Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time for lunch

Yesterday I walked outside to go to work and my car was gone! I was walking around looking all crazy because I had a stack of presentations in my car for a 2 o'clock meeting. I figured it was towed versus being stolen (who steals an '02 Saturn) and thankfully, I was right. $152 later, I had my car back. I didnt' even think I was parked where they said I was, but maybe I just wasn't paying attention.
Since we had some free time we decided to get my car fixed because last October, the mechanic said I needed to stop driving because my belt was in horrible shape. When the guy fixed it yesterday, he said "it's a good thing you got that fixed. It was in really crummy shape." Duhhhh, I was supposed to get it fixed 7 months ago! Oh well, $70, I'm no longer driving a death trap.
I put teeny twists in my hair last night, and I plan to keep them in for a while. I'll take them out in 2 1/2 - 3 weeks. I'm in a wedding on June 18, and I still need to decide on a style. I'll take my hair out after her Wednesday night bachelorette party and then get it styled on Friday morning. I think I'm going to do a twisted updo. My mom wanted me to get it straightened, but it's an outdoor wedding. If it's hot, my hair is gonna frizz up and I'm going to be the busted bridesmaid. No thanks.
MrC has lost 10 pounds on his work weight loss challenge. The person who loses the most weight gets $1000. The person who loses the most body fat gets $1000. On June 4th, we're walking away with the prize. $2000 and no more Sallie Mae student loan! Booooo-yyyyooooowwwww. He's been doing Atkins to drop the weight. I plan on fattening him back up right after the challenge. Celebratory cake and Ice cream and biscuits and pasta for dinner :)
I need new work pants. I currently have 2 good pair. The rest are pants I bought on clearance at old navy 3 years ago. I saw this divine belt I wanted too- but it was $230 on sale for $85. Drop the price another $60 and it'll be mine.
They're building some townhomes that we can afford close by where we live now. They're in an industrial area though, and I don't like the street they're building them on. After we went and saw the lot I had nightmares about that place. I dreamt of rodents and roaches overtaking our beautiful townhome because of the abandoned buildings nearby. I said that was my warning not to move there and to keep looking. MrC said that was my overactive imagination. Still praying on it...


K. Rock said...

Ummm...a belt for $230? Where they do that at? I agree with you. They should only be $20 or less.

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