Friday, May 14, 2010

Overdue Pictures from Florida

If you're thinking that hat doesn't match his outfit, you'd be correct. If you're thinking he is smoking hot, you'd still be correct. If you're thinking anything negative about me, stick a pickle in your nose and choke.

Woot woot! Family picture (plus my sisters boyfriend) after her graduation party. The lady was determined to get the background in the pic, and that's why we're off center looking crazy.

Doesn't my hair look awesome!?

The girls are my sister's friends, and the guys are my cousins.

I loved my hair, and my beach shirt, and the fact that my legs are no longer completely covered in cottage cheese. I really want to know what I was doing because my dad has 4 pictures of me staring down at the sand.

Cute hair. Strong husband playing with children. Me on my phone as usual. All the makings of a great picture!


Nerd Girl said...

Have I mentioned how great your hair looks??? Nice pics!

Serenity3-0 said...

Your hair really looks great in these pics! And I'm happy for your sister! Geaux Counts~!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Lovely pics, lovely family and congrats to your sister. Your sister is too cute!
Your hair has grown so quickly.

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