Monday, July 18, 2011

back on the job

I'm back at work today. I cried as I was leaving out so I just gave MrC and Judah a quick kiss and ran to the car. I cried for a bit and then decided to have a little talk with Jesus instead of being a wimp. It didn't take me as long to get to work as I thought it would. Morning traffic is a lot friendlier than evening traffic if I leave the house by 7. I keep telling myself this is temporary. Soon, I'll be able to be at home with Judah and not have to come into the office every day. I may have to leave work early today because I didn't leave a lot of milk for Judah. I told MrC to call me when he gives him his last bottle and I'll leave then. I have a shower curtain to put up at work so I can pump. My mom was concerned Judah wouldn't take to the bottle today since I haven't been giving him one. MrC called and said there was no issue, he guzzled it down. Ok, let me stop talking about Judah before I get upset and leave work!
Our move Saturday went well. We had a ton of help so it went quickly. The only frustrating thing was the master bathroom. MrC and I went up on Thursday night to do some cleaning. My MIL said she wanted to come help. I gave out assignments. I was cleaning downstairs, MrC had the upstairs hall bath, and my MIL had the master bath. We all worked for about 2 hours then went home. When I went back on Friday I looked in the bathroom and the shower was dirty, the toilet was dirty, and the sink was dirty but my can of scrubbing bubbles was empty. I was so confused. I called MrC and politely asked what his momma was doing while they were upstairs. He said "she cleaned the window and the floor." Here's the problem. I had already cleaned the window, and the floor was still dirty. Except for 2 tiles. I laughed and just kept it moving. Saturday when we were getting moved in my SIL needed something to do. I needed her to get away from me because her non stop talking was irking everybody so I asked her if she would go upstairs and sweep and clean the bathroom. She said sure. I kept seeing (and hearing) her downstairs where we were and I kept wondering if she cleaned the bathroom. The guys came back with the moving truck and they were all carrying stuff in and I see her carrying boxes.
Me: T! That's their job. You are a house slave. Please stay inside.
T: It's ok, they like to abuse me, I can carry stuff
Me: Did you clean the bathroom?
T: Yeah
So I went on about my day. Later on I went upstairs. And went into the bathroom. And found a dirty shower, sink, and floor. I didn't look at the toilet for fear that I may mollywop her with the toilet brush. I don't understand!!!!! If they didn't want to or didn't have the ability to clean the bathroom, why didn't they say so? Nobody even cut on the water in the shower to rinse it. It was bone dry and had hair in it. I was so done with her. Then she had the nerve to say her ma was going to come and bring her daughter so they could both help. Y'all should have seen how quickly I shut that down (in the most polite way ever.) I shall be cleaning the bathroom as soon as I get home tonight (well after I hug and kiss and nurse my baby.)


BK said...

your office is supposed to provide a place for you to pump that is not a bathroom.. it's in the MD & DC law regarding nursing mothers.. so make sure they provide you with a space and you don't have to use no dang shower curtain.

on another note.. I know you are torn about missing your baby.. you'll be home soon enough.. keep ya head up.. I'm dying about the bathroom LMAO

Jameil said...

You can do it as long as you need to, Mommy! You got this! Re: the dirty bathroom after TWO "helpers"? I still can't. What the heck???? And why? And what did you do instead???? For a total of 5 hours???

NONSuperwoman said...

Everyone does not have the same level of clean. Sad but true fact.

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