Friday, March 25, 2011

Is it lunch time yet?

A huge THANK YOU to SimplyB for sending me a spa finder gift card! I really, really appreciate it :) I got it yesterday and squealed with delight. I shall put the gift card to great use this weekend.
You know that person at your office that you think is going to ruin casual Friday for everybody? Yeah, that's me. Funny thing is, we don't even have casual Friday. A bunch of people just randomly decided to wear jeans on Fridays so now we have an illegal casual Friday. Today I decided that if I have to work on putting a bunch of presentations together, I deserve to be comfortable, so I wore sweat pants. At least they're black. Every single day I wear tennis shoes to work. I also wear jeans on days that aren't Friday. Like Tuesday, and Thursday. Nobody has ever commented on it though, I wonder if they even notice? I can easily get a doctor's note if somebody has something to say about my non professional foot gear.
We were going to go take our maternity pictures this Sunday, but it's supposed to snow. I don't know if I see myself posing by the cherry blossoms with snow falling. I guess we'll have to do it later in the week, but I really wanted my sister to be there and she'll be out of town next weekend. We'll see what happens.
At my last ultrasound they took a picture of BabyC that is so dang creepy. He looks like he's smiling which should be an "oh how cute moment" but we were both freaked out.
We're going to a children's consignment sale in the morning to see what it's like. By we, I mean I'm forcing MrC to go to a consignment sale with me on Saturday because my sister is busy and I want to go and it's by the Amish market and we can go eat pretzels after and then I'm forcing MrC to go to MAC so I can get a new lip gloss and see if they can give me some eyebrows since God won't let my eyebrows be great. If MrC looks at me and screams "you ain't go no brows man" one more time I'm going to shave his off in his sleep. He thinks it's hilarious that I go get my brows done because he said he can't see them anyway :( It's a shame because I feel so fly after I get them done and then he pisses on my joy, lol.
You know how Ludacris yells out "Luda" in his songs? (or how he used to? Does he still rap? Well that's not really relevant to this story anyway.) The same way he yells Luda is how MrC yells Judah. I'll be in the bed and MrC will get the urge to talk to his son and come in the room hollering JUDAH! Then he gets right next to my belly and has the loudest conversations ever. I'm trying to teach him to kick his father in the face when he comes in disturbing us.


Jameil said...

Sweat pants??? Please never ever leave the house in sweat pants unless you're going to the gym or the spa. If you have any stops between home and the gym... say WORK, NO SWEAT PANTS!! Pregnant or unpregnant NO SWEAT PANTS. Is it clear yet how I feel about sweat pants? Because they shouldn't be worn except to the gym or the spa. XOXO Snow? Y'all are so the cause of my 70 degree weather being GHOST this week AND I DON'T LIKE IT!! NO NOT ONE BIT!! ROTFL @ creepy baby ultrasound pics. Those 4D things are all creepy to me! I'm glad there are parents who agree!

InnerDiva said...

I admire your sweatpants confidence. I can't bring myself to rock them outside of the house. (I used to unwrap my hair to go to the corner that tells you the level or bourgeois I'm on, lol)

At least you can see Baby's face on your U/S...ours is a trickster. You can borrow him to teach Judah to kick his dad. Baby N punches his father (and ultrasound technicians) in the face when they get in his space.

GorgeousPuddin said...

I laughed out loud @JUDAH!! That is too funny. I can imagine him saying it in Luda's voice.

Nerd G said...

Was MAC able to give you eyebrows? I don't have any either! Do tell.

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