Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I Do All Things Well

I think I can do anything. When I see somebody do something I immediately think well if they can do it, so can I. This is a good and bad thing. On one hand, this is extremely arrogant and I need to be a bit more humble; but on the other hand, it's great motivation to work hard and attempt new things. I'm not attempting to diminish anybody else's accomplishments, it's just that I think I'm the greatest of all time even when I'm clearly not. One of the affirmations I get Judah to say is "I do all things well" because I want him to always be motivated to stick with a task until the statement is true.

Yesterday I was in a classroom to fill in for a teacher that needed to attend an IEP meeting and I saw a sign that was posted in the class. The sign read "No late work accepted unless you have an excused note within 3 days assignments were due is presented." Read that again. Read it one more time. It makes absolutely no sense. I thought to myself, if she can be a teacher, surely I can too.

If you follow me on twitter then you see me talk about my daily interactions at school. I frequently talk about the head teacher in my classroom. He doesn't know how to manage the classroom, he's never as prepared as he should be, and the kids can barely understand what he's saying. I look at him everyday and tell myself that if he can be a teacher, then I can be a teacher too.

I've been doing this job since October and I frequently see things that I could do better and that I would do differently. I don't believe in complaining about something that you can change. If you don't like something, do something about it. It's with that sentiment that I've decided that I'm going to become a teacher.

A few months ago, Singlema posted on twitter something about living your best life. It was asking about what's stopping you from living your best life and it mentioned not letting fear stop you. The only thing stopping me from being a teacher is fear. What if it turns out I can't run a classroom? What if the kids stage a mutiny and overthrow me and I have daily chaos in my classroom? What if during my evaluations they decide I suck and fire me? Will it take away from spending time developing my own kids? In my position now, there is no pressure on me and when everything is going wrong, it's on the teacher and not me. I don't have to fill out paperwork, I don't have to do individual education plans, and when I leave work, I'm done. It's a very easy life, but what about all the ideas I have? What about the lesson plans I keep coming up with in my head? What about the children stuck with a subpar teacher because I'm too scared to take the next step?

Living beneath your capabilities is a disgrace and does a disservice to God and the people He placed you here to impact. I love my job, it's time to kick it up a notch. If y'all don't hear me talking about getting my certification please shame me into action. This week my goal is to sign up for the Praxis. Here we go...


Anonymous said...

This is a GREAT mentality and I think you will be an awesome teacher.

NONSuperwoman said...

I believe you can do it! Rooting you on. You clearly have a passion for it and some great ideas :) The students will be blessed to have you.

unityfalls said...

I love teachers who love their job. You will be awesome and the children you educate will be blessed. My sister and I were talking today about teachers that made a difference in our lives.

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