Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm busting out!

I've been out of the office for a full week :) I came back today to not only find that nobody has called but I also don't even have any emails to handle. How's that to show you how important you are, lol. I did send out a request on 2/4 and neither of the people I sent it to has even bothered to respond at all. Not even a "go away, we don't want to help you" email. Now I have to track them down since I need to order 20,000 copies of 5 documents once they finally get around to updating them.
All of our Valentine's day plans have been canceled. We were supposed to have a marriage getaway with our church this weekend, but they postponed it until the 26th. The purse I ordered myself as a gift from TheCount got cancelled too. There was an inventory error :( I acted a dang fool when I got the email. I was all solemn and dramatic. TheCount came running over because he thought something was wrong. I started rolling across the floor wailing and then he threw an orange at me and told me to shut up. I had so much fun acting out that I wasn't even said about that adorable BCBG purse anymore.
Our new plan of action is to go to Copelands on Monday for lunch. I'm going to surprise him with a really thoughtful gift. I hope it works out, I don't want to blog about it in case he chooses this one day to stop by and read. He hasNO idea I'm even getting him anything.
I am going to hit the mother load of mail this weekend. I haven't gotten any mail in a week including all the stuff I get sent to my parent's house. Apartment mailboxes are small, there is no way this stuff is going to fit. I normally get home right after the mailman has come. Hopefully I'll get there 15 minutes earlier today so I can intercept the mail before he crams it all in there and rips up my stuff.
I had a lot of fun being snowed in with TheCount. The only day I wanted to kill him was on Wednesday, oh and last night when he confessed to losing my bottle of Ranch dressing.  How do you lose dressing?
Three day weekend. This is so awesome, lol.


Jameil said...

i'm amazed that that area has gotten nothing done in a week! lol. 20k copies? insanity. awww. i can't wait to see what MrC says abt his gift and what it is! My current mailman is pretty good abt it but at my last complex, REALLY??? You just gon rip up EVERYTHING you put in the box? do you do it indiscriminately? for fun? to get a reaction? out of spite that i dare receive correspondence??? i bet he lost the ranch in his mouth. he ate it all. in 23 seconds.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I so welcome this three day weekend and I hope you have a greatttttt time.

kisz4tj said...

I can't wait for the three day weekend so I can do a bunch of studying!!! sarcasm noted?

I loathe mail more than anything. seriously. I check the mail every 2-3 weeks. I hate what's in there. So yeah, my mail is ripped all the time. Jimmy Crack Corn

Thoughtful gift huh? hmmm

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