Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blizzard Eats

I've been in the house since Friday which means I've had a lot of time to cook and clean and think. I think on Saturday's I'll start posting linking to all the food I've made throughout the week. Even my forgetful self can handle that. Unfortunately, all the days have blended together (but I do know it's not Saturday!) so I can't remember what I made each day during the snow storm. So this is just the blizzard menu.

Hamburgers with Fresh Buns

I've been thinking about Coldstone ice cream forever but only because I like to smell the cones. For some reason I decided to make ice cream cones to go with our tasty oreo ice cream. I couldn't get them shaped like real cones, but they were really good. I'm going to make some more today.

Sausage and Potatoes

When we (by we I mean MrC) finished shoveling on Sunday we needed something quick to eat. I had some leftover cooked sausage and I found this recipe online. It was really fast and good!

Y'all I made the most banging beans. I don't know why I got lazy and started using canned beans. No more man! I soaked pinto and black beans overnight. The next day I put them in a pot with 2 cloves of garlic and a piece of bacon and simmered for 2 hours. Mannnnn, those beans were so good! I had them on shrimp nachos and bean and cheese burritos.

Pulled Pork Sandwiches (Pork Rub and Barbecue Sauce)

I bought an 8 pound pork butt last week because it was less than $4. I used Alton Brown's rub and roasted the pork for a little over 7 hours. I pulled the pork apart and it was so tender and juicy. Yesterday TheCount and I had a cook off and we each made our own sauces for pulled pork sandwiches. MrC used a bottled sauce and spiced it up, whereas I made mine from scratch. It was really good, but very sweet.


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