yesterday he went: fireplace- wall- tv stand-broken tv on the floor-play pen- chair- gate blocking the fish tank-chair and then he ran out of things to hold onto so he got down. He even stood alone for a few seconds the other day. It's been a busy week for Judah! I've been adding a lot more seasoning to his food lately. He's had rice and peas with curry, pasta with tomato sauce, and he loves cinnamon in his food. This little baby is so delightful (well 2 weeks ago he had a week where he was extremely unpleasant) and I want another one.

We're going to get pictures taken today, so I'll share them when we get them!


Jameil said...

Awesome! You want another one and I want you to have another one!!!

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