Monday, March 7, 2011

Help me please!

We're going to do our pregnancy pictures at the National Cherry Blossom Festival.
I think the backdrop will be so lovely, so I'm really excited. I really want to climb up in a tree but that's probably illegal and it's definitely unsafe. Neither of those things will stop me from attempting though.
Cherry blossom trees
Now I need to decide what to wear. I'm not a fashionista by any means, so I definitely need help with colors and accessories. I'm going to post some of my ideas and please, please, help me out! I prefer fitted clothes on me because I have a big butt and now a growing belly and loose clothes just aren't flattering. I saw myself from the side in my bath robe and I realized why MrC calls me Big Bertha. I need to stick to things that offer me some shape!
Maternity Flutter Sleeve Tunic Top I like this Ann Taylor top, but I don't think a gray shirt is the way to go. But this style is pretty cute, I think.
Or I could get a fitted tank top and wear a pretty jacket or cardigan over it. I have 3 weeks to get my outfit together, so I'm pretty flexible at this point.
If you happen to see something you think might be cute (shirt (small), pants (medium), shoes, necklace, earrings) feel free to email me or leave me a link. The shirt doesn't have to be a maternity top, I've been wearing my regular shirts and if it's too tight I can always just get a medium, but the pants do have to be maternity because I promised BabyC I wouldn't have any more zippers cutting into my belly.
{Y'all know I'm obnoxious. If nobody helps me I will post this every single day until I either get help or have no more readers. Please don't make it come to that.} 


Serenity3-0 said...

I like the idea of the cardigan with the tank. Colors that I love for spring are yellow, fuscia and coral. I'll check out some websites and email you some links tongiht.
PS - Are sundresses out of the question?

Jameil said...

Ditto what Serenity said about a dress! OMG that would be so cute!! With a cardigan if it's cool and a bright necklace like the one Serenity's wearing in her profile pic! DO IT! DO IT! Location = perfect!

Nerd Girl said...

I like the gray top and think bold accessories with it - fuschia or electric blue - would be really cute.

Can't wait to see the pics. I'm sure they'll be great.

InnerDiva said...

I just scheduled our pics--they said plain white or black tops are good, but since you'll be outside in the cherry blossoms, a light pink or coral would be cute. How dressy do you want to go?

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