Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Catch up

We've been trying to go to closing on the house for over a week. Looks like it'll finally happen tomorrow morning. There was a lot of really random stuff happening. Last Thursday the lady at the bank was like "this has never happened before. I'm really sorry." I can't remember what happened that made her say that, but I'm just being patient. It's happening for a reason even if I don't know what that reason is. One of the papers they sent us had this crazy down payment on it. It was $9 more than we even had in our account. Shooooot, I almost typed this back to them "y'all have our bank statements. Y'all know we ain't even go it. Try again." Needless to say, MrC deleted that. I told him we'd be at closing Kanye shrugging looking around trying to figure out who was going to come up with the rest of the money. That amount was an error, but we haven't gotten the correct amount yet. 

My ma and I went over to the house last Saturday to see if Yoli was still in it. We were in the backyard and peeking through the windows. MrC said she was going to have us arrested if we didn't leave her alone. My dad went and did the same thing on Monday. Our family doesn't have boundaries. She should just be grateful we didn't ask to come inside this time. 

I've given up dairy. 'Tis a sad day for this cereal, pizza, quesadilla loving gal. When I have dairy Judah throws up like crazy. He throws up all the time anyway but throw dairy in there and it's like he's pouring the milk back out of his nose and mouth. I also have to give up chocolate. Dude gets super fussy when I have it. They say it can give some baby gas and cramps. The days after I have chocolate are spent holding Judah and patting his back. I almost didn't realize it because he is really easily calmed, at first I thought he just wanted extra love on those days.Then I realized those days followed extreme cookie eating sessions. The past 2 days Judah has been held and comforted because I ate a bag of Milano cookies in 2 days. He seems to be back to normal today though. He was screaming Sunday night (ok, it only lasted 40 seconds, but for a baby that doesn't cry often, it alarmed me) and I was trying to figure out what the heck went wrong. Guess it was the cramps. We've been pressing his body against ours and he calms down instantly. I've apologized to him so many times. 

I have 9 pounds left to loose to reach my pre-pregnancy weight. I had my 6 week check up yesterday. The doctor looked at me like she wanted to punch me in the face when I told her I don't take bc pills. I just can't handle the hormones. I figure we made it 2 years before we messed up last time, we can probably do that again. I think she'd be really mad if I popped back up in her office pregnant next month. 


I need a pedicure like yesterday. I've had to be responsible and wait since we don't know how much money we need to bring to closing. It'd be a pitiful shame to be $50 short because I wanted to hang out at the spa. 

I'm putting MrC on the night shift tonight. The other night I had to punch him 10 times to get him to wake up and roll over, so we'll see if actually hears Judah tonight. MrC sleeps really hard, but he claims he'll be able to hear his son. Oh and y'all know how MrC thought a changing table was unnecessary? Well he certainly is using the heck out of the table Jameil, Psonya,and Nerd Girl sent us. I keep wanting to tell him to get off my changing table and change the baby on the bed. 

We bought living room furniture the other day. I am so excited about decorating!!!!! Right now though, I'm more excited about taking a nap, so I'm going to do that.


Jameil said...

You're so good at being just crazy enough to be amusing but still remembering God is in control. I know some situations test you but it is definitely an inspiration! Umm... stalkers! Y'all know y'all need to calm down! See? Here I was being all nice and you had to ruin it! LOL I think it's very cool that you were aware of Judah's needs like that! Good job, Mom! LOLOL @ the changing table. YOU WIN!!!

BK said...

awh.. so happy you are adjusting your diet while nursing.. it's crazy how it truly affects baby.. LOL at that changing table.. don't worry about the house.. everything will work out just fine

laughing808 said...

thanks for the update.......I'd been meaning to email you to check on you. It was on my to-do list today. I can cross that off!!!! ROFL

Glad to hear the baby is doing well and closing on the house is coming along.

SimplyB said...

I'm gone need yall to stop peeking in windows. LOL!

I gave up dairy for a while and it was absolute torture! Good Luck to you mama.

I lost weight while pregnant but gained it all back and more. I am totally ashamed.

The hormones are why I've given up on bc pills also. Plus, I am 100000% confident there will be no more babies for a while.

Thanks for the update! This is an exciting time for the Count family.

sayitlikethis said...

Yay! For your closing! That it's soon and will go off without a hitch. Considering all the hitches you've had before hand, the actual process will be easy breezy.

Giving up dairy? You are a trooper. I gave up red meat & pork. But that was for my own health concerns. I gave Buddha formula because I wanted my body back. 37 weeks and 4 days in the womb, it was time to evict him.

I love that MrC loves the changing table. Ha! You should hang a sign above it that says "Told ya so."

I guess I'll wait till closing to send you Judah's gift that has been staring at me in the living room. Well, it has moved to the front porch but it's still there. Waiting. Ready to go to its new home. Such a loser, I am. Lol.

NON-Superwoman said...

Happy baby = happy mommy. Hard to know how baby will react to certain foods when nursing. Sadly, it really is trial & error. I dumped BC pills while nursing because they made my milk production go WAY down. Welcome to mommyhood :-)

InnerDiva said...

So excited to see another post from you! Congrats again on the house. We're trying probiotics to help with the dairy issues-baby had some Exorcist-like issues the other day. I need the dairy because not only did I lose ALL the baby weight, but an additional 15lbs...and I am not loving it.Have you thought about progesterone only birth control pills? They're supposed to be better for breastfeeding moms (I start next month).

MsJamie14 said...

The secret to success with BC pills is finding the right one for you. I had a problem with the amount of hormones too. Then I discovered the lo-dose hormonal kind (Ortho Tricyclen- LO) and I have never had a problem since, tho I kinda wish the bigger boob me would come back. LOL.

The only reason why I suggest that is it seems you and Mr. C. have a pretty good plan going, you don't want to end up with twins next year if you can help it. LOL

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