Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Contest tomorrow...

I think I want to play "Guess BabyC's Name" tomorrow. I'm probably going to make it a give away. Dean Braxton came and spoke at our church last night and he was really good! I was going to buy the CD or DVD of his message and use that as the giveaway, then I realized that would mean I had to remember to buy it after church and actually get to a post office. That could take me 6 months, lol. He wrote a book too, I'm going to see if it's online because buying and sending directly without having to actually move is more my style. So tomorrow morning I'll some clues and the rules posted. (Rule #1 Jameil il Fabulosa you can't play!)
I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and at least one apple every single day. I almost fixed one for breakfast this morning but I was running late. When I get home though, PB&J will be consumed!
Booking spa appointments makes me smile. It makes me smile so very much. Booking them while they're discounted makes me smile like a wild banshee. Oh spa week, I love thee! I especially like that I informed MrC of my appointments when I know he didn't feel like listening so he wouldn't ask me any questions or tell me I didn't need to go. When he realizes that between now and the time I have this baby I plan to go to the spa at least once a month, it'll be too late. I firmly believe pregnant women need spa days, when my sister has her baby, I'll make sure I treat her to regular spa treatments.
The other day MrC was being belligerent, so I ran in the bedroom and got a belt and started beating him while he was trying to fix his dinner. Do y'all know he hit me in the face with a tortilla? I wasn't spanked as a child, but I don't think that's how it goes. I thought I dished out the punishment and he was supposed to stand there and take it. We looked so crazy because we were both laughing and I was still trying to hit his legs with the belt and he kept hitting me with that tortilla (that he still ate).
At our church, the ushers seat you and they just fill in the rows as you come in. Since I'm now a VIP member of the bathroom, I need to sit near the end of the row. The usher last night was telling us to sit smack dab in the middle of the 5th row. I would've had to cross over at least 10 people every time I needed to go to the bathroom. I told him there was no way I was going to sit there, it would be a bother to everybody. He kept saying he wouldn't seat me anywhere else. In a sanctuary that holds 2,500 he wouldn't point me anywhere else. I don't argue with folks so I said ok, and walked away and just go to another usher because clearly this old man was feeling some kind of way last night and I know most of the ushers aren't like that. Honestly, if I was a visitor, I would have walked out of the sanctuary and went back home. I asked another usher if I could sit close to the end of a row because I pee a lot in the evenings and don't want to be a distraction. She hugged me, said "mama, I don't want you to have any accidents on my watch," grabbed her stuff, and gave us her seat right by the door. I promise y'all I wanted to thank her each and every one of the 5 times I had to get up during service to pee. BabyC must have found the speaker just as interesting as I did because he was super active during the service. His karate chops combined with me laughing was too much for my poor bladder.
Last night I realized I can recognize the kids I teach by their cries without turning around and for most of them, I know what's wrong. I need to save this skill for my own dang kids, lol. Even MrC was impressed with my accuracy.


Jameil said...

I can't play!?!? I'M THE BLOG AUNTIE!!! I CALL SHENANIGANS!!! I can't stand PB&J but Rah loves it. lOVES IT. I'm not a spa girl but good enough for ya! I would report that usher to the head usher! LOLOL Did you recently develop this skill or have your momma spidey senses already kicked in?

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