Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back in the swing of things...

I am feeling some kind of way today. I think this will be one of those days that I listen to the same song over and over on repeat.
This past weekend, while we were in Florida, I think my Aunt finally started to like me. Y'all remember the aunt I call HaterAunt cuz she hasn't liked me since I dated that white boy when I was 16? The one who forgets to call me on my birthday but remembers to call my dad (we have the same birthday) and remembers to call my sister (her birthday is the day after mine). I think she finally gets me now. She used to tell my mom that I thought I was better than everybody- which I certainly don't. We rode from the Jacksonville airport to Tallahassee with her. TheCount and I were talking in the backseat:
TheCount: Blah, blah, blah. Man, he is funny!
Me: If I would have said the same thing, you would have said I was being mean. In fact, I have done that and you said I was rude.
TheCount: That's because nobody ever knows you're joking. You say stuff with a straight face.
Me: So you could tell from his text he was joking? He was serious. I'm always joking. I'm a comedian!
TheCount: How are we supposed to know that?
Me: That's background information about the artist! You should know that already. That's my appeal, I'm a sarcastic, stone faced comedian. I can deliver the lines without cracking a smile. I am always joking.
I think hearing that conversation made my aunt look at me a little differently, because she actually started laughing when I said stuff.
Me: It was soooo cold in our room last night, I kept waking up.
Ma: Why didn't you get up and turn the air off?
Me: I can't function in the middle of the night. If I would have tried to get up I probably would have tripped, crashed into the wall, and died.
Aunt: *eyes wide* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA- Died? Died? You took it so far! How does turning off the air, lead to your death- you are funny!
Jeez, it only took 24 years to get her to like me.
Pomegranate lemonade wallflowers from Bath and Body Works = heaven
Not taking out the trash that contained onions, fish containers, scallop containers, spoiled spinach, spoiled green peppers, old chicken, and pork chop containers = angry wife
Today's lunch: Blackened Halibut and Salad. Tonight's dinner: Broiled buffalo wings. Cinco de Mayo will be celebrated tomorrow.


Jameil said...

I'm mad that your aunt was a hater in the first place!! Hmph. We have a lot of close birthdays but that doesn't help my too big extended family remember mine: uncle aug 17, cousin aug 20, dad aug 21st, me 23rd, sister 26th. (& dead grandpa was 29th) it's probably TOO close. like who's when? lol + w/all those people you'd never get off the phone!

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