Monday, August 22, 2011

Almost Finished

I was so productive this weekend! On Friday I declared that my house would no longer look like a war zone, so I set about tackling the rest of the stuff that needed to be unpacked. While MrC took Judah with him to the barber shop, I cleared out that crazy looking room. Jameil made sure to throw in the appropriate amount of threats throughout the day to make sure I finished by her deadline of midnight. By 11, I had everything finished. My sister came over on Saturday and she ended up watching (ok, napping) with Judah while MrC and I went to the store. We went and got some houseplants, and Judah's crib! He is getting to busy for the bassinet, he ended up scooting to the top the other day, my baby clearly needs more space. Tonight we'll be getting his room together. That's the very last thing we need to accomplish before we can declare ourselves totally settled in. Now we can move on to the fun decorating!
What type of plants do you have in your home? Where are they located?


Jameil said...

You got some great use out of that bassinet! & I'm glad my encouragement helped!!!

Adrienne said...

He is adorable lol

SimplyB said...

YAY for meeting your deadline. Are you going to host a party?

My sister has a huge fern that gets everywhere! I would not suggest buying one of those for your house.

I'm not sure if you have an Ikea in the area but they have a large selection of nice house plants.

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