Monday, March 21, 2011

Good Job!

Nerd Girl was the first one to correctly guess BabyC's name! MrC and I had an interesting time picking out his name. We finally reached the agreement that if I let him name our first child, I get to name all the rest. Then the middle name war started. For weeks I tried to convince everybody that his middle name should be Jetswifter. Would you believe not one person agreed with me? We ended up deciding on MrC's middle name for the baby too. That's how we arrived at Judah Emmanuel. 

Thanks for playing guys! Now I need to figure out what I'm sending Nerd Girl as her prize.


Jameil said...

ALL future children!?!?! Wow! If not for someone wanting to name my first child Aaliyah, I might agree to that one! Great deal! Find NG some guac doritos! LOL

Nerd Girl said...

Whoooo hoooo on all counts: I won, great name for your son, and guacamole doritos would be loverly :)

Cyn said...

Absolutely beautiful name.

InnerDiva said...

Nice! Sweet deal on the future naming. I picked Baby N's first name, Daddy picked the middle.

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