Thursday, July 21, 2011

In the office today

I need to:

  • Do a spreadsheet for our budget. I'll handle this by next week
  • Call the air duct cleaning people. They're running a special to get all your ducts cleaned and your carpets cleaned and your dryer vent cleaned. We need all three services. I'll call them today
  • Hang new rods/shelves in our closets. We can't put our clothes away until we replace the flimsy things she installed, so I guess I should get them by next week.
  • Go renew my drivers licence . It expires August 4. I need to make sure I have a good hair day by then and head on in there.
  • Get groceries. We have water and pita chips at the house. I'm pretty sure that's not acceptable.
  • Get a wedding gift and 2 baby gifts. And then remember to mail them. My ma is going to help me make the wedding gift. I think she'll love it. Yep, this is totally about you!
  • Find my thank you cards and mail them out. I promise I'm not trifling internet peeps. As soon as I find that box I'll send you your thanks.
I want:
  • an over the door shoe rack. Anybody have one that they like? Where did you get if from?
  • cinnamon sugar pretzels with sweet cream cheese icing from the restaurant by our house. Maybe tomorrow?
  • to go to the store but if I leave this building, I probably would drive straight home to my babies.
  • a step stool for my kitchen and my bed. The previous owner of the house was way shorter than me, how did she reach anything?
  • Judah to smile at me. He only gives me "milk drunk" and "I'm 'bout to get that good sleep" smiles and those don't count. I want a "face lights up cuz my momma is here" smile.
  • a nap. I've got to stop going to bed at 3


BK said...

LOL at that list. I have to redo our budget spreadsheet too

I need to mail my thank yous out as well. Need to buy stamps tomorrow

Nerd Girl said...

I need to: clean my house (as always), go through Lovegirl's closet and remove all unwearable items, do something resembling work while here at work.

I want to: eat Chinese tonight - I think I'm going to make that happen.

I have an over the door shoe holder - love it. I think it came from Target.

Jameil said...

Can you do our budget too??? And get my name changed on my license??? LOL @ this is about you. Wheeeee! Milk drunk is the cutest face!!!

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