Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2 months old

Yesterday Judah had his 2 month check up. Since I knew he would be getting a lot of shots and MrC was going to be out of town, I got my mom to come with me in case I turned into drama mama when my baby cried. Next time, I'm leaving drama grandmama at home! Judah's not a big crier unless he's hungry or tired. He was a little fussy yesterday morning so I ended up feeding him when I got to office. Initially, I wanted to wait until after his shots, so I compromised and let him eat off one side and was going to give him the other side after. I also had a bottle ready in case my sweet baby went crazy during his appointment. Judah is now 7.1 pounds and 20 inches long. The doctor was checking him out and said he looks great. He's alert, he holds his head up really well and he loves to study faces. The doctor turned Judah toward me and our eyes locked and Judah would not break gaze at all. The doctor moved/turned/twisted and swayed his body all around and Judah made sure his head was pointed in my direction so he could see me. I guess he was ready to finish eating! The nurse was getting his 4 shots and his oral vaccine ready and I decided to give him the bottle while we waited. She came in with  her tray and my momma was mad this lady was about to torture the baby. He loved the oral vaccine. She started to just squirt it in his mouth, but he surprised her and started drinking it. She laughed and said babies don't normally do that until 6 months. Judah comes from a long line of greedy folks so of course he was going to make sure he got to eat whatever she was offering. They did 2 shots in each thigh. Judah was peacefully resting on the table and the nurse stuck that first shot in. His face was shocked! I thought my momma was going to cry. Thankfully the nurse was lightning quick so Judah screamed out with each injection, but as soon as my ma picked him up, he was quiet. All his morning fussiness subsided. He was silent the whole way home. My ma gave him the rest of his bottle, we stretched his legs so they wouldn't get stiff, and put him down for a nap. He was really tired after the shots. When he woke up he was fussing  more than usual. I stretched his legs out, fed him, and he went right back to sleep. We did that pattern until this morning. He had a mild fever last night 100, but I didn't give him anything for it and the next time I checked him, it was lower. I slept with him on the bed with me and when I woke up this morning he was just staring at me. Now that he's mastered staring and focusing in on people, I hope smiling is next!


SimplyB said...

Awwwww shot time sounds like everyone was a trooper. I didn't cry but I did get a little antsy once my girl got that same shocked look after the first injection.

Glad to hear that Judah is growing well!!!

Do you have any nursing goals?

Jameil said...

Awww! Da baby! Now next time, attach a picture!

Monique said...

I remember those 8 week shots. That was also the last time my son's father went with us because he couldn't take hearing him scream out. LOL

I'm glad to here Judah is growing an doing well. You have a good eater there! That's a good thing.

laughing808 said...

Happy 2 month birthday Judah!!!!!

glad to hear his shots and all is well with him. Thanks for the update........

Ummmmm, I'mma have to agree with Jameil in that a picture is needed!, LOL

Nerd Girl said...

OMG! Lovegirl was jaundiced and I thought I was gonna kill the nurse who had to do her heel sticks. I was HOT!!

Our boy is growing nicely - and looking absolutely adorable! Can't wait to see his smiling pics :)

*commenting on two posts...*

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