Monday, April 23, 2012

Trying to catch up

I'm so behind these days. I'm behind on planning the wedding, behind on Judah's birthday party planning and behind at work. They keep sending me more audits to complete and last week my computer crashed and destroyed some of my files. That delayed an already slow work week. I'm trying to hustle and get a lot done this week but I have reports to print and a meeting on Wednesday. The good thing about the meeting on Wednesday is an executive will be there and I can bring up the fact that I need a job and see what he says.
As far as the wedding... Her budget has increased because everybody in her wedding is poor and she had to pay for all their clothes/shoes. I've decided against all the flavored marshmallow's and I'm just doing the chocolate varities. I got these jumbo marshmallows because they'll be cool. What do you think, should they all be these huge marshmallow's or should I get regular sized too?
For Judah's birthday party the menu is a fruit tray, veggie tray, chips, and sandwiches. I have these pretty dinosaur toothpicks that I'll insert in each sandwich serving. You know those huge cold cut subs at the grocery store? Well we'll have different varities like that, but what other kinds of sandwiches and chip varities would be good to feed a ton of people? The party is on a Sunday afternoon for 2-3 hours if that makes any difference.


pserendipity said...

I don't know about the marshmallows. I need to review the concept again.

As for sandwiches, one of Tim's FAVES that I make for his basketball meetings is an italian subs for people who like hot sandwiches. I, for one, don't like a cold sandwich. Anyway, I put some genoa salami, ham, pepperoni and cheese (I prefer swiss) on one of those 12 inch italian hoagies and bake it. I serve it with pesto mayo (mix up some mayonnaise and pesto sauce). Always a hit among the menfolk. For other people who might not like cold sandwiches, you could always put a panini press out and give them the option.

And from now on, every post should have a picture of Judah. How dare you.

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