Thursday, February 25, 2010


Have any of y'all ever gone to paint pottery? I love it so :) It's fun as a date or even as a girls night out. I've gone three different times. Last month I went twice and here are the finished products:

I made this set of coasters celebrating our family. If you couldn't figure it out, we have the same initials which really makes monograms extra cool. When we get some fancier things, I plan to have monograms everywhere. Does that make me lame? Probably.

This is probably my favorite thing I've ever made because it looks cook and I'm not artistic at all. It's a spoon holder for the stove. This is something I used every day (well every day that I cook). Do y'all have one of these on your stove? We always had one growing up so I wanted one for our house. I even remember what the old ones looked like. We had a brown one from Jamaica and then my aunt painted one for my ma when she was in stroke rehabilitation (my aunt, not my ma). I don't know why of all the things to remember fondly, I choose a spoon holder.


Serenity3-0 said...

I have a square thing on my stove that Tyler made for me in one of his summer camps. I rest my cooking spoons on it. I think I will have that thing forever. It always makes me smile.

Jameil said...

Lol. B/c you're weird. That's why you look upon a spoon rest with loving fondness. My cousin & her hubby went to pottery class together. I think I'll spare Rashan and take a friend.

Nerd Girl said...

We had a girl's night out at one - I painted a piggy bank and that's where I keep my "mad money."

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